I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 101-110

Chapter: 101
Xue Yuning’s face couldn’t help but startled when he heard the words: “What did you say?” Wang Jiani chuckled: ” Yeah, yee, yeah, it’s pretty okay to pretend? Wouldn’t you not admit it? Tsk tsk tsk, you this person, really. Damn, I didn’t dare to admit what I did, what’s the matter!”
There were several girls from the club who entered the house with Wang Jiani. At this time, these people also hurriedly pointed at Xue Yuning and started talking.
“Yes, why is this man like this? It’s obviously that he smashed the piano by himself, and now I’m framing the vice president. Has his conscience been eaten by dogs? In vain, the vice president is so kind to you!”
“That’s right, a little conscience No, I feel disgusting to be in a club with this kind of people…”
Hearing these words, Xue Yuning was completely confused. What is the situation of these people? Is it to join together or to calculate oneself?
It’s no wonder that these people have been bullying themselves when they are in the club. It is understandable for them to do this kind of thing today!
Wang Jiani couldn’t help but smiled again, and continued: “Xue Yuning, let me tell you, I just reacted to Teacher Yang about your smashing of the piano today. Look at it. After a while, his phone will be called. Come here!”
Wang Jiayi finished speaking, and left with a smile. Before leaving, she turned her head and smiled contemptuously at Xue Yuning, and whispered: “Haha, do it yourself!”
And almost at this time, Xue Yuning’s mobile phone was on. It rang, no accident, it was the teacher Yang who called!
“Mr. Yang…” Xue Yuning answered the phone tremblingly.
“Hey, Xue Yuning, Xue Yuning, what do you want me to say about you? Do you know how precious the piano is? And you are hurting me!” Teacher Yang on the other side of the phone kept talking while talking. Sighed.
Although he didn’t directly mention Xue Yuning, the complaint in his heart was no doubt reflected in his speech.
“Teacher Yang, listen to my explanation, things are not what you think, not what Wang Jiani said, I…”
Xue Yuning was interrupted as soon as she wanted to explain. Teacher Yang on the other end of the phone seemed very unhappy. satisfaction!
“Okay, Wang Jiani told me just now that you would definitely blame her, and even said she did it. Just like that, they were still telling me just now, let me be considerate of you, you, you, the same. Student, why is the gap between you so big?”
While telling Xue Yuning, Teacher Yang couldn’t help muttering: “What a great piano, it’s just useless, and it was left by my father-in-law to my wife. Think about it, I’m thinking, you little girl has a lot of musical accomplishments, so she lent you such a good guitar. How could you do this…”
Listening to the accusations on the other end of the phone, Xue Yuning. Tears fell again, and she grieved: “Teacher, I really didn’t break the guitar. I promise you, really…”
“Okay, don’t say it!” Teacher Yang interrupted Xue Yuning again dissatisfied. Continued, “Huh, this incident is a big poke. If my wife knows about this incident, she will definitely be reluctant, and she will definitely not let me go… Oh, don’t tell me I’m upset, so I’ll hang up first, let’s go to school tomorrow!”
After speaking, Teacher Yang hung up.
At this time, Xue Yuning was aggrieved to the extreme.
No matter how slandered she is by people like Wang Jiani, she actually doesn’t care, but now even Teacher Yang doesn’t believe in herself, and she insists that she broke the guitar. That’s the thing that saddens her the most.
Xue Yuning’s heart became more and more worried, how will he face Teacher Yang tomorrow?
Explain to himself, the other party kept on, insisting that he broke it by himself.
In fact, even if it is a scapegoat, she can’t bear it. The key is, if the other party really allows herself to compensate, what will she use to compensate?
Now that my mother is still in the hospital, how can she have tens of thousands of dollars to pay others!
Xue Yuning gritted his teeth, thinking again: It’s not his own problem at all, why should he compensate himself… There was no class the next morning, and Jiang Hao slept almost until nine o’clock.
But he was quickly awakened by a WeChat notification tone.
Jiang Hao grabbed the phone and glanced at it. It turned out to be a message from Su Junting.
She sent a string of text and shared a position: Get up, call Zhang Jie and Ji Xueming, come here, I am waiting for you!
Jiang Hao frowned and thought for a while, only then remembered that he had made an appointment with Su Junting yesterday, and went to the banquet prepared by her father today.
Jiang Hao returned to Su Junting, then quickly got up and put on his clothes, and woke up Zhang Jie and Ji Xueming.
The three of them washed, and then they were about to go to a banquet.
When he reached the gate of the school, Zhang Jie suddenly pulled Jiang Hao, secretly pointed to the other side, and whispered , “Look at that way, Lao Jiang, that seems to be the teacher of our school’s music department?” Jiang Hao pointed Zhang Jie’s finger. Looking in the direction, he saw a middle-aged man in a suit and a little gray hair. He was arguing with a woman at this time.
While arguing with the man, the woman kept beating the middle-aged man with her hand, crying: “Yang Ran, Yang Ran, you are really okay. My dad left me such an object, and you too I borrowed it? It was broken by someone’s house. Tell me honestly, do you and the little bitch who borrowed your guitar have a leg?”
Teacher Yang Ran looked around with an embarrassed face, at the school gate. There are a lot of people who are secretly looking here. This makes him a little embarrassed. They quickly said: “Okay, well, this matter is my fault. You go back first. I’ve dealt with this matter. Let’s go home. No matter how much you talk about it, don’t talk nonsense, there are so many people here, how bad it is to spread…”
However, women don’t care about so many, as if being dazzled by anger, pointing at Teacher Yang Ran and yelling: “Huh, you still don’t know? If you don’t know, don’t you do this? There are so many guitars at home, Which one is not good for you to lend her, but you just picked the best one? You said it’s okay between you, are you a lie?” The woman squinted her eyes as she spoke, and continued viciously: “Hmph, today I am I have to meet that little bitch carefully, and see what she is, you have turned your dignified university associate professor into a fascination, and smashed tens of thousands of pieces of my guitar. You still want to protect her like this?”
Woman The words made Teacher Yang Ran furious. He threw away the woman and walked towards the school angrily.
And the woman became more angry at this time, pointing at Teacher Yang Ran’s back, and said fiercely: “Okay, you are the default, right? Yang Ran, let’s wait and see!” After the woman finished speaking, she hurriedly said Following Yang Ran’s pace, he walked towards the school.
“Haha…It’s really interesting. This teacher messed up and was found by your wife to find the school. There was a good show…” Zhang Jie looked at the back of Teacher Yang Ran and couldn’t help laughing.
Ji Xueming on the side was also mocking, but before he had time to say anything, he heard Jiang Hao say: “Oh, it’s alright, don’t pay attention to these things, let’s go, Jun Ting is waiting for us…”
“Oh, let’s watch it for a while, I guess there will be a good show in a while!” Ji Xueming said with a smile on his face.
In his opinion, it is also very cool to be watched by those in the school, and suddenly one day, to see these people’s jokes.
It’s just that Ji Xueming just finished speaking, he was pulled by Jiang Hao: “Oh, it’s alright, what can I see, Junting is still waiting for us, hurry up!”
Hearing Jiang Hao’s urging, Zhang Jie and Ji Xueming couldn’t help sighing, and hurriedly followed.
The three of them took a taxi at the school gate, and after about twenty minutes, they stopped directly in front of the hotel prepared by Su Junting’s house.
The three of them got out of the car, and Zhang Jie looked at the somewhat luxurious decoration of the hotel, and couldn’t help exclaiming: “Damn, Jun Ting’s house has been squandered? It was decided to stay in this restaurant, I heard, A casual meal in this restaurant costs several thousand yuan! I think it would be generous to choose to entertain guests here?”
Ji Xueming couldn’t help being taken aback when he saw the hotel.
Although he did not know the hotels in Chujiang City as much as Li Sen, he still knew that although the hotel in front of him seemed ordinary, it was actually full of mysteries. In short, his role was only accompanied by a giggle. Serving.

Chapter: 102
The three of them were chatting at the door when suddenly a voice came from the hotel.
“Are you here? Why are you standing stupidly? Go in!” Su Junting smiled and walked out of the hotel.
Today she wore a blue embroidered dress with a pair of clean white shoes, which almost made her whole person’s temperament leap a step.
Su Junting only drew light makeup today, with a faint smile on her face, she looked pure and energetic.
She came over, grabbed Jiang Hao’s hand, and said with a smile: “Go away, great hero, my dad also said that I want to see you.”
The actions of the two are really intimate, and Su Junting’s attitude towards Jiang Hao is also It was a little ambiguous, which could not help causing Zhang Jie and Ji Xueming on the side to make a bad laugh and talk in low voices.
“Wow, shouldn’t you two have a problem? Are we still there, do you get started?” Zhang Jie said half-jokingly.
Su Junting couldn’t help but flushed slightly, she quickly let go of her hand holding Jiang Hao, and said a little shyly: “Oh…Zhang Jie, don’t talk nonsense, I’m happy, this time our family life passed safely. The crisis is all because of Jiang Hao’s help. You certainly don’t know how powerful Jiang Hao is?”
Su Junting said, her face could not help showing a trace of reverence.
It was just that Su Junting’s words made Zhang Jie a little surprised.
“Jiang Hao’s help? He…what did he help?” Zhang Jie looked at Jiang Hao and then at Ji Xueming. The two looked at each other.
Su Junting smiled slightly and said, “It’s Jiang Haotuo’s relationship, and you don’t know it. In fact, everyone misunderstood Jiang Hao that day. The bottle of Chanel perfume he gave me was real. It’s just verification!”
Taking advantage of this occasion, Su Junting naturally wanted to do her best to explain everything for Jiang Hao.
“Huh?” Zhang Jie yelled incredibly, with a shocked expression on his face, “I remember, that perfume cost more than 50,000 yuan, right? Lao Jiang, you went to grab the bank? Where did you get so much money?” Ji Xueming said It was even more exaggerated, and his chin almost fell to the ground, exclaiming: “Damn, Junting, you are not speaking for Brother Hao, are you? Really? We know Brother Hao better than you!”
