Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 66

Huang Yuming chuckled: “The main thing is that they invited me to participate in a boxing match. You know the people under me, eldest brother. Even if you let Agou go up, I’m afraid you won’t be pleased.”
All the elites he cultivated were taken away by Jiang Ning, and Jiang Ning still looked down upon it.
This boxing match is said to be an exchange. In fact, they want to suppress Huang Yuming. If Huang Yuming does not participate, his reputation will soon decline, but if he participates, he will only lose even worse!
The other big guys must have been prepared long ago and have invited a master to fill the front.
“Is it tonight,”
Jiangning said, “I happened to see and see, there are a few big fish in this mud puddle in the East China Sea.”
Hearing this, Huang Yuming was overjoyed.
“Okay, brother, then I will let Agou pick you up tonight!”
With Jiang Ning coming out, Huang Yuming is still afraid of a fart!
Even if the big bosses of the entire East China Sea underground circle targeted themselves, they would only die.
Jiang Ning’s purpose is to clean up the underground circles in the East China Sea. How can the big fish be driven out without muddying the water?
Perhaps, there is no big fish here, but Jiangning’s plan is still to start from here, then enter the provincial capital, and gradually clean up the coastal area.
This is his last mission!
As the Eastern God of War, he has performed countless tasks, relying on a pair of iron fists to frighten the Quartet!
When the dragon enters the shallow sea, a huge wave will surely be set off!
“Master, Master, it can be simple and rude, and it can be solved directly. You have to let me use such a troublesome method.”
Jiang Ning couldn’t help shaking his head, and then laughed again, “However, seeing Yuzhen again is a good thing your old man did.”
In the past ten years, Jiang Ning has long honed his mind and wisdom that is unimaginable for ordinary people.
He knows his own responsibilities, and knows what it means that the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility.
East Lake Building.
It is a very famous scenic spot in Donghae City.
The huge artificial lake was left from ancient times and was excavated entirely by manpower. A teahouse in the center of the lake has stood here for hundreds of years.
To go to the teahouse, you must take a boat.
At this moment, a few boxes in the teahouse, each with a few big bosses.
“Master Han, I will trouble you this time.”
Xu Rong, who was sitting above, flashed a bit of cruelty on his face, “I just want to teach Huang Yuming a lesson. Of course, his fists are speechless, and things like life and death on the ring are not clear.”
The meaning of this is very straightforward.
Opposite Xu Rong, there was a burly man with a bald head, who looked nearly forty, and his whole body was still sturdy.
He half-closed his eyes, an expert, no nonsense.
“Five hundred thousand, the money is in place, everything is easy to say.”
Xu Rong nodded and made a move. The men behind him immediately lifted the box and opened it in front of Master Han: “If you win, it will be 500,000. If you kill someone, I will give you another 300,000. ”
Xu Rong is really cruel!
He now hates Huang Yuming to his bones.
I thought I had taken a big advantage, so I bought a lot of properties from Huang Yuming and cost him more than 30 million, but in less than a month, I lost all of them!
Not only that, but the few capable officers under his staff are even more unable to get them out now. Otherwise, where would he need to find someone from outside?
“I heard that Wang Gao also hired a Muay Thai master.”
Xu Rong glanced at Master Han and knew how good this guy who had practiced martial arts for 30 years was, “If you can win that Muay Thai master again, then I will give you one million directly.”
The front is revenge, and the back is the face problem.
Boxing matches are a form of fighting for face in the underground circle. Now in this harmonious society, of course, it is not possible to fight and kill, but it is always possible to hold some competitions.
This time Huang Yuming can say that with one person, he pitted the entire underground circle of Donghai City and offended everyone. Everyone wanted to give Huang Yuming a severe lesson.
When he loses, and then let Huang Yuming bow his head and make compensation, they will be satisfied.

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