Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2177

He knows Jiang Ning’s strength, even if Rocky’s strength is equally strong, he can see the limit, but what about Jiang Ning?
It seems that for so long, he hasn’t seen Jiang Ning’s limit, and the elders of them simply can’t push Jiang Ning’s limit.
Luo Qi was only used by Mr. Lang, and he was not guilty of death. His Tianlianzong also needed a suzerain.
“Did you hear me?”
Seeing Jiang Ning did not respond, Luo Long was a little worried.
He was really afraid that Jiang Ning would kill Luo Long.
Jiang Ning didn’t say much, just nodded slightly.
After the two discussed, Luolong arranged for Jiang Ning to enter the ancestral hall, let him find the opportunity by himself, hide in it, and wait for the action at night.
Time passed by.
The evening arrived soon.
As an ancestor worshipping every month, Luolong always arranges it. Whoever comes to participate, who stands in what position, and even who can speak, must be done in accordance with the requirements.
The night is getting stronger.
“Be careful, don’t knock over the flower basket.”
“Move away a little more over there, blocking people, do you hear?”
The subordinates are doing the final sorting, and those who should participate have already arrived one after another.
“Elder Huang, today you want some incense.”
Luo Long looked at Elder Huang, “It’s your turn.”
Elder Huang shook his head, his face a little ugly: “Am I worthy?”
He was punished by Rocky. He was too old and lost such a big man. If it weren’t for fear of death, he would want to kill himself and disappear from this world.
“You are the oldest elder of the Tianlian Sect. This is a qualification.”
Luo Long said, “That’s it, wait for you to some incense and send the lord to the ancestral hall to worship.”
“it is good.”
Elder Huang didn’t say anything.
Rocky is here.
The whole person exudes a unique atmosphere.
It makes people feel unconsciously, a little disgusting.
Luo Long’s heartbeat was a bit fast, and this feeling was actually a bit strong.
The person in front of him was clearly Rocky, but he seemed to see a stranger.
A stranger he never knew.
“what happened?”
Luo Long turned his head and looked at the other people. The faces of other people seemed a little surprised, even unbelievable, “This feels so strange.”
He didn’t ask, nor did he speak. He watched Rocky walk to the ancestral hall and glanced around.
“It’s almost time.”
Rocky Road.
“It’s almost time.”
Luo Long nodded.
Immediately, Luo Long turned around and looked at the ancestral hall, but did not kneel down as usual, but still stood upright. Behind him, Luo Long and others knelt down together!
“Light incense.”
Rocky shouted.
Luo Long and the others frowned, but he didn’t expect that Rocky would not kneel. This was disrespect to the ancestor.
But still, no one spoke.
Luo Long gave Elder Huang a look, and Elder Huang immediately stepped forward, lighting the incense, and the faint fragrance wafted out.
“The ancestor worship begins!”
He shouted.
Everyone bowed their heads and meditated on the rules of the Tianlian Zong religiously, while Luo Qi strode into the ancestral hall, seeming not to care about these etiquettes.
Kang Dang——
The door of the ancestral hall was closed.
“What happened to the lord?”
“He didn’t kneel down and worship his ancestors.”
“What’s the matter?”
Several elders couldn’t help asking.
Luo Long shook his head.
“Well, the lord has his own way of doing things, so let’s step aside first,”
He looked at everyone, “Don’t affect the Sect Master.”
He told everyone to quit, and looked back at the ancestral hall, hoping that Jiang Ning would succeed and get the antidote from Luo Qi, otherwise, everything would be gone.
Success or failure, in this one action, he didn’t know why he trusted Jiang Ning so much, they were obviously enemies!
But now, he sincerely hopes that Jiang Ning should be stronger than he thought!

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