Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 353

I stood in front of Joe’s bed and had nothing to say. I really didn’t expect us to be so coquettish about such a trivial matter.
I thought it would be fine if I explained it clearly, but now it seems that even if I have explained it so clearly, Qiao Yi still seems to be unwilling to forgive me.
“Qiao Yi…” I still want to tell her something, but she doesn’t seem to want to listen at all anymore: “Xiao Sheng, go, I have so much pressure at work now, you are not worth it in front of me. mention.”
“Then you rest first, Joey, I’ll call you tomorrow.”
She huddled in the quilt and said nothing. I looked at her in the quilt for a long time, then turned and walked slowly towards the door.
I just opened the door and only heard her say to me: “Xiao Sheng, I think you don’t want to call me for the time being. I have wiped your ass countless times over the years. Now when I am also utterly distressed. , Will you let me go?”
“Joe, are you bored?” I asked weakly, holding my hand on the doorknob.
“Yes, I’m bored, tired, and tired.” Although her voice from under the memorial was not as clear as normal speech, I could hear her intense fatigue and impatience.
It seems a bit boring to stay like this, and I still know how to be a person who is not annoying.
I looked back at Qiao Yi, and suddenly felt that her body hidden under the blanket was so strange.
She lost her patience with me, and I didn’t have 100% faith in Qiao Yi before, and felt that the friendship between us would never change.
This incident seems to be related to Qin Guan, but in fact it seems to have nothing to do with him.
I always feel that this misunderstanding between Qiao and I was so deliberate, so out of nothing, so unnecessary.
I walked out of Qiao’s room dejectedly. Xi Qingchuan waited for me in the living room downstairs. The fourth aunt accompany me in fear and kept him cups of tea.
He saw me coming downstairs and walked towards me. I guess my face was scary. He took my arm.
“You won’t pass out!”
I am a cowardly person, but I am not fragile and weak.
Although I was very uncomfortable, and even some of my thoughts were disgraced, but I would not faint so casually.
I said goodbye to my fourth aunt and then left.
I have never had such powerlessness. In the current situation of powerlessness, there seems to be no way to change anything.
I got into Xi Qingchuan’s car, but he turned his head and kept looking at me without driving for a long time.
“Don’t drive yet?” I was helpless, and then he drove without saying anything.
I hope he doesn’t say anything. Whenever he speaks, he doesn’t say anything good. I have already suffered a blow, but he will only make me even more blown.
But I didn’t get what I wanted. He couldn’t always keep talking. When the car drove out of Qiao’s home, Xi Qingchuan said: “Your savior will not save you this time. You will have to deal with tomorrow’s affairs independently.”
“I didn’t come to Qiao Yi to let her shelter me from the wind and rain.” Although I don’t want to explain to him, I still have to make it clear.
“Really?” Xi Qingchuan smiled intriguingly: “Is Qiao Yi’s meaning to you a shield for a long time?”
I know he can’t say anything good, but the two words “shield” are really harsh.
“Don’t underestimate my friendship with Qiao Yi.”
“Then the result?” He said to me as he drove: “In fact, there has always been a supply and demand relationship between you and Qiao Yi, and we have always been playing the role of a knight saving beautiful women. That knight, you are the princess who is waiting for someone to rescue you.”
“It’s not like that.” I was annoyed by Xi Qingchuan’s meanness: “I grew up with Qiao Yi and I have experienced a lot with her. We do not distinguish each other. Her business is my business, mine. Things are hers.”
“Are you just alive without a sense of boundaries?” Xi Qingchuan turned the car around, making a big turn. I was wearing a seat belt just now and I almost fell.
Xi Qingchuan stretched out his hand to help me with clear eyes, then stopped the car on the side of the road and fastened my seat belt: “Xiao Sheng, have you read Qiong Yao’s book?”
I must have read it, but it is impossible for Xi Qingchuan to discuss literary books with me at this time. He must have something to tell me.
“I’ve seen it.” I was bored.
“Have you read one of the dodder flowers?”
How could you have seen it?
There is a character in the book that is a weak and helpless existence. There is no way to survive without attaching to a man.
Does Xi Qingchuan want to say that I am Cuscuta?
Sure enough, he looked at me and told me word by word: “Although the characterization in the novel is a bit exaggerated, it is also to match the personality. Xiao Sheng, you are a dodder flower.”
“No, I’m not, I don’t live by relying on others.”
“You have, you have been seeking your spiritual support. When you were a child, your family support came from your mother. After your mother passed away, you were attached to Xiao Yuan. And Qiao Yi is the spiritual support of your friendship. You treat them as one. Big trees entwined them and grew. If they were not there, you don’t know what it is like now.”
“No, it’s not like that. Who doesn’t need family affection, and who doesn’t need friendship?” I tried to retort.
“Everyone needs everything, but it’s not dependent. You put all your motivation for survival on these so-called spiritual pillars. Do you know how to write a friend’s word for friends? It takes two months for the word for friends to be separated, and it is two okay. The word that exists independently, Qiao Yi can still have a wonderful life without you, can you?”
“The two of us are good-natured. We won’t bother about this trivial matter. The friendship between Qiao Yi and I is not as fragile as you think.”
“Anything and anyone can be very fragile.” Xi Qingchuan bent over to face me. There were no lights in the car. His eyes were dark and deep, like a deep tunnel, guiding me. To the unknown world.
But I am timid, because this line is too dark, and there is no end to the length, I simply don’t have the courage to take the first step.
So I flinched at the door. Although I didn’t agree with what Xi Qingchuan said, I didn’t seem to have any strong reasons to deny him.
“The friendship between Qiao and I is not so fragile.” I can only repeat this over and over again.
I lowered my head, but I knew that Xi Qingchuan was watching me: “You live by these, but sooner or later, when you can’t draw nourishment from it, you will be exhausted and die.”

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