Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 374

After returning to the room, Xi Qingchuan went to take a bath. I felt a bit sorry for Bai Yu how I thought.
But to be honest, I really didn’t realize that Boyu liked me at all.
Perhaps Bai Yu was not resigning at all, but Xi Qingchuan saw some clues and forced him to resign.
Forgive me for thinking that Xi Qingchuan is so black-bellied, in fact he is so black-bellied.
But it’s fine, he doesn’t have strong revenge against me, so I should be laughing.
Later, Xi Qingchuan took a shower. Surprisingly, he didn’t continue this topic. He seemed to have turned the story to a great extent. Since he turned it all, I would never mention it.
Xiao Lingling called me the next morning and said he was going to the company and asked me to take care of her in the hospital. She said Xiao Lingling was not reliable.
Since he has already spoken, I also have no reason to refuse. After all, I am a little transparent in the Xiao family.
So I went, and I also brought ginseng chicken soup.
The stepmother will have an operation next week, and a little supplement can also replenish vitality.
When I opened the door of my stepmother’s ward with the chicken soup, my aunt didn’t even shout out, and a slipper smashed toward me, hitting my forehead.
The accuracy of the stepmother is always so accurate. I remember that when I first went to Xiao Xiao, the stepmother liked to throw me at all kinds of things, and she could hit me every time.
Sometimes it’s chopsticks, sometimes it’s slippers, and once it’s an ashtray, which just smashed my forehead out of a big bag.
After knowing that, my father was furious and his stepmother almost coaxed a divorce, so the stepmother hated me even more.
We were caught in a vicious circle between the two of us. She wanted to keep torturing me. After torturing me, my father would be very angry, and then the stepmother would hate me even more.
The slippers just hit my feet. I really hurt my head and my feet. Fortunately, my hands were tightly clenched, and the chicken soup in my hands was not sprinkled on the ground.
I looked forward, and the stepmother was lying on the hospital bed, her eyes wide-eyed and glaring at me.
In fact, she was just that he projected all of this on me.
I walked over and thought about putting the chicken soup on the tea machine table. If it were on the bedside table, I thought she would sweep it all on the floor for me.
I stood some distance away from her, because there was an iron stand beside her, and I was really afraid that she would use the iron stand to squeeze me.
She is a patient, and I can’t care about him: Auntie, have you had breakfast in the morning? I’ll pour some soup for you. ”
“Xiao Sheng, you mean girl, you broom star!”
The stepmother’s scolding is so vicious, I always feel that her personality really doesn’t match her identity.
She is obviously a lady, but every time she acts like a shrew in front of me.
I looked at her sadly: “The doctor said you can’t be too emotional.”
“Xiao Sheng, I really can’t see that you are so vicious. If you want to use this, you can scare me. I don’t know if I am sick or not?”
I don’t know how Xiao Shi told him last night that the stepmother still doesn’t believe that she is sick.
Anyway, she will be transferred to a hospital she believed in after the meeting. I also hope that she will find out that she is ill.
Although I know that my stepmother hates me very much, and the conflict between me and her can never be reconciled, but I don’t want her to be sick. Perhaps this is because Xi Qingchuan often said that my kindness has no bottom line.
I think his intention to say this is wrong. What is a kind without a bottom line?
Kindness is kindness, where is the bottom line?
Is there a limit left, and that limit can no longer be kind after saying that?
I went to go through the discharge procedures for her, and Xiao Lingling came back to the ward after I finished it.
Her voice is always so loud, the door is open, and I can hear her voice squeezing out from the crack in the door.
She was saying loudly to her stepmother: “Mom, don’t believe Xiao Sheng’s, you are not sick at all, he and she just want to use this to scare you, that woman is a completely white lotus, on the surface it is only promise. To get a man’s affection, it’s actually dark in my heart. Mom, let me tell you, the more I think about my dad’s feeling wrong with Xiao Sheng, you see, he knows that Xiao Sheng is not his biological daughter, and he treats her so nicely. It’s far better than me and Xiao Shi, and even better than you. I think he doesn’t treat Xiao Sheng as a daughter at all. Will he fall in love with that girl?”
I closed my eyes. Really, I can’t hold back my temper so good. I really want to tear Xiao Lingling’s mouth.
Even if Xiao Lingling hates me again, her father is her biological father after all, and she can even say such things.
Father is alive in the sky, and she will be pissed off again.
This time even the stepmother couldn’t listen anymore: “Xiao Lingling, can you accumulate some virtue with this mouth? You are not afraid that your father will come and pinch you in the middle of the night.”
I saw Xiao Lingling covering her neck through the crack in the door: “Mom, I am still not your biological daughter. You actually said this to scare me.”
“Shut up for me! What are you doing here? Just say these words to block me?”
“I’m here to pick you up and leave the hospital. Xiao Shi went to the company early in the morning. I don’t think she can trust her. She wants to be a strong woman all day long.”
“If you don’t leave the hospital, I will be transferred.”
“Why are you transferring? I said you were sick.”
“You say I’m not sick, you’re a doctor!”
Anyway, the stepmother is not particularly confused, she still doesn’t listen to Xiao Lingling.
I really don’t know what Xiao Lingling thinks. No matter what, the stepmother is her mother. Even if she doesn’t believe me or the doctor, it’s necessary to go to another hospital for a checkup.
Originally, I wanted to go in and tell my stepmother that I had completed the discharge procedures, and now I can transfer.
But now Xiao Lingling is also inside, so think about it and forget it.
If two people pinch me together, my forehead will still hurt!
I turned around and called Xiao Shi and told her that the discharge procedures had been completed, and Xiao Lingling was also inside, so I went back first.
“Xiao Sheng could trouble you to accompany my mother to the hospital and wait until she finishes the examination. Because Xiao Lingling is unreliable, I’m afraid she will talk nonsense to my mother.”
That said, Xiao Lingling had already said nonsense just now.
Four clusters of eyes shot at me, like a rain of bullets.
I walked into the room under pressure and said to my stepmother: “Auntie, the discharge procedures have been completed, let’s transfer!”
Xiao Lingling’s eyes lit up when she saw me. I knew she was bored and wanted to quarrel with me.
I mentioned my stepmother’s things and the thermos barrel and went out first. Xiao Lingling wanted to help her stepmother, so she didn’t catch up with me to pester me.

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