Ji Xueming said After speaking, I couldn’t help but look at Zhang Jie, both of them thought this matter was a little weird.
And Zhang Jie was full of doubts. In fact, he had discovered that Jiang Hao was a little abnormal.
From the very beginning, the matter of paying for Zhou Yuanyuan, and the subsequent stubborn things, seemed to indicate that the current Jiang Hao and the poor old Jiang in the past seem to be not alone!
Seeing the expressions of the two people, Jiang Hao just smiled slightly, and said nothing.
Instead, it was Su Junting, who seemed to think that these two people didn’t believe it, and quickly explained: “Really, why should I lie to you? Zhang Jie knew that Jiang Hao didn’t know that Jiang Hao gave me a bottle of perfume at first. Who adjusted the package, so everyone didn’t believe in Jiang Hao at the time, so no one looked at the perfume Jiang Hao gave me!”
Su Junting sighed, “Hey, I actually blamed me for this incident. If I went to open it in public for verification, the truth would be revealed at the time. Later, it was my cousin who insisted to open it to see what happened. Then I knew, otherwise I would have misunderstood Jiang Hao.” At this point, Su Junting couldn’t help but glance at Jiang. Hao, with a look of guilt on his face, said: “I’m sorry, Jiang Hao, as a friend, you gave me such an expensive gift, but I didn’t believe you at the time!”
Jiang Hao hurriedly smiled and waved his hand: “Oh, my lord Ting, everyone is a friend. If you say that, it’s too far-fetched. It’s okay. Everyone is a friend. Now the misunderstanding is solved.”
Although Zhang Jie still feels a little confused in his heart, but after thinking about it, he feels , Wouldn’t it be better if what Su Junting said was true?
As a good buddy, he really hopes that Jiang Hao can become rich, even if he is not rich, just like ordinary people.
Others don’t know, but Zhang Jie knows very well how much Jiang Hao has been scorned and ridiculed because of poverty in the past.
He patted Jiang Hao on the shoulder again, and smiled earnestly, “Jiang Hao, you are right, let’s go, let’s go in. I can’t think that you helped solve the crisis in Junting’s house, so let’s go in. Well, didn’t Jun Ting say that her father still wants to see you?”
Su Junting also nodded: “Yes, I told my dad yesterday that one of my classmates secretly resolved this matter, and he said yes. In front of everyone, thank you!”
Su Junting smiled mysteriously, and continued: “But my dad asked me who helped me. I didn’t say it, so I said you came today, and he knew it. , But guess what my dad said at the time?”
“What?” Zhang Jie also asked Ji Xueming hurriedly.
“My dad said, I just didn’t tell him, he knew it, and he said he knew it a long time ago!” Su Junting asked with some curiosity, “Jiang Hao, maybe you and my dad have met before, right? ? ”
Jiang Hao heard this, quickly shook his head:” no, ah Xing Xu Shushu said, teasing you play with it “??
Su Junting scratched his head, and smiled:” perhaps it is estimated that my dad is teasing me with you, oh well, we Hurry in, my dad probably can’t wait! Hey, I’m going to introduce you to everyone in public and tell you all about it. Look at the person who questioned you yesterday, and what else to say!” said With this, Su Junting took Jiang Hao’s hand again, and no matter what others said, she went straight into the hotel.
But at this moment, a voice suddenly came from behind several people: “Jun Ting?”
After hearing the sound, everyone turned their heads and saw Zhou Yuanyuan running over with a smile on her face.
“Hey, I knew you would definitely welcome me here!” Zhou Yuanyuan came over, took Su Junting’s hand, and smiled, “Are you better?”
When Zhou Yuanyuan was speaking, Li Sen also walked over in a big way, attending today’s banquet with a smug expression on his face.
But after he saw Jiang Hao, his face suddenly became gloomy!
“Why are you here?” Li Sen glanced at Jiang Hao impatiently.
When Zhou Yuanyuan saw Jiang Hao, she was taken aback for a moment, then her face instantly turned red.
Because of the beating yesterday, she almost didn’t sleep all night.
What happened yesterday was all because of Jiang Hao. If it weren’t for him, how could he be so miserable?
Zhou Yuanyuan rushed directly to Jiang Hao, she couldn’t help but slapped Jiang Hao’s face and cursed: “Damn, you’re so embarrassed to come here? What are you doing here? Why are you eating and drinking? Ha ha, you Aren’t they all taken care of by the rich sister? Why don’t you go find that vixen?”
Zhou Yuanyuan’s actions really shocked everyone. Several people did not respond for a while, but Zhang Jie stepped forward and gave him a push. After driving Zhou Yuanyuan, she shouted angrily : “Hey, Zhou Yuanyuan, what’s wrong with you? What are you doing?” Zhou Yuanyuan angrily went forward to beat Jiang Hao, but Zhang Jie controlled her to death.
“You ask me? Why don’t you ask this idiot? Haha, is this idiot very rich recently? Do you want to know, where did his money come from?” Zhou Yuanyuan looked sinister. With Jiang Hao.
Hearing Zhou Yuanyuan’s words, almost all the people present became curious!
Yes, they knew Jiang Hao’s situation in the past. Why did they suddenly become rich?
Before Liu Siya was in distress, Jiang Hao said that he said he was the second generation of the rich, but in the end this said nothing.
But where did Jiang Hao get so much money, he has never given everyone a reasonable explanation!
After all, they are all friends. They are curious first, and worry that Jiang Hao will go astray for money.
But hearing Zhou Yuanyuan’s tone, it seems that she knows the secret behind Jiang Hao?
Several people couldn’t help but frowned and looked at Zhou Yuanyuan and didn’t say anything, just waiting for her answer!
Jiang Hao also looked at Zhou Yuanyuan flatly at this time, with a mocking smile on his face.
He didn’t stop Zhou Yuanyuan, he also wanted to hear how this woman wanted to slander herself.
But Jiang Hao knew that no matter how much she slandered herself, it wouldn’t take long for herself to let everyone know whether Zhou Yuanyuan’s words were true or false, and how ridiculous Zhou Yuanyuan was.
“Hehe, tell me then, where did my money come from?” Jiang Hao asked flatly.
“Huh!” Zhou Yuanyuan snorted and smiled, “How did you come here? You are ashamed to ask me, do you want me to stabbed you out of the rich woman?”
Zhou Yuanyuan said this, and was present. Several people were in an uproar!
“Ah? You…what are you talking about? Please tell Zhou Yuanyuan to make it clear that Lao Jiang is a bit poor, but is he sturdy, okay?” Zhang Jie took the lead in fighting Jiang Hao.
Ji Xueming also said: “Yes, we know what Brother Hao is, and I tell you the truth. You were not the first to say this, but who gave the evidence in the end? No evidence, don’t slander people! ”
Zhou Yuanyuan smiled:”? evidence or evidence that you own yourself to ask Jiang Hao, I will ask you one question, if this sucker is not a man to be nurturing, how would there be so much money and I tell you,? This incident, but I saw with my own eyes yesterday with my own eyes, did this idiot bring back a pile of leftovers in the bedroom? Hao Yue Hotel’s food? Ha ha, that’s what he and the rich woman ate, we yesterday But I bumped into him! Want to quibble?”
Hearing Zhou Yuanyuan’s words, Zhang Jie suddenly remembered that Jiang Hao did take some leftovers back to the bedroom yesterday, and even if the leftovers were leftovers, the packaging on them was extremely delicate, and they were all packed in boxes printed with Haoyue Hotel. At the time, I asked Jiang Hao where this dish came from, but he didn’t say a word…

Chapter: 103
“Jiang Hao…what the hell is going on? Yesterday…you really met yesterday?” Zhang Jie asked with a look of disbelief.
If Liu Siya said before that Jiang Hao was taken care of, it was pure slander and there was no evidence at all.
Well, what Zhou Yuanyuan said this time seems to be based on evidence. After all, she knows that Jiang Hao packed the dishes of Haoyue Hotel!
This shows that at least she really bumped into Jiang Hao, and most importantly, why would Jiang Hao go to eat in such an upscale place as Haoyue Hotel? You know, Haoyue Hotel is synonymous with luxury in Chujiang, and it is the most expensive hotel!
With Jiang Hao’s strength, how could it be possible to go there?
Not only Zhang Jie was suspicious, even Ji Xueming had an ugly face at this time, as if he had thought of something, and felt a little uncomfortable.
After all, this is his own good brother, and his good brother can’t hang on with him anymore. If you go with a rich woman, no one will feel comfortable listening to this kind of thing!
However, in the face of doubts, Jiang Hao just smiled faintly. He looked at Zhang Jie, then looked at Ji Xueming, and said, “Brother Jie, Xueming, do you believe this? When it comes to this, let me just say it straight. In fact, I told you before that I am a rich second-generation, just for some reasons. I just knew it myself!”
Jiang Hao didn’t say much, just an understatement. Said such a sentence.
And Jiang Hao also knew that he said such things abruptly, and it is estimated that neither Zhang Jie nor Ji Xueming and others would believe it too much.
This has nothing to do with the feelings of the buddies, it is reasonable for them not to believe it, after all, the contrast is too great!
But Jiang Hao also knew that before long, he would let them slowly accept it.
“You…really, Lao Jiang?” Zhang Jie frowned deeply when he heard Jiang Hao’s words. He hesitantly asked, “Are you really a rich second generation?”
“Yes, Brother Hao, we are good buddies, don’t you lie to us because of face?” Ji Xueming pouted.
Jiang Hao smiled: “Of course I didn’t lie to you, what I said is true, maybe I don’t have other abilities yet, but if you have any financial difficulties in the future, you can speak as much as possible, I will definitely I will help you!”
Jiang Hao said seriously, his tone full of sincerity.
But at this moment, Zhou Yuanyuan burst into laughter when she heard Jiang Hao’s words.
“Oh my god, I really laughed at me… You are a rich second-generation? Haha, so shameless, why are you embarrassed to say any lies?”
