I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 10

When the crowd heard Gao Jun’s words, they burst into joy, and those who had just pursued Gao Jun cheered.
“Young Master Jun is awesome. You can get things done right up there. It’s really amazing. I think that when you graduate later, Young Master Jun will definitely be one of our Chujiang bosses…”
“Have you heard, Meng Jiuye personally It’s such a shame to send Young Master Jun downstairs, probably in Chujiang. There are not many people who can have such a great face.”
“Haha, sure enough, Young Master Jun can handle this kind of thing. , I suddenly remembered that just now it seemed that some people didn’t say anything, this is not easy for anyone, can only he do it? Hehe, it’s ridiculous.”
“The grandstanding person, why do you mention him? What a bad luck…” The crowd first flattered Gao Jun, and then many people looked at Jiang Hao mockingly, and the sense of playfulness in their eyes became stronger.
At this time, only Gao Jun himself, secretly wiped the cold sweat from the back of his head, his face was also ugly.
He is now in his heart. After all, he has so much panic in public. How can he come back now?
I said Liu Siya came out after a while, but what should I do if Liu Siya doesn’t come out for a while?
Gao Jun clenched his fist tightly, feeling confused for a while, and he didn’t know how to continue the incident.
Not far away, Jiang Hao was also watching this side, with a slight playfulness on his face.
Jiang Hao naturally knew what was going on. He only thought that Gao Jun was naive and ridiculous. If someone looked closely, he would find that Gao Jun’s name tag was full of dust. He had obviously just been beaten by someone, so he probably went inside to act. Those who were beaten out abruptly, now they feel that they can’t hold on to their cheeks, so they boast about Haikou.
If Liu Siya couldn’t get out of the bar today by not making the call by herself, how should this handsome young handsome man act in the next scene?
At this moment, the door of the bar opened, and Liu Siya was thrown out from the crack of the door like she was throwing a sandbag. She staggered and fell to the ground.
The crowd was startled at first, and then burst into cheers.
“I’ve come out. Young Master Jun just said to wait a while. As expected, Meng Jiuye will release the people immediately. Young Master Jun is really awesome!”
“Young Master Jun didn’t lie. It seems that Young Master Jun’s energy is Lian Meng. I dare not neglect the role of Jiu Ye, really awesome!”
“Too handsome, why do I feel like watching a blockbuster?”
At this time, the crowd’s reaction was almost stronger than when Gao Jun came out. Everyone is looking at Gao Jun with a look of admiration and looking up.
As for the entire scene, it is estimated that only Gao Jun himself was dumbfounded.
He looked at everyone blankly, and finally looked at Liu Siya, and rubbed his eyes severely, with a look of disbelief.
Originally, I was still thinking about how to round out today’s scene, but I didn’t expect Liu Siya to be released before he thought of a way? what is happening?
But this is also a good thing, in short, I definitely don’t have to rack my brains to think of a way. Thinking of this, Gao Jun suddenly showed a smug smile on his face, as if he really did all this.
Soon, the crowd surrounded Liu Siya, and a few well-connected women even asked to warm up.
“Well, well, all right.” Liu Siya an arm around a girl, patting the back comforted, “You’re safe now Siya, today you can come out, it is thanks to Chun less!”
“Is that , If it weren’t for Young Master Jun to show up in time today, I guess you won’t be able to get out now.” The man with earrings looked at Gao Jun flatteringly, and quickly pushed the crowd through a passage, letting Gao Jun walk in.
When Liu Siya heard these people’s words, she couldn’t help but was taken aback, thinking: “Young Master Jun? How did I feel just now that Meng Jiuye said it seemed to be Young Master Jiang?”
Liu Siya glanced at Gao Jun, and at this moment, she was able to see Jiang Hao not far away along the passage of the crowd. After a long time of suspicion, she shook her head again, seeing Jiang Hao’s eyes contemptuously again. Xin said how could it be this stupid, he must have heard it wrong just now, then Meng Jiuye said that it was Young Jun.
Thinking of this, Liu Siya looked at Gao Jun with great gratitude, and said excitedly: “Young Master Jun, thank you so much. If it weren’t for you today, I’m afraid I will…”
Liu Siya choked before he finished speaking, and jumped in. In Gao Jun’s arms.
Gao Jun also hugged him, and he felt a burst of sweetness and fullness. At that moment, he even believed it. He saved Liu Siya. What he thought in his mind was whether he should be with Liu Siya. Going further?
Gao Jun even touched Liu Siya’s hair, while comforting: “It doesn’t matter, this kind of thing is a small thing to me, don’t worry, no one will dare to bully you with Gao Jun in the future.”
As soon as Gao Jun spoke, he immediately deserved praise from the crowd. The studded boy seemed to be determined to please Gao Jun, and quickly said: “Yes, we are really capable of doing things like some people, obviously. It’s just a rubbish, and always like to pretend.” When the earring boy said this, almost everyone knew who he was talking about, and dozens of pairs of eyes fell on Jiang Hao.
“Siya, you don’t know. Just now some people, once they got here, they said that no one can solve today’s affairs, only he can do it, and he didn’t even pay attention to Young Master Jun.” The earring boy sneered. He said, “I don’t know who I called in the end, but I didn’t know who I called. I didn’t know how to call him. It was obvious that no one would pay attention to him. He was still acting there by himself. It was like a drama…” Liu Siya As soon as he heard the earring boy’s words, his face suddenly became gloomy and like that, he bit his teeth hard, and went straight to Jiang Hao.
“Forget it, huh… we don’t need to be familiar with this kind of people, we are simply losing our value.” Jun Shao also sneered and said. “This kind of person is a jumping clown. There is no need to pay attention to him. If you pay attention to him, you will only let him succeed. Hehe just now he said that he can let you go if he makes a call, but I let him call, but he doesn’t After hitting, I admit that I was bragging.”
Liu Siya heard Gao Jun’s words, and her heart was even more boiling. She squinted at Jiang Hao, looked for a long time, and suddenly took a spit of sputum.
Originally, she was locked up all night yesterday, suppressing the anger in her chest. She wanted to vent a long time ago, but Jiang Hao sent it to the door by himself.
“Fool, don’t you think it’s interesting?” Liu Siya stared at Jiang Hao, “What the hell are you doing here? Just to pretend to be coerced? Haha, do you think you pretend that someone believes you? You don’t take a good photo of yourself without soaking According to your own virtues, don’t fucking think you are acting, and I’ll be grateful to you. What are you? In my eyes, you’re not even a fart.”
“Oh yes, when I remember, how can you be sincere Help me? Ha ha, you came here because you just wanted to see my jokes, right? People like you are that virtue, and dogs can’t change eating shit.” Liu Siya proudly said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t let you succeed. You want to taunt me too? I’m pooh, see it,
Young Master rescued me, are you very disappointed?” Liu Siya’s words are like a needle, making Jiang Hao very uncomfortable. .
Obviously he saved her by himself. If she hadn’t made the phone call, she would have finished playing Liu Siya completely. How could she be able to tell her about herself here?
Jiang Hao smiled and said calmly: “Oh, so you really think he saved you. Haha…”
Jiang Hao finished speaking and turned around to leave. He really didn’t have much time for ignorant people. Explain something, because too much talk is a waste of words.
But what he said was very meaningful. Liu Siya was furious when he heard it. In her opinion, Jiang Hao was only trying to get a bit of face back for herself.
“Are you fucking pretending?” Liu Siya cursed, “What do you think you are? Bastard, can’t afford to sell dog stuff, haha, don’t you know, this Jiang Hao can’t afford to live and sell himself Yesterday, I happened to run into that woman… that woman is over 60, fat as a pig, older than his grandmother, this bastard is still hugging her and kissing…”
Jiang Hao was going to leave. Now, when I heard this, I stopped and looked back at Liu Siya angrily: “You say it again!”

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