Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2227

Along the way, smoke and dust billowed like a high-speed car, shocking.
Someone in the distance exclaimed, not knowing what it was, thinking it was a beast, it looked too scary.
Mr. Lang’s speed is too fast, it is not like something that a person can do. It seems that at that moment, he has changed a person directly.
This pristine mountain forest is not too close to the city. Even if you drive, it takes at least half an hour. Mr. Kerang’s speed is much faster than those cars.
It’s almost like a monster.
Soon, he arrived in front of the mountain and looked at the lush forest. Mr. Lang squinted his eyes and raised his head slightly.
Tip of the nose, lightly move.
“I seem to smell you.”
He showed a wicked smile, “I guess I was right.”
Mr. Lang took a step and walked directly in. After a while, his figure disappeared into the forest.
And then.
East China Sea!
Jiang Ning accompanies Lin Yuzhen to take a nap at home.
Seeing such a charming daughter-in-law, lying quietly there, under the bulging belly, is his own child, the feeling of happiness is beyond words.
He just watched quietly, wishing to see the wasteland and old age.
You can’t get tired of it.
The door of the room was gently pushed open, and there was no sound. Jiang Ning naturally felt it.
He turned his head and looked, Huang Yuming gently waved his hand and told Jiang Ning with his mouth that something was looking for him.
Jiang Ning helped Lin Yu really cover the quilt, turned and walked out, closing the door gently.
“how is it?”
“The Mocheng side is still the same, there is no movement, but the old naughty boy is a little crazy.” Huang Yuming was a little worried.
The old naughty boy is like a time bomb, strong and powerful, except that Jiang Ning can suppress him, no one else can do it, and such a person has a hot temper and lost his memory, just like a child.
If it is really a child, who has seen such a scary child?
“There is something wrong with his state, you should go and see it.”
Except for Jiang Ning, there is really no other way.
Jiang Ning went to the Jidao martial arts gym without delay.
In the backyard of the martial arts hall, the old naughty boy walked back and forth, scratching his head, a little crazy.
“What the hell is it! What the hell is it!”
“What the hell is it!” “What the hell is he looking for!”
He patted his head as if going crazy.
“Why can’t I remember it?” From a distance, Tan Xing looked at a few people, not daring to pass, the strength of this old naughty boy, they had seen it, except for Jiang Ning, no one else could do anything.
Jiang Ning even explained that once the old naughty boy goes crazy, don’t do anything with him, let him leave by himself, everyone will hide away.
The old urchin walked back and forth, like an ant on a hot pot, getting more and more anxious, and gradually losing control of his emotions.
He slapped his head vigorously, and changed to another person, and this slap could slap people alive!
“What is it! What is it! What is it!”
“What is he looking for?”
“What is he looking for?”

Everyone looked at him like that.
“Notify everyone to be prepared, retreat at any time, and don’t provoke him.”
Tan Xing said softly.
This old guy, I don’t know how old he is. Anyway, he must be older than them. In front of the old naughty boy, they may only be regarded as children. What a terrible thing is this?
When everyone was worried, Jiang Ning came.
He nodded, motioned Tan Xing and others to withdraw first, and then walked towards the old naughty boy.
Jiang Ning said, “please stay calm.” The old naughty boy looked up at Jiang Ning, stared at him, and shouted, “Don’t bother me!”
Jiang Ning hadn’t finished speaking, the old naughty boy moved his fist directly, his violent fist was extremely crazy!

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