Zhou Yuanyuan looked at Jiang Hao with contempt and continued Said: “I really don’t know what people like you think. They are obviously poor and can’t survive to sell. Now they are still shy and call themselves the rich second generation? You are really disgusting! “While speaking, Zhou Yuanyuan sipped at Jiang Hao, and her saliva was directly on Jiang Hao’s clothes!
“You…” Jiang Hao was a little unhappy at once, was about to say something, but was interrupted by Zhou Yuanyuan.
“What are you? What else do you want to say. Isn’t it about saying that your father is Bill Gates Bezos?” Zhou Yuanyuan raised her eyebrows and giggled, “Oh, yes, yes, my father, your father It’s right to say that Shen Haoting is right? Haha, I’m not wrong! Huh, poor. You are so poor and crazy, you dare to talk about any nonsense!” Zhou Yuanyuan finished speaking and couldn’t help holding Li Sen’s arm and sneered. “Huh, you’re a fart, just your ability is far from our Li Sen. I’m afraid you don’t know how capable our Li Sen is…”
Zhou Yuanyuan hasn’t finished this time. , The bar was interrupted by a loud drink.
“Enough of you!” It was Su Junting who was talking. She originally thought, since Zhou Yuanyuan is here today, she will not care about the previous misunderstandings, and have a good chat with her. Everyone will be good sisters in the future!
But what about her? She still doesn’t repent, and even treats Jiang Hao like this. She really can’t stand it anymore!
Especially Jiang Hao, who has been helping her family a lot now, you Zhou Yuanyuan said to him, you are simply not putting her Su Junting in your eyes!
Su Junting walked over directly, looking at Zhou Yuanyuan with a sullen expression, saying every word: “Zhou Yuanyuan, I hope you pay attention when you speak. This time our family can survive this disaster because of Jiang Hao. Help!”
Su Junting turned her head and looked at Jiang Hao. Actually, Su Junting was a little bit unbelievable about what Jiang Hao said just now that he was the second generation of riches, but she actually hoped it was true. .
But in Su Junting’s view, whether Jiang Hao is really a rich second-generation, or Jiang Hao is really taken care of by a rich woman.
These are not important. The important thing is that Jiang Hao helped himself and his family through the difficulties. This kind of kindness is like a kind of re-creation.
Jiang Hao is her benefactor, and Su Junting does not want to see that her benefactor is so humiliated by others!
Su Junting turned and continued: “Zhou Yuanyuan, if you still think of me as a friend, then listen to me. If you are here for a banquet today, please be happy and satisfied. Don’t make trouble. Don’t try to slander Jiang Hao anymore. He is our family’s benefactor. If you are slandering Jiang Hao, you are slandering our family!”
Zhou Yuanyuan was taken aback when she heard Su Junting’s words, and then her brows were frowning. Deep, with an incredible look.
“What are you talking about?” Zhou Yuanyuan said with a gloomy face, “Su Junting, dare you say what you said again? You said that this idiot solves this problem in your family? You are so brain kicked by a donkey, right? Are you blind?”
Su Junting was scolded, and immediately retorted: “Why, it wasn’t Jiang Hao who helped me solve it. Could it be you? Zhou Yuanyuan, please be honest, okay? This incident was yesterday. Jiang Hao personally confirmed it to me!”
Zhou Yuanyuan was also slightly surprised when she heard Su Junting’s words, but then she was scornful.
“Haha, it’s really interesting, Su Junting, you seem to be really brainwashed by this idiot, right? He confirmed it to you? He confirmed it to you?” Zhou Yuanyuan argued angrily, “Please, tell you the truth, saved your dad. The person who resolved the crisis in your family was not the idiot in front of you, but my husband, Li Sen!”
After speaking, Zhou Yuanyuan hurriedly pointed to Li Sen and said, “Huh, it was yesterday, but Li Sen and I personally I went to pick up your dad, and then Zhao Jiuyuan knew that you were my friend, for fear of offending our Li Sen, he personally booked a box at the Haoyue Hotel, invited us to eat, and prepared to pay for it!”
” Yes , otherwise, what about us? Will you run into it, this idiot and the rich lady are going to eat?” Li Sen on the side was also very busy to make up for a knife, and said with a sneer, “Yuanyuan, I didn’t expect that your classmate should be so ridiculous, and you even took this person in front of you. ,
Treat it like a baby!” “Also, Su Junting, Su Junting, you are so stupid, you were taken aback by this guy. I guess you will be sold at that time, and you have to count the money!” Zhou Yuanyuan sneered! Then, he continued to sarcastically said, “Since you said he solved your family’s affairs, okay, then you can tell, how did he solve it?”
“This…” Su Junting couldn’t help being asked in a daze.
Indeed, she heard what Jiang Hao said yesterday, but out of trust in Jiang Hao, she hardly hesitated at the time and believed Jiang Hao’s words.
That’s why she was so embarrassed at this time.
Su Junting was anxious, she hurriedly looked at Jiang Hao, wanting Jiang Hao to find a way.
Obviously, by now, she still believes in Jiang Hao.
But it is true. Since Jiang Hao, you said that you saved people and solved the problem, do you show evidence?
Jiang Hao wasn’t very nervous, but smiled and said, “The evidence is right? Okay, I’ll give it to you in a while, but you, hehe, I’m really funny, you said you helped Jun Ting’s busy? Where’s your evidence? Isn’t it just an empty talk?”
Jiang Hao naturally believes that black is black, white, and even slander is useless!
I did this by myself, so even if someone says anything, I have a clear conscience.
Zhou Yuanyuan was a little dismissive, smiled at each other with Li Sen, and said to Su Junting: “Su Junting, I treat you as a friend. I was in the hospital yesterday, even if you treated me that way, I finally forced Sengge to save you. Dad, ha ha, in the end, you are still protecting this bastard! Ha ha ok…”
Zhou Yuanyuan stared at Jiang Hao and continued: “I know you don’t believe me, so please call your dad quickly Come out, you can ask your dad who fished him out of the police station yesterday! I believe you will not believe what your dad said then?”
“Haha, yes , you I’m afraid I don’t know yet, why did your dad arrange this banquet here, right?” Li Sen also mocked, “Do you think it was to entertain your poor relatives? Don’t be kidding, your dad is just to treat me, Thanks to me, I prepared it! You guys, it’s ridiculously ignorant! Okay, hurry up and call your dad out, just say that his savior is here, even if you don’t kneel to meet me, you will come out
Show up, right?” Su Junting couldn’t help gritting her teeth when she heard Li Sen’s words, feeling very upset in her heart.
The first time she saw this Li Sen, she had a very bad impression of him.
Now not to mention whether he saved his father or not, just the few words he just said are hateful enough!
Even if you really saved my father, is it possible that you saved people to humiliate others? Haha, ridiculous!
Su Junting turned and pulled Jiang Hao, ready to walk into the hotel.
She didn’t want to care about this kind of people anymore. As for what the matter was, she would get to know her father herself.
But when Su Junting turned around, she suddenly saw that Su Zhenye walked out of the hotel in a panic.

Chapter: 104
When he saw Su Zhenye, Li Sen couldn’t help but smiled: “Hehe, look, say that Cao Cao Cao Cao will be there, Su Junting, now your dad is here, just ask him who did this thing!”
Zhou Yuanyuan also seemed to be interested, and said triumphantly: “Yes, you go and ask, don’t make it as if we are lying to you, if you ask your dad, who is lying to you, the truth will be revealed!”
Hearing Zhou Yuanyuan and Li Sen’s words, Su Junting couldn’t help frowning, then looked at Jiang Hao, a hint of suspicion secretly rose in her heart.
She hurriedly thought that Su Zhenye walked over: “Dad, why did you come out?”
Su Zhenye smiled: “Silly boy, I lied to you. The distinguished guests are here. If Dad doesn’t come out to greet you, it would be impolite. Did they help our family so much!”
Su Junting couldn’t help feeling a little more relieved when she heard this, because she felt that the person her father was talking about was Jiang Hao.
Su Junyi hurriedly smiled and pulled Su Zhenye towards Jiang Hao: “Dad, let me introduce to you, this is my friend, Jiang Hao.”
Su Zhenye was forcibly dragged to Jiang Hao’s side by Su Junting, and she couldn’t help but feel a little dissatisfied. , After all, he originally planned to run directly to Li Sen and Zhou Yuanyuan.
After all, that’s the VIP who helped me a lot. I came out to welcome others. Instead of going to others to greet them warmly, I went to greet Jiang Hao, who I had never met before. Can’t explain it.
But after all, it was her own woman’s friend. Su Zhenye didn’t overdo it directly. He simply perfunctorily said to Su Junting: “Okay, Dad knows, let your friend go in and play.”
Then Su Zhenye was about to run. Li Sen and Zhou Yuanyuan walked in the direction.
Su Zhenye’s attitude made Su Junting speechless. She looked at her father dumbfounded, and quickly pulled him over again, a little unhappy, and said, “Dad, let me introduce you to friends. What’s the matter with you? ”
Su Zhenye squeezed his brows at Su Junting, and said perfunctorily: “Oh, it’s okay, you kid is really ignorant. Dad knows that this is your friend. Let him go in and find a place to sit. Dad has something to do. , Come here too, don’t any distinguished guests know?” Su Zhenye’s words once again made Su Junting dumbfounded, she was a little bit incredulous, thinking what happened to her father?
VIP? Shouldn’t the VIP be Jiang Hao? What is he doing?
She hurriedly looked at Jiang Hao, but found that Jiang Hao also seemed blank at this time.
Su Junting hurriedly stopped Su Zhenye again, and asked with a look of confusion: “Dad, do you know who rescued you?”
Su Junting said this and finally annoyed Su Zhenye completely, and he shrugged off. I grabbed Su Junting’s hand and pointed at her and scolded, “You kid, what’s the matter? How old are you, and you are so ignorant? Ask your dad for this kind of vain question? Did you even save our family? Don’t you know?”
Su Zhenye said while his face was twisting around Li Sen and Zhou Yuanyuan, obviously implying Su Junting.
