Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 84

I took the lead to walk to the door of the hall, and when I reached the door, I looked back to see that Jiang Tian had already followed.
He is not an idiot, knowing that the Xi family is my last bottom line, if he really touches my bottom line, he will be completely hopeless in the future.
I walked into the hotel garden, Jiang Tian quickly walked up to me, smiling: “Daughter.”
I pushed away his extended hand: “How much do you want?”
“Don’t talk to me in this tone, I gave birth to you anyway.”
I really don’t want to talk to him about a scum like him. I don’t want to talk about a scum who has no children but blackmails later. What else can I say.
I just feel sorry for my mother, marrying such a person back then.
I stood in the cold wind and tightened my collar: “This is the banquet of the Xi family. If you are too much, you should know that the one standing next to me is Xi Qingchuan.”
“Oh, is he also my son-in-law? I am his father-in-law, and I didn’t know him well just now.” He had a rascal smile on his face.
I leaned against the tree, my fingers trembling.
I am not afraid, I am angry and sad.
Now that he is old, he is still a rascal face. When he faced my mother back then, he would only be more exaggerated than he is now.
“You make a price, don’t show up again if you take the money.”
“That’s a price for a price?” He touched his nose: “Are you not going to support me for a long time? I also plan to enjoy the family pleasure!”
“Don’t tell me.” I turned around, and he squeezed my elbow.
His palms were very hot, but I was cold to the bone.
I struggled, but he held it tighter. He was getting closer and closer to me, his eyes burning with disgusting light: “Xiao Sheng, you are more beautiful than your mother, you are more sexy than her, she is too skinny. , Look at your figure is really nonsense.”
He looked at me like a beast, and his smile looked like a pervert.
I am his daughter, but he looks at me with such a look.
“You let go!” He is too strong and I can’t make it.
“Xiao Sheng.” He gasped hard: “Why don’t you buy a house for me, and my father and daughter live together. I know that this Xi family doesn’t want to see you. Your husband doesn’t love you, and dad? Live, dad loves you, we two depend on each other, you helped me pay off the debt and we live together, dad compensates you…”
The alcoholic heat from his mouth sprayed onto my face, and I almost vomited it out in disgust.
I shouldn’t despise my father, but his eyes are not like the way a father looks at his daughter.
“You get close to me, I’m calling someone!” I couldn’t get rid of it: “What are you asking for!”
“Didn’t your cheap father give you a house, you transfer it to me, and then give me 50 million.”
He said so loudly, I would never give him his father’s house.
“I don’t have that much money.”
“You come here less, who didn’t know that your cheap dad gave you all the cash and securities. I don’t want that stuff. I don’t want more than 50 million.”
“You let go.” His hands were like iron tongs.
Not only did he not let go, but he also touched: “My daughter’s hands are really slippery and slippery. Dad still hugged you when I was a child. How many years have you been hugging you, hurry up and let Dad hug you!”
He opened his arms and hugged me, my stomach was tumbling, and I was struggling and screaming desperately.
“Dad kiss, just a moment.”
He pouted and pressed against my face, and I twisted my head hard to hide.
At this moment, a person suddenly appeared and pulled Jiang Tian away, then knocked him down with a punch.
Jiang Tian screamed and fell to the ground. Hearing his shout just now, the punch should be heavy.
I settled and found that the man was actually Xi Qingchuan. He was only wearing a light blue shirt, but his eyes were fierce.
Jiang Tian was lying on the ground and couldn’t get up. He didn’t know if he was pretending or was really unable to get up.
“Oh, Xiao Sheng, I’m your father, you let me beat me like this, you are not filial…”
Xi Qingchuan rolled up his sleeves as if he was about to punch him a second time, and I took him to breathe, “No, forget it.”
“Why? Because he is your father?” He sneered: “You are an idiot? He was insulting you just now. Why would a father want to take advantage of his own daughter? Even a beast would not be so impatient.”
Xi Qingchuan reminded me that Jiang Tian’s behavior is indeed absurd. I was shocked by him just now, so I didn’t have a careful analysis.
Xi Qingchuan walked over and squatted down, Jiang Tian trembled with fright, but Xi Qingchuan beat him, only to pull a small amount of hair on top of his head, Jiang Tian was screaming.
“Don’t you know everything by being a DNA?” He wrapped his hair in a tissue and stuffed it into my hand.
Then he turned around and bent over and said to Jiang Tian on the ground: “Today you owe it first, and wait until the DNA report comes out. If you are not Xiao Sheng’s father, you have to pay it back.”
Jiang Tian was frightened, and Xi Qingchuan’s aura made him even have the courage to argue.
Xi Qingchuan grabbed my wrist and walked towards the hotel lobby.
My wrist was scratched by Jiang Tian’s nail just now, and Xi Qingchuan is holding it so hard now that it hurts.
I breathed in pain, and he pulled me to the lobby door and stopped and let go: “Are you a fool?”
If he hadn’t saved me just now, I would have to refute it.
Now, my mind is full of Jiang Tian’s ugly face, and it feels a little disgusting to think of it.
“I’m going to the bathroom.” I said to him hastily, and then hurriedly ran into the bathroom.
I felt like vomiting, but I couldn’t vomit out after lying on the toilet for a long time, so I went to wash my face.
I washed the light makeup on my face cleanly, and after patted my face with cold water, I felt a little more comfortable.
When I went out from the bathroom, I didn’t expect Xi Qingchuan to wait for me at the door.
“Why don’t you take a shower in it?” He looked at me.
“There is no shower head in it.” I really want to wash it if there is one.
“You have been raped?” He said really ugly: “I showed up even before he kissed me. Do you need this to die?”
“You have never experienced it, because your life has always been so glamorous and beautiful. You have been in the sun so you can’t realize my feeling of being covered by dark clouds.” I walked past him, but was caught by him. Wrist.
“Are you capable of pushing away the dark clouds? Or come out from under the dark clouds, are you a fool to stay there all the time?”
The person who saved me just now has the confidence to scold me with blood. I raised my head and looked at Xi Qingchuan: “You have always been aloof and don’t know the feeling below.”
“Because you are too stupid, or you are cowardly, you dare not do DNA because you are afraid that he is really your father?”
“Xi Qingchuan, I thank you for saving me, but I don’t want to talk to you now.” I broke free from his palm and walked into the lobby.
He didn’t chase me to continue arguing with me, and he still had a bit of conscience.
I am not his opponent in terms of quarrels.

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