Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2166

Is it your favorite drink?
That’s right.
Jiang Ning didn’t say anything, and immediately quit, stood at the door, picked up the broom to do chores, while watching a few people, took the dishes from the kitchen and sent them to Luoqi.
“Move fast, don’t spill the soup!”
“Can I have longer eyes? Look at it!”
“Hurry up, Sect Master is going to eat soon!”
With a loud scolding, the boy’s temper was not small. After watching for a long time, there were few people doing things, and he became angry and cursed, “Everyone has gone to give those bastards, I don’t have enough manpower!”
He turned his head, glanced at Jiang Ning who was sweeping the floor at the door, beckoned, and said impatiently, “Where are you sweeping? Help and deliver food!”
“But, my land hasn’t been cleaned yet.”
Jiang Ning said with a smile.
“No need to sweep, go to deliver food, it’s too late!”
Roared the guy.
Jiang Ning hurriedly put down the broom, ran to the kitchen, picked up the plate and left. The cautious appearance made the chef very satisfied.
“Walk steadily, do you hear?”
Jiang Ning followed the few people in front, carrying vegetables, and headed towards the place where Luoqi ate.
The architectural decoration style of Tianlianzong is good, and Luoqi is obviously a person who enjoys life very much. The place where he lives looks like a palace.
The place to eat alone is nearly 100 square meters, all with antique decoration.
The large log table can sit twenty people at a time, but Rocky has always eaten alone, but the table is full of vegetables, dozens of them.
“Put it away.”
The people standing on the edge of the table carefully directed the crowd to put all kinds of dishes in the right place, all based on Rocky’s preferences.
If he likes to eat, put it closer so that he can see. If he doesn’t like to eat, take it farther away. He won’t eat it anyway.
“Is it soup? Put it in the middle.”
Jiang Ning looked up and saw that the soup with the medicine had been placed in the middle, right across from Luo Qi, he could see it as soon as he looked up.
It seems that this guy really likes this soup.
He put down the food in his hand and followed the others back, but did not leave too far.
Soon, Rocky came.
He is dressed in brocade clothes, looks full of momentum, and is in good shape. He is obviously proud of the recent spring breeze.
“Sovereign, please have a meal.”
The man respectfully said.
Rocky didn’t speak, sat down, leaned on the chair, didn’t even raise his hand at all, motionless, and only told the man with his eyes that he wanted to eat, and the man immediately used chopsticks and carefully placed it on the plate. , To Rocky’s lips.
Rocky took a bite and threw up, his face was a bit ugly.
“Don’t reappear this dish in the future.”
The man was a little apprehensive, and nodded again and again, with a look in his eyes, so that the people nearby would immediately take the dish away so that Rocky would not see it again.
“This one.”
Rocky pointed to another dish, and the man immediately arranged it for him.
After eating two bites, Rocky nodded in satisfaction. Immediately, he looked at the soup in front of him. The man immediately understood, took a bowl, and sent it to Rocky.
Rocky did it by himself this time, took a sip of the spoon, smacked his lips, hummed, and drank all the soup.
Among so many dishes, this soup is his favorite.
From a distance, Jiang Ning watched Rocky drink the soup and waited quietly.
Rocky eats very slowly, as if he is really enjoying the food. Every dish is eaten two bites, dozens of dishes, but only after tasting seven or eight dishes, it is almost enough.
Seeing Rock nodded, the man said immediately.
Jiang Ning and the others hurriedly stepped forward and took down a dish. Seeing that some dishes hadn’t been touched since they were served, the people who served the dishes secretly rejoiced in their hearts. These are all cheap to them.
Suddenly, Rocky’s face changed.

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