It was not that Su Junting couldn’t understand, but she still shook her head again and again with an expression of reluctance to believe.
“Dad…you…do you know who Jiang Hao is?” Su Junting asked in surprise.
Su Zhenye glanced at Jiang Hao impatiently, and said displeased: “How do I know who he is? Why are you asking me this question? I don’t know, and don’t need to know, let all your friends in, and you too. Well, don’t be embarrassed here! Hey…”
Su Junting pursed her lips with a stubborn look: “Dad, how can you talk like this? Don’t you know that Jiang Hao saved you?”
Su Junting said. Su Zhenye froze for a while, then put on a slightly surprised look, and asked: “You…what did you say? Who saved me? You say it again?”
Obviously Su Zhenye was angry. Su Junting also showed fear when she saw him. She hesitated and said, “Jiang…Jiang Hao? Dad, you said you knew that Jiang Hao saved you, yes. Right?”
Su Zhenye heard the words, his nose was about to crooked, his face turned gloomy, and then he shouted: “Jun Ting, what kind of shit are you talking about? In front of our savior, if you talk like this, what do you want to do? Huh?”
Su Zhenye couldn’t help but glanced at Jiang Hao coldly, and then said: “They said he saved me? Who is he? I don’t even know him, why did he save me? And I want to ask, Who said this? He said?”
Su Zhenye pointed to Jiang Hao and questioned Su Junting.
Where did Su Junting see her father fighting like this?
In the past, Su Zhenye was very gentle and humble to anyone.
But Su Junting can also feel that since her father experienced the last time, her temperament has changed drastically, her attitude towards people is always cloudy and sunny, and she yells and screams occasionally.
And the most important thing is that in the past, Su Zhenye treated everyone the same. Whether you were a flat-headed citizen or a high-ranking official, he usually didn’t bully, let alone please.
But now it’s different. Su Zhenye treats his poor relatives, and now it’s a huge difference. Instead, he meets people with some connections and financial resources, and he can’t wait to lick his feet.
Moreover, Su Zhenye had never yelled at Su Junting in the past, but today he showed a fierce look!
Su Junting was a little frightened, she nodded dumbly and turned to look at Jiang Hao: “Yes…yes… Jiang Hao said it! What’s the matter?”
Su Zhenye was about to break out when he heard Su Junting’s words. With a furious expression, he pointed to Jiang Hao and suddenly yelled: “How can you dare to tell any lies? What do you want to do? It is good for you to lie to my daughter? What are you trying to do?”
Su Zhenye angrily asked Jiang Hao took two steps, looking domineering.
Jiang Hao wasn’t even slightly horrified, asking what was going on with this person?
“Indeed, that’s what I said, and what I said is the truth, Uncle Su, it is true that I really helped settle the crisis in your family!” Jiang Hao said flatly.
Jiang Hao didn’t want to hide anything, just wanted to tell the truth.
And Jiang Hao had discovered it a long time ago. It seems that Su Zhenye didn’t know that he saved him by himself!
This is a bit ridiculous! I saved you, don’t you believe me, and still question me?
Since they don’t know, tell it yourself.
It’s just that Jiang Hao’s truth, in the eyes of Su Zhenye, is simply a big talk, even a bunch of disgusting lies!
Su Zhenye suddenly yelled and pointed at Jiang Hao angrily: “What nonsense are you talking about? You are embarrassed to say such things? You are really ridiculous!”
Su Zhenye turned to look at Zhou Yuanyuan and Li Sen, and hummed. “It was Yuanyuan and her boyfriend who saved me. I have seen it with my own eyes. You dare to lie in front of me like this? You are really interesting! Humph, besides, what are you? You save me and help me? How did you help? Is there a good basis for speaking? I said Jun Ting seems to have changed recently, but I made friends like you!”
Su Zhenye finished speaking and gave Jiang Hao a fierce look , Turned her head and walked towards Zhou Yuanyuan and Li Sen, squeezing out a smile, and said: “Hey, you guys, there are really everyone there now, Yuanyuan, don’t be bothered by you two, my uncle doesn’t want to take care of this. Breeders, let’s go, let’s go in, everyone is waiting for you!”
After speaking, Su Zhenye asked to clean up!
But what Su Zhenye didn’t expect was that just a word of him made all the people present at the scene a little confused!
Zhang Jie and Ji Xueming kept scratching their heads and didn’t want to understand what was going on. Jiang Hao and Su Junting said first that it was Jiang Hao who saved Su Zhenye and helped the Su family resolve the crisis!
But now Su Zhenye said this again, what is the situation?
Su Junting was also blindfolded, looking at Jiang Hao with a look of disbelief, and her heart was overwhelmed!
She also suddenly thought that even though Jiang Hao said that he saved his father before, he didn’t show any evidence? Before, I believed his words only by relying solely on the trust in Jiang Hao!
But now my father came out to confirm, and said that the people who saved him were Zhou Yuanyuan and Li Sen… my father can’t lie? What’s going on.
“Jiang Hao, you…explain what is going on? Didn’t you say that you saved my dad? But now…oh, did you lie to me?” Su Junting was anxious Stomp straight.
She didn’t want to believe that Jiang Hao lied to herself, but all the evidence now showed that Jiang Hao really lied!
“How could I lie to you Jun Ting?” Jiang Hao was also blinded, and he quickly explained, “I guess there must be a misunderstanding here. Don’t worry, I’m sure I didn’t lie to you. I use my own personality to guarantee. What I said to you is true!”
“But how do you explain this?” Su Junting was about to cry in a hurry.
“I…” Jiang Hao choked for a while, then after thinking about it, he quickly took out his mobile phone and prepared to call Ye Yunjie.
After all, I asked Ye Yunjie to do this by herself, as long as it was time for Ye Yunjie to explain it clearly!
But almost when Jiang Hao just took out his mobile phone, he heard Su Zhenye sneer: “Huh, it’s all this time, I’m still arguing! I think this kind of person, don’t go in and eat our family’s food. It’s banquet!”
Su Zhenye smiled at Zhou Yuanyuan and hurriedly invited them in.
Zhou Yuanyuan was so happy at this time, looking at Jiang Hao, her heart was not good.
Holding Li Sen’s arm, she walked into the hotel and sneered: “Hehe, it’s ridiculous. It must be cool that the lie was exposed on the spot?”

Chapter: 105
“Haha, my dear, don’t say that, maybe people just like this feeling? Or you can see why every time he comes out to say such things, he has a problem in his heart!” Li Sen also sneered Then, he took out a piece of fifty yuan from his pocket and threw it in front of Jiang Hao, “Hey, anyway, you are also Jun Ting’s friend, so this fifty yuan is considered to be given to you by me. Register at the hospital and check it out. If there is a problem, you can cure it. Don’t be ashamed of one hundred!”
After speaking, Li Sen and Zhou Yuanyuan laughed together.
This time, they finally felt ashamed!
Yesterday in the Haoyue Hotel, the two of them experienced the most embarrassing thing in their lives!
First, it said that the bill was exempted, and he was asked for money, and then he was beaten in front of Jiang Hao.
Whether this is Zhou Yuanyuan or Li Sen, it is a great shame!
At this moment, they finally paid back their humiliation!
Zhou Yuanyuan didn’t forget to turn her head and glance at Su Junting, her face was even more triumphant, and she said, “Hehe, Su Junting, now do you know who helped your family? Hey, you are really getting ridiculous. Now, you can’t even tell who your friend is. Think about it for yourself. Yesterday, and what you just said to me. If I didn’t think about our friendship with sisters, I would not let you. Yes!”
Zhou Yuanyuan gave Su Junting a blank look, twisted and walked into the hotel, behind her lightly came the last sentence left behind: “Huh, Su Junting, you can do it yourself, you remember that you owe me too much. , Be careful about my attitude in the future, I have done so much for you, and you owe me all your life!” When
Su Zhenye heard Zhou Yuanyuan’s anger, he was immediately dissatisfied, and hurriedly pointed to Su Junting, symbolically yelling: ” Listen, how generous is Yuanyuan’s reading? You treated them that way before, and they are still tolerating you, huh, don’t you cherish this kind of friend? Let’s take a look at what your so-called friend is? ”
Su Zhenye cast a blank look at Jiang Hao, and continued: “Look at Yuanyuan’s boyfriend Li Sen. At a young age, he has already stirred up trouble in Chu River. The future is almost limitless. I don’t know how much he will achieve in the future. Well, look at that kid again, full of lies, and when you see that person is not a serious and honest person, you are still willing to believe in that kind of person? Don’t you think you are ridiculous?”
Su Zhenye finished. Hastily followed Zhou Yuanyuan and Li Sen!
In fact, he said so much, nothing more than listening to Li Sen.
After experiencing such a thing, Su Zhenye finally understood that he was too naive in the past!
This world, after all, is a world of status. Only when you have status and strength, will others please you and fear you!
Su Zhenye felt that in the past, he was just immersing himself in medical research. It was a waste of time and energy, because he had discovered it himself. In the past few decades, he had almost nothing left except for a small clinic. !
It was precisely because of this that Su Zhenye suddenly realized that he should indeed work hard towards the direction of money status!
And if you want to quickly become popular in the near future, connections and springboards are simply indispensable!
In Su Zhenye’s view, isn’t Li Sen the springboard he was looking for?
Li Sen is only in his twenties, and at a young age, he has been able to convince Zhao Jiuyuan’s top bosses. This kind of person, if he is given another twenty years, he may be able to make a big achievement!
If you are staying close to this thigh now, and if you are far away, then you will be in Chujiang, wouldn’t anyone dare to provoke yourself?
And Su Zhenye’s attitude towards Jiang Hao just now is more important. The reason is that Su Junting can completely sever her friendship with Jiang Hao.
Su Zhenye could see that Su Junting seemed a bit interested in Jiang Hao.
And more importantly, Zhou Yuanyuan seems to have a big prejudice against Jiang Hao!
