Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2167

He held the table with both hands and frowned.
“Sect Master, do you want to go back to the room?”
The man asked.
Rocky didn’t speak, he looked at the dishes in front of him, and was taken away one by one, clenching his fists in an instant.
“Don’t move!”
He suddenly shouted, “Leave all the dishes I just ate!”
“Let it all down!”
The man was startled. He didn’t know what happened to Rocky. He would suddenly say this. He didn’t care about other things, so he quickly ordered, “Stop it all, let go of the food, come on!”
“Sect Master, what’s wrong?”
He asked cautiously.
Rocky gritted his teeth and frightened everyone present with a pale expression.
The man’s face changed, “How could this happen! Sect Master, are you okay?”
“I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect it!”
Rock felt that his body gradually became weak and weak. This was clearly a loose tendon. Why would he be unclear?
“Where is Elder Huang?”
He shouted, “Let him come over!”
He didn’t move, sitting there motionless, so that no one could know that he was poisoned, and he was poisoned by the loose tendons.
The man immediately sent someone to ask Elder Huang, but he was a little at a loss. In the food that Rocky was eating, he was poisoned. Rocky was angry. They all had to die!
Everyone was panicked, except for Jiang Ning, who only showed fear on his face, but in his heart he was analyzing and determined that Rocky was really poisoned, not pretending to be.
Fight against these old foxes without carelessness for a moment.
Soon, Elder Huang came and saw Luo Qi sitting there, hurriedly said: “Sect Master, what’s wrong with you?”
“Where are the soft tendons?”
Rocky asked.
Elder Huang stretched out his hand hurriedly and took it in his arms, “I am here, I will continue to give them medicine according to your instructions, you see, just…”
Suddenly, Elder Huang’s expression changed, and he took a dig in his arms, but it was empty, nothing!
“The soft tendons are loose!”
He yelled, untied all his belts, took off his clothes, and looked for it seriously, but there were no signs of loose tendons.
“I obviously put it in my arms, I can’t leave my body!”
Luo Qi’s face was a bit ugly, if it weren’t for his weak hands and feet at this moment, he would slap Elder Huang directly and slap him alive!
“I ask you to keep the loose tendons, so you use them in my meals?”
Rocky said coldly, “Elder Huang, you are so bold!”
Elder Huang plopped and knelt down immediately.
“Sect Master, I don’t have one!”
“I do not have it!”
“Bring it down!”
Rocky shouted, and several people immediately stepped forward and dragged Elder Huang down. It was useless to let Elder Huang explain anything.
He panted and tried to stand up, but his legs were weak and there was no way.
The sharp eyes swept across the faces of everyone, Rocky gritted his teeth.
“Unexpectedly, someone exploited a loophole and poisoned me too!”
He tilted his head slightly and glanced at the man, who was so scared that he immediately knelt down.
“Sect Master, it’s not me! It’s not me!”
“I don’t expect you to have the courage!”
Rocky hummed, “Quick, send me back to the study!”
He gritted his teeth and said, “Hurry up!”
“Yes Yes Yes!”
The man quickly got up and pointed at several people in Jiangning, “What are you still waiting for? Send the suzerain back to the study! Hurry up!”
“What’s happening here can’t be spread out. Violators will be killed without pardon!”
Jiang Ning and the others shouted in unison, and immediately walked over and lifted Rocky up.
“Hurry up! Hurry up!”
The man led the way, “Sect Master, I will be there soon, I will be there soon, I will help you find the antidote to detoxify!”

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