Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 476

My recording is finished, and I plan to close it as soon as I see it. It’s almost done.
Because the fake is fake after all, the longer the time, the more problems will be exposed.
Anyway, Xiao Shi was holding his head and dared not look at me, so I just happened to be able to quietly leave from her window with my waist down.
I told Xiao Lingling that she would turn on the switch in 10 minutes, so now the time is almost the same.
When I returned to the room, I quickly took off my clothes and put on pajamas, and then tucked the cheongsam under the bed.
At this moment, there was a big light in the room and a call came.
I soon heard the howling of ghosts and wolves in Xiaoshi, the sound of her popping out of the room, the ghosts have disappeared, what is the use of him running out.
I got in
In the bathroom, I quickly washed my face and washed the makeup on my face.
Then I hurried to the bed and disappeared before tapping my door. I deliberately went over to open the door after a while, sleepy leaning against the door: “What’s the matter? What happened?”
I saw Xiao Shi’s face, as white as a ghost, and frightened him so hard tonight.
Although I don’t know what loneliness is, is it? Xiao Shi killed him, but I at least knew it was because of excessive blood loss.
However, the death of the stepmother filed in the police station was not due to excessive blood loss. In short, I think the death of the stepmother is confusing and confusing. It must not be that simple.
Xiao Shi gasped and looked at me: “Why is there a power outage at home? Why?”
“It’s weird, how did I know that there was no electricity at midnight? I was already asleep. Why is your face so bad? How can you be so scared after the electricity is cut off? What are you doing wrong?
“Nonsense, you are crazy, what did you do to your heart?” Xiao Shi snarled at me, and she could see that she was still very scared even now.
She is messing with me now, maybe not because she suspected me, but because she was too scared, so she might feel more at ease seeing a living person.
I can vaguely feel from the incoherent words of Xiao Shi just now that the stepmother’s death Xiao poem is still very guilty.
Even if the stepmother’s death was not planned by Xiao Shi, it must be inseparable from Xiao Shi.
Xiao Lingling also pretended to run over, yelling impatiently: “What are you two doing? Those who don’t sleep in the middle of the night roar and scream, I slept soundly, and you all woke up.”
Xiao Shi looked at the two of us very annoyed, gritted his teeth and said: “You better not let me grab the handle, don’t mess around in my house, otherwise I will make you look good.”
Xiao Shi left after shaking her hand, Xiao Lingling made a face with me proudly, and returned to her own room.
I guess Xiao Shi must have been sleepless this night, but she went out later, I don’t know where she went, to get his jewelry in her mother’s urn?
Then I don’t know, I think she should not dare to dig it alone according to her current courage.
But after tossing for most of the night, I fell asleep soundly.
That is the sentence that deserves it, don’t do anything wrong, don’t be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door in the middle of the night.
I only woke up when I slept with the sun on my eyebrows. After I washed, I went downstairs to eat breakfast and came back.
At first glance, she hadn’t slept all night, without makeup, her skin was pale, she had dark circles under her eyes, her face was also wrinkled with yellow clothes, and she seemed to be stained with soil. In short, she was haggard and tired.
She is not worthy of my sympathy at all, because she killed my dad.
I was not born to my father, but I was raised by him.
He treated me like his own daughter since he was little.
I remember Qiao’s mother likes to say something: “Being a man can’t have a conscience.”
I think this is the basic rule of life, but conscience has a certain degree in everyone’s heart. Perhaps Xiao Shi thinks that people are not for their own sake.
I was eating breakfast full of energy, and Liu Ma asked her if she wanted a bowl of porridge for her to drink, Xiao Shi shook his head tiredly and was about to go upstairs.
“Second sister.” I shouted to her with a grin: “Where did you go last night? It seems that you didn’t sleep at home. Did you go with Xi Qingchuan? But he called me last night and said he missed me. , I don’t seem to be with you.”
In fact, Xi Qingchuan didn’t even call me at all, it was all made up of me.
I just wanted to make Xiao Shi angry. She exploded in situ in front of me in anger, which opened my eyes.
Xiao Shi was very angry. He didn’t sleep all night. Last night, he was so scared that he would get angry with me early in the morning and eat some flying vinegar that fell from the sky.
“Xiao Sheng, don’t forget that you are sending someone under the fence now. Do you think this will make me angry? What if I let you do it for a while? I will be engaged to Xi Qingchuan tomorrow, and then you will Just watch and cry.”
I don’t care about it: “Then I sincerely wish you a smooth marriage tomorrow.”
I succeeded in angering Xiao Shi once again. She is now exhausted physically and mentally. I am still mad at her like this, thinking that I have really become bad, and I am less and less understanding of others.
I was about to go upstairs after I had breakfast, but I saw Xiao Shi come down from the upstairs after getting dressed.
It seems that she is going to work in Xiaoshi, she is really hard enough to go to work without sleeping all night.
In the past, I always felt that Xiao Shi was very hardworking and talented to be a strong woman, but everyone told me, including Xi Qingchuan, they said Xiao Shi was actually very qualified, but she preferred to make herself a strong woman. Of the type.
Xiao Shi wants to do better, I think this is wrong, but she can’t use conspiracy and tricks, can’t build on the basis of harm.
Although it seems that the boundaries between right and wrong of some things are not so clear, some things are still very clear. The wrong is wrong, and the right is right.
When Xiao Shi was leaving, I heard Yu Ma asked him if he would come back for dinner at night, and she said that she would not come back for dinner if there was something tonight.
Then added another sentence: “I’m attending my fiance’s family dinner.”
I know, she said it to me.
I don’t know what family banquet she attended, but she and Xi Qingchuan will be engaged on the second day. Generally speaking, the man’s family will not entertain the woman.
After thinking about it, I went back to the house and looked at the calendar. I read the calendar and remembered that today is grandma’s birthday.
Na Xiaoshi said that to attend Xi Qingchuan’s family dinner tonight, it must be grandma’s birthday.
I won’t get into trouble for other things. No matter what kind of grudges Xiao Shi and I have, I don’t want to be embarrassed in front of Xi Qingchuan’s family, but grandma’s birthday is different.
Last time my grandma was very sad because of the divorce between Xi Qingchuan and I. Grandma was really kind to me. Even if I took away her great-grandson, she was still so kind to me.
So tonight for grandma’s birthday, I plan to come uninvited.

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