Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2231

Jiang Ning immediately rushed over. The old naughty boy had blood in his mouth and nose, and he was unconscious.
The coffin had been broken by Mr. Lang, and the fragments fell to the ground.
What is going on here?
Jiang Ning yelled, and the old man Yixi Erwu shook his head away? The naughty boy didn’t respond at all.
He didn’t expect that such a tough old naughty boy would still have such weaknesses. Once the coffin broke, he would fall down. What else does he know as a bastard, Mr. Lang?
“Big brother!”
Gou and others arrived.
“Quickly, take him back to the East China Sea, and this coffin, all the fragments, none of them can be less, take them all back!”
“Yes!” The dog brother didn’t expect that they came to fight and the battle is over, and it will become like this the result of.
Jiang Ning immediately carried the old naughty boy into the car, took him a step ahead, and returned to the East China Sea, while Brother Gou and the others carefully took the coffin away, leaving no trace of fragments behind, and kept it intact. Back to the East China Sea.
No one thought that things would become like this.
Jiang Ning knew the strength of the old naughty boy. With the two of them working together, Mr. Lang had no chance to escape today.
But how do you know that the old urchin still has these weaknesses? This coffin seems to be connected to his body. The coffin is destroyed and the old urchin is also injured.
The group dared not delay and hurried back to the East China Sea.
Back to Jidao Martial Arts Hall.
Jiang Ning immediately invited a doctor to check the injury of the old urchin.
“The injury is not minor. The injury is a bit strange. There is no problem with the physical signs, but the heart seems to be weakened a lot.”
The doctor frowned, looked at the instrument, raised his eyebrows, “Huh?” The instrument monitor showed that the heartbeat of the old naughty boy gradually recovered, and the speed of recovery was getting faster and faster!
“It’s okay?” The doctor was also stunned.
Not long after he finished speaking, he wanted to say that he had to find a way to find out the injury, but in a blink of an eye, the injury on the old naughty boy seemed to have disappeared.
Recovered by himself?
“Where am I?” The old naughty boy opened his eyes, looked at the dazzling ceiling, and subconsciously reached out to cover his eyes.
“You go down first.”
Jiang Ning asked the doctor to go out first.
“Senior, how do you feel?”
He looked at the old naughty boy, and he obviously felt that the old naughty boy’s eyes were a little different.
“Who are you?” The old naughty boy glanced at Jiang Ning, squinted slightly, and seemed to wonder, who is this person in front of him, the memory in his mind is a bit confused, he will be able to organize it for a while.
“I’m Jiang Ning.”
Jiang Ning said, “You can’t remember anymore?” The old naughty boy’s amnesia seems to happen anytime and anywhere, and things that are often forgotten are different.
He patted his head, like he was banging on an old object. With a pat, he can return to normal use.
“Jiang Ning? That kid who understands Ji Dao boxing?”
Jiang Ning nodded.
“I remember, I remember,” the old naughty boy shook his head and patted his forehead. “Remember, you’ve been to my castle and seen my coffin…”
“My coffin!”
He seemed to remember suddenly, and suddenly sat up, “My coffin!”
He looked at Jiang Ning.
Jiang Ning nodded: “I was slapped off by Mr. Lang, and I brought it back.” The old naughty boy immediately jumped down, the expression on his face didn’t look like anger, but more like unwillingness and distress.
He immediately followed Jiang Ning to the backyard.
His coffin was placed in the hall, and several engineers were carefully studying it.
Seeing Jiang Ning coming, they immediately shouted respectfully: “Mr. Jiang, repair can be repaired, but we need the old gentleman to cooperate with us for some details.”
Jiang Ning nodded and looked at the old urchin.

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