Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 342

The breath on Qin Guan’s body felt like a father.
It’s not that he is like my father, I think he is like a father.
In fact, I can’t tell that he is my father based on a ring. I can only be sure that he has been in a relationship with my mother, although deep down I hope it belongs to him.
I am afraid that my thinking is too narrow.
I asked myself, why do I hope that Qin Guan is my father?
Because he is an artist?
Because he has a face and a face?
Or is it because he has a beautiful face that is more than 50 years old?
I don’t know, maybe I am too lack of love. Ever since I knew that I was not my father’s daughter, I felt that I was my father after seeing some pleasing men.
I plunged into Qin Guan’s arms and hugged his waist tightly without letting go, with my face pressed against his chest, I could even hear his heartbeat.
I felt Qin Guan gently touching my hair, his hands were very soft, and I felt a little sad and wanted to cry.
I lifted my head from his arms, his thumb gently rubbed my cheek, his eyes were sad: “Xiao Sheng, I never see you when you are happy, you always have water in your eyes. The light seems to be able to shed tears anytime and anywhere.”
“I…” Maybe that’s the case, so the stepmother doesn’t like me very much and always says I’m crooked.
I saw the pain in Qin Guan’s eyes, and he suddenly held my cheek and gently pressed a kiss on my forehead.
This kiss is different from other kisses. I can feel that he is full of love, the kind of love that the elders show to the younger ones.
Just like the granddaughter of Joe’s aunt, a very cute little girl, every time I see her I hug her and kiss her.
I think the kiss Qin Guan gave to me is similar to kissing my baby.
Just then I heard a voice coming from the door, it was Joe’s voice.
“What are you doing?”
Qiao Yi, by the way, Qin Guan is Qiao Yi’s boyfriend. Whether Qin Guancheng admits it or not, at least Qiao Yi is sure in his heart.
I turned my head and looked at the door, Qiao Yi was standing at the back stairway, standing straight and looking at us.
I saw some injuries in Qiao Yi’s eyes, she must have misunderstood.
So far I haven’t told Qiao Yi about the relationship between my mother and Qin Guan, so she doesn’t know the relationship between me and Qin Guan.
“Qiao Yi.” In fact, my heart was open, but the expression in Qiao Yi’s eyes made me a little sad: “Qin Guan came to you for a meeting, so I just had a few words with him.”
Qiao Yi walked in front of me with a strange expression. She pointed to my forehead: “I saw it just now. What does this mean?”
She was looking at me, but she should have asked Qin Guan.
“Suddenly I couldn’t help myself, I didn’t think so much.” This was Qin Guan’s answer.
In fact, after careful consideration, what he said is also wrong. Uncontrollable love does not necessarily have to be love, family love and friendship are fine.
But at this moment, Qiao Yi would definitely not think that way, because her eyes were different from the way she usually sees me.
I feel bad, anyone can misunderstand me, but Joe can’t.
“Qiao Yi, it’s not what you think.” I hurriedly pulled her sleeves, but fortunately, Qiao Yi shook my hand away. If we have such a deep feeling, if it’s just a kiss for Qin Guan And if it falls apart, then I will definitely die.
I wanted to say something, but Qin Guan looked at his watch: “It’s going to be a meeting, it’s too late.”
After speaking, he pressed my shoulder: “I will call you later.”
Then he walked past Qiao Yi’s side.
Why didn’t Qin Guan explain? Or did he leave me the opportunity to explain?
Last time Qin Guan went to see me in the hospital, we also hugged me, and we were also bumped into by Qiao Yi.
Qiao Yi has always been very nervous, and he just asked me about the incident, but I don’t know if she has it in mind, this time I must tell her clearly.
Qiao Yi looked at me for a few seconds: “I’m going to a meeting, Xiao Sheng.”
“Then we will have dinner together at noon and go to Xi’s house for dinner, because grandma made a lot of soup stewed, I have to go back and drink it.
“Maybe I don’t have time to eat. I have two big projects on hand, and I will contact you when the time comes.
Qiao Yi hurried away, and I couldn’t hear the aura or alienation in her tone.
Qiao Yi and they went to a meeting, so I had to leave Qiao Yi’s company in a desperate manner.
I walked out of the door of her company and heard Qiao Jianqi calling me behind me. I stopped and turned around. He ran towards me all the way.
“Xiao Sheng, don’t you wait for Qiao Yi to finish the meeting?”
“She has a small meeting, and she doesn’t even have time for lunch.” I was listless and dejected, and Qiao Jianqi bent over to observe me: “Why do you look discouraged, what’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong.” I went down the stairs one by one, and he followed me: “Why don’t you go to the meeting?”
“My meeting is over. After all, I am just a department head, and there are not so many meetings to be held.”
“Oh.” I shook my feet and almost stomped on the air. Fortunately, Qiao Jianqi grabbed my arm in time, so I didn’t roll down the steps like an egg.
I stopped in shock, and repeatedly thanked him.
“What’s the matter with you? I’m out of your mind. I just saw you not in your current state.” Qiao Jianqi circled around me: “Xiao Sheng, do you know what you look like?”
“do not know.”
“You are like a heavy dark cloud.”
“What is a heavy cloud?” I wasn’t very interested.
“Generally speaking, there is too much water vapor in the cloud before it will rain. You are the cloud that is about to rain. Every time you see it, you feel that it will rain soon.”
“Your description is really wonderful.” I praised him wrongly.
Although he is different from what Qin Guan just described, he also has the same effect, saying that I am not happy.
So my stepmother often scolded me for brooming stars, probably because of this.
“Then since you are so unhappy, I will bring you something delicious and be happy.” He grabbed my wrist and said, “Go, let’s eat hairy crabs.”
“I’m going back to Xi’s house for dinner today. Grandma cooked soup for me.”
“The Xi family shouldn’t care about wasting a pot of soup.”
“But I can’t waste grandma’s kindness.”
“Oh, such a considerate Xiao Sheng, then, I don’t think you can drink that pot of soup. I’ll help you drink it together.”
I looked up at this thick-skinned Qiao Jianqi: “The Xi family is Xi Qingchuan’s home. You want to go back to dinner with me? Don’t forget that you only fought with him a few days ago.”

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