Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 247

“I’m not injured, you think too much.” I broke free from his arms, because I was on the stairs, so I didn’t dare to move too much, for fear of rolling to the ground like a ball.
“I learned nothing from Qiao Yi, but I learned how to do it.” He chuckled lightly, pinching my chin with two fingers.
His smile is very pleasant, and I also saw a sense of confidence that no woman can fly out of his palm.
Suddenly, I felt very uncomfortable.
Qiao Yi is right, if I like Xi Qingchuan, then I will lose with him.
I shouldn’t have feelings for him, I have anticipated my future.
I don’t know why Xi Qingchuan is so willing to deal with me recently, but it’s certainly not because he likes me.
When he loses the patience to deal with me one day, I can only hold Qiao Yi and cry.
Therefore, taking advantage of the current level, pull yourself out of the quagmire earlier.
I turned around and went upstairs, almost at the speed of fleeing.
I went upstairs and turned around and saw him standing leaning on the railing, with a small smile on the corners of his lips, but the corners of his mouth were curved, like the crescent moon of last night, like a hook.
After a few days, my feet got better, and I set a time for the release meeting with Baiyu.
In the past few days, although Xi Qingchuan and I have made peace, I still feel a little awkward in my heart.
I deliberately avoided him. Although we were under the same roof and couldn’t hide too thoroughly, I could only deal with him in a negative way.
For example, every night I went back late on the pretext of working overtime, and Xi Qingchuan came to pick me up, so I hid in the toilet and couldn’t get out.
If it is rare for him to come back late at night, I will pretend to sleep and pull the quilt up to the top of my head.
Anyway, try to keep contact with him as little as possible.
Qiao Yi said that my current small rotten boat is a small hole, and it is still possible to make up for it, and I must not let myself sink down again.
The fate of falling in love with Xi Qingchuan was terrible, as you can tell by reading Xiao Shi.
I used to think Xi Qingchuan loved her very much, but now I don’t even look at it.
If he really loves flute and poems, he can’t always stick to me in front of her and prevent the woman he loves from hurting. This is the basic.
He couldn’t even do it basically, so he didn’t love her.
Xi Qingchuan only loves herself, this is my answer.
The press conference started as scheduled, and many journalists were invited.
Before taking the stage, Bai Yu asked me if I was nervous. It is inevitable to be nervous. I tried to laugh with him: “I was mentally prepared a few days ago.”
I said so, but when I came to the stage and saw so many cameras and camera lenses facing me, I was still panicked.
Xi Qingchuan has an important meeting to be held today without attending, Bai Yu accompanied me, and Qiao Yi.
I was flustered and short of breath, holding the tea cup in front of me and drank half of it in one breath, and I wanted to drink it, but it was snatched by Qiao Yi: “Don’t drink it, what if you want to go to the toilet in the middle of it?”
It made sense, I licked my lips and said, “This news release meeting is held today because of the rumors about my husband Xi Qingchuan and Assistant Bai.”
“Are you trying to clarify for Mr. Xi?” a reporter asked me.
“Yes.” I nodded: “Actually, it’s not what the outside world says, that little gift is my prank.”
Everyone looked at me, their expressions were not surprised at all.
I know what they think. They think that either I am speaking for Xi Qingchuan because of profit, or I am defending my own face.
They looked disbelief, I can only continue to explain.
I have memorized this word a long time ago, and then practiced it many times in front of Qiao Yi and Bai Yu, so today I said it in front of so many people, and I was nervous, but the lines were very familiar, and not a single word was bad. , Even the punctuation is correct.
The reporters listened to me carefully, and suddenly a reporter asked: “Mrs. Xi, what is the relationship between you and Mr. Xiaoyuan?”
Suddenly someone asked this question, it was already a thing of the past for me, why suddenly someone came up and said it?
I was stunned, and Qiao Yi, who was next to me, picked up the microphone: “The theme of today’s release meeting is about the rumors about Xi Qingchuan and Bai Yu. Your question is beyond the limit.”
“There is no way to ask, we still have a lot of questions on our hands. If you are unwilling to answer even the most basic question, then this release meeting is meaningless.”
As soon as he finished speaking, other reporters followed suit.
Someone asked a more acute question: “Mrs. Xi, the Jiang Tian who appeared in your company some time ago, I heard that it is your biological father?”
“No!” Qiao Yi replied on my behalf, loudly: “You reporters are chasing after the wind, that Jiang Tian is a fake, it has been exposed long ago, your information is so unclear?”
“Then, we are very curious, why would the Xi family accept you as a daughter-in-law of unknown background? Or, you know who your biological father is, but because of his identity, it is not disclosed?”
How can I clarify that Xi Qingchuan is not GAY’s release meeting has become my life experience seminar?
This direction is a bit off track, and it runs outrageous.
I have never seen such a scene before. Everyone is very interested in my gossip. In their opinion, how Xi Qingchuan and Baiyu are already a certainty.
The reason why they are willing to come to the release meeting is probably because they are interested in my life experience!
All of my rhythm was disrupted by them, and I was speechless, dumbfounded, and dumbfounded.
Qiao Yi was very angry, holding the microphone and pointing at the booing reporter: “You guys, who sent it, and by whom?”
The meeting place was messy, Bai Yu took the lead to get up to announce the end of the release meeting, and said to me: “Xiao Sheng, let’s go first.”
I was pushed away from the venue one by one by them, and the reporters behind me rushed to catch up.
“This is a trick, it’s really embarrassing Xiao Sheng.” Qiao Yi glared at Bai Yu: “Xi Qingchuan ordered it, this is a shocking revenge!”
I don’t understand, I stared at Qiao Yi in a daze.
She explained: “You made that oolong embarrassment for Bai Yu and Xi Qingchuan. He is calm and calm on the surface, but he has already planned to retaliate against you!”
“Miss Qiao.” Bai Yu said softly, “It’s not like that, Mr. Xi doesn’t have that dark belly.”
“Ha, this is really the funniest joke in history, Xi Qingchuan has no belly? Hahaha, laughed at me to death.” Qiao Yi was about to go crazy: “Please tell Xi Qingchuan, don’t bully our soft heart. Xiao Sheng, you should know how nervous she would be for this release, and you want to help you clarify, worrying that Xi’s will be affected because of this, and you will still be like this in the end.”
“Qiao Yi.” I dragged her: “Don’t blame Boyu, it has nothing to do with him.”
“It doesn’t matter? He is Xi Qingchuan’s dog-legs. He wants to be an assistant for him because his family is a big chaebol. Who knows the mess between them?” Qiao Yi supported my arm: “Let’s go!”

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