Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 446

“Second Miss, did you know that I was under a lot of pressure because of this, and I was suffering from emotional illness. It cost a lot of money just to see a psychiatrist for medicine and injections, let alone my physical trauma. You know. How expensive are the current psychiatrists, and I still can’t go to the hospital to look upright, and I have to look for the kind of expensive private doctors who are dying to see hundreds of oceans, not to mention, I have to take a lot of medicine… ..”
“Okay, okay.” The female voice in the audio interrupted the man impatiently: “Don’t think that I have some handle in your hand. You hit the car and the person died because of you. The last shot is a big deal. When the two are separated, you can’t escape when the police investigate them.”
“Second young lady, are you playing rascals with me? Okay, anyway, I am full and the family is not hungry, but you are different. You have a face and a face. If your mother knew that your husband was killed by you, do you think it adds up? Will you get a dime?”
I heard that there was no way to continue listening, because I could clearly distinguish that the man in the audio was the driver of the original Xiao family. After the accident, he lay in the hospital for a while, and then resigned.
And I can hear the female voice clearly, the voice is clearly Xiaoshi, I am too familiar with it.
How could it be possible that although I can distinguish the voices of the two of them, the logic of this matter doesn’t make sense!
Not to mention Xiao Shi has the guts to kill, but the target she wants to kill is her father, why did she do this?
The audio is very long, about 10 minutes, and I can’t calm down after listening to it for a long time.
Qiao Yi put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it vigorously: “I wiped it, Xiao Shi is more human than I thought. I can’t even think of it for God’s death to be related to Xiao Shi.”
I couldn’t think of it. If Xiao Lingling did this thing, I still think there is a little possibility.
Because Xiao Lingling is timid, but she doesn’t use her impulse to do things, and she always feels that her father is not good to her and is too biased towards me.
So if she was encouraged by others, she might actually do such a thing.
But Xiao Shi doesn’t make sense at all. Xiao Shi has been smart since he was a child, and has a calm and competitive personality. No matter what he does, he is exceptionally good.
Dad valued her very much and raised her as a boy.
For me, I think my father is more compassionate, and I hide it in the palm of my hand to protect, but for Xiao Shi I think he has the willingness to cultivate Xiao Shi in the direction of his successor.
The flute and poetry were also proficient, and she was proficient in all kinds of piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. Later, she did not choose the art that she was good at at university but chose business management.
I settled for a while before the god raised his head and looked at Xue Wen dumbfounded: “Where did you get this thing? Isn’t this too ridiculous?”
“Unbelievable, I was shocked when I heard it at first.” Xue Wen put away the phone: “So I said this big secret today is to make you guess you won’t be able to guess it for a lifetime.”
“Where did you get this thing? Doubt its authenticity.”
“Don’t doubt, I copied the audio from the driver’s phone.”
“Why would you copy it from his phone?”
“The driver had some money, so he dared to go to a membership-based nightclub. His mobile phone happened to be dropped in a private room and I picked it up. I wondered how the driver became rich after resigning, so I I asked someone to open his mobile phone and found these things inside. Then I copied the audio and handed the mobile phone to the front desk to return it to him, so that the driver would be suspicious and drip-proof.”
In this regard, Xue Wen’s mind is still very good. If he puts more thoughts on his official duties, it is estimated that he will not be ridiculed by the people of the Quan Xiao clan.
“But what can this prove?” Qiao Yi said: “This kind of audio presentation is not as evidence. If there is no other evidence, how about Xiaoshi? Besides, Xiaoshi killed her own father, her What’s the motive? It makes sense!”
“Motivation is another secret. That 5 million is far from enough.”
It’s really not greedy to learn Chinese. I’m still immersed in the great shock of disappearing. I’m not thinking about finding evidence, but trying to find the possibility and nuclear motivation for Xiaoshi to do this kind of thing. .
I looked at Xue Wen, his smile was very confident.
“Xue Wen.” I sank for a long time before saying to him: “Just take away 5 million and one of my villas by this, do you think what I gave is worth it?”
“Of course it’s far more than this. Don’t worry, Xiao Sheng, we are also considered relatives anyway. I have a conscience. This thing will not cost you so much money. Of course I have something more amazing. You can count it as well. For the sake of refreshment, I will give you these two together.”
Xue Wen took out another mobile phone from his other pocket, and Qiao Yi looked at him sideways: “How many mobile phones do you have?”
“Eggs are not put in a basket. This is the philosophy of life.”
Xue Wen squinted his eyes and opened his other mobile phone. This time it was not audio, but video.
The viewing angle should be that the camcorder should be placed in a very hidden corner, with something blocking it, but I can still see the people in the video.
There are two people in the video, a man and a woman, it is the driver and Xiao Shi.
I recognized Xiao Shi sitting in a chair. She was in her room. She lowered her head, and her long hair covered half of her face.
I heard her talking to the driver in a low voice: “I heard you are short of money recently.”
The driver also lowered his head and said, “How does the second lady know?”
“You have been working in our house for a long time. I don’t think you are in the right mood, so I wanted to ask you.”
“The second lady still cares about our employees.”
“What happened to you? Just tell me how much money you lack!”
The driver was flattered: “I lost some money when I bought stocks. The main reason was that I lost all the money that my wife had in the box. She doesn’t know yet!”
“How many?” Drama School
The driver hesitated: “It looks like 100,000 yuan.”
“Oh, then this money is really a lot!”

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