Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2202

Listening to this, people feel panic.
Li Xuan and others subconsciously turned their heads and looked around, as if they really had a pair of eyes looking at them.
“Anyway, this lake definitely has a different meaning to Mr. Lang, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to make such a big fog to do a blindfold.”
Jiang Ning said, “So, it must be guarded here.”
He glanced at everyone, knowing that if he really fights together and does not have enough manpower, then in front of Mr. Lang, he is almost one-sided and will be easily slaughtered by Mr. Lang.
Must think of other ways.
“The major sects must unite. At this time, they must be united, otherwise, in front of Mr. Lang, I am afraid that they will not even have the power to fight.”
Jiang Ning is not kidding.
Mr. Lang’s strength is much higher than that of the others, and he is not a master at all.
Even if Li Xuan and the others jointly besieged, they are definitely not Mr. Lang’s opponents. Jiang Ning felt that Mr. Lang’s strength still has some reservations. As for why he did not explode all his strength, this is also a mystery.
“Don’t worry, everyone knows the seriousness of the matter, and no one dares not care.”
Luo Long snorted and turned his head on purpose.
The two didn’t seem to be dealing with each other, but Luo Long looked at Yunzhongke when he said this, and was so angry that Yunzhongke didn’t know what to say.
Who made him keep talking coldly before, and now Luolong takes the opportunity to hurt him, what can he say?
“Of course, the most important thing is the Green Mountain Sect.”
Jiang Ning frowned.
Mr. Lang’s purpose is to leave the mountain gate and go outside the mountain gate, but there must be a reason why he didn’t go there in person, but now, his plan has failed, will that change?
All this is unknown, and they must be fully prepared.
Jiang Ning had asked Brother Gou and the others to go back first, and made arrangements one after another outside the mountain gate, just to stop Mr. Lang as soon as he went out!
Even if it is to pay a huge price, it will not hesitate.
He faintly felt that the complexity of this world far exceeded his imagination, just like Professor Lu Jing said, the world they see now is just the tip of the iceberg.
It may even be something that this world is willing to let them see.
There are still many, many things hidden, waiting for them to discover by themselves.
It’s too mysterious.
“We don’t know what Mr. Lang is leaving the gate for, but we know that as long as he is not allowed to succeed.”
Yanagawa took a deep breath.
Everything is unknown, everything is still in the process of exploration and discovery.
Perhaps waiting to know the final result will be surprising or even surprise, but now, they can only do this.
Jiang Ning nodded, and Li Xuan and others also looked solemn.
At this point, there is no more time left to consider individuals or individual sects. The threat of Mr. Lang is not eliminated, and the entire mountain gate is not safe!
Jiang Ning first made arrangements and asked the people of the various sects to send some disciples to practice the battle formation techniques and let them guard the lake.
If Mr. Yilang comes back, he can at least find his traces, or even hold him for a while.
At the same time, most of the masters of other sects are concentrated in the Green Mountain Sect, near the mountain gate!
The purpose is to wait for Mr. Lang to come and fight him to the death!
This is the only thing they can do at present, even if they still have fear, but there are more people, at least there will be comfort in their hearts.
Jiang Ning always felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong.
It seems that all the answers are not within this gate!

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