Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2176

Mr. Lang’s face looked a bit hideous.
The expression that looked like a smile or cry, made people feel like seeing a demon.
He looked at Rocky, his voice hoarse, and said lightly, “How do you feel?”
“It’s amazing! It’s amazing!”
Rocky half-closed his eyes, as if he was immersed in another world. The expression on his face, the blurry game, and the dark skin seemed to be poisoned.
Seeing this, Mr. Lang nodded, reached out and patted Rocky’s shoulder, leaning to his ear, and whispered: “Then go on, go on.”
Rocky took a deep breath and closed his eyes, completely immersed in his own world.
And Mr. Lang turned and walked into the darkness, disappearing.
In the study, only Rocky was left.
It took a full hour before he opened his eyes. The expression in his eyes was even more different from before. They became sharp, bloodthirsty, and somewhat sharp!
There seemed to be a cloud of black air, turning in his eyes.
He got up, feeling that his whole body was full of explosive power, as if there was a hot air flowing in his body, about to rush out of his body.
Rocky let out a long breath, his whole body transparent, “This feeling is really mysterious.”
“It turns out that there are so many ancient books outside the mountain gate. If my Tianlian Sect can get it, it will make us the strongest sect within the mountain gate!”
It may even break through the shackles and become a myth!
In his eyes, the light flickered, and the black aura quickly disappeared and recovered as before.
“Kang Dang.”
Rocky opened the door of the study room and the direct sunlight made him squint his eyes subconsciously, as if he felt a little dazzling.
Outside the door, two guards respectfully shouted.
“Bring me two trees and plant them in the yard. They are too dazzling.”
Rocky ordered.
The guard was stunned and dare not say anything.
Even if Rocky asked them to move the mountain, they could only do so, although Rocky had previously requested that there should be no trees in the yard and no shade of sunlight.
Now, why has it suddenly changed?
“The Sovereign, Elder Luolong just came to look for him and asked him if he would have time in the evening. The preparation for the ancestor worship in the ancestral hall requires the Sovereign to visit.”
Guard Road.
“An ancestor worship?”
Rocky nodded, “I almost forgot about it.”
He paused.
“Go tell Luo Long, I have time tonight.”
In any case, ancestor worship is a major event, especially now that Tianlianzong is about to rise and become the strongest sect within this mountain gate, it is even more important to talk to the ancestors.
All of this came to this point under the leadership of his Rocky.
He is the great man of the Tianlianzong and the greatest hero of the Tianlianzong!
This contentment and pride, Rocky will not stingy tell his ancestors.
The guard nodded, responded with a yes, and quickly ran to inform Luo Long.
At this moment, Luo Long is already preparing for the ancestor worship. With his understanding of Luo Qi, Luo Qi will definitely agree, and he will definitely have time to participate.
Sovereign must participate in the sacrifice of ancestors. What’s more, the current Rocky‚Äôs whole person is almost floating. He must feel that he is the greatest hero of the Tianlian Sect. In the sacrifice of ancestors, it is natural to talk to the ancestors. .
Luo Long turned his head and glanced at Jiang Ning who was standing beside him.
“It’s just one chance. If you can’t succeed, it’s over.”
Jiang Ning didn’t speak, he just listened.
“In the evening, Rocky will be there. At that time, I will leave other people alone and let him enter the ancestral hall alone to talk to the ancestors. At that time, I will rely on you.”
“If you can’t snatch the antidote from him, then we’ll lose everything.”
“Of course, don’t kill him until the necessary moment!”
Luolong’s eyelids throbbed.

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