Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2168

Luo Qi’s face was a little pale, his hands and feet were weak, and he could not move at all. Jiang Ning and others were allowed to carry him back to the study.
“Quick! Quick!”
Soon, everyone carried Rocky back to the study.
“You all go out!”
The man shouted, let Jiang Ning and the others go out first.
Rocky was poisoned, and it was the poison they used to poison others. The antidote was naturally a very important thing, where it could be easily seen by others, especially these inferior disciples.
The disciples walked out, Jiang Ning didn’t say anything, and immediately followed.
In the study, only Rocky and the housekeeper were left.
“Sect Master, where is the antidote?”
The butler asked, “We must hurry to detoxify.”
He was worried and anxious.
Rocky leaned there and pointed to his bookcase.
“There is a mechanism behind the bookcase, open it.”
The housekeeper hurriedly walked to the bookcase, put his hand into the bookcase, and fumbled. After a while, he felt the bump, grabbed it and turned it hard, and the bookcase immediately heard a clicking sound.
The bookcase moved slowly, revealing a hole.
“Just here, take it out.”
Rocky looked tired and nodded.
The housekeeper hurriedly said, “Yes, I will take it out and give it to the Sect Master.”
He stretched out his hand, opened the lid, and suddenly—
call out!
A black shadow rushed out, and before the steward could react, he felt a sharp pain in his neck. The steward suddenly yelled, subconsciously stretched out his hand to grab, and slammed it, it turned out to be a poisonous snake!
The housekeeper’s face was horrified, and he was dizzy, what a terrible snake!
He didn’t even finish speaking, his face turned black, his blood clotted, and he fell to the ground with a bang, unable to move, and could not die anymore.
Rocky glanced at him and snorted, “Want to pretend?”
“If it wasn’t for your poison, who would have this chance?”
He stood up, walked to the housekeeper, stretched out his foot and kicked, making sure that the housekeeper was dead.
He is cautious, but he will not be fooled easily. If he was not careful about what he eats, he would have died long ago.
The door of the study opened, and Rocky stood there. The people outside the door were shocked. Jiang Ning also did not expect that Rocky was not poisoned?
No, he must be poisoned!
He saw that Rocky drank the soup with his own eyes. It was impossible not to be poisoned. The only explanation was that he had taken the antidote before drinking the soup, and the antidote… was on him.
“Drag his body away.”
Rocky said lightly.
Jiang Ning didn’t do it right away, this opportunity was not suitable.
Unexpectedly, Rocky committed a risk and killed everyone who doubted it!
It’s a pity that this butler was loyal and loyal, but he was still killed by the suspicious Rocky. I’m afraid he couldn’t believe it until he died. Will he be like this?
Jiang Ning walked in, and the housekeeper lying on the ground, his face dark, was obviously poisoned, and beside him was a venomous snake that had been torn in two.
He couldn’t help but shook his head, Rocky was so cruel.
Not only being cruel to the enemy, but also cruel to his own people.
“Move out.”
Several people moved the butler’s body away. Jiang Ning paid attention to the study and left without saying anything.
Rocky is very cunning, and Mr. Lang behind him is even more cunning, and he is not so easy to deal with.
Seeing the housekeeper’s body being removed, Rocky snorted, the indifference on his face growing stronger.
Want to kill him?
Want to get the antidote?
It’s not that easy.
He is now more cautious than anyone else, and will never let others take advantage of it.
“Let all the elders come to the hall!”
Rocky ordered.
Soon, Tianlianzong Hall.
Rock sat in the seat of the sovereign, looking at the elders below.
“I have no patience anymore,”
Rocky said directly, “What are the reactions of those sects now? Have they succumbed.”

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