Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 778

There was some trembling in the voice, all because of fear.
Really afraid of losing Lin Yu!
As tough as Jiang Ning, there is no one in this world that can make him afraid, but if Lin Yu really has something to do, he will really go crazy.
Lin Yu was really taken aback, and immediately stretched out his hand, hugged Jiang Ning, and said softly in his ear: “I’m sorry, I was wrong. I will never worry you so much again.”
She knew how much Jiang Ning cared about herself!
She saw Jiang Ning’s eyes red!
After a while, Jiang Ning let go of Lin Yuzhen and looked at this woman who worried and made herself angry.
He wanted to get angry, but couldn’t say a single word.
“You are fine.”
After speaking, he turned his head and his eyes instantly became cold, as if the biting cold air made Long Ling’er, who had just stood up, only felt cold all over!
How could Jiang Ning’s eyes be so terrible!
How could he look at himself like this!
“I warn you, this is the first time, and it is the last time!
Don’t really have any bad thoughts about Yu, you dare to hurt her hair, even you, I won’t be polite! ”
With Jiang Ning’s words, Long Linger’s heart was instantly shattered!
He… is he warning himself?
For Lin Yuzhen, warn yourself!
Long Ling’er had no doubt at this moment, if he really wanted to hurt Lin Yu, Jiang Ning would kill him without hesitation.
He… could actually bear to kill himself?
She looked at Jiang Ning, tears raining down, and her whole person almost collapsed.
She was looking forward to it for fifteen years, and she waited for fifteen years, just waiting to see Jiang Ning again, to see the gentle eyes of Jiang Ning.
But Jiang Ning in front of him even wanted to kill himself!
In his eyes, it was clear that Lin Yuzhen was the only one, except for Lin Yuzhen, he couldn’t tolerate other girls anymore.
Long Ling’er bit her lip and tried to resist crying, but her tears couldn’t help but rolled down.
Her heart was completely broken!
She even had some doubts, is this man in front of him Jiang Ning?
Is it Jiang Ning who made him laugh when he was a child, was punished for himself, and always took care of himself?
It seems that it is really him, but he is no longer the original one.
They have all grown up and changed.
Jiang Ning is more mature and understands what he likes and what he wants, and what about himself?
It seems that I have lost myself.
Seeing Long Ling’er crying so sad, Lin Yu really couldn’t bear it, and didn’t want to see her so sad.
“let’s go.”
But Jiang Ning had a hard-hearted heart, leaving no room for Long Ling’er to have any illusions, even if Long Ling’er would hate him.
He took Lin Yuzhen’s hand and walked away quickly, never looking at Long Ling’er again.
But for a moment, Jiang Ning really disappeared with Lin Yu, and Long Ling’er couldn’t help it anymore, sitting on the ground, burying his head between his knees, crying loudly.
She didn’t blame Jiang Ning, nor Lin Yuzhen, but herself, she lost herself these years, and lost the self that Jiang Ning liked.
Long Ling’er tears like rain, like a little girl who has lost the most important thing, aggrieved and lost.
Soon, people from the Long family came.
Finding that Long Ling’er had left the bodyguards aside, the people of Long’s family immediately followed the trail to find it.
In the north, it is not difficult for them to find someone.
When they saw a corpse in one place and saw the tragic death, even these people, who had experienced strong winds and waves, still paled and were shocked.
“Young Master Long, they are all dead, all with one move, shattering the heart!”
After examining all the corpses, the results were shocking.
Long Fei stood there, frowning slightly, his face full of fortitude, with a dignified expression.
“What about the identity?”
“One of them is the personal bodyguard of Chang Zaiyuan, the head of the Chang family, Wei Ming, and the rest should be his men.”
Long Fei squinted his eyes. As the eldest young master of the top wealthy family, he is not as dull as the young masters of other big-name families.
Because he knows that if a top wealthy family like the Long Family doesn’t have enough abilities, there is no way to control it in the future.
He didn’t expect that the mere Chang family would dare to attack his sister, do you want to die!

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