Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2201

“Crack—” The harsh voice came, making the scalp numb!
too frightening!
Yunzhongke and others had already clenched their fists, as if something would come out of the copper coffin after the lid was opened.
The coffin lid is half open!
The air instantly solidified.
Everyone held their breath and dared not make any sound.
Jiang Ning stood there, motionless, staring at the wall of the copper coffin, his eyes a little lost.
He looked at this, just watched it for a few minutes without any reaction, as if the whole person was nailed there.
“Jiang Ning?”
Liu Chuan was worried, and hurriedly shouted, “Are you okay?”
Jiang Ning didn’t look back, but just raised his hand and waved, indicating that they don’t need to be nervous.
The copper coffin was empty, and there was nothing.
On the other hand, the lines on the coffin wall made Jiang Ning’s heart beat faster, which was unbelievable.
Because of these lines, he has seen them.
“Sure enough, what he was looking for must be Jidao Boxing Sheet.”
Jiang Ning was sure now.
Because the lines on the coffin wall turned out to be exactly the same as the hidden lines on the nine-page boxing sheet.
These were things that he only discovered later. Unexpectedly, the wall of the copper coffin was densely engraved with these lines.
Jiang Ning didn’t know the use of these lines, but it was obviously unusual to be able to be carved on this copper coffin. What’s more, those lines were also hidden in the Ji Dao boxing score.
Of course, the fist score in the copper coffin was not complete. Jiang Ning saw that many of them were repetitive. I am afraid that only a part of the pattern was used.
Jiang Ning closed the lid of the coffin and returned to the shore.
Li Xuan asked anxiously, “What’s in the copper coffin? What can be found?”
He asked three questions in one breath.
“There is nothing in it, the things must have been taken by Mr. Lang,”
Jiang Ning said, “but I did find something, and I can probably be sure of what Mr. Lang wants.”
“What is it?”
Yun Zhongke hurriedly asked.
There is a hint of eagerness on everyone’s face. The matter is of great importance. No one dares to take it lightly.
Jiang Ning said.
Hearing this, a group of people was shocked, what Mr. Lang wanted Jiang Ning?
What does it mean.
“He will come to me again.”
Jiang Ning said seriously, “And, I think he will come soon.” “He wants to kill you?”
Yana Chuan frowned, not wanting this to happen.
Jiang Ning is very strong, but Mr. Lang is also not weak, and not to mention the mysterious origin. Up to now, they don’t know the true identity of Mr. Lang. The more unknown, the more fear they are.
Jiang Ning didn’t know.
If Mr. Lang only wants Ji Dao boxing, the two people don’t have to die.
But what does he want to do?
If it’s harming people and wanting to endanger the inside and outside of the mountain gate, then it is impossible for Jiang Ning to watch him recklessly.
When the time comes, if two people do it, someone will definitely fall.
“Put the copper coffin back.”
Jiang Ning said, “Then send someone to guard here, not to protect, but to hide here and stare. Once we find that Mr. Lang is back, we will do it.”
“Will he come back here? ”
I don’t know.”
Jiang Ning shook his head and looked at a group of people . “No one knows what he wants to do, and how he wants to do it. We can only cope with the changes and prepare everything in advance.”
This is What a difficult thing.
Everything is unknown, except for knowing that Mr. Lang is not a good person, who he is, where he comes from, what he wants to do, and even what he will do is completely unpredictable.
This is really maddening. If a few big sects handle the matter themselves, I am afraid that several sect masters will be crazy.
“I think he might be somewhere, looking at us!”

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