Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2165

“Go, go! Stop pulling your crotch, hahahaha!”
They laughed and didn’t care about Jiang Ning. They seemed to be used to it a long time ago. They couldn’t wait to humiliate those suzerains and elders. Anyway, they will be long in Japan, and there are more opportunities. Next time, teach Jiang Ning.
With dozens of people carrying the baskets and leaving, Jiang Ning came out of the latrine. The expression on his face had long been different.
His figure flashed, and he turned to chase in the direction where Elder Huang had just left.
Soon, Jiang Ning saw Elder Huang, he quickly rushed to the front, turned back, lowered his head, pretending to hurriedly walk over, and bumped into Elder Huang.
Elder Huang almost fell, and Jiang Ning was busy helping him.
“Sorry, sorry! Elder Huang, I didn’t see you!”
Jiang Ning quickly apologized.
Elder Huang scolded, “Are you looking for death!”
He is too old to even walk, and if he is hit by Jiang Ning, he will probably lose his life.
“Elder Huang calmed down,”
Jiang Ning hurriedly said, “I am in a hurry to deliver something to the Sect Master, I…I’m too late!”
Hearing this, Elder Huang snorted, did not dare to delay, cursed a few words, and waved his hand: “Hurry up! I have delayed the suzerain, and I can’t spare you!”
“Yes, yes, thank you Elder Huang!”
Jiang Ning lowered his head and said repeatedly.
He ran away quickly, Elder Huang snorted, and continued to croak his back and walk slowly.
Turning to the corner of the wall, Jiang Ning opened his palm, and there was a packet of powder in it!
This is the poison.
His eyes changed, he looked around carefully, making sure that no one around him noticed him, and he returned to the kitchen.
“Why didn’t you go?”
Seeing Jiang Ning coming back so quickly, the bearded man asked, “Daily diarrhea again?”
Jiang Ning touched his head and smirked, “I have been diarrhea recently.”
“Useless things,”
The guy laughed, “If I hadn’t been cooking, I would have fun.”
Jiang Ning smiled and said, “Then teach me to cook, I will help you cook, you can deliver the food.”
The guy glanced at Jiang Ning and rolled his eyes: “Do you want to be beautiful?”
“The guy is such a good business, can I give it to you? Come over and help me throw out the rubbish!”
He scolded.
In his eyes, the disciples in the outer courtyard are not as good as their fellows. Although they are all at the bottom, at least they don’t have to do other chores and their status is higher.
Jiang Ning didn’t say anything, so he hurried over and sorted out the garbage in the kitchen as instructed.
“When you’re done, throw it out and wash this well, do you understand?”
After finishing talking, he ignored Jiang Ning and started to get the food he wanted to eat at the sect. For such a large sect, there was a lot to eat every day. They had to prepare early, and they were busy almost all day.
Where is there any effort to control how Jiang Ning is doing?
Jiang Ning carefully cleaned up, and saw that everyone else in the kitchen was busy, but still did not act.
“Be careful, this is what the Sect Master eats, and it’s better to put it on the plate, otherwise you’ll be scolded, you want to behead!”
“Get ready, send it to the lord and the others, do you hear? Don’t spill the soup, you idiots!”
Several people scolded, “I’ll be here soon, get it done!”
Jiang Ning’s pupils contracted slightly, pretending to help tidy up, while no one was paying attention, the medicine powder hidden in the palm of his hand quietly spilled into the soup and immediately closed the lid.
“All sorted out.”
Jiang Ning said, “This soup, is the Sect Master’s favorite drink?”
“That’s natural. This is my signature. Sect Master just likes to drink. I have almost entered the Heavenly Union Sect. What do you know?”
The guy smiled complacently, and then he sternly said, “Okay, ask so much what to do, go and work!”

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