Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2256

The old naughty boy said solemnly, “After all, there are a few people in our time who are innocent bastards. Therefore, once they are awakened, they can only be killed, or not given to them. A chance to wake up.”
He couldn’t help laughing.
“Boy, I said, that bastard wants to drag you into the water and go to the Longevity Pond together. He will definitely not compromise. Sooner or later you will still get involved.”
Jiang Ning did not speak, he did not understand why Mr. Lang must. Join by yourself, now it seems that to find the longevity pool, I am afraid that you have to participate in it yourself.
Jidao boxing spectrum!
This must be the reason!
Now the person who has thoroughly studied the fist sheet is only oneself, and only oneself can find the different dimensions of the space pointed to by the map on the fist sheet.
He needs a guide.
“If I don’t agree, he will always force me to join, unless I kill him!”
Jiang Ning squinted his eyes, and a strong murderous aura appeared in his eyes.
He didn’t want to be involved in so many right and wrong, he just wanted to stay with his family and stay away from the disturbances.
“You can’t kill him.” The old naughty boy shook his head and sighed, “Even if it is him, it is extremely difficult to kill him.”
Although he didn’t want to admit it, it was a fact.
“Moreover, strictly speaking, he can’t die yet. Once he dies, it will have a greater impact on the world. Therefore, this is the biggest headache.” The old naughty boy’s words made Jiang Ning a little confused.
Can Mr. Lang still die?
Does he have such a big influence on this world.
If he had such influence, how could he dare to be unscrupulous.
It seemed that Jiang Ning’s doubts were seen, but the old naughty boy did not explain much.
“Okay, that bastard can’t be killed for the time being, but Hei Feng and that lunatic, you just kill them, this kind of garbage, I want to kill them,” the old naughty boy waved his hand, “Also, the group of people under you, just Don’t waste it, throw it to me. I have a way to let them come in handy.”
After speaking, he didn’t say anything. He seemed to hear the apprentice roll over, and hurriedly ran in again to watch, in case he woke up. It would be nice to make her laugh.
Seeing that the old naughty boy was so fast and crept, Jiang Ning wanted to ask but couldn’t ask.
The black front and the blood-sucking lunatic can be killed, but how?
At least you have to find them first.
“You tell Agou and the others, listen to the old naughty boy’s arrangements, besides, the black front and the blood-sucking lunatic, search as much as possible on your side,”
Jiang Ning ordered, “If you have any news, tell me as soon as possible .”
Old Zhao nodded, turned and left, and immediately arranged.
The black fronts can be put aside first. The most important thing is the blood-sucking lunatic. The old naughty boy said that when this lunatic wakes up, many innocent people will suffer disaster and become his food.
Jiang Ning did not expect that in this era, there will be such people. The waking up of those who were once asleep will have a great impact on the world. We must find ways to stop them.
Perhaps the best way is to get rid of Mr. Lang, but the old naughty boy also said that Mr. Lang cannot die, at least for now.
He took a deep breath and had never encountered such a difficult problem.
A person who deserves the most to die can’t be killed, and it’s also very difficult to kill. What’s the matter?
At the same time.
A farm in Western Europe, here is a remote place,? Shi Eryi is obsessed with Xiran? There is no one here, a man with blue eyes and red hair, wearing the clothes he just snatched, sitting on the sofa with his face Full of intoxication.
At the corner of his mouth, there was blood overflowing, exuding a faint fishy smell.
“It’s so comfortable, it’s still a familiar smell, it’s so beautiful…”
He slowly closed his eyes, indulging in the delicacy. Under his feet, a corpse had been drained of blood!

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