If the relationship between Su Junting and Jiang Hao continues to develop, it will definitely affect the relationship between Su Junting and Zhou Yuanyuan!
If the relationship between my daughter and Zhou Yuanyuan breaks, how can the climate get close to Li Sen?
So even for his own purposes, to keep Jiang Hao away from Su Junting is a must. Su Zhenye sees this very clearly!
But obviously, Su Junting still couldn’t see through her father’s purpose.
At this moment, her tears kept rolling in her eyes.
She didn’t know why she was crying, she didn’t know what was wrong with her. After hearing her father personally said that it was Li Sen who rescued him and solved her own crisis, her heart was empty.
That kind of feeling is like something that I was looking forward to, but suddenly discovered that it turned out to be just a beautiful dream.
Su Junting’s dream woke up, she was extremely unwilling, and very unconvinced!
“Jiang Hao, why are you?” When Su Junting spoke to Jiang Hao, tears flowed down her cheeks, “Why are you lying to me? Do you know how much you disappoint me now? “When
Jiang Hao saw Su Junting crying, he was a little overwhelmed. He hurriedly wanted to reach out to wipe her tears, but Su Junting blocked him.
“Jun Ting, I really didn’t lie to you. I said, there must be a misunderstanding in this matter. Wait a while and I will call. I believe that the misunderstanding will be resolved soon!”
Jiang Hao was full of anxiety, and he felt a sense of powerlessness.
He was quite confident at first, but he didn’t expect things to end up like this in the end.
Su Junting looked at Jiang Hao, a bit hated that iron can’t make steel, sighed, turned around in her bag, took out the bottle of Chanel perfume from the bag, and stuffed it into Jiang Hao’s hand.
“Jiang Hao, I hope you can explain this thing clearly!” Su Junting choked up, “I really believe you from the bottom of my heart, I hope you don’t let me down again!”
Su Junting hesitated, but gritted his teeth. , Said: “I will tell you one side at last, I hope you explain things clearly, if the explanation is not clear, then there is really no way for us to be friends! Although I… Although some like you, I don’t like hypocrisy People!”
After speaking, Su Junting covered her mouth and ran away!
Like yourself?
Hearing this, Jiang Haoxin seemed to be slammed by something, a little surprised for a while, and a little hesitant.
He looked at Su Junting’s back and couldn’t help but shook his head, shook out all the other thoughts in his mind, and thought to himself: “It seems that this matter is indeed to be resolved, otherwise he really has to lose one. An important friend!”
“Brother Hao, this…what the hell is going on?” Ji Xueming took advantage of Jiang Hao’s dazed effort and hurried over, patted Jiang Hao on the shoulder and asked.
“Yeah, shouldn’t you really lie to Jun Ting? Hey, Jiang Hao, we are good friends. You can’t treat Jun Ting like this, and… and others said that just now, it’s impossible for you to pay Can’t tell, it’s interesting for people to go to Sogou?”
Zhang Jie sighed and continued: “Jiang Hao, as a buddy, I really hope you did this. You didn’t deceive Junting, but… But to be honest, you Saying that you helped Jun Ting, I really don’t believe it… Hey, when I say that, don’t think too much about it. I just say what you want, you think, I’m your iron buddy. Think, what do others think?”
“So I don’t mean anything else!” Zhang Jie patted Jiang Hao on the shoulder, “I just hope that if what you say is true, then quickly prove it to everyone. When you come up with evidence, let me see who can say anything!” After
Zhang Jie finished speaking, he sighed, looked at Jiang Hao with complicated eyes, turned his head and walked into the hotel.
Zhang Jie is not unwilling to believe in Jiang Hao, especially at this critical moment!
But Zhang Jie is also very clear that Jiang Hao has not given everyone a reasonable explanation after experiencing so many things recently.
As a friend, I have really helped him enough!
Every time Jiang Hao utters a big talk, isn’t it because he and Ji Xueming help him round it up?
But can’t it always be the case?
So this time, Zhang Jie decided that he would not help Jiang Hao!
Since it was what he said, whether it was true or a lie, let Jiang Hao face and explain it himself.
If the explanation is clear, I will still be good brothers with him in the future, but if the explanation is not clear, then Zhang Jie really has to think about the friendship between him and Jiang Hao!
Just like what Su Junting said just now, he didn’t want to be friends with a hypocritical person!
All gone!
Jiang Hao stood there alone and couldn’t help feeling a little lonely.
He felt a little heavy, especially after hearing Su Junting and Zhang Jie’s words just now, Jiang Hao felt even more uncomfortable!
He did not expect that a small misunderstanding would end up like this!
Of course he didn’t want to lose friends. He walked all the way. Without these friends, Jiang Hao wouldn’t even know what he would be like now!
Jiang Hao sighed, took out his mobile phone, and quickly called Ye Yunjie. As soon as the phone was connected, Jiang Hao asked, “Sister Ye, I asked you to help my friend’s house solve things last time. How did you solve it? ”
Even though Jiang Hao didn’t have a questioning tone, Ye Yunjie could also hear it. It seemed that something went wrong in this matter, although Jiang Hao didn’t say clearly. But this is asking for sin!
“What’s wrong with Shao Jiang?” Ye Yunjie asked calmly.
Jiang Hao sighed, and told Ye Yunjie about the incident again!
Hearing what Jiang Hao said, Ye Yunjie was so surprised that she was surprised, and said: “What? How is it possible? Does anyone dare to pretend to be such a thing?”
Ye Yunjie thought for a while, calmed Jiang Hao, and then said: “Don’t worry, Shao Jiang, I’ll figure it out right away. Send me the address and I’ll be there soon!”

Chapter: 106
After hanging up the phone, Ye Yunjie immediately took the matter seriously.
That was my eldest young master, now being framed by others, and it can be regarded as caused by my own work mistakes.
Ye Yunjie knew very well that she could not shirk the blame for this incident, so only by handling this incident could she make up for her fault.
Ye Yunjie hurriedly looked for it and got through Zhao Jiuyuan’s phone.
“Hello, Miss Ye, I’m old Zhao!” Zhao Jiuyuan suddenly received a call from Ye Yunjie. He was so excited that he quickly said with a smile, “Why, did you agree to the cooperative construction of real estate?”
Ye Yunjie was cold. He snorted and said with a cold tone: “Zhao Jiuyuan, Zhao Jiuyuan, do you say you are really naive? Or don’t you know what you did?”
Zhao Jiuyuan was taken aback when he heard Ye Yunjie’s tone, and hurriedly asked: ” Miss Ye, what’s wrong with me…Is something wrong?”
“Nonsense, I ask you, do you know, who rescued the doctor named Su?” Ye Yunjie asked.
Zhao Jiuyuan was stunned: “Of course I know. Didn’t the Shen family let it be done? How dare I not do it well? And I told you that I also specially invited Master Shen to dinner that day, what he did to me , I
’m very satisfied!” “Ah?” Ye Yunjie became a little confused as she listened, then she frowned and thought about it, and said, “Now I’ll give you an address, and I’ll go over and explain it clearly. Let me tell you, there is something wrong with this matter! The son of the Shen family you so-called is a fake at all!”
Ye Yunjie snorted again, her tone aggravated, and said, “If this matter can’t be handled. Okay, don’t talk about the real estate project you are cooperating with. You still think about whether Zhao Jiuyuan can continue to stay in Chujiang!” After speaking, Ye Yunjie flatly hung up the phone.
At this time, Zhao Jiuyuan had a chill on his face. He couldn’t believe that the person he had entertained that day was a fake?
But how do you explain the watch on that guy?
Zhao Jiuyuan likes watches very much. He can naturally see that the watch on Li Sen’s wrist is undoubtedly true, and it is also a custom made by Shen’s family, worth one or two million!
And Zhao Jiuyuan knew very well that Chujiang was where Shen Haoting went out, and it was almost equivalent to Shen Haoting’s base.
In Chujiang, especially those who knew the Shen family, almost no one dared to pretend to be the Shen family!
So what is going on?
Zhao Jiuyuan scratched his head anxiously with his brain full of lawsuits, but he knew in his heart that something really went wrong with this matter, otherwise Ye Yunjie wouldn’t have called herself personally.
Just when Zhao Jiuyuan was full of sadness, his mobile phone rang suddenly, and he glanced at it. It was an address that Ye Yunjie had sent him!
Zhao Jiuyuan sighed deeply, shook his head again and again, ran out of the office quickly, went downstairs and got in the car, and ran straight to the address.
On the other side, the hotel is full of liveliness.
Su Zhenye has taken great pains this time to contract a banquet hall of this three-star hotel. In fact, the main purpose is to let Li Sen feel the pomp and his attitude towards Li Sen.
As soon as Su Zhenye led Li Sen and the others in, the dozens of relatives and friends of the Su family who were present were all chatting with each other, and they all turned their heads in an instant.
Su Zhenye also clapped his hands and said loudly: “Okay, everyone, please stop your own business first and listen to me!”
Su Zhenye glanced at Li Sen with a smile on his face, and said loudly: “I think Now that the guests are almost there, I will give you a grand introduction, this one, the savior of my Su family, my reborn parent of Su Zhenye, Mr. Li Sen!”
Su Zhenye just finished the banquet. There was a burst of warm applause in the hall.
The sound of discussion and admiration continued one after another.
“Ah, it turns out that this young man helped Lao Su’s family so much!”
“Hey? How do you call them a young man? How old are you? Let me tell you, this one does not look at his young age, but he is Chu Jiang, but a well-known figure, does Zhao Jiuyuan know? It’s the old Su who offended him, and in front of this person, he must be like a dog!”
“It’s really amazing, young and promising, look at this face, this young man Isn’t it in your twenties? I see, if this is given to him for another twenty years, this Chujiang will be his world!”
“Look, the girl next to this young man, that is our lord Ting’s best sisters rely on this relationship. This young man made Zhao Jiuyuan release Lao Su with just one phone call…”
“It’s really amazing…” The crowd’s praise of Li Sen was unprecedentedly high.
The relatives and friends of the Su family are naturally not stupid. This is a figure that even Zhao Jiuyuan doesn’t care about. If they can indulge in this kind of figure, they will be the middle-level or even lower-level people of Chujiang society in the future. There is a chance to soar!
So as soon as Li Sen entered the door, many people who had been prepared for a long time didn’t mean to let go of the opportunity. They hurriedly rushed in, smiled favorably, and handed their business cards.
“Hello, Shao Li, I am the general manager of Weibang Company. This is my business card. I am really glad to meet you here!”
“Hello, I am a friend of Lao Su. A pharmacy, if you don’t dislike it in the future, I will pack all the medicines in your house…”
“I am…”
A group of people immediately surrounded Li Sen’s road and couldn’t help it. Su Zhenye couldn’t help but face him. Lu was a bit embarrassed. After all, these people are their own relatives and friends. They didn’t have much to say when they did this.
But Li Sen became a little impatient. He pushed away a middle-aged man who came forward and handed him his business card. He threw out all the business cards handed over by those people with an unhappy expression.
“What do you want to do? Rebellion?” Li Sen pointed at those people and roared loudly, “What are you guys? Do you still want to know me? Are you worthy? Hehe, he doesn’t look at his level. To put it ugly, our servants are a few levels higher than you, and you are still close to me, so quickly walk away!”
Li Sen’s attitude really surprised these people.
Many of those who handed their business cards were stunned in place with embarrassment, while some walked away angrily.
Isn’t it just a little money and a little bit of power? As for being so low-minded?
At this time, the relatives and friends of the Su family suddenly lost the spirit of flattering.
They can see it. No matter how much they shoot, Li Sen doesn’t take them seriously.
This sounds good. To put it awkwardly, Li Sen doesn’t treat them as adults at all. In the eyes of others, they are just ants who can’t get close to them.
Zhou Yuanyuan, who was next to Li Sen, didn’t agree with Li Sen’s attitude, but sneered at the people who turned their heads and walked aside.
In the past two days, after knowing that Li Sen was so awesome, Zhou Yuanyuan couldn’t help becoming airy.
In the past, she was kind to people. After all, she knew that she was no different from others.
But now she felt that she was really superior, and she didn’t bother to approach these people anymore.
“Huh, that’s right, I really thought we Li Sen could catch up with anyone? I really don’t know what you guys think!” Zhou Yuanyuan said arrogantly, turning her eyes at everyone.
At this moment, the anger here became extremely embarrassing, everyone stopped talking, and even Su Zhenye didn’t know what to say for a while.
After a while, he squeezed out a smile, and reluctantly said: “Ah…haha, maybe we people are rude, Li Sen, don’t mind, please come inside, I’m ready for the banquet! Please sit down!”
Li Sen nodded proudly, and then walked inside swaggeringly.
However, at this moment, Zhou Yuanyuan suddenly exclaimed in surprise, and once again attracted the eyes of everyone present.
“Why are you still here?”
Everyone looked around and saw that Jiang Hao was standing abruptly at the door of the banquet hall, looking at Su Junting with red eyes not far away.
“Hehe, I’m afraid it wasn’t enough to be humiliated just now, and I plan to be humiliated again? You are really thick-skinned! You can do anything!” Zhou Yuanyuan said contemptuously.
Li Sen looked at Jiang Hao, snorted, and said, “Hey? Don’t say that, my wife, what if someone comes in to eat dinner? After all, they are here. It is estimated that there are very few people like him. There is a chance to eat in a place like this, so I just bite the bullet and walked in again?” The two of them scorned Jiang Hao with a smile, but the Su family and friends next to them were at a loss. Some people Even whispering to each other questioning who Jiang Hao is!
After all, Li Sen treated them so contemptuously just now, and now he is so interested in a Jiang Hao, these people will definitely wonder.
Li Sen glanced at those people with a smile, and couldn’t help but sneer: “Oh, right, you may not know who he is? That’s right. I will introduce you to him. His name is Jiang Hao. I don’t know, but I said one thing. I guess you’ll remember him from now on. Hehe, this person, before, said without shame, that the Su family’s affairs were settled by him, hehe, then I What are you doing?”
” Yes , how shameless you say this person is? You can say this kind of thing!” Zhou Yuanyuan hurriedly echoed, “And I still said this kind of thing in front of Uncle Su , Do you really think that everyone is a fool? It’s ridiculous! You dare to tell any lies!”
Upon hearing these two people’s words, everyone present suddenly looked at Jiang Hao in surprise.

Chapter: 107
“Really? There are people like this? This…this person has a brain problem, right?”
“Hey, in the current society, there are really everyone, and I have seen even more abnormal ones. Besides, it’s a liar asking for credit?”
“Hey, I know this man. He is Jun Ting’s friend. In the hospital yesterday, this man even took a bottle of local stalls and gave it to Jun Ting pretending to be Chanel perfume. It was exposed, why is this person embarrassed to come here today?”
“Ah? Really? Really or not? This kind of thing can be done? Is this person shameless?” After the crowd’s discussion, almost everyone They all looked at Jiang Hao with amazement.
These people couldn’t believe it. What they just said was done by one person.
Su Zhenye looked at those relatives and friends who were talking about it, and now hated Jiang Hao even more.
He obviously made this guy get out, why are you embarrassing to come here?
Su Zhenye was so annoyed that he walked over to Jiang Hao angrily, and roared directly: “What are you doing in here? Let me go out now! Give me a shame on the Su family, right?” While talking, Su Zhenye was about to push Jiang Hao. Shake it out.
But Jiang Hao pushed Su Zhenye away. Facing these people in front of him, Jiang Hao seemed to be facing the air, not even looking at them, even Li Sen and Zhou Yuanyuan.
Jiang Hao’s eyes fell on Su Junting, who was not far away, and walked directly towards her.
“What are you going to do? You are not welcome here, let me go out!” Su Zhenye went to pull Jiang Hao.
But Su Junting waved her hand at herself, with an expression of hope and said: “Dad, he has something to tell me, you can let him say a few words.”
Su Zhenye sighed, and took the outstretched hand back. .
“If you have anything, just say it.” Su Junting looked at Jiang Hao indifferently and said lightly.
Jiang Hao smiled slightly: “I just said, I want to explain to you, I’m here, just to explain to you!”
“You explain a fart!” Before Su Junting could speak, Zhou Yuanyuan on the side suddenly became angry. , Pointed at Jiang Hao and cursed, “Are you going to be shameless? It’s all here, what else do you want to do? I tell you, you and I don’t want to make fun of you!”
Zhou Yuanyuan simply said to Jiang. Hao waited to see the extreme, stared at Jiang Hao fiercely, and said to Su Zhenye on the side: “Uncle Su, what are you doing? Hurry up and let someone blast this person out. I think he feels sick!”
Zhou Yuanyuan spoke to Su Zhenye At the time, there was a hint of command in his tone.
Su Zhenye couldn’t help but quickly cast a look at the two young boys behind him, and then the two walked over to Jiang Hao.
But at this moment, another voice suddenly appeared, and everyone was suddenly looked at!
“Let me see who would dare to move him today!”
Everyone looked and saw a woman in a decent brown suit and a pair of pointed high heels on her face suddenly appeared in the direction of the door.
After all, Su Zhenye didn’t know Ye Yunjie, and he didn’t take Ye Yunjie seriously. He immediately said, “Huh, who are you? Our family’s banquet, who do I welcome and who should I drive, and who will I take care of? Awei Along, you two So, go and blast the kid out for me!”
Su Zhenye gave a halt, and the two young people who were standing on the sidelines immediately started to leave.
But almost at the same time, at the gate of the banquet hall, a dozen bodyguards in black suits, tall and wearing sunglasses suddenly rushed in!
As soon as these people entered the door, a few people walked directly to Jiang Hao, and the other people surrounded Su Zhenye and the two young people in the middle!
Although those two young men are in their early twenties, they have strong physiques!
However, in front of a dozen bodyguards with a height of more than 1.8 meters and a sturdy stature, he looked like a little baby, and was scared to move by the opponent’s momentum.
“Haha, do you give it a try?” Ye Yunjie sneered with disdain, and walked a few steps in the direction of Jiang Hao. “You people, really ridiculous, are you blind in your eyes?”
At this moment, Ye Yunjie almost suppressed the anger in her heart and said these words.
She naturally knew that Jiang Hao saved the family, but looking back, these people still treat Jiang Hao like this?
If this was placed with other Shen family masters, Chu Jiang would have been upset by this time!
After hearing Ye Yunjie’s words, the Su family’s relatives and friends present suddenly became silent.
“Huh, what happened to him?” At this moment, Zhou Yuanyuan suddenly stood up, as if not paying attention to Ye Yunjie and the dozen or so people, and said, “Don’t think I don’t know, you are that stupid The rich lady next to me, I’m telling you, I haven’t forgotten what happened yesterday. Yesterday we were controlled by others and there is nothing we can do, but today this is not the Haoyue Hotel.
Watching you!” Zhou Yuanyuan finished speaking, and then looked at Su Zhenye’s relatives and friends. Many of these people were young men.
Zhou Yuanyuan continued: “So are you people, are they all rubbish? Haha, two words from others scared you? Don’t you feel ashamed? No matter how powerful they are, there will be more than a dozen people. You are really scared. “When
Zhou Yuanyuan said this, many people in the room frowned. Some young people’s faces were red. Indeed, when someone said that, their faces were really embarrassing!
Someone whispered: “Yes, there are so many people here. Is it possible that they won’t succeed?”
“Yes, yes, we can’t, then let people come again. No matter how powerful they are , there will be more than a dozen people. We are so crowded and powerful, is it possible to be intimidated by a lady?”
“Haha, yes, what kind of pretense are you pretending to be here? I really thought I was afraid of you? What time is it now?” These people seemed to gradually ignore Ye Yunjie and his dozen or so bodyguards. Looking at Ye Yunjie with a proud expression.
Even several people eagerly gathered around Ye Yunjie.
Seeing the actions of these people, Ye Yunjie felt really ridiculous.
You know, all of her more than ten bodyguards are retired from top special forces. They are not only skilled, but the most important thing is that these people are not soft at all.
What’s more, the powerful Shen family is behind it, and these people will not have any consideration.
Seeing those provocative people, Ye Yunjie sneered, and asked: “Why, you want to die?”
Those people are also young and mature, they are just like wolves and tigers, and they are not afraid of the age. Naturally Don’t take Ye Yunjie’s words seriously.
A young man even said: “Hehe, don’t put you in your eyes, what can you do? I just want to move him today, what can you do to me?”
The young man stubbornly stubbornly stuck his neck and left to Jiang Hao past.
In his opinion, Ye Yunjie is at best to make these strong scenes of her subordinates, she dare not really do it!
But he was wrong!
Ye Yunjie smiled contemptuously and winked at a security guard. The bodyguard dashed forward. Almost before the young man could react, the whole person was already trampled underfoot. The bodyguard Her black leather shoes slammed on her face, but the young man did not dare to say a word of nonsense.
Ye Yunjie smiled plainly and asked: “What, now you say, what can I do to you?”
The young man didn’t dare to say anything anymore, his face pale.
If he was arrogantly thinking that these people were easy to bully when he didn’t fight, then he found that he was wrong, and wrong!
At this time, he was very clear that just these a dozen people, it was easy to balance the people they were present.
Ye Yunjie Zhou Yuanyuan looked coldly: “??? By the way, are not you just say, I do not let that good, now let me see, how did you miss me ah right to” stand Seeing that young man was taken away, Zhou Yuanyuan was a little angry, and she was never afraid of Ye Yunjie in her heart.
In her opinion, Ye Yunjie relied on these people, and her boyfriend Li Sen, but Chu Jiang’s big man, was an existence she could not afford to provoke.
“What are you pretending? Why do you think I am afraid of you? What kind of thing are you? You can try to touch me? My husband can find someone to clean you up in minutes!”
Zhou Yuanyuan didn’t finish her words , she saw Ye Yunjie walked to her side. She suddenly waved her hand and slapped Zhou Yuanyuan’s face with a slap. Then she exclaimed, “What are you? You dare to talk to me like this and don’t want to live anymore?”
Ye Yunjie didn’t have any strength in her hand. Little, Zhou Yuanyuan was slapped, and Li Sen next to her hurriedly reached out to support her!
“How did you hit someone?” Li Sen was a little angry. He didn’t feel sorry for Zhou Yuanyuan, but his own woman was beaten in public, which was simply hitting Li Sen in the face.
It’s just that Ye Yunjie didn’t take Li Sen seriously. Instead, she asked with a sneer: “Why, do you want to try it too?”
Li Sen looked at Ye Yunjie’s dozen bodyguards, and felt a guilty conscience. His face flushed. Say something.
But at this moment, Li Sen glanced at the direction of the entrance of the banquet hall, his eyes lit up, and then a smile appeared on his face.
Li Sen disdainfully said: “Hehe, are you intimidating me? What are you, you are worthy? I advise you to apologize to me now, it is too late!”
Ye Yunjie couldn’t help being a little curious about Li Sen’s face suddenly changing, and then following his line of sight, looking back, she suddenly saw that Zhao Jiuyuan ran over here right now.
Ye Yunjie couldn’t help but smiled when she saw this, and she instantly understood why Li Sen was so rampant, she thought that her reinforcements had arrived?
Ye Yunjie felt that Li Sen was a little ridiculous, because he hadn’t figured out who the reinforcement was supporting.

Chapter: 108
Seeing Zhao Jiuyuan appear. Li Sen just burst into laughter.
In his opinion, no matter how great Ye Yunjie was, she probably wouldn’t be enough to see it in front of Zhao Jiuyuan.
Who is Zhao Jiuyuan? The boss of the Jiuxing Group is a person who calls the wind and rains and is all-powerful in Chu River.
And what about Ye Yunjie? Li Sen has never heard of this person in the past!
But before Ye Yunjie could be rampant, now Zhao Jiu turned out to be so confident, how could he let Ye Yunjie and the others!
Li Sen grinned, and said to Zhao Jiuyuan proudly: “Zhao Jiuyuan, how did you come? What did you do for food?”
At this time, Zhao Jiuyuan has almost figured out the whole thing, and naturally knows better. Li Sen was pretending to be the Shen family at all.
And he had been played around by this guy before, and now this guy is still unrepentant and yelling at himself.
Zhao Jiuyuan’s complexion turned red and angrily walked towards Li Sen.
It’s just that Li Sen didn’t know this yet. He pointed at Ye Yunjie domineeringly and said, “Zhao Jiuyuan, you immediately blast this crazy woman out of me, and that idiot!”
Li Sen finally pointed to Jiang Hao, thinking with all his heart. Now Jiang Hao is dead!
With Zhao Jiuyuan’s kindness to himself, he would never let go of a small role like Jiang Hao.
However, what surprised Li Sen was that when Zhao Jiuyuan heard his words, instead of walking towards Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie, he walked towards him instead.
“You…what’s wrong with you? Deaf?” Li Sen couldn’t help being a little arrogant and bitter when he saw this. “Zhao Jiuyuan, I haven’t settled accounts with you about yesterday’s affairs. Now you’d better not mess with me. Do you know yesterday? , You have left from Haoyue Hotel, but that Qiao San refused to accept the bill, and forced Lao Tzu to settle over 80,000 yuan for the meal. You will give me the money soon!”
When Zhao Jiuyuan heard Li Sen’s words, he couldn’t help but smile sadly in his heart, and felt a little grateful. Fortunately, Qiao San cancelled their waivers, otherwise he would really be laughed at by others!
Zhao Jiuyuan walked up to Li Sen with a gloomy expression. Li Sen became more and more angry. He pointed at Zhao Jiuyuan and wanted to continue to curse.
Only this time he didn’t have a chance. Zhao Jiuyuan suddenly raised his hand and punched Li Sen without mercy.
Zhao Jiuyuan’s punch was fierce, and Li Sen didn’t even have time to react, so he was knocked to the ground with a punch.
“Oh…” Li Sen hurriedly covered his mouth, and found that one of his posterior molars had been knocked out, and a trace of blood leaked from the corner of his mouth.
Li Sen was angry, and suddenly jumped up from the ground, pointed at Zhao Jiuyuan, and shouted angrily: “The surname is Zhao, are you fucking crazy? Do you dare to hit me?”
Zhao Jiuyuan’s angry cheeks were constantly twitching at this time. Spit out a few words in a low voice: “Hit you? I want to kill you now!”
Li Sen couldn’t help but was taken aback when he saw Zhao Jiuyuan’s expression. This was the first time Zhao Jiuyuan dared to treat himself with this attitude. Is it possible…
Li Sen’s heart faintly rose up with an unknown premonition.
But at this moment, Zhou Yuanyuan rushed out indiscriminately, stood directly in front of Li Sen, pointed at Zhao Jiuyuan and said, “What do you want to do? Dare to beat my husband, are you living enough? You are right now? I knelt down and apologized, otherwise my husband…”
Before Zhou Yuanyuan finished her words, she saw Zhao Jiuyuan lift her hand and slapped her face directly. Zhou Yuanyuan also screamed, staggering, almost not falling down. .
“You…” Zhou Yuanyuan was about to explode completely, and she was going to fight Zhao Jiuyuan desperately when she turned her head.
But who is Zhao Jiuyuan? He is a big man who has been in Chujiang for many years. Although he hasn’t fisted for many years, he still has some skills.
Before Zhou Yuanyuan could leave, Zhao Jiuyuan kicked her abruptly, hitting Zhou Yuanyuan’s waist directly, and Zhou Yuanyuan fell to the ground directly.
This scene stunned everyone present!
Especially Su Zhenye, who was on the side, looked at this side dumbfounded at this time, his head was full of questions, but he dared not say anything.
Su Zhenye remembered that Zhao Jiuyuan’s attitude towards Li Sen and Zhou Yuanyuan yesterday was still polite. Why did he suddenly add his fists today?
Dare to do this to Li Sen, does Zhao Jiuyuan live enough?
Su Zhenye was suspicious for a moment, and suddenly realized a problem, and hurriedly moved forward: “Mr. Zhao… Mr. Zhao, don’t do it…”
Su Zhenye hugged Zhao Jiuyuan from behind, and it took a lot of effort to get Zhao Jiuyuan. Pull away.
“What the hell is going on? Have something to say!” Su Zhenye persuaded Zhao Jiuyuan with heartfelt words, while whispering, “Mr. Zhao, this is the son of the Shen family. If you miss it, it will be broken…”
Su Zhenye That’s what I really thought in my heart, but it was not Zhao Jiuyuan that was worried, but he himself.
If this is somewhere else, he doesn’t care if Zhao Jiuyuan beats Li Sen to death, but here is his own meal, Zhao Jiuyuan broke Li Sen here, then he will definitely follow him in the end!
But when he heard Su Zhenye’s words, Zhao Jiuyuan turned his head and sneered at Su Zhenye, his laughter was full of sarcasm.
“Shen’s son? Haha!” Zhao Jiuyuan turned his head, looked at Jiang Hao, and asked, “Su Zhenye, then I ask you, do you know, who is the person over there?”
Su Zhenye was confused and scratched. Scratching his head, he thought it was Zhao Jiuyuan who didn’t want to see Jiang Hao and others. He hurriedly laughed and said, “This… Don’t mind Mr. Zhao, it’s not a guest from our house, it’s someone who came to eat and drink. , And the most ridiculous thing, what else to say, I am Su Zhenye saved by him, when I am a fool? And he also found such a woman to support the scene, I think it is fake that he helped me, it is true that he wants to break the scene of!”
While talking, Su Zhenye smiled in embarrassment: “But Mr. Zhao…this, you have also seen that, that woman also brought more than a dozen people, I…I am not an opponent at all. Can you help me deal with it? Don’t worry, I, Su Zhenye, will remember you…”
Before Su Zhenye finished speaking, I found that Zhao Jiuyuan’s face had turned into iron blue, and he stared at himself with annoyance. He scolded: “You…what did you say? You say it again?”
Zhao Jiuyuan grabbed Su Zhenye by the collar and said loudly, “Su Zhenye, Su Zhenye, do you know what you are talking about? Deal with it? Who to deal with? Is he? Haha, you’ve got a few heads!”
Su Zhenye was startled by Zhao Jiuyuan’s roar, his face was embarrassed, and his face was dumbfounded: What happened to Zhao Jiuyuan? Yesterday was fine, why did you suddenly change your expression today?
However, Su Zhenye hadn’t reacted before he heard Zhao Jiuyuan give him the answer.
Zhao Jiuyuan looked excited, looked at Jiang Hao, and pointed to Su Zhenye’s cursing, “This damn is the son of the Shen family, and you are still in the dark like a fool? Dare to say that. , Do you know what will happen to you?”
Zhao Jiuyuan’s voice was very loud. As soon as he uttered this sentence, almost everyone in the room heard it, and they were all dumbfounded and staring at each other.
“This…really?” Su Zhenye obviously couldn’t accept it for a while, his face turned blue.
Jiang Hao is the son of the Shen family? Then who is Li Sen? Didn’t Li Sen go to the police station to pick him up in person yesterday?
Not only Su Zhenye, but the Su family’s friends and relatives who were present at this time also looked shocked.
Although they don’t quite understand who Zhao Jiuyuan and Su Zhenye’s Son of the Shen family are, but from the expressions of their exhausted expressions, it seems not difficult for them to imagine that he must be a top-notch.
And the person who really saved Su Zhenye!
“Oh, Lao Su seems to be in trouble now…”
“This…this is an oolong? What the hell is going on?”
Everyone present began to talk in an instant, and everyone looked at everything in shock.
“This… Mr. Zhao, what the hell is going on?” Su Zhenye asked in a daze. He looked at Jiang Hao, panicked.
Zhao Jiuyuan sneered and told him all his inferences about the whole thing. Only then did Su Zhenye suddenly realize.
According to Zhao Jiuyuan’s statement, it was indeed Jiang Hao that called Ye Yunjie, and then Ye Yunjie told Zhao Jiuyuan that Su Zhenye had been let go.
Coincidentally, I don’t know where Li Sen got the watch that only the Shen family can wear, and it happened to appear at the door of the police station, and was seen by Zhao Jiuyuan by chance!
Behind a series of coincidences, the last thing became what it is now!
Hearing Zhao Jiuyuan’s explanation, Su Zhenye almost exploded his scalp!
Sure enough, Jiang Hao saved himself? Is everything Jiang Hao said before that is true? Then I did so many things to Jiang Hao before, said so many things…It’s over, this is an existence that Zhao Jiuyuan can’t provoke, and now he treats it like that, isn’t he dead?
And after hearing Zhao Jiuyuan’s explanation, everyone on the side was dumbfounded!
“This…Jiang Hao, are you really a rich second generation?” Zhang Jie reacted first, ran over with a shocked look, and asked, “So, what you said before is true?”
“Yeah, Brother Hao, what you said and did your feelings is true? This…it’s too unexpected? Unexpectedly that you are the rich second generation? Brother Hao, you, are you the top rich second generation? Daih? Which Shen family’s young master are you? Then why are you surnamed Jiang?” The two were full of curiosity and excitement at Jiang Hao at this time, especially Ji Xueming. Asked questions.
Regarding this, Jiang Hao only smiled faintly, and did not rush to answer, instead his eyes fell on Su Junting.
Jiang Hao hesitated for a moment, and said to Su Junting: “Junting, you know now, I didn’t lie to you, now I think, I have explained it clearly, right?”

Chapter: 109
Su Junting has hardly been tangled like this before.
Faced with the situation at this time, as well as Jiang Hao’s identity, Su Junting was indeed somewhat happy from the heart.
She has always had a wish in her heart. She hopes that what Jiang Hao said is true. He is really a rich second generation. He really helped his father and his family!
In the past, when Jiang Hao could not prove all of this. Su Junting was eager and eagerly looking forward to it.
But when everything was in front of her, Jiang Hao had already proved that all of this was true, but Su Junting became a little depressed.
She didn’t know why, but she just felt that she couldn’t be happy.
She seemed to feel that the distance between herself and Jiang Hao seemed to have been stretched a lot, and Jiang Hao seemed to suddenly rise too much, which was a height that could not be reached even if she lifted her toes.
This made Su Junting feel an unspeakable bitterness in her heart.
She looked at Jiang Hao, her eyes gradually moist, but she quickly wiped her tears, and nodded dumbly: “Um…thank you, Jiang Hao, thank you for saving my dad and saving our family. Thank you so much. You…”
Although Su Junting said thanks, Jiang Hao could hear that the word thank you was so weird and stiff.
Jiang Hao was shaking, and suddenly heard Zhou Yuanyuan’s voice.
“Li Sen, this…what the hell is going on?” Zhou Yuanyuan’s tone was full of excitement and anger. “You can explain it clearly to me.”
Faced with the questioning, Li Sen blushed and said, “No… …It’s nothing, what are you telling me to explain? I…I have something to do, I’m leaving now!”
After speaking, Li Sen got up, patted his butt and wanted to leave.
He knows very well that things are all clear now, and if he is here, he will not end up in a while, so taking the opportunity to run is the best choice!
It’s just that Li Sen just took two steps and suddenly stopped.
Because at this time, in front of Li Sen, two people suddenly appeared, it was the bodyguard that Ye Yunjie had brought.
Ye Yunjie sneered and looked at Li Sen contemptuously: “Why, I want to run now? Do you think you can leave so easily? Haha, don’t you think you are a little naive?”
Li Sen was sweating coldly. His hands trembled a little, he suddenly had an idea, and quickly took off the watch from his wrist, and put it in the hand of a bodyguard.
“I’ll just give you that…what else do you want?” Li Sen dare to pat his chest, “I…I warn you, although I am not the son of the Shen family, but My dad Li Yansong is also a character in Chujiang. If you dare to do anything to me, be careful with my dad…”
“What? Li Yansong?” Zhao Jiuyuan suddenly laughed out loud, “It’s Li Yansong who does the river transport trade. Haha, I can’t think of it, that kind of son, dare to come out and pretend to be forced? Okay, then I will interrupt your leg today, then call your dad and ask if he dare to say something good Come on!”
Zhao Jiuyuan said as he walked up to Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie, he smiled graciously, and said, “You guys, I’m really sorry before. It’s all my problem. I made such a big misunderstanding. Today you must handle this matter well, please rest assured.”
Ye Yunjie sneered and said proudly: “What do you want to do is your own business, but don’t do it here, so as not to pollute our eyes! ”
Zhao Jiuyuan smiled and nodded, then made a phone call, and then a few strong men in black came in from outside.
Li Sen knew it was not good when he saw it, and hurried to run, but before he ran a few steps, he was caught by the strong men and then dragged out abruptly.
“Wait, there is her, let me take it away together!” Zhao Jiuyuan said with a cold face, pointing at Zhou Yuanyuan, and instructing a strong man, “This woman is not a good thing, take it away together.”
The strong man nodded and turned to Zhou Yuanyuan…
Zhou Yuanyuan was so frightened, she grabbed her hands and yelled and resisted, but it didn’t help, and she was dragged away by the strong man.
Zhou Yuanyuan was about to collapse, yelling at everyone in despair, while desperately beating and dragging her strong man.
But the relatives and friends of the Su family were all watching coldly at this time.
Seeing this, Su Zhenye could only shook his head helplessly.
He knew very well that at this moment, he estimated that he would be unable to protect himself, how could he help Zhou Yuanyuan?
Zhou Yuanyuan was even more desperate. She suddenly saw Su Junting and cried out almost beggingly: “Jun Ting, Jun Ting, save me… Please help me…”
Su Junting saw Zhou Yuanyuan’s embarrassment. Yu Xin couldn’t bear it, sighed, and hurried towards Jiang Hao.
“Jiang Hao, you… please let Yuanyuan go. I know she always targeted you in the past, but she is not bad in nature, really, I beg you…” Su Junting almost begged, to Jiang Hao said.
Zhang Jie also hurriedly said at this time: “Yeah, yeah Jiang Hao, no matter how she is, she is also my cousin, can you treat me as a face? Let her go this time…”
Listening to the suffering of the two Begging, Jiang Hao also sighed.
He looked at Zhao Jiuyuan’s wicked look, and naturally knew that if Zhou Yuanyuan was really taken away, she would definitely be dead!
Although Zhou Yuanyuan had targeted herself everywhere before, she was not guilty of death, and if something really happened to Zhou Yuanyuan, Jiang Hao would be a little sad.
Jiang Hao looked at Ye Yunjie, and when he was about to speak, he heard Ye Yunjie say: “Young Master Jiang, do you still want to intercede for her?” In
Ye Yunjie’s tone, there was even a bit of annoyance that iron could not become steel.
Jiang Hao blushed, but when he looked at Su Junting and Zhang Jie, he nodded silently: “Let her go. I believe that with this lesson, she will definitely remember her next time.”
Ye Yunjie sighed silently, and could only do so. Nodded and waved, Zhao Jiuyuan let Zhou Yuanyuan go.
Zhou Yuanyuan was relieved, and when she was let go, she burst into tears.
She looked at Su Junting and Zhang Jie, crying more aggrieved: “Junting…Xiaojie, thank you…”
Zhang Jie sighed helplessly, and said lightly: “If you really want to thank you, I think you should go Thank you Jiang Hao, and… and there is one thing. Actually, I never told you. Do you remember the time we couldn’t afford to pay for a meal? I said it was borrowed from a classmate, but in fact, that time The money was given by Jiang Hao!”
Zhang Jie let out a sigh of relief. He had wanted to say this many times, and this time he finally said it.
He then continued: “Do you still remember what you said about Jiang Hao? Haha, plus this time, how should you treat Jiang Hao in the future? Think about it yