Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2159

He lowered his head and walked cautiously toward the inner courtyard, bumping into many people along the way, but no one looked at him at all.
He could feel that the atmosphere in the Tian Lianzong was serious, and every disciple was tense. Obviously, like the atmosphere of the Lianzong today, they themselves couldn’t bear it.
“They must be found as soon as possible.”
Jiang Ning frowned slightly.
The Tianlian Sect is very large, and it is probably not an easy task to determine where those people are locked up in a while.
He knew that what he had to face was not Rocky, but the mysterious Mr. Lang!
Jiang Ning faintly felt that Mr. Lang came for Ji Dao Fist. He might even know that the fist was on his body, or that the fist was outside the gate.
With his ability, he can go directly to the Qingshan Sect, control the Qingshan Sect Liuchuandao and others, and open the gate, isn’t it easier?
Why do you have to spend so much time and effort to control Rocky and combine with several other big sects to make the mountain gates smoky.
Jiang Ning didn’t want to understand for the time being.
Now is not the time to think about this.
“Hurry up! Hurry up! Send it over!”
“Send to those guys, what’s in a hurry?”
“What do you know! If someone dies, are you responsible?”
From a distance, there were more than a dozen people, carrying their baskets and cursing as they walked. Jiang Ning immediately raised his head.
He smelled the scent, and what was in those baskets was food?
I can serve so many meals at once, I am afraid that it will be provided for many people to eat. Within the sect, there are fixed places to eat, and there is no need to send them like this, except…
Jiang Ning’s eyes changed, and he quietly followed behind them, watching the surroundings.
Sure enough, in the back mountain of Tianlianzong, it takes some time to walk the mountain road, and there are people guarding it along the way.
Jiang Ning cautiously avoided these guards before seeing a cave.
The dozen people carried the basket into the cave, while Jiang Ning was waiting outside.
Not long after, more than a dozen people came out again. Looking at their status, it was obvious that everything in the basket was empty. It seemed that this was the place to detain them.
But how to get in is a problem, and how to rescue them is another problem.
Jiang Ning frowned slightly, thought for a while, didn’t rush in, turned and left.
Once they are determined, things will be easier.
When he returned to the Tianlianzong gate, Liu Chuandao and the elder Tingfeng were still fighting. The two people were inextricably killed, but no one could do anything about it.
The disciples on both sides resisted, being held back by several elders, not allowing them to do anything.
Tingfeng and Liu Chuandao saw the crowd at the same time, Jiang Ning nodded at them, and the two slapped each other, each backing out, panting.
“Why didn’t you fight?”
Rocky watched the excitement, “Elder Listening Wind, it seems that you are not strong enough. Can you kill Yanagawa Dao?”
He couldn’t see it, the two didn’t really want to kill, they just acted in front of them.
They can act and watch it slowly. Anyway, it is him who has time. He is not afraid that Yanagawa will delay them.
Listening to the wind gritted his teeth, “Don’t force me!”
“I forced you, how about it?”
Rocky sneered, “I tell you, this is the only choice. Either you can do it for me, or wait for me to gather the five sects and do it myself!”
“At that time, not only the Qingshan Sect will be destroyed, but your Buddhist Sect… don’t think it’s safe and sound!”
He looked at Elder Tingfeng with a weird smile, and the expression on his face was a bit playful.
“Anyway, Master Listening Zen is dead, does the Buddhism have any meaning?”
He waved his hand, and the archers stood closer together. He was impatient and was watching them play tricks.
“Who dares to approach, kill without mercy!”

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