Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 50

It is really a puppy, because it is too dirty, so there is no way to tell what breed it is and how old it is, but listening to its hum, it should still be a small milk dog.
It looked weak and dying, either abandoned or lost with his mother.
I stretched out my hand to touch it, but I was afraid it would attack me.
As soon as my hand touched its head, it squinted its eyes.
Oh, it likes me touching it.
It looked hungry and kept arching into my palm.
But I don’t even have a jelly bean all over my body, what should I do?
I picked it up, it was so light, if it had no hair, it would be a bone.
The little guy raised his head in my arms and looked at me blankly. It hurts to see how it looks.
I have always liked small animals. When I was a kid, I met a porcupine with Qiao Yi on the mountain. I didn’t recognize it as a porcupine, so I brought it back and kept it secretly. But I didn’t know it was a porcupine until it had grown a thorn. I was caught by Qiao Yi’s mother. Scolded for a long time.
But this puppy is cold, hungry and dirty, and if you leave it alone, it will soon be starved to death.
The Xi family was right in front of me. I thought for a while. Although Mama Xi doesn’t like small animals, I secretly took him back to bathe him, feed him something to eat, and then send him to the pet hospital. No one should know.
So, I sneaked into the Xi’s house with it sneakily, and I didn’t notice that there was a puppy hidden in my clothes. My luck was also better. I sneaked into my room without anyone paying attention to me. .
I didn’t have any dog ​​food, so I went to the kitchen and asked Xu Ma for a bowl of broth to put on the rice. Then I cut a large piece of meat and sprinkled the chopped pieces on the rice. It smelled delicious.
Xu Ma didn’t know what I was going to do, and she said to me with a look of trepidation: “Mrs. San, if you are hungry, I will make something for you. You make it like dog food.”
It’s not dog food. I slid out of the kitchen holding the plate: “I like to eat this kind of food, so don’t bother.”
The puppy is really hungry. As soon as my plate was placed on the ground, it ate with its head and snored like a pig.
A whole plate of broth rice was eaten in five minutes, as if it was still full.
It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten and I can’t eat so full at one time. I was just about to pick it up and take it to take a bath, when suddenly someone knocked on the door of my room.
I hurriedly hid it under the bed, and then went to open the door.
It was Xi Jinyuan, who was standing at the door with a grin.
“Hi, Xiao Sheng.”
I don’t understand why he doesn’t call me Sansao every time, and I also laugh with him: “Hi, what’s the matter?”
“Nothing.” He shrugged.
“Oh, then I have something, I will close the door first.”
However, he put his hand against the door: “Is it convenient for me to come in?”
“Inconvenient.” This kind of foreign grown-up children have no taboos. I am his sister-in-law anyhow, so it’s not convenient to drop by!
“what are you busy with?”
He laughed, his smile is so beautiful, his eyes are as bright as stars: “Xiao Sheng, I found out that your talking to me is different from talking to my sister-in-law, why are you so afraid of them? They said so badly in the morning. You should scold it back.”
“Thank you for your generosity, I don’t like quarreling.” I started to push him: “Please go out, I have something else.”
“I just saw you enter the room with a plate of broth and rice.” The dimples on the corners of his smiling lips were looming.
“Oh yeah, I’m not full in the morning.”
“Do you eat on a plate?”
“none of your business?”
“I know, do you have a dog?”
I was taken aback. Would he be so smart, he noticed it within ten minutes after I brought the dog back? ”
“No.” I denied it.
His gaze froze over my shoulder, and I turned my head to look into my room, and saw the little dirty dog ​​slowly crawling out from under my bed and coming towards us.
This time, someone took the stolen goods and got it. I lowered my head in frustration, grabbed Xi Jinyuan by the collar, dragged him in, and slammed the door.
He was very excited and ran towards the puppy: “Ah, puppy, it’s so cute.”
lovely? I can’t tell such a dirty puppy a little bit cute.
“It’s an ancient animal husbandry.” Xi Jinyuan held up the puppy and observed it for a moment and told me.
“Oh,” I have no research on dog breeds.
“Where did it come from?”
“I picked it up in the small woods at the door. Seeing it half-dead from starvation, I was afraid that it would come back to give it something to eat and take a bath.”
“Do you have a doggie bath shampoo?”
I shook my head: “I plan to use mine.”
“That’s different. Dogs can’t use human shampoo. It will be bad for its hair and skin. Besides, it’s still such a little milk dog.” He stood up from the ground: “I’ll buy it, by the way. It has many items to buy, such as goat milk powder, dog food, drinking fountains, shampoo,” he said.
“I just fed him a meal, took a shower and then sent it away.” I interrupted him.
“You found the next home for it?”
“That’s not true. You can send it to the pet hospital.”
“The pet hospital charges a fee, and will not try to help you take care of it, and keep it in a small dark room all day long.”
“That can only be done.”
He looked at me bitterly: “You are so caring.”
I hid such a small dirty dog ​​in my clothes and brought it back to eat. He also said that I was not caring.
“You think you haven’t seen it before, okay?”
“No, don’t you know that if you abandon it, it will die and it is very pitiful. It is so easy that you have to abandon it after a full meal, it is better not to pick it back.”
“What are you going to do?”
He suddenly smiled into a flower, and I was caught off guard.
“Shall we adopt it?”
I was so scared that I choked with my saliva. After coughing for a long time, he kindly helped me take pictures.
“No.” I coughed to death, holding the wall with one hand and shaking the other hand: “It’s absolutely impossible. Your mother doesn’t like small animals. You have never had a pet in your family. You said it yourself. of.”
“Xiao Sheng, our Xi family is so big, it’s just such a big little pudding. Who knows if we keep it at home?”
“No, it will be called, it will grow up.”
“No, no, I promise you that Gu Mu won’t grow up, it’s just that big, and it doesn’t like to call it. When it is in heat, we will take it for sterilization, okay?”
“Not good.” I flatly refused, I don’t know how many days I can stay here, I still have a dog?
“Xiao Sheng, please.” The little boy would act like a baby, and he shook my arm with a bitter expression on his face.

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