Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 212

Afterwards, Xi Qingchuan kept calling, and Bai Yu called from the other end of the deck and I could hear Xi Qingchuan’s voice in a rage, almost on the verge of killing.
Then Baiyu turned off the phone, he thoughtfully found a recliner for me to lie on, and he found a thin blanket to cover me.
I lay on the recliner, listening to the sound of the waves.
Boyu was also lying on the recliner beside me, and I saw him as soon as I turned my head.
He didn’t ask me why I was so depressed, so he just lied with me.
“Bo Yu.” I was calm enough, before I spoke: “Xi Qingchuan and Xiao Shi are in love, can you tell me?”
Bai Yu turned his head and looked at me, looking at me with a look I had never seen before.
I was seen a little frustrated: “Bo Yu, if it is inconvenient…”
“Xiao Sheng.” He didn’t wait for me to finish: “Did you fall in love with Mr. Xi?”
I shook my whole body, and I almost rolled off the chair with a tremor. His eyesight and hands quickly supported me, so I didn’t fall.
“No, no.” I explained indiscriminately: “I want to know the past tense of Xi Qingchuan and Xiao Shi because I always feel that I am in the middle of the two of them now, but Xi Qingchuan does not agree to divorce me temporarily, I don’t know what he thinks.”
“Xiao Sheng, do you know what power can make people feel like riding a roller coaster up and down?”
I shook my head.
“It’s love. There is no kind of emotion that has the magic power of love, which makes you cry and laugh, and laughs when you laugh.”
“It’s not like that.” I hurriedly waved and explained: “I admit that I am not as insensitive to Xi Qingchuan as I was before, but you also know that I stabbed that big Louzi recently, and I am to Xi Qingchuan and you. There is guilt…”
My explanation was messy, and Bai Yu just looked at me like that.
At the end of the explanation, I felt boring.
I closed my mouth and looked at him dumbfounded.
Bai Yu finally nodded, agreeing with what I said: “I know the whole story of the relationship between Mr. Xi and Miss Xiao.”
He handed me a cup of hot water, and I thanked him for taking it, squeezing and curling up on the recliner to listen to him.
“They met at a reception, and it didn’t take long for them to fall in love. Miss Xiao should be Mr. Xi’s only girlfriend in the true sense. I helped decide what restaurants they eat and what movies they watch. ”
“Do they have a good relationship?”
Boyu was thinking seriously, and after a while he answered me: “Mr. Xi is a person who doesn’t show his emotions to the outside. I don’t know his feelings for Miss Xiao, but I can see that he is quite serious. It should be Miss Xiao as the object of marriage.”
“Then, after Xiao Shi suddenly regretted his marriage and left, what about Xi Qingchuan?”
“At that time, Xi’s had a big project to follow up. Mr. Xi and I were on the scene all day. To be honest, I didn’t see the emotional changes of Mr. Xiao attending. Anyway, his relationship with Miss Xiao is that kind of normal. , I will definitely go on a date once or twice a week, and every time Mr. Xi asks me to book a restaurant in person.”
“Let you book it yourself? He doesn’t order it?”
“How is it possible?” Bai Yu said with a smile: “Mr. Xi will not take care of such trivial matters personally no matter who he dines with.”
is it?
I remember Xi Qingchuan and I sometimes order takeaways, and he stretched his head and gesticulated on the side.
“and then?”
“Then?” Bai Yu was puzzled: “What else then?”
“After Xiao Shi disappeared, isn’t Xi Qingchuan in pain?”
“I really don’t know this. Even if Mr. Xi is really uncomfortable, I can’t tell.”
Yes, what did Xi Qingchuan do to play the cards logically?
The night was getting deeper and the wind was getting stronger and stronger. I sneezed, and Bai Yu hurriedly covered him with the blanket: “It will be very cold at night on the sea, Xiao Sheng, go back to the room and go to sleep. Take a good night’s sleep in a bath.”
“Yeah.” I wrapped a blanket and returned to the room, the same room I slept in last night.
Sitting on the edge of the bed, I can still see the wrinkles on the bed and the traces of me and Xi Qingchuan last night.
In fact, it was just my imagination, the bed was neatly cleaned, and there were no traces of it.
I took a shower and climbed to bed to sleep.
I was tossing too much today, and I fell asleep soon.
I was dreaming again. In the dream, Xi Qingchuan was riding the wind and waves and driving a motorboat to chase me, and then he held me to confess affectionately.
If anyone in the world is sickened to death by his own dreams, it is me.
I woke up from nausea and opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling.
How could I have such a dream, am I afraid that Xi Qingchuan will chase him down, or am I looking forward to it?
I sighed and was about to close my eyes.
Suddenly, a face slowly moved right above me.
That face was looking down at me, there were no lights in the room, and that face definitely had the effect of a ghost coming out of nowhere.
Me, is it a hallucination?
Isn’t this Xi Qingchuan’s face, his head is dripping with water, drop by drop on my face, and drop by drop on the corner of my mouth, it is sea water, very salty and salty.
Xi Qingchuan fell into the sea and drowned, and now he turned into a drowned ghost to come to me to claim his life?
“Xiao Sheng, what’s your nerve?” The face roared.
I have not only hallucinations, but also auditory hallucinations.
It wasn’t until a pair of cold hands pulled me up from the bed that Xi Qingchuan’s face almost touched my face, that I felt real.
It’s really Xi Qingchuan, not my illusion, nor is it that he turned into a demon and came to me to settle accounts.
He stood in front of me with all his body naked, and I felt scared to death when I learned about it at this moment.
“Xi Qingchuan?” The water in his hand made my clothes damp: “You, why are you here?”
“I’m going to ask you, what is your nerve, why did you slip off the island?” He was so loud, I was about to be deaf by him.
I looked outside blankly, we were still at sea and the ship was still sailing.
Wearing a white shirt and black trousers, Xi Qingchuan looked very formal, except that he was wet inside and out, dripping with water.
“Xi, Xi Qingchuan.” I felt that I stayed with Xi Qingchuan a little longer, and sooner or later I would be frightened and confused by him. It was so easy for me to catch my breath: “Why are you here? You won’t Did you swim here?”
Even if it’s PR, is it necessary to fight like this?
“I’m asking you, Xiao Sheng, why did you slip away suddenly, why, why?” He roared loudly, his voice filled with his roaring room, deafening.
“Xi Qingchuan,” I don’t know how to answer, feeling that I must be pinched to death by him this time. Suddenly, he sneezed so hard, then he squatted down with his mouth, and squatted down there to say no. stop.
I stood behind him and looked at him in astonishment. For a while, I poke his back with my finger: “Xi Qingchuan, what’s the matter with you?”

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