Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 394

I also want to pass the danger, how can I watch Qiao Yi fall?
I don’t want so much. Even if the three of us fall at the same time, I can’t just sit idly by.
I don’t know where I got so much strength, I actually broke away from Ruan Ling, and then ran to Qiao Yi and the others.
Wu Simei was struggling with Qiao Yi, probably not caring for me, so I quickly approached them, then climbed up the railing and hugged Qiao Yi vigorously, pulling it in my direction.
I heard a scream from the crowd behind me, and then there was a flower in front of me, and I didn’t know whether it was the firefighter or the police running towards us.
Wu Simei suddenly bent down and took a bite on my arm. I thought her teeth were very sharp and sharp, like a beast.
My painful instinct reflexed, so I let go.
I saw blood ironing on my white shirt, and when I let go, Wu Simei gave Qiao Yi a hard push.
I watched Qiao Yi’s body fall backward, and then fell off the 26-story tall building.
I stood by the railing, and I witnessed the whole process clearly.
Qiao Yi is like a leaf blown down by the wind, floating and helpless, not knowing where it is going.
“Joy!” I screamed, screaming with all my strength.
I stretched out my hand to pull her, but Joey fell faster than I thought.
There was something fishy and sweet coming up from my stomach, I don’t know what that.
I just felt that a big sticky mouthful blocked my throat and even blurred my eyes. My eyes were black and red again, and I fell straight back.
Fainting in an emergency situation should be an automatic protective measure raised in the human body to prevent oneself from seeing a more tragic situation.
I fainted, completely fainted. During this period, when I fainted, I was completely unconscious and completely blank.
When I woke up, I looked at the ceiling lamp on the ceiling for several minutes before slowly remembering what happened before I fainted.
Several fragments appeared intermittently in my mind.
The first picture shows Qiao Yi and Wu Simei standing outside the railing, the second picture shows Wu Simei pushing a hand of Qiao Yi, and the last picture shows Qiao Yi falling from a 26-story building on his back. .
“Qiao Yi!” I sat up from the bed in horror, a cold sweat suddenly.
What happened just now? Qiao Yi Qiao Yi fell, he fell from the 26-story tall building!
I lifted the quilt and got out of bed. Someone beside me held me down: “Xiao Sheng, you are awake, I will find a doctor to see you.”
It was Xi Qingchuan’s voice. I suddenly looked up at him. He stood by my bed frowning and worried.
“Qiao Yi,” I said to him, my voice all dumb: “Qiao Yi fell from the stairs, where is she now? Is she dead? Qiao Yi can’t die, godmother will collapse, now God’s father is seriously ill, Qiao Yi can’t have any more trouble.
But how could it be impossible to fall so high?
I was top-heavy and I couldn’t stand still. Xi Qingchuan supported me: “Qiao Yi is okay. On the contrary, you have a little problem.”
I don’t care what problem I have, he said that Qiaoyi is not a big problem, and I don’t believe it. I clung to his wrist tightly: “Don’t lie to me, how is Qiaoyi? Where is she? Is she dead? Up.”
“Dead, she is alive and well, she is still checking.”
“Isn’t the inspection a rescue?” If it can be rescued, there is still some hope.
I looked up at Xi Qingchuan eagerly, hoping that he could give me a good message.
Now I can’t take care of myself.
“Qiao Yi is really troubled. Although she fell from a high altitude, there was an air cushion underneath. She happened to fall on the cushion. The doctor is examining it now.”
I don’t listen, no matter how I can listen, I have to see it with my own eyes to verify it.
I struggled and got out of bed, and ran out of the room regardless of my shoes.
Xi Qingchuan picked me up from behind me, and I struggled hard on him with my bare feet.
“Xi Qingchuan, you let me down, you let me go and see her, otherwise I won’t believe a word you say to me!”
“Okay.” His compromising voice sounded in my ears: “Then don’t move, I’ll hold you to see her, you don’t wear shoes.”
Xi Qingchuan’s voice is so gentle, it is rare that he has such a good temper with me.
He hugged me and walked out of the ward door, and met the nurse at the door: “Mr. Xi, Mrs. Xi’s inspection report has come out. Do you want to see it now?”
I grabbed my inspection report and threw it back to the bed at will. How can I have time to read this now?
Xi Qingchuan glanced at the bed and walked out of the room holding me. Qiao Yi was still in the emergency room. Xi Qingchuan put me on the bench: “Sit down and I will get you a pair of slippers.”
I sat on the bench in a daze, Xi Qingchuan said to get me slippers, but he didn’t even go away, standing in front of me, looking at me and sighed: “Forget it, your current I’m leaving you alone, don’t worry about being here, you can wear mine!”
He took off his shoes, put my shoes in his warm shoes, he just walked on the floor tiles in the corridor wearing socks.
Xi Qingchuan has been holding my hand tightly, and I didn’t have the time to ask him if it was cold. Now it’s autumn, and the floor tiles are very cold.
I just asked him over and over again: “Qiao Yi has nothing to do, she really has nothing to do, don’t you lie to me, is the person in there really her?”
“The doctor will be out soon.”
As soon as Xi Qingchuan’s words fell, the door of the emergency room opened, and the doctor walked out of it. I didn’t have time to ask about Qiao Yi’s situation. I saw the nurse walking out of it with a wheelchair and the person in the wheelchair. It is Qiao Yi.
She sat in the wheelchair with ease, with a piece of tape on her forehead, that is, a narrow strip of OK stretch, and the ankle part was wrapped with gauze.
But her mental state is very good, and it doesn’t seem to be a major problem.
“Qiao Yi,” I stood up and walked towards her, forgetting that I was wearing Xi Qingchuan’s shoes so big that I almost fell, so Xi Qingchuan hurriedly supported me.
“Xiao Sheng, I have nothing to do.” Qiao Yi’s voice was octave high, loud and powerful, not as if something was going on.
I finally let out a long sigh of relief, and my heart fell completely in my stomach.
There is nothing wrong with Qiao Yi, my cold sweat is about to flow to the face of my feet.
“Thank God, Joey, you have nothing to do.”

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