Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 448

“Small car accident?” Xiao Shi sneered: “What kind of car accident do you think is worth 2 million?”
The driver seemed to not understand the meaning of Xiao Shi even more: “What does the second lady mean?”
“Heavy rain is forecast tomorrow. You are driving on a muddy road in a faulty car. At this time, there seems to be a bright light on the opposite side of the heavy rain. You think a big car is coming, so you hurriedly turn around. I accidentally crashed into a big tree on the side of the road or a stone, and the car crashed and killed.”
This passage of Xiao Shi was told slowly, and every word she said was chilly and chilling.
Is Xiao Shi crazy?
The protagonist she arranged for the car accident was her father, what did she want to do?
Ordinarily, my father died at that time. No one knows what the division of father’s estate looks like, and she doesn’t know that I am not my father’s biological daughter.
Regardless of the motivation or the relationship between her and her father, this person shouldn’t be her.
I clearly saw the driver fought a cold war: “Car crashes and kills people, do I have to die for 2 million?”
“You are a driver. Of course you know when to turn and when to crash. The harm to you is the least, but the person who is going to die will die in any position.” Xiao Shi’s voice is very calm, it is too calm, her face The expression on the top is also very calm, as if he is reading a story in a story book.
In short, it has nothing to do with her.
“Second Miss, but sir…” The driver stopped talking.
“I said, just ask what you should ask, don’t ask if you shouldn’t ask. If you want to take the money, you will do as I say tomorrow. I choose you because of your good skills and know what to do afterwards. No one will find out. In short, everything must be done without leaking.”
“There is no time for you to hesitate. If you go and tell my dad directly these things I said to you today, then you can go.”
The driver was really hesitant and entangled. Xiao Shi stuffed the check into the driver’s hand: “You take it first, and things are done beautifully. It will be more than you think.”
Then the driver walked out, and Xiao Shi walked out of the room after a while.
Now I can see clearly, clearly, and understand the ins and outs very clearly.
The accident was really arranged by Xiao Shi. The driver was hesitant at first, but she just brainwashed him.
This shows that Xiao Shi is in her extremely normal state, planning and regulating this matter.
The video ended like this. My heart was beating wildly in my chest, and my blood boiled, shunting in my blood vessels.
But the next second was like an iceberg coming, and the blood was frozen again.
I have no way to describe my feelings at the moment, shock, astonishment, anger, and then from anger to furious, even now I want to lift a knife and put it on Xiao Shi’s neck to question her why she is doing this.
I have lost my mind, but Qiao Xie still has no one. She grabbed Xue Wen by the arm: “Where did you get this video from? Is that also the driver?”
“The driver has no foresight, how did he know that the driver would say such a paragraph to him?”
“Then where did you get it?”
I raised my head and looked at Xue Wen, and there was a flash of embarrassment in his eyes. Am I wrong?
He groaned and scratched his scalp: “I put the camera in Xiao Shi’s room.”
“Xiao Shi is so arrogant, she usually ignores her conversations. What is the difference between her and other ordinary women? Isn’t it the same when she takes off her clothes? I want to see if she takes off her clothes and other things. How are women different?”
“You are really shameless. You peek at Xiaoshi and Xiaoshi. What are you looking for high-sounding reasons? Besides, Xiaoshi is your sister-in-law. You actually did such a shameless thing, saying that you were not there at that time. Is there a camera in Sheng’s room?” Qiao Yi squeezed Xue Wen by the collar.
“There is no such thing.” Xue Wen held up his hands as if surrendering: “Xiaosheng is still small, I won’t be so humane, it’s mainly because the person from Xiaoshi is usually arrogant and doesn’t even pinch me in the corner of his eyes. At any rate, it was her brother-in-law, Xiao Sheng usually called me brother-in-law, Xiao Shi never looked at me straight.”
Qiao Yi released his hand: “You’d better not let me know, if I know you are doing that kind of dirty thing to the squire, I will kill you.”
“I’m not just playing righteously. If I didn’t put a camera on it, how could I receive such amazing things? Besides, if it wasn’t for this video, how would you know how my old man died? How? Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that big of today? Secret, I charge you 5 million is not too much, right!”
My head is dizzy and my head is swollen.
Xue Wen and Qiao Yi swayed back and forth in my line of sight, making me dizzy.
I have never been a conspiracy theorist, and I am not very suspicious. I never thought that someone would deliberately frame my father.
Even if I really thought of that level, if the master behind it weren’t what I saw and heard with my own ears, I wouldn’t believe it was related to Xiao Shi.
She is more insidious than I thought. No matter what reason she harmed her father, this kind of flute poem is really terrible.
When I spoke again, my voice became hoarse: “Do you know why? Why does Xiao Shi do this?”
“How do I know why? I can’t ask her.”
“Why didn’t you give it to me earlier?”
“I only got this thing later, and I didn’t pay attention to it before. Two days ago, I found the driver’s mobile phone in the nightclub. After copying the audio and thinking that something was wrong, I turned it out. Sure enough, I found this.”
I don’t want to listen to Xue Wen showing smugly anymore, I waved: “Okay, you pass the video and audio to me, and you go!”
I don’t want to see Xue Wen anymore, he makes me sick.
However, Xiao Shi made a wave of chills in my heart.
She is terrible, terrible beyond my imagination.
No matter what her motive is, no matter how she hates Dad.
Dad is the one who gave birth to her, how can she do such a thing?
I almost couldn’t help it, and wanted to drive to her and ask her carefully.
However, I also know that at this moment I can’t be stunned.

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