Irresistible Romance

Chapter: 502

“That…” Jiang Mochen asked, holding Yan Xi’s hand.
“I don’t want to see her appear at Yan’s house again, it’s time to end.”
Even if Mr. Yan cares about the child in Yan Rou’s belly, Yan Xi will never give her any chance. She is not worthy of staying at Yan’s house, let alone being a mother.
“No matter what decision you make, I will support you. What do I need to do?” Jiang Mochen will always be the strongest haven behind her.
“Mo Chen…”
She called his name softly in her red lips, and the man’s hand tightened.
No matter how incredible things may happen in this world, the couple will face them together.
In the future, we will also welcome the birth of their baby together.

“The Yan’s new product release meeting was successfully held…”
“Twenty contracts were reached that night, and they attracted the attention of the big names in the fashion industry of the season. In the future, the Yan Group will enter a new era.”
The reporters were reporting the status of the Yan Group’s new product release meeting in real time, including Yan Rou’s hoopla at the beginning of the release meeting.
“Who will inherit the Yan Group in the future? Will it be Yan Rou, the eldest lady of the Yan Group, or Yan Xi, the actress who announced her retired shadow?”
Old man Yan was sitting on the sofa and turned off the TV with the remote control. The last picture left in his mind was the embarrassing appearance of Yan Rou crying and crying on the stage.
At this moment, Yan Rou walked into the living room with red eyes, and tears flowed down when she saw Old Man Yan, “Grandpa, do you know what Yan Xi did to me today? I really didn’t expect that she was a little bit affectionate. No face left! Why do you want to hand over the company to someone like her!”
“shut up!”
Old man Yan overturned all the fruit plates on the coffee table and glared at Yan Rou.
With a bang, the sound of broken glass surrounded the entire living room. Yan Rou was frightened. She thought that Elder Yan would still spoil her like before. The old man was already angry.
And it was for Yan Xi to get angry.
“You still have a face to call me? Do you know how important the release of new products is to the company? I can ignore the things that happened before, but you are so bold and spoiled on such an important occasion!”
Mr. Yan’s voice was very sharp, “I cultivated you so hard, but what about you? You are pregnant, and you want to go out ashamed?”
“I’m not, grandpa, I don’t think so much, I just…heard a lot of people talking about the company’s inheritance rights, your health is still strong, you don’t need anyone to take over the position of chairman, I…I do it all for beauty Home, grandpa!”
It’s okay if Yan Rou doesn’t say this. The more she says it, the more disappointed Mr. Yan will be, and even hate and annoyance! He didn’t think that his years of training had caused Yan Rou to become so ignorant, turning black and white!
In the past, he had always believed in her, favored her, and did so many things that hurt Yan Xi’s mother and daughter.
At that moment, the tears on Yan Rou’s face made him feel sick.
The pity that had been for the child in her stomach also disappeared.
“You chose this path yourself. In the future, the company has nothing to do with you. You can continue to live in this home, but if things happen more quickly, I won’t tolerate you anymore.”
After Mr. Yan finished speaking, he ignored Yan Rou’s cry and went straight back to the room.
He needs time to be quiet, why would the Yan family coax like this!
Yan Rou watched Master Yan leave in front of her, terrified. She ran into the room in a panic and dialed Feng Hengyuan’s phone.
“You help me! My grandpa may be angry with me, I…”
“Why are you looking for me now? I told you a long time ago. Tonight is an important opportunity for you to stand up. You must stay calm, but after hearing a few words from others, you are like a crazy woman. This performance has long bored the directors, and now I have no idea.” Feng Hengyuan looked at the list on the computer screen and turned off the computer angrily.
What Yan Xi said today made him a little worried. Does she already have any evidence?
“I was wrong, I know it was wrong! Please, help me again! I…I listen to you everything.” Yan Rou bit her fingernails, anxiously.
Feng Hengyuan rubbed his temples and said for a long time, “Let me think about it, you should rest for a few days.”
After hanging up the phone, Yan Rou sat on the bed foolishly. On the other end of the phone, Feng Hengyuan picked up a few important customer information and put them in his bag. Now Yan Rou has completely lost, he must do it earlier. Pave your own way.

Jiang Mochen helped Yan Xi take a bath and wiped her hair with a bath towel.
“Is my hair a bit longer? Do you want to change it?” Yan Xi said suddenly, looking at herself in the mirror.
“If you like long hair, keep it long, and if you like short hair, cut it short.”
“What about you? Which do you like?” Yan Xi raised her head and asked playfully.
“As long as it’s you, I like it.” Jiang Mochen touched her forehead with her fingers rubbing her red lips, “It’s getting late, it’s time to rest.”
Although the child was getting older day by day, because of Jiang Mochen’s careful care, Yan Xi had too much discomfort.
“You lazy me.” She smiled and got up, and the couple went back to the bedroom together, “Are you still working tonight?”
“Well, there are a few files to process. You go to bed first, I’ll be better soon.” Jiang Mochen kissed her cheek lightly, “Go to sleep.”
Yan Xi nodded, watching him help her tuck the quilt, and closed her eyes calmly.
During this period of time, when Yan Xi was dealing with the affairs of the Yan Group, Jiang Mochen did not intervene, but he kept Qin Yu observing the situation of the Yan Group’s board of directors. One of the directors Feng and Yan Rou had a close relationship, which became the focus. Observed object.
“The president, I have obtained Feng Hengyuan’s call records and transfer information records. He has leaked the VIP customer list to the media, and he has been helping Yan Rou to win the director.”
“At this new product release meeting, he should also have a plan, but because Yan Rou clamored with his wife, he didn’t have any shots.”
On the phone, Qin Yu reported to Jiang Mochen one by one the latest investigations.
“In addition, I found that he had booked a flight abroad for next week. After the new product release meeting was over, he returned to the Yan Group and stayed for three hours.”
Jiang Mochen tapped the table top with his slender fingertips for three hours…what could he do?
“Continue to stare at him, collect his criminal evidence, and retrieve the information of the directors who were wooed by Yan Rou.” Jiang Mochen calmly ordered.
He doesn’t allow anyone to wiggle behind his wife.
If he doesn’t take the initiative, it doesn’t mean that he will sit and wait for death.

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