Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 62

I ran over and he pointed to the swing: “Sit here.”
I sat down on the swing and it was fun to sway, which also reduced my embarrassment.
I pretended to be playing on the swing, but my peripheral vision was actually looking at the pair of snow-white sneakers on Ni Yizhou’s feet.
Ni Yizhou used to wear white sneakers. They were white and white, with no trace of stains. I doubt that he has many pairs to keep them so white.
“Xiao Sheng, don’t drink coffee, drink a cup of milk tea, warm your stomach.” Ni Yizhou was talking to me, and I looked up.
“Ah, why should I warm my stomach?”
“You, are you okay now?”
Ni Yizhou’s concerned tone, I was stunned for three seconds, and immediately scolded Qiao Yi in my heart.
With her big mouth, she must have told Ni Yizhou that I almost drowned in the bathtub yesterday.
I tugged at the corners of my mouth: “I have nothing to do, it’s good.”
“Uncle Xiao, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, maybe this matter came at an untimely time.”
I looked at Ni Yizhou: “You mean I am not my father’s daughter?”
“Perhaps, letting you know earlier is not necessarily a bad thing.”
Listening to Ni Yizhou’s tone, it seems that he also knows.
“You knew I was not my father’s daughter a long time ago?”
He looked into my eyes, his eyes were very frank: “I heard my mother once said, your mother has always been hesitant to tell you the truth, but Uncle Xiao disagrees.”
It turns out that everyone knows that I am the only one who is in the dark, oh, and that fool, Joe Yi.
“Then why did you ask me to do a DNA test yesterday?”
“The hearsay from others is no better than to figure it out by yourself.”
Oh, I see.
He knows, always knows.
I was also very calm, my milk tea came up, I was holding the cup and sips.
“It doesn’t taste good,” I said, “It’s bitter.”
“Xiao Sheng.”
“Huh?” I looked up at him from above the milk tea cup: “What’s the matter?”
“You are too calm,” he said.
“I don’t understand.”
“When you encounter this kind of thing, you need to vent, cry or yell, and then it is possible to metabolize the negative substances secreted in your brain.”
“I have cried.” I have really cried, and at Mother Joe’s, she almost got out of the water when she cried.
“But you still hold it in front of me.”
is it? It might be.
I have to carry it, because suddenly there is a lot of strangeness between Ni Yizhou and I.
See you after eight years. He is no longer the white boy who has just turned eighteen colors, and I am not a fifteen-year-old girl anymore.
I was married, and I was violated from time to time by the demon Xi Qingchuan, and I was not redressed for justice. I was sued by my stepmother. The father I had been calling for more than 20 years was not my biological father.
My life is a mess, a mess, and I can’t solve it.
Ni Yizhou even ordered egg tarts for me. He still remembers that I loved to eat egg tarts when I was a child. My mother would make all kinds of desserts, so every afternoon when I was not going to school, it was when Qiao Yi and Ni Yizhou came to my house for afternoon tea.
Father Star’s egg tarts are just so good, they don’t feel so delicious that they cry.
As people get bigger and bigger, their tolerance and acceptance will become stronger.
How unpalatable food will not be thrown up immediately, and how delicious food will not surprise you.
The more you grow up, the more calm you are.
It’s like I am now, with so much pressure on the top of my head, I can’t see it on the outside.
“You are pretending.” Ni Yizhou told me when I ate the third egg tart: “You were crushed a long time ago. You are just holding on, otherwise you won’t have an accident yesterday.”
“No, I am not committing suicide, I repeat it again!” I tried to argue with a mouthful of egg tarts.
“Your subconscious wants to kill itself.”
I glared at him, everyone was telling me the subconscious, is my own subconscious beyond my control?
Suddenly, I had no way to control myself at this moment. I put down the milk tea cup in my hand and stood up with my bag: “It’s not suitable to talk about the case today, I’m leaving now.”
“Xiao Sheng.” Ni Yizhou held my wrist: “Sit down, okay?”
His voice is very gentle, and it may have been a long time since no one has spoken to me so softly. I can’t help but sit down.
“Xiao Sheng…”
“Tell the case.” I said.
“it is good.”
Then Ni Yizhou was really serious about telling me about my lawsuit, and I was listening very carefully, listening to every word he said.
However, my thoughts are always off the track, and I always think about it.
When I saw Ni Yizhou, I remembered that on the grass in front of my house many years ago, Ni Yizhou and Qiao Yi were running wildly.
I can never get past Qiao Yi. She has long legs and can reach me for several steps. When I was a child, I cried so much. I cried when I lost. Ni Yizhou turned around and scolded Qiao Yi and asked her to let me a little bit.
Qiao Yi ran to my mother and said that Ni Yizhou was partial to me and that he wanted to marry me as his wife in the future.
When we were young, there was nothing to coax me down. When everyone was adolescent, when Ni Yizhou and I were a little bit ignorant, Qiao Xie was so stupid that he made fun of us all day, I think, at that time we all took it seriously.
It’s just too small, with only one seed buried in my heart.
I don’t know if Ni Yizhou’s seeds have sprouted. My seeds have been rooting in my heart, germinating, and growing green leaves.
“Xiao Sheng, are you listening?” Ni Yizhou’s voice pulled me back from the mess of thoughts.
I looked up at Ni Yizhou. He was looking at me: “Did you hear what I told you just now?”
“I heard it.” I said: “You said that I and my father’s appraisal report and the lawsuit have no direct contact. When I go to court next Monday, I will say whatever the judge asks me. You can accept my inheritance. From this perspective of people.”
I repeated what Ni Yizhou had said, and he looked at me slightly surprised.
He thought I was distracted, but I was actually distracted, but I had a magical ability. When I was in college, the professor was giving lectures on stage, and I was wandering down below. Although I didn’t talk or play on my mobile phone, my whole thoughts were on my mind. It’s flying.
The professor brought me up and asked him to repeat the content of his class, and I said it almost without a word.
Qiao Yi said that I am great, one mind can do two things.
“Then what do you think of this case, you can also say.”
“Do you know what happened to my stepmother?”
“In principle, it is not in contact with tenderness. I heard that your stepmother found the best case in the city for a legacy case, and it is bound to win.”
“However, Lawyer Hai said you were the best in the estate lawsuit.”
“Each law firm will say that its own lawyer is the best.” He smiled slightly: “But I am very confident that your lawsuit is not difficult to fight.”
I’ve never worried about it, and I don’t care much about the outcome of the lawsuit.

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