Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2196

“? Love Lu Xidi Wu Aiwu servant? I have to take you away.”
Mr. Lang sighed, a little bit, the whole person swept out, on the surface of the water, like a flat ground , Directly before the copper coffin.
He lowered his head and looked at the people inside with gentle eyes, “Don’t be afraid, we will meet soon.” In the distance, footsteps were already coming .
Mr. Lang glanced back, and several people could be seen faintly in Jiang Ning.
He didn’t plan to fight Jiang Ning head-on, and it was not yet time.
He stretched out his hand, picked up the person in the copper coffin, and disappeared without a trace in a flash.
Just as Mr. Lang left the water, the copper coffin seemed to have lost its carrying capacity. It fell down instantly, falling heavily under the water, splashing huge water splashes.
The lake surged, rolled away, hitting the shore.
Jiang Ning several people ran over, but it was too late.
“He ran away.”
Jiang Ning squinted his eyes. Mr. Lang just held a person in his hand?
They all saw the copper coffin and saw the copper coffin fall to the bottom of the lake. Such a strange scene made them surprised.
“This is where Mr. Lang hides?”
Yanagawa looked around, and there was nothing else but the simple thatched cottage.
How long can a person live in such a place?
“He should, he is guarding something.”
Elder Tingfeng walked to the lake and reached out to touch the water, “It’s hot.”
This lake is actually hot?
Elder Tingfeng and Liu Chuandao looked at each other, and both saw horror in each other’s eyes.
What is this place, so weird?
Mr. Lang tried his best to cover it with gray fog to prevent anyone from coming in. Why?
It seems that this is the biggest fog, which makes people look at it.
The two turned to look at Jiang Ning at the same time, but Jiang Ning did not speak.
He walked directly to the thatched house and gently opened the door. The inside was very simple, except for a simple bed, there was a table, there was nothing left.
Even ascetic monks, I am afraid they will live in this way.
He walked to the table and looked at the mirror, his face expressionless.
In the mirror, Jiang Ning’s face was reflected.
This kind of bronze mirror was not so clear, and could only hide the vague self. Jiang Ning saw that there was a drawer, stretched out and opened it, with a bunch of human skin masks inside.
His face changed slightly.
“What’s the matter?”
Liu Chuan, who followed up, couldn’t help asking when seeing Jiang Ning’s face changed.
“It’s all human skin masks.”
Jiang Ning’s voice was full of anger, “It was taken from the human face, alive!”
Hearing this, Liu Chuan Dao and Elder Tingfeng couldn’t help but shocked, the face of a living person?
Is Mr. Lang crazy!
Isn’t he too cruel? He actually stripped these people off the faces of living people and used them as a disguise?
“I’m afraid this is the face of those sect disciples,”
Jiang Ning took a deep breath. “This bastard is too cruel!”
When people still have a breath, they will peel off the human skin. How painful and how painful it is. Cruel things?
“What does he want to do?”
Elder Tingfeng asked.
His voice was a little trembling, but more angry.
Until now, he didn’t know what Mr. Lang wanted to do or what his purpose was.
Jiang Ning shook his head: “I don’t know.”
He didn’t know, he didn’t know what this Mr. Lang wanted to do.
Who is in that copper coffin?
Everything is the same as a fan.
“If you want to know, I’m afraid we can only wait for Mr. Lang to do it again,”
Yana Chuando frowned, “but every time he makes a shot, it makes people frighten.”
“So, we may have to prepare for him one step ahead.”
Jiang Ning Tao.
He knows that Mr. Lang must know that he has Ji Dao fist score, and he knows that he understands Ji Dao boxing!

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