Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2101

It seems that because of Jiang Ning’s return, the atmosphere in the entire East China Sea has become different.
The Lin family cried with joy when they knew that Jiang Ning was coming back.
The helicopter landed in front of the Lin’s villa. At the door, Mr. and Mrs. Su Mei, his eyes were red.
“Dad, mom!”
Jiang Ning hurried forward and hugged the two people tightly.
“Just come back safely! Just come back!”
Su Mei cried, “We are all waiting for you, Yuzhen and the child are waiting for you!”
Jiang Ning nodded, said nothing, and quickly went upstairs.
He refused to stop for a second.
Jiang Ning opened the door, and a faint fragrance came. This is Lin Yu’s real smell. Her hair has always been this fragrance.
Even though she was lying in bed, the Lin family took good care of her.
“Uma, I’m back.”
Jiang Ning’s eyes were red.
He is not used to watching Lin Yuzhen be so quiet, he still likes the lively and energetic Lin Yuzhen.
On the bed, Lin Yu really lay there quietly, motionless, faint breathing, making Jiang Ning distressed.
He walked over, sat on the edge of the bed, and gently held Lin Yuzhen’s hand.
“missed me?”
“I miss you very much.”
“When I come back, you will be fine, don’t worry.”
Jiang Ning was talking to herself, and it seemed to be talking to Lin Yuzhen. He stretched out his hand, gently stroked Lin Yuzhen’s face, and took a deep breath.
The medicine bottle in my arms was taken.
Open the stopper, and the fragrance immediately diffuses.
Jiang Ning took out one, gently opened Lin Yuzhen’s mouth, and put the pill in. He hoped that Lin Yuzhen would wake up soon.
As time passed, Jiang Ning sat there, holding Lin Yuzhen’s hand, motionless.
Looking at this, Jiang Ning’s eyes were full of tenderness with the face he thought about day and night.
If there is anyone in this world who can make him cherish so much, only Lin Yu is true.
In the first half of his life, he had not lived for himself. Now, Lin Yuzhen taught him to live for himself and make himself happy.
However, his happiness is Lin Yuzhen.
Suddenly, Lin Yu really moved his finger.
Jiang Ning’s whole person was as if he had been shocked, even if he was so powerful inside, he was a little excited.
“Yu Zhen?”
Jiang Ning shouted.
He saw that Lin Yuzhen’s eyelashes trembled lightly, and his nose was sore, “Yuzhen! Can you hear me? Yuzhen!”
Lin Yuzhen’s eyes slowly opened, and there was still a vague sight, but he saw at a glance, sitting on the bed, this man with red eyes, who seemed to be crying, was his husband.
“Husband, why are you crying?”
Lin Yu’s voice was really soft, and she was a little surprised, “How long I slept, my head is a little heavy.”
“Not long.”
Jiang Ning adjusted his tone, “How do you feel?”
“What a long dream.”
Lin Yuzhen bit his lip, and his face gradually returned to ruddy, “I seemed to have a long, long dream, and I almost didn’t wake up.”
Jiang Ning was surprised.
Fortunately, fortunately, he found the antidote. He couldn’t imagine that Lin Yu was really alone, indulged in that dream, what should he do.
“What dream did you have, for so long.”
He asked.
“I do not want to say.”
Lin Yuzhen shook his head, sat up slowly, stretched out his hand around Jiang Ning’s neck, and hugged him tightly, “It’s a nightmare, I don’t want to remember it again.”
Jiang Ning nodded and patted her back lightly.
“I don’t want to, it’s all over, in the future, I won’t have such a nightmare again.”
He took a deep breath, “I will always be by your side, you will never have such a nightmare again.”
Lin Yu really felt the familiar embrace, the familiar warmth, and the familiar breath.
“Husband, I miss you.”

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