Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 375

The newly transferred hospital for her stepmother is a private hospital opened by a friend of hers. The medical equipment is the most advanced and there are many experts. The most important thing is that she is convinced of the results of the examination no matter what.
How long did the stepmother stay in, the doctor arranged for her to have a deep brain scan, and Xiao Lingling and I were waiting outside the door.
I know Xiao Lingling and I will not let me go as long as she is in the same space.
She kept babbling in my ears, poking my face with her fingers with pointed nails, only to poke my face.
I told Xiao Lingling, “This is the hospital. Auntie is undergoing an examination inside. Can you keep your voice down?”
“Xiao Sheng, you can’t see that you are so vicious and insidious.”
I was too lazy to talk to him, turned my face to one side, and she turned to me again and continued to scold me: “Xiao Sheng, I can’t see that you really have two brushes. You put Xiao Shi and me in the detention center. It seems that you are really mixed up in the Xi’s family, even the old lady came to support you personally, what kind of soup did you give them? I guess you gave my dad the same soup, right? You have nothing to do with him, and he still takes care of you in this way. You said that you little hooves, what kind of method did you use to hook up my dad?”
Xiao Lingling is really outrageous, the more she speaks, the less plausible she is. Her saliva and stars have splashed onto my face.
“Xiao Lingling, do you know what you are talking about?”
“You give me less of this one. Men and women are not the same thing. What is the age difference? My dad is really good enough. You look like your mother. If your mother is dead, he will play as long as he plays. Little, I really know how to play!”
Xiao Lingling was really crazy, and he could say that.
When this kind of words came out of her mouth, my brain exploded.
And all my previous calmness flew away, and I raised my hand and slapped Xiao Lingling’s face fiercely without thinking.
In addition, he slapped both the left and right bows in a row, which stunned Xiao Lingling and me.
I have never beaten anyone, and I was beaten by Xiao Lingling when I was with Xiao Lingling. It was the first time I beat her.
Xiao Lingling covered her face and stared at me with wide eyes, all blindfolded.
I saw her left cheek that she was covering was red and swollen quickly. I used a lot of strength just now, and I didn’t even know that I was so hard.
It took a long time for Xiao Lingling to react, and her fingers trembling when she pointed at my nose: “Xiao Sheng, you dare to hit me!”
Xiao Lingling leaped towards me and tore me, he leaped towards me like an angry lioness.
I didn’t hide, and then she waved her hands and grabbed it in my face.
Her nails are long and sharp, with nail polish, if I scratch my face, it will definitely get irritated.
Xiao Lingling waved her pointed nails and was about to grab my face.
Suddenly one of the two hands grabbed Xiao Lingling’s hand, and cut her hand behind her.
Xiao Lingling screamed, and I panted and stood still. Only then did I see that the person holding the hands was Xi Qingchuan.
He pushed Xiao Lingling away, then put me behind his back and turned his head and asked me: “Is there something wrong?”
Fortunately, nothing happened. He arrived.
“Why are you here?” I asked Xi Qingchuan.
“How can you tell me to help Hua Yun transfer to hospital.”
“If I said you would definitely not let me come.”
“You know.” He glared at me: “How can you stay alone with this mad dog? You know it can be dangerous. Why are you so stupid?”
Anyway, in Xi Qingchuan’s cognition, I am an idiot, and an idiot is an idiot. What can I do if you ask me for flute and poetry?
When Xi Qingchuan came, Xiao Lingling had a lot of restraint, so I slapped me twice. It is estimated that for the time being, she has no way to retaliate against me.
She covered her face and flushed with anger: “Xi Qingchuan, Xiao Sheng beat me!”
“She must have her reason for beating you, Xiao Lingling, you should be restrained, or if someone else beats you, your face will be swollen even higher than it is now.
Xiao Lingling glared at us, then turned around and rushed into the bathroom.
“What did Xiao Lingling tell you to make you so angry? The kind-hearted people with no bottom line all shot.”
I bowed my head and didn’t speak, and he didn’t continue to ask me.
My head was dizzy with anger, Xi Qingchuan helped me sit down on the bench, and then handed me a cup of iced coffee.
I took a sip before calming down a little.
“Xiao Sheng, have you ever thought about it,” he said to me in a persuasive way: “Xiao Shi clearly knows that you have such a bad relationship with your stepmother Xiao Lingling, and let you come alone. Do you think her intentions are geometric?”
“I still don’t think about it carefully.” I looked up at Xi Qingchuan.
Now he hasn’t spoken to Xiao Shi a long time ago, so I am not surprised that he said that.
I looked up at Xi Qingchuan’s eyes: “Xiao Shi went to the company today. You also know that she has been in the detention center for so long, and it has been a long time since she went to the company.”
“Shortly after Xiao Shi took over as the president, she didn’t have a great influence on Xiao Shi, and Xiao Shi didn’t reach the point where she couldn’t function without her. On the contrary, her mother had just found out that she was ill, and she did not accompany her mother. Still go to work in Xiaoshi, do you think that a large part of the feelings in Xiaoshi is very cold-blooded?”
Originally, I thought it was not strange to do this according to the personality of Xiaoshi, but Xi Qingchuan seemed to have such a problem.
“Do you analyze why she did this?”
He also made me use my brain. I thought about it and said, “Xiao Shi takes the position of the president very seriously, so she may be worried that she will lose this position because of her entering the detention center.”
“What else?” He continued to ask me.
What else? I stared at him blankly.
“She is using your kindness to put you in a dilemma, Xiao Sheng, do you know what your biggest problem is?”
I remember that he told me about this issue yesterday. He said that I was kind and had no bottom line.
She shook her head: “You won’t refuse. For some things you can’t accept, you have to learn to refuse.”
There are so many things I need to learn, and I have to learn to refuse to learn knowledge and culture.
“Now Auntie is sick, Xiao Shi is not in good condition, and I have to help her.”
Xi Qingchuan stared at me for a long time, his eyes were so strange, if it were before, he would have disliked me a long time ago.
He suddenly reached out and touched my head: “Silly girl, it seems that there is no hope for you to grow up. I can only cover you.”

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