Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2252

“I’ll sign up!”
“I’ll go too!”
“Then let me go together, my girlfriend is not here, why should I stay in the room alone.” A few people hit it off and turned their heads to look scared. But the man shook his head and refused to go.
He is usually courageous, but he was really scared today because the look in his eyes is terrible!
He couldn’t describe it, but he just glanced at it… still feels cold hands and feet at the moment!
“Then leave him alone, let him stay alone in the hotel and wait to watch the news.”
Several people smiled, took their cameras and ran out again.
They are waiting for dark.
When it gets dark, all tourists leave the pyramid, and then find a way to sneak in.
Just thinking about it makes me feel very exciting!
Sneak into places like the pyramids late at night to explore whether the mummies are alive or not, even if it is a TV series, they dare not shoot like this, a few people are too excited.
“We have to make a plan,” said the yellow-haired man. “It’s not easy to sneak in.”
“You see, there are many security guards, so people are not allowed to enter. We have to find a way to divert their minds.”
Several people added up. Soon, there will be countermeasures. Although it is very risky, the more adventurous, the more exciting and exciting it will be.
They are very patient, obviously it’s not the first time to play such an exciting thing.
Until late at night, at three o’clock in the morning, people have entered a period of fatigue, even if the security guards, except for a few who are still patrolling, the others are dozing off, and they are not so vigilant.
They approached the entrance cautiously, and immediately sent a text message to their companions in the distance, and soon there were fireworks skyrocketing in the distance!
“call out!”
Several security guards were awakened suddenly, and when they looked over, someone was setting fireworks here?
What a joke!
“Who! Fireworks are not allowed here!”
Two security guards immediately walked over to stop them. The others were amused. The consequences of setting off fireworks here are very serious!
If caught, you will even be sentenced!
“It is estimated that it is a child of whose family, or a person with unclear mind, how dare to mess around in such a place?”
“Okay, leave them alone and continue patrolling.” The other security guards turned their heads and stopped. Xiluxifufu Aiai closes up.
Suddenly, a black shadow flashed in front of a security guard’s eyes, surprisingly fast, disappeared in the blink of an eye, and entered the pyramid funny!
“Have you seen a figure?”
“A figure?” The other shook his head, “You look dazzling, you don’t see any ghost shadows.”
“Let’s go, you have hallucinations.”
“No, let’s go in and take a look !” The security guard was very cautious. It was indeed like a figure just now, but how could it be so fast that it disappeared in the blink of an eye, could human beings have such a fast speed?
He didn’t dare to be careless, but didn’t want to lose such a high-paying job because of his negligence, and immediately led people toward the pyramid to confirm whether there was anything wrong.
At the same time.
Those adventurous people had already stepped into the pyramid first, and their faces couldn’t hide their excitement.
“It’s so exciting!” The yellow-haired man couldn’t help laughing, “I entered very smoothly.”
While holding the camera to his face, he said: “Tonight, I will take everyone to see, what is the mummy in the legendary pyramid!”
He laughed and turned towards the stone where the mummy was lying. As the stage walked, all of them couldn’t hide their excitement.
Even if it is a prop, it is exciting enough. After all, people who dare to sneak into the pyramids and explore the mummies in the middle of the night will have the capital to brag, and how can ordinary people have the courage!
“Have you seen it? The mummy placed there is the legendary Pharaoh, or the one in the museum, who is the real one?” The yellow-haired man said, “Next, I will uncover the mystery for everyone… …”
Before he finished speaking, suddenly, a dark shadow flashed past and stopped in front of the mummy, scaring several people suddenly stupid.

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