Irresistible Romance

Chapter: 501

Yan Rou went crazy. She grabbed the microphone in Director Li’s hand and looked angrily in the direction where Yan Xi was. “She promised not to attend as the acting president, but what kind of gimmick did she pull out as a guest attending the ceremony? The company? There is no invitation for you at all!”
“You don’t deserve to be here! You are an actress, why do you manage a company?”
“The leak of the VIP list was basically what you did!”
Yan Rou is about to put all the charges on Yan Xi’s head. She has been dazzled by jealousy and anger, and she doesn’t know the consequences of doing so!
In the audience, Feng Hengyuan closed his eyes silently. He was wrong. He shouldn’t think that Yan Rou might beat Yan Xi. This woman is an extremely stupid idiot!
“This…” Director Li shook his head, not knowing how to end it.
“You are an actress, can’t you act well? Grandpa kicked you out of Yan’s house a long time ago, you…” Yan Rou continued to shout cursingly on stage.
Yan Xi and Jiang Mochen looked at each other and said softly, “It seems that it is time.”
“I’ll wait for you.” Jiang Mochen carefully helped her tidy up her shawl, and helped Yan Xi walk to the stage.
At that moment, everyone in the audience focused on Yan Xi. After Jiang Mochen put her on the stage, he winked at the bodyguards who had been waiting at the side of the venue. The bodyguards immediately walked over from the backstage, on the curtain. Protect Yan Xi from behind.
“Director Li, go and rest first, I’ll take care of it here.”
“Hey, trouble you, Miss San.” Director Li looked back at Yan Rou and sighed in disbelief. Fortunately, Chairman Yan didn’t hand over the company to Yan Rou! Her behavior is too clueless.
Yan Rou thought that she had forced Yan Xi onto the stage and won halfway. She didn’t realize that what was waiting was Yan Xi’s counterattack.
“You just said that I’m not worthy to manage the company. Are you a more suitable candidate? A person who was kicked out of the company by my grandfather?” Yan Xi stopped not far from Yan Rou, her eyes bursting with coldness. .
“Grandpa has allowed me to return to work at the company!” Yan Rou said rudely.
“You also said that I leaked the VIP list?” Yan Xi smiled coldly, “Why should I do that? And everyone already knows that the list doesn’t exist at all, why do you still have to be in the company’s customer face? Before deliberately mentioning this matter, what is your intention?”
“I… I didn’t mean that…” Yan Rou realized that she had said the wrong thing, embarrassingly not knowing how to come back.
“Tonight is an important day for the release of Yan’s new products, but you have turned this solemn venue into a place for you to behave arbitrarily, and you are the one who is not worthy to manage the company!”
“No! I’m the eldest lady of the Yan family, why are you a person who was kicked out of the house…”
“Because I am better than you in everything, you have plagiarized my design more than once since when I was in school. Back then, you won the company‚Äôs staff selection competition with a design draft called Hao Ye Zhi Xing, but But you didn’t follow the company’s assignment and entered the design department. Instead, you entered the administration department. Can you tell everyone now why?”
“I…” Yan Rou took a half step back, her palms soaked in cold sweat, but she firmly believed that Yan Xi should not know so clearly, so she retorted, “I prefer the work of the administrative department, can’t you?”
“Yes, of course, but there is another reason, that is, you can’t draw a design draft at all. You stole the design draft of Haoyezhixing from my room!” Yan Xi smiled sarcastically and watched. The expression on Yan Rou’s face collapsed a little, “What? I didn’t expect I would know about this?”
“Yan Rou, you never beat me, but I don’t bother to fight with you.”
“Now I come back to the company to clean up the door. People like you who use inferior methods are not worthy of staying in the company.”
Yan Xi saw that everyone was looking at her with disgust, and her body was trembling.
“The design department is the most popular department of the Yan family. She actually gave up the opportunity to enter the design department and go to the administration department? Why did she like to work in the administration department? Then why use the design student status exam?”
“It’s been exposed for so many years, is she still so at ease?”
Some internal employees were also in the venue, discussing this matter with each other.
“If I were you, I wouldn’t do such a stupid thing.” Yan Xi looked at Yan Rou coldly. “You are no longer an employee of Yan’s. The person who is not worthy of standing here today is you. The acting president commands you to leave!”
Yan Xi didn’t use the word “rolling” to show the Yan family’s face.
In her heart, Yan Rou is not worthy of the surname Yan.
“Shut up! You don’t have the right to let me go! You are an actor who sleeps and laughs!” Yan Rou shouted unscrupulously when she saw a staff member coming up to stop her.
But this sentence, Jiang Mochen in the audience heard clearly.
He stared at Yan Rou’s face with cold eyes, and gave a command to the Bluetooth headset, “Drag her out.”
The six bodyguards in black immediately went to the business stage and dragged Yan Rou out in the shortest possible time. Her dress was completely dragged to the ground, so embarrassed…
Jiang Mochen didn’t come to power, but waited for Yan Xi on the steps.
“Everyone, it was just an internal matter of the company, which made everyone laugh. The release will continue. Please look forward to the new products that Yan’s will launch!” Yan Xi bowed slightly to the audience, and then stepped down again.
Jiang Mochen took her hand for the first time, and the couple exchanged their eyes, then returned to their seats to watch the release meeting.
In fact, Yan Xi didn’t even think that Yan Rou would be stupid enough to make trouble at the release meeting, but they did not come here this time for Yan Rou, but for the new product release meeting.
After the last turmoil, although Yan Xi’s actions preserved the reputation of the Yan Group, the release of new products this time will be a good opportunity for the company to continue to develop well.
Director Li took the stage again and presided over the release meeting according to the original plan…
The two-hour release meeting was very successful. Everyone was very interested in the new products that Yan’s will launch. The episode that happened at the beginning was also left behind by everyone.
At the end of the release meeting, Jiang Mochen protected Yan Xi and left.
As soon as he exited the gate of the venue, Jiang Mochen put his coat on Yan Xi intimately, “Get in the car first.”
Yan Xi nodded. After sitting there for so long, she was also a little tired. In the car, she leaned on Jiang Mochen, her lips lightly opened, “I didn’t expect Yan Rou would do that. She must be crying at Grandpa’s place now. .”

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