Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2160

Rocky didn’t want to bother at all now.
He only needs to wait for the time, wait for the other four sect members, and bow their heads to himself one by one. At that time, he has the final say.
What Qingshan school, what Buddhist school?
As long as he wants, it can be destroyed!
Even the other sects within the mountain gate, no matter what they want to do, they can’t do much.
Rocky glanced at Liu Chuandao and the others, with a weird smile, turned and left.
Circles of archers are ready at any time, as long as someone dares to step forward, they are not polite and shoot people on the spot!
Elder Tingfeng looked at each other with Dao Liu Chuan, knowing that it was not a way to pass this way rashly. The people of the Tianlian Sect were simply lunatics now, and they would ignore all consequences.
Yanagawa ordered.
“Go back first.”
Elder Tingfeng also nodded.
The people from the two major sects immediately stepped back one mile away and thought about countermeasures.
The personnel were settled, Jiang Ning looked at a few people in the camp.
“Found them.”
“But trying to rescue them is not easy.”
He said indifferently, “They are all poisoned, and there should be no resistance. The most important thing is to know what poison they have and where is the antidote.”
You must detoxify them so that you have the ability to rush out.
Otherwise, in the current Tianlianzong, Jiang Ning can move in and out freely by himself, but with so many people, it is impossible to do it.
“What kind of poison are they, how do we know?”
Elder Tingfeng shook his head, “Rocky is very cunning. He would definitely think that someone would save them, and he would have made preparations long ago.”
Rocky dared to be so unscrupulous, and they would not believe it without confidence.
“Think of ways to.”
Jiang Ning said, “There is only this way to save people, or destroy the Tianlian Sect!”
A group of people were shocked, Jiang Ning was so murderous.
Either the Tianlianzong was destroyed. Indeed, if the Tianlianzong was solved, then all the troubles would be solved, but the problem is that the current Tianlianzong is not easy to deal with.
Moreover, the masters and elders of the four major sects are in their hands, and no one can guarantee that Rocky will not go crazy and kill others!
For a moment, there was silence, and Yanagawa and others had no good way.
“I have a way.”
Suddenly, the Grand Elder said.
Everyone looked at him.
“If one of us is caught by Rocky, he will definitely continue to poison him, and he can be sure of what it is.”
Jiang Ning frowned slightly. He had thought of this method. With Rocky’s character, the probability of using the second poison is very low. It is not only troublesome, but also has a bad impact. He wants to control several sects, how dare he really kill anyone?
“Who is going?”
He asked directly.
Up to now, saving people is more important than anything else. If it is feasible, then don’t waste time.
“I go.”
Elder Tingfeng did not hesitate, and said directly, “I can only go.”
“Luoqi wants to control the six sects, but now the Buddha Sect is not under his control.”
He took a deep breath: “As long as you catch me, it is equivalent to holding the lifeline of the Buddha.”
He said that was the case, but he had already made it clear to the other elders that no matter who died, the Buddhism cannot be affected, and the inheritance of the Buddhism must always be kept.
Elder Tingfeng said: “Jiang Ning, once I am caught, you find a way to sneak in again, as long as you know what the poison is, you must find the antidote!”
If there is no antidote, it will fall short.
“it is good.”
Jiang Ning nodded without hesitation.
“Elder Listening Wind…”
Yanagawa frowned.
“Master Ting Zen can’t die in vain. Those who kill him must pay a price!”
Elder Tingfeng said, “No matter who it is, you have to pay the price! My Buddhism, I will never let Master Ting Zen die in vain!”

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