Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2164

Leaving the cave, Jiang Ning followed the crowd back to the kitchen.
Putting down the baskets and other things, the others left, cursing.
“What Sect Master, isn’t it like a dead dog now?”
“You see that they are always on the top, they must have never expected that they will have today, right?”
“The feeling of stepping on their faces is really wonderful! Hahahaha!”

A group of people gloating for misfortune, as if their psychology has been distorted. They have been trampled under their feet by others for years, and now they can humiliate those suzerains and elders. For them, it is the most glorious time in their lives.
After all, they are also the most humble disciples of the outer courtyard in the Tianlian Sect.
“I don’t know when their medicine is effective, everyone should be careful. If the medicine is gone, we can’t beat them.”
Jiang Ning buzzed.
His expression looked timid, and everyone around him couldn’t help laughing.
“You kid is timid, what are you afraid of?”
One of them said, “Elder Huang has been prescribing medicine for them, and the effect of the medicine will continue. What’s terrible.”
“Don’t worry about humiliating them. If you dare not, I will teach you next time, hahahaha!”
A group of people booed.
Jiang Ning scratched his head and looked at a few people with admiration, “Then I will follow you and study hard!”
He secretly said, Elder Huang, right?
It seems that the elder Huang in their mouth is the one who has given medicine to the Sect Masters every time. If the poison is in his hands, it is much easier to handle.
Jiang Ning followed a group of people, watching these people were bored, squatting under the corner to chat, bragging, and when the time for the next meal delivery was approaching, more than a dozen people got up and were excited.
“Go, have fun again!”
Several people laughed, and now to deliver the food, it makes them happier than anything else.
Such a fun thing, even those core disciples, have no chance.
Jiang Ning followed them and walked to the kitchen, where the aroma was already coming out.
“Elder Huang!”
Jiang Ning looked up, and someone shouted, from the end of the corridor, a man with white hair came up, his beard was gray, his walk trembling, he was obviously not young.
In the Tianlianzong, it is estimated that Luoqi can trust him.
Elder Huang crouched, “You are waiting here.”
Dozens of people respectfully said.
Elder Huang walked into the kitchen, took out a packet of powdered medicine from his arms, poured it into each dish, and then turned and walked out.
“Okay, be sure to watch them all eat.”
Elder Huang explained, “Understand?”
“Understood, please don’t worry, Elder Huang, those guys are willing to eat anything if they are hungry!”
The leader giggled.
They have been saying that dogs can even eat shit when they are hungry, and these so-called suzerain elders are all the same. They are usually high, but now they are prisoners, don’t they live like dogs?
Elder Huang nodded, then crouched and left.
“Go, brothers, go toss and toss those suzerain elders, hahahaha!”
Dozens of people got excited again, went into the kitchen to sort out the food, and sent it to the poor elders.
“Ouch! Ouch!”
Jiang Ning suddenly clutched his stomach, his face pale, and beads of sweat rolled down on his forehead, “Boss, my stomach hurts, I’m going to the latrine!”
“You kid, why is it like this again?”
“Lazy people have a lot of poop, hurry up, we are waiting for you!”
Jiang Ning waved his hands again and again: “Forget it, let’s go first, I don’t know how long it will take, no way, it’s coming out! It’s coming out!”
His ridiculous appearance made everyone laugh and cover their noses.

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