Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2251

“Alive, it’s really alive!”
The man was flustered, his mind was full of the terrifying eyes that were just now, he was so scared that he backed away and almost couldn’t stand firmly, and sat down. On the ground.
“Alive! It’s alive!”
He yelled, and ran out, and several people were shocked. He didn’t expect this guy to be so frightened.
A few people turned their heads and looked at them. Where is the living thing, the props, it may even be made of plastic, still living, want to lie?
Seeing that man ran out, several people couldn’t help laughing, and the tour guide could only shake his head.
“That’s just a prop,” the tour guide reminded again, “Okay, follow me to the next place.” The game is over.
The group returned to the hotel.
In the room, the scared man turned on all the lights in the room, shivered under the quilt, and saw a few friends come back, shouting again and again: “Close the door! Close the door!”
“That thing will be done after follow up!”
Several friends laughed again.
“Are you scared? What is it? How do you follow it?”
“I said that it was a prop. I was scared like this. It’s not ashamed.”
“Okay, don’t be afraid, it’s real, that place There can be no living people .” Several people laughed and saw such a timid guy for the first time.
Look at the props to brush your love on the ground, and you can be scared like that.
“Alive!” But the man screamed in surprise, “It’s really alive, and he took a look at me! It’s definitely alive!”
He stood up, his face grim.
“When did I lie to you?” Hearing this, several people were shocked. In the impression, this friend really never lied, nor was he such a timid person. Today is really a bit abnormal.
Someone couldn’t help but ask.
“Live!” the man affirmed, “I see the eyes under the bandages, they are really living eyes!”
Although they were not too close, he saw it. At that moment, the eyes were facing each other. , It also made his scalp numb.
The air in the room seemed to drop quite a bit.
Several people shook, and glanced at the air conditioner subconsciously, but it was not turned on.
Is it so cold?
“Really alive?” the other person asked, with a hint of excitement and eagerness in his eyes, “Are you sure, the person lying on the stone platform is alive?” The man nodded.
He was 100% sure that under the mummy’s bandage, there was definitely a living person!
That feeling was so strong that he had never even felt so sure about one thing.
“Big news!”
said the excited yellow-haired man, “if it is true, it is definitely big news!”
“Think about it, the mummies in the pyramid are not fake props, they are real people, this news headline Is it exciting enough?” More than stimulation, a living person trapped in a mummy, they have never heard of someone going to work in the pyramid and pretending to be a mummy, that is, no one knows the living person inside.
“What do you want to do?” The man’s expression changed. He knew that he was a friend who always loved adventures. He even came to the pyramid to play.
“I want to find out the truth!” The yellow-haired man gave a smirk and looked at others, “How about it, do you want to join?”
“This is a sensational big news. Do something for fun, otherwise it will be boring.”
Other Several people hesitated.
“No! Don’t go!” The frightened man said blindly, “Don’t make trouble, we are traveling, not to make trouble.”
“What are you afraid of, why are you so courageous? Even if you are a living person, what are you afraid of? The yellow-haired man laughed, “I’m not afraid of the dead anymore, I’m still afraid of the living.” As he said, several other people nodded, indeed, everyone is not afraid of the dead, but also afraid of living people like themselves. What?

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