I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 11

Others can misunderstand themselves, but they cannot slander themselves. This is Jiang Hao’s bottom line.
Anything can be tolerated, but the only thing Jiang Hao can’t stand is that others trample on his dignity.
“Hmph, I just said what can you do?” Liu Siya saw Jiang Hao’s anger, but her heart became more sour, and continued, “Isn’t it? You’re so poor and crazy, you are reduced to the point of selling, everything is I didn’t even dare to admit it. Hehe, are you a man?”
Liu Siya’s words made everyone present stunned. Everyone looked at Jiang Hao dumbfounded, and some people even began to whisper.
“Fuck, it’s real? Did Jiang Hao go out to sell it? It’s…it’s disgusting.”
“Look, the pair of sneakers in his hand? Brand new, I’ve seen it before, okay Thousands, if he doesn’t go out and sell, how can he afford to buy this kind of thing?”
“Yes, yes, I went back to school late yesterday, and I vaguely saw Jiang Hao being caught by a Mercedes-Benz. sent back, it seems that being nurturing, ah …… ”
” Haha, do not know how the river bed of the poor poor effort, wait sixty-year-old rich woman, Jiang poor poor taste really good …… ” crowd Laughter broke out gradually, and everyone’s gaze at Jiang Hao gradually turned into contempt, ridicule and contempt.
At this moment, even Zhang Jie looked at Jiang Hao with a look of stunned expression, because he remembered that when everyone in Jiulong Lane paid more, it was Jiang Hao who gave him 10,000 yuan to pass the time. Of the crisis.
How could Jiang Hao have so much money? Thinking about it now, it seems all this is true.
No, no, no… Zhang Jie couldn’t wait to slap himself, staring stubbornly at everyone in front of him, thinking: “I’m not a fucking human anymore, even my brother suspects, and although Lao Jiang is poor, he does. Stubborn, how can you do such a thing.”
Thinking of this, Zhang Jie became even more angry looking at the faces of these people in front of him. Before Jiang Hao could speak, he stood up first and yelled at Liu Siya: “Liu, you better speak with a clean mouth. You are slander, Jiang Hao, I know best, he just starved to death, and he will never do this kind of thing, huh, unlike some of you.”
Jiang Hao looked at Zhang Jie with a little surprise, feeling moved. At the critical moment, it was indeed his brother who stood up for him.
Although Zhang Jie’s words were loud and loud, few people listened to him at all. Many more people still looked at Jiang Hao with a sneered expression.
Liu Siya even said: “Huh, you care about my mouth. Since he can do it all, why don’t people tell me? I feel ashamed to be a classmate with this kind of person.
Pretending to be hard , do you really think you are a great person when you listen to him? Hehe.” Zhang Jie was stimulated by Liu Siya’s aggressive appearance, and couldn’t help but want to go up and slap her.
Zhang Jie now finally knows what kind of stuff Liu Siya looks like, no wonder Jiang Hao was unwilling to come over, it seems reasonable.
Thinking of this, Zhang Jie couldn’t help feeling a little ashamed, because he forced Jiang Hao to come over. If he hadn’t insisted so much, Jiang Hao wouldn’t be so humiliated.
Zhang Jie yelled angrily, turned his head stubbornly and said: “Jiang Hao, don’t talk to these people, let’s go, this Hill is a bunch of lunatics!”
After speaking, Zhang Jie was about to take Jiang Hao away, but Jiang Hao shook at this moment. He shook his head and pushed Zhang Jie’s hand away.
“I won’t go.” Jiang Hao appeared calm, but calm but made people feel a little uncomfortable. He said, “Since today’s matter is over, I think it is necessary to solve all the misunderstandings. There are some things. I don’t want to say it, but it seems that I don’t want to say it today.”
Zhang Jie was stunned, and asked puzzledly: “Jiang Hao, what are you going to say?”
“Actually, I am a rich second-generation!” Jiang Hao gritted his teeth. He remembered that his father said at the beginning that he would not be allowed to say that he was the son of Shen Haoting. Then he only said that he was a rich second-generation, not his father’s identity. , It should be fine.
Jiang Hao paused, looked at Liu Siya jokingly, and said, “Do you know why you were repaired by someone, haha, because you humiliated me yesterday, do you remember that woman? She is my subordinate, everything today , She did it all, and I just think everyone is a classmate, there is no need to do things too marvelously, so I called her and asked her to let you go, hehe, you really thought it was your handsome young man Did you save yourself? Isn’t it too ridiculous?” As soon as Jiang Hao finished speaking, it was almost shocking. The original noisy occasion fell silent for an instant, and everyone looked at Jiang Hao with unbelievable eyes.
There was a dead silence, five seconds…ten seconds…
Everyone looked at each other, Liu Siya was also quiet, after a while, she slowly turned her head to Gao Jun, frowned first, but then burst into a wild laugh. .
“Hahahaha… Laughing at me, what is this idiot talking about? He said he is a rich second-generation? Haha…” Liu Siya smiled and covered her belly, tears streaming down her smile, as if she was listening in her life Like the funniest joke.
And it was almost the same time she laughed, and the twenty or thirty people present burst into laughter almost at the same time, as well as tidal irony.
“Have I heard? It’s funny, he is the rich second generation? The rich second generation wearing ripped pants? Haha…I remember when he was eating in the cafeteria, he didn’t even order any meat, right? This rich The second generation is really amazing.”
“Is he sick? His brain is broken? Since you are a rich second generation, then quickly spend two billion, go to the hospital to see your brain, take a film and see, your brain Is it hollow? Otherwise, can your imagination be so rich?”
Zhang Jie also looked at Jiang Hao, and obviously felt a little embarrassed. He really wanted to help his brother round the field, but he praised the Haikou so much. How should it be round?
Zhang Jie frowned. He suddenly realized that Jiang Hao seemed a little different from the past. Before that, Jiang Hao had always spoken and acted sincerely, but what happened recently? What is the point of him telling such lies? Others can dismantle it at will, and his face will only be more embarrassed at that time.
Zhang Jie looked at Jiang Hao helplessly, but shook his head helplessly.
And listening to the sarcasm, Jiang Hao was a little uncomfortable, his face flushed a little, but he was still calm, because he also knew that someone would not believe it when he said this, and as long as he called Ye Yunjie, everything would be fine. The truth is revealed.
As for how Ye Yunjie will deal with these people this time, he will definitely not intervene anymore, Jiang Hao has made up his mind.
Jiang Hao took out his cell phone, everyone loudly: “I know you do not believe what I said, but I just kick down the phone, I said in the end is true or false, it is all the truth.”
Having Then, Jiang Hao broadcast Ye Yunjie’s number…
Liu Siya gave a “and” and looked at Gao Jun with a smile, and said with a little ambiguous tone: “Young Master Jun, how ridiculous you say this person is?”
Gao Junwen He just squeezed out an unnatural smile and secretly wiped the sweat from his forehead.
After all, he was a little guilty, especially the words Jiang Hao said just now. Although it sounds like a big joke to others, Gao Jun still faintly felt that something was wrong.
After all, I didn’t really rescue Liu Siya by himself, but Liu Siya was released. Coupled with the words Jiang Hao said just now, Gao Jun had to think about it.
Although he strongly denies this kind of speculation in his heart, there is a case. If what Jiang Hao said just now is true, then if he really compares himself with himself when he looks back…
Gao Jun trembled and suddenly felt too much. Terrible. Imagine that a rich second generation who can even be transferred to a man like Meng Jiuye could be the son of such a small clothing factory manager as himself.
Gao Jun glanced at Jiang Hao, and the anxiety in his eyes became obvious.
At this time, Jiang Hao turned on the phone’s PA directly…

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