Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2255

Mr. Lang has made troubles again and again since he left.
The old naughty boy said that he wanted to save people, but he could kill innocent people indiscriminately!
He doesn’t take the lives of others as his life.
A master of this level can’t be dealt with by ordinary people. They fight one-on-one. Here only he and the old naughty boy can do it. The others are suicidal one-on-one.
“What should I do now?”
Old Zhao said, “I have retrieved all the local surveillance information, but none have been found. The two people are missing and their whereabouts are unknown.” A black shadow and a white shadow are gone, they The speed is too fast for ordinary people to catch them at all.
“Your set doesn’t work.”
Behind him, the old naughty voice came.
He glanced at Jiang Ning: “That dark shadow, called Hei Feng, is good at assassination, and there is nothing to care about, that white shadow,”
he paused, “He is a complete lunatic!”
Jiang Ning frowned slightly. It seems difficult to make the old naughty boy call a lunatic.
“He must die.” The old naughty boy didn’t carelessly conceal Ai Er Zhexi? There was extra nonsense, “Find a way and kill him.”
“He is dangerous?”
Jiang Ning asked.
“Of course it’s dangerous. Someone who lives on blood will have to die. You said that danger is not dangerous?” The old naughty boy rolled his eyes, “Hei Feng, the bastard, found this guy and awakened him. If you don’t kill him, you will kill a lot of people.”
Jiang Ning’s expression changed and he lived on blood?
Who is this?
“He is very weird to practice kung fu, his body is extremely cold, so he has to drink human blood and absorb the essence of it to live. He is a poor person, but a poor person must be hateful, and he must die.”
Old man The urchin’s evaluation of a person is very simple, whether he can live or die, there is no need to say anything else.
He touched his beard and said, “This guy just woke up and is still very weak. Now is the best time to kill him.”
“How to kill?”
Jiang Ning asked.
“Simple,” the old naughty boy said, “just pierce his heart, or break his neck.”
Jiang Ning was silent, isn’t this nonsense.
But he didn’t know anything about this lunatic. He didn’t even know what the lunatic’s strength was and what his weaknesses were. It was not a good choice to start rashly.
“Don’t look at me,” the old naughty boy saw Jiang Ning look over, waved his hand directly, not giving Jiang Ning a chance to speak, “I will not go anywhere now, I will accompany my apprentice to protect her safety, other people’s life and death. But it doesn’t matter.”
He wants to stay with his apprentice right now, and don’t want to hurt his apprentice when anyone comes. As for the life or death of outsiders, he never cared.
“Oh, yes, his weakness,” the old naughty boy patted his head, “I think about it, I think about it, this guy has a weakness, and a fatal weakness.”
Jiang Ning waited for him to say, but the old naughty thought After a long time, I didn’t think of it, and said impatiently: “I can’t remember, you can figure it out by yourself!”
Jiang Ning was speechless for a while, the old urchin’s memory is good and bad, and always can’t remember anything at critical times. What’s the use of him?
“Where can I find him?”
“Don’t worry, this guy is not the master of peace. It will be difficult for you to find him.”
Then, staring at the Jiangning old elf, face suddenly serious again, “That son of a bitch, now it is like to wake up the sleeping people, these people sleeping, have a common purpose, is to find a pool of longevity.”
There is no Doubts, people who can think of ways to fall asleep and wait for the opportunity are undoubtedly the powerhouses of that era, waiting for the best opportunity to find the longevity pool in order to get longevity.
None of them are fuel-efficient lamps!
“If they are awakened by him, then I can’t guarantee that everyone will abide by the rules of this world.”

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