I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 100

Xue Yuning really couldn’t bear it. If it was put in the past, she would have endured it too, but today Wang Jiani not only touched her dignity, but also took such a time.
She was already heartbroken because of Jiang Hao, and now it was the time when she was full of grief and indignation and had nowhere to vent, and it was precisely this time that Wang Jiani jumped out to embarrass herself.
With a splash, half a cup of water splashed Wang Jiani’s face.
“Ah…” Wang Jiani yelled, her whole body seemed to burst out. “Smelly bitch, do you dare to splash me? Do you dare to splash me? Are you looking for death?”
“You splashed me just now, I’m at best going back!” Xue Yuning said coldly, turning around and wanted to leave.
She was in a really bad mood today, and she had no intention of rehearsing.
At this time, Wang Jiani was completely mad. She wiped the water marks on her face and rushed towards Xue Yuning with fire in her eyes.
“Want to run? I tried to fight with you…” While talking, Wang Jiani didn’t care, picked up the glass water glass placed aside, and slammed it directly on Xue Yuning’s head.
“Boom…” there was a sound. The cup shattered instantly, and Wang Jiani’s palm was hurt by a splash of glass shards.
Xue Yuning turned to look at Wang Jiani, she couldn’t believe it, but then, from her thick black hair. A stream of bright red blood flowed down.
Xue Yuning blinked, shook his body, and fell down.
Upon seeing this, Lin Xiaoting hurriedly reached out and hugged Xue Yuning, and shouted a few loudly, but Xue Yuning had fainted. The blood flowing on Xue Yuning’s head had already soaked Lin Xiaoting’s compassion.
“You…” Lin Xiaoting was completely angry, looking at Wang Jiani, and said fiercely, “Are you a human being? You can get this kind of black hand? I think something happened to the rain, how do you end up!”
But at this time, Wang Jiani still had a look of disdain. She sighed and pulled out the shards of glass from her palm, and murmured: “Huh, this is already letting go of this stinky bitch, hillbilly, and dare to splash water. Me? It’s strange that I fucking made you feel better !” Wang Jiani turned her head and looked at Xue Yuning’s new guitar, grinning suddenly.
Because she remembered that Xue Yuning didn’t buy this guitar, but borrowed it from a school music teacher.
Wang Jiani had heard that this guitar was worth a lot of money, and it was said to be tens of thousands of dollars. She couldn’t help but slander: If the guitar breaks, Xue Yuning’s financial ability will be used. I guess I can’t afford it in my life? !
Wang Jiani sneered, and then stepped directly on the wooden guitar… A few minutes later, the Italian guitar, which was originally perfect in appearance and had a certain classical charm, had now become a pile of wood chips.
And Wang Jiani coldly glanced at the others present, and said in a somewhat threatening tone: “Did you just see something?” The girls looked at each other and hurriedly shook their heads.
A head is not high, treacherous face of the girls is a smile: “We have seen, Xue rain condensate is late for rehearsal, vice president you said she was two, she angrily smashed the guitar!”
Heard Wang Jiani seemed very satisfied with this. She looked at the others and chuckled, “You all heard it too?” The others nodded quickly, not daring to say a word.
On the other side, Lin Xiaoting hugged Xue Yuning out of the school and took a taxi to the nearby hospital.
After working until nine o’clock, Xue Yuning finally woke up.
Lin Xiaoting finally breathed a long sigh of relief, and said that it was all right.
But Xue Yuning was obviously still not in a high mood, and even still seemed to be worried.
Lin Xiaoting didn’t say anything. For Xue Yuning, besides sympathy, he still sympathized.
Lin Xiaoting went to pour Xue Yuning a glass of water and handed it over.
“There is nothing wrong with your head, you just got hit suddenly. It just passed out.” Lin Xiaoting said.
Xue Yuning nodded slightly, without saying a word, she couldn’t help turning her head slightly to the outside of the window, as if thinking about something.
After a while, suddenly Xue Yuning seemed to have thought of something, and then a Ji Ling got up from the bed and began to look around the bed with a nervous expression on his face.
“You…what’s the matter?” Lin Xiaoting frowned and asked.
Xue Yuning was very worried: “Brother Lin, did you see… my guitar?”
Lin Xiaoting frowned, and shook his head: “I didn’t pay attention…Oh, yes, it seems to be in the rehearsal hall, right? What’s the matter?”
Xue Yuning seemed to be relieved and lost, but hurriedly ran out of bed and began to pack his clothes: “No, I have to go back and have a look. That piano is Teacher Yang’s piano, which is worth tens of thousands. I borrowed it. You can’t make any mistakes…”
Lin Xiaoting hurriedly stopped Xue Yuning: “Oh, you just woke up, let’s rest for a while. I’ll go back to school and have a look later, it’s okay, the piano can’t be lost. of!”
Although Lin Xiaoting knew that the violin was very valuable, he didn’t believe it either. In broad daylight, someone steals the piano?
And these people, usually after rehearsing, just leave the piano in the rehearsal hall, almost nothing will happen.
And only Xue Yuning would finish rehearsing every day, keeping the piano on his back at all times. It seemed to Lin Xiaoting that Xue Yuning was a little worried.
But Xue Yuning still didn’t support her, and quickly got out of bed. After getting dressed, I went straight out.
Lin Xiaoting looked helpless, and only followed.
After more than twenty minutes, the two rushed to the school’s rehearsal hall.
At this time, there was no one in the rehearsal hall. Lin Xiaoting went to turn on the lights and looked around for a week, when suddenly he saw the guitar pieces on the ground.
“This…” Lin Xiaoting couldn’t help but stunned for a while, and Xue Yuning hurried over, raising her heart in an instant.
When she saw the broken guitar, it was when she borrowed it. The whole person is going to collapse!
Tens of thousands of yuan, why… why is it a pile of rubbish?
“Who did this?” Lin Xiaoting was also dumbfounded, and now he finally knew how naive what he said in the hospital just now.
Although the piano was not lost, it was broken, and the degree of damage was beyond repair.
“It must be Wang Jiani!” Lin Hsiao-ting fist hit the wall and saw the sullen, “This man is really an outrage, she got you playing into the hospital, she was in the end go nuts ah?”
By this time Xue Yuning, who was already dumbfounded, sat on the ground, looking at the debris in that place, not knowing what to do.
“What can I do? This is what I asked Teacher Yang to borrow. At the beginning, he told me that I must take good care of it. Now that this is the case, how can I explain it to him…”
Xue Yuning said With. While crying.
Lin Xiaoting also kept sighing, and after thinking about it, he said, “What can be done? You can only go to Teacher Yang and explain it to others. As for compensation…huh. Since Wang Jiani did this thing, She is so vicious!”
Just after Lin Xiaoting finished speaking, the door of the rehearsal hall suddenly opened, and then Wang Jiani swaggered in, looking at Xue Yuning and Lin Xiaoting with a sneer. Disdainfully said: “Hehe, who is vicious? Please keep your mouth clean!”
Lin Xiaoting was about to speak, but Xue Yuning took a step ahead.
“Wang Jiani, what do you want? I have offended you, but why did you break this guitar? This piano belongs to Teacher Yang. I borrowed something from someone, and you broke it now. How can I pay for it? For others?”
Xue Yuning questioned Wang Jiani, but the other party was disdainful, and instead sneered: “What is it? I heard it right? Xue Yuning, what the hell are you talking about? I broke it? You are a rogue man. Can you be stronger?”
“Come on, who can do this kind of thing except you?” Lin Xiaoting said uneasily, “I’ll tell you, this violin is worth tens of thousands, you are the best Go and confess the matter to Teacher Yang yourself, otherwise, you will be at your own risk!”
Upon hearing Lin Xiaoting’s words, Wang Jiani smiled disapprovingly, and said, “Lin Xiaoting, this matter has something to do with you. Mao’s relationship? And let me tell you, don’t want to fool around, this piano was originally smashed by Xue Yuning, and you still want to frame me? Are you human?”

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Too many dramas.and so much annoying maltreatment and injustices to least don’t over elaborate the story.its so boring now.

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