Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2178

Luo Long told everyone to retreat outside the door, not to disturb.
There was a trace of worry, tension and anxiety on his face.
There was something wrong with Rocky right now, and it felt very strange to him, completely like someone else. He didn’t know what Rocky’s current strength was. If Jiang Ning was not his opponent, it would be over.
Jiangning is over, and Tianlianzong is over, they all have to be finished!
Time passed slowly. For Luolong, waiting outside, every minute was suffering.
At the same time.
Inside the ancestral hall.
There are spiritual positions placed on the platform. These are the ancestors and ancestors of the Tianlian Sect, as well as the suzerains and elders of the past. They are placed there one by one according to their seniority.
They are the founders and builders of Tianlianzong, and they are people who have made great contributions to Tianlianzong.
Any younger generation should be in awe of them!
Rock walked to the spiritual platform, scanned around, looking at the spiritual cards.
“For many years, the Tianlianzong has been tepid, are you also very anxious?”
He laughed, and did not kneel, but there was some disdain in his eyes, “But it’s useless to worry, you are all dead, what else can you do?”
“Don’t you just rely on me?”
He stretched out his hand and stroked one of the spiritual cards: “Back then, you founded the Tianlianzong, and it took all your hard work, even your own life, to make the Tianlianzong a firm foothold within the mountain gate.”
“It’s just that the Tianlian Sect at that time was too weak.”
Rocky shook his head, as if looking back at history.
It is not easy for the Tianlianzong to come today. He has watched it since he was a child, and when he became the Sect Master, he vowed with all his heart that he must make the Tianlianzong the strongest sect within this mountain gate!
No matter what method he uses, he will not hesitate!
Now, his thoughts filled the whole brain even more, and he seemed a bit crazy. Those eyes gradually became greedy, and they became more than just satisfied with the goals they once had.
Rocky wants more.
Suddenly, he overturned the spirit card in one hand, pressed it down on the table, and sneered: “Now, you still have to look at me. Your position will be vacated for me in the future!”
He didn’t have the slightest politeness, he swept away, and directly swept the founder’s spiritual card aside, leaving the most central position.
Even if he is not dead now, but after he arrives, a hundred years later, this position must be reserved for himself!
If Luo Long and other elders were here, they would definitely feel that Rocky was rebellious, and they might even attack in groups to kill Rocky and other disrespectful and unfilial people.
But at this moment, in the ancestral hall, Luo Qi felt that he was in control of everything, the entire Tianlian Sect, and the entire mountain gate!
He will become the strongest person, he will become the one who controls everything!
“This feeling is really wonderful.”
Rocky laughed, crazy, he bluffed his hands, looked up to the sky and laughed, “It’s wonderful!”
“call out!”
Suddenly, a strong wind hits!
Rocky’s face suddenly sank.
He roared like thunder, barely watching, turned around, raised his fist, and hit it hard.
The two fists slammed together, making a deafening sound.
There was a loud bang, and both people backed away at the same time.
Rocky looked up and said, “It’s you!”
He did not expect that he would see Jiang Ning here, and he did not expect that Jiang Ning would dare to assassinate himself!
“court death!”
No extra nonsense, a black air flashed in Luo Qi’s eyes, and the whole person suddenly became violent, waving his fists, and killing Jiang Ning.
“So fast!”
Jiang Ning’s pupils shrank, and seeing Luo Qi rushing forward, he couldn’t help but get the answer. It was the first time he saw someone who was so fast.

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