Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2179

The two people fought against each other in an instant, Jiang Ning could clearly feel that Rocky’s fist was getting faster and faster, as if a steady flow of power was pouring out.
This is stronger than the strength of the Great Elder of the Green Mountain Sect?
Jiang Ning didn’t care, the Ji Dao boxing broke out, and every punch was full of vigorous and domineering intent.
Not weak at all!
Luo Qi’s fist carries a yin wind, while Jiang Ning’s fist is extremely masculine!
One yin and one yang slammed together, abruptly suppressing Rocky.
“There is a problem with your boxing technique!”
Jiang Ning said angrily, “What did you practice?”
He could faintly feel a disgusting breath coming from Rocky, “He is not right!”
But Rocky didn’t say a word, and gradually fell into a violent state, as if even his own consciousness was a little blurred. His eyes were fixed on Jiang Ning, only killing!
He just wanted to kill Jiang Ning!
The black air flow floated up and down in his eyes, gradually enclosing the entire white of his eyes.
That kind of disgusting and disgusting breath is getting stronger and stronger!
And Rocky’s skill became stronger and stronger, faster and faster!
Jiang Ning suddenly increased his speed, his body muscles and bones made a crackling sound, and his fist burst out!
With a punch, Rocky was smashed back abruptly, rammed into the spirit stage, and overturned several tablets on the spirit stage.
When the loud noise spread outside the ancestral hall, Luo Long immediately changed his face.
“Jiang Ning has done it!”
He secretly said in his heart.
“What’s the matter? Something happened?”
“What happened in the ancestral hall?”
Several elders also changed their faces and wanted to rush in.
“The ancestors have appeared!”
Luo Long shouted immediately, reaching out to stop the others, “It’s the ancestor who has manifested!”
“The sovereign is disrespectful and annoys the ancestor, and the ancestor has manifested!”
Rocky was indeed disrespectful to the ancestors just now. Not only did he not kneel, but he also acted with no respect at all, which made the other elders look down upon him.
But I didn’t expect that the ancestor would really show up?
Luo Long immediately knelt down and bowed respectfully.
“See the ancestor!”
Seeing that Luolong was so respectful, the other elders did not dare not to kneel, so they knelt down, respectfully kowtow, and shouted in unison: “See the ancestor!”
At this moment, inside the ancestral hall.
The spirit card fell to the ground, and Rocky roared, like a beast, and headed towards Jiangning again.
Jiang Ning did not hesitate, opening and closing, with extreme punches bursting out, one left and the other right, as if they had become two people at once. One punch slammed Luoqi’s face, and the other punched Luoqi. Turn to the ground!
The terrifying vigor penetrated directly into the body and pierced Rocky’s acupuncture points, instantly confining his actions.
“I will not kill you.”
Jiang Ning said, “But you still have to give me peace!”
Rocky couldn’t die yet. When he died, Mr. Lang knew everything. Jiang Ning needed to use this chess piece.
He withdrew his hand, and Rocky was unconscious, motionless.
Jiang Ning didn’t waste time, and immediately found the medicine from Luo Qi, he helped Luo Qi to kneel, and his figure flashed and disappeared.
After a while, Luo Long raised his head, knowing that there were results in it.
Rocky didn’t come out, obviously Jiangning succeeded.
What a terrible strength!
What is the origin of this Jiangning, and where is the limit?
“Let’s go in and see!”
Luo Long got up and walked into the ancestral hall with the elders. He saw Luo Qi kneeling in front of the spiritual platform, but on the ground, many spiritual cards were turned over, especially the founder’s spiritual card, which was stepped on by Luo Qi. !
“Ah! Sect Master, what are you doing!”
“You are blasphemy ancestor!”
“The ancestors have appeared! No wonder the ancestors have appeared!”

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