Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 5

What’s going on, let me think about it.
However, do you need to think about it, Boyu has an affair, isn’t the evidence right in front of you?
I stood in front of Bai Yu in a daze, until he turned his head and saw me, I saw him blush in such a dim light.
Oh, Bai Yu is a cheating comrade who loves to blush.
I hurriedly turned around, and there was footsteps behind me, and Bai Yu chased me up and grabbed my wrist.
“Miss Xiao.”
“Uh.” I stopped and looked back at his embarrassed face: “What a coincidence?”
I have no silver here, and he blushes even harder.
“Miss Xiao.” He bit his lip and stopped talking.
“Don’t worry, I won’t talk nonsense everywhere, don’t kill my mouth.” I was half joking.
“I hope you, don’t tell Mr. Xi either.” His voice was small.
Of course, it cannot be said. The betrayed party will always know after everyone in the world knows it.
I nodded: “Okay, I won’t say.”
Then he slowly loosened my wrist: “Then, don’t bother.”
“Hmm.” I walked away from him, and couldn’t help but look back when I turned the corner. The man hugging him came over and patted him on the shoulder, as if comforting.
The situation in front of him is very clear. Is Bai Yu pedaling two boats? In the afternoon, he and Xi Qingchuan are in love with me. In the evening he hugs another man in the bar.
Hey, I don’t understand the gay world.
After going to the bathroom and returning to the deck, I felt a lot heavier.
I don’t know when Qiao Yi has a handsome little brother beside him, who is very beautiful.
She introduced me: “His name is Sen.”
The little brother smiled with me, smiles ecstatically.
I bit my ears with Qiao Yi: “Does he think you are a man or a woman?”
“Of course it’s a man, how else would he care about me?”
“You are nervous.” Qiao Yi has always been so crazy, always doing some deviant things, which made her mother quite a headache.
Suddenly, I became interested, picked up my bag and said to Qiao Yi: “I’m leaving now.”
“What’s wrong? Did you just come here? Didn’t you say you want to drink more if you are depressed?”
“Forget it.” I don’t know what’s wrong, maybe it’s something I ran into with Bai Yu just now, and suddenly I felt that Xi Qingchuan was wearing a green hat a bit pitiful.
Although I have no reason to sympathize with him.
“You continue to behave, but I suggest that you are almost done.” I patted Qiao Yi on the shoulder: “You brought the bodyguard, right?”
“I’m leaving.”
As I walked out of the bar, the cold wind blew in, and I took a deep breath.
The clear air outside made me stunned.
I used to think that the life of comrades was very far away from me, but now I don’t think it’s right by my side.
It was not too late when I returned to Xi’s house, it was just ten o’clock.
Xi Qingchuan’s mother and her wife played mahjong in the living room.
Obviously Xi’s family has a mahjong room, so they choose to be in the hall.
I stepped in with my feet and retracted again.
Forget it, wait until they are separated and I will go in. Xi Qingchuan’s mother doesn’t like me and thinks I have a bad background. It would be no good if I appeared in front of her friends and embarrassed her.
I was walking in the garden of Xi’s house, it was dark and cold, and I couldn’t help sneezing several times.
After finishing the fight, I found a red dot flashing in the depths of the garden, and I smelled smoke carefully.
Who smokes there?
I tiptoed over and saw a tall man sitting on a stone bench talking on the phone.
“Where are you, the phone hasn’t been answered for so long? Boyu…”
It was Xi Qingchuan who was calling Bai Yu, and this tone was full of sadness, as if a young wife was waiting at home for her husband to come back, looking through her eyes.
Ho, Xi Qingchuan, you also have today.
As far as I know, the celebrities in Huacheng who like him are not young and old. I heard that we had cried and fainted many times when we got married, but he was indifferent. Now let him taste the taste of being cheated.
I was about to turn around after eavesdropping, and suddenly heard Xi Qingchuan’s gloomy voice: “Xiao Sheng…”
This black dull, how did he recognize me?
I can’t take it off when I run, wearing high heels, so I turned around angrily and smiled with him: “What a coincidence?”
“You like to eavesdrop on my phone with such low interest?” He got up and threw away the cigarette butt and walked towards me.
“It’s not an eavesdropping, just come and have a look when you see the light here.” I accompanied the smiling face, but he couldn’t see it either.
He stopped in front of me, and suddenly moved closer to me, making me lean back in fright.
He stretched out his hand lucidly and put his arm around my lower back so I didn’t fall.
His eyes were bright in the dark garden: “Did you drink?”
He is really a dog nose, I obviously only had a drink.
“with who?”
Why did you inquire so clearly? He ignored me before.
I’m telling the truth: “Joe Joe.”
As soon as he loosened his hand, I leaned back again and hurriedly reached out and put my arm around his neck.
He frowned slightly: “Let go.”
He looked like I deliberately seduce him, but I am not, because there are small stones under his feet and he can’t stand firmly.
I tried to get my body balance, but the harder I tried, the more unstable I stood. I squatted on Xi Qingchuan and pushed him backwards until I retreated to the side of the stone table he was sitting on. Then I pushed him down on the stone. On the table.
I finally stood firm, but his brows were furrowed tightly, and he grasped my wrist: “So impatient?”
What do you mean, I don’t understand.
I was struggling to get up from his arms, but he firmly held my wrist and looked around: “The environment here is good.”
What do you mean? My eyes widened, Xi Qingchuan hugged my back waist and suddenly turned me over, turning me into lying on a stone table and he was pressing on my body.
In the garden where the light is not very bright, the shadow of the tree is reflected on Xi Qingchuan’s handsome face, the light and dark are intertwined, so that I can’t see the expression on his face.
He looks good, but he is also very entangled.
The shadow on his face makes him mysterious and gloomy.
The bright part of his face carries some intriguing melancholy.
He has always been a complicated person. I blinked and his face was pressed against me.
When the tip of his cool tongue touched my lips, I suddenly remembered what Qiao Yi said to me just now.
She said: “Some people have a special preference for the choice of which scene, such as the endless plain, such as the graveyard with ghosts…”
To give her a middle sentence, it seems that Xi Qingchuan really has a special hobby of choosing scenes.
In this garden where the night was as cold as water, his hand reached my neckline and pulled hard.
I wailed: “This is still your female secretary’s clothes.”
Within a day, I was torn two skirts.
Xi Qingchuan is a wolf, he will only ask for it based on his emotions and desires.
His strength is great, I can’t struggle with him, I can only let him kill.
Although he was completely dehumanized, he picked me up and spread his clothes on the stone table and put me on again, and then he pressed me down again.
In the garden, if there is a seemingly non-existent scent of purple magnolia lingering on the bottom of my nose, Xi Qingchuan’s enthusiasm blooms on my body.
I am his wife. I have no reason to push him away. I was just thinking, why I became Baiyu’s stand-in, and Xi Qingchuan came to me to vent when he was frustrated with Baiyu?
Suddenly, there was a pain in my earlobe, and Xi Qingchuan whispered in my ear: “Don’t be distracted, concentrate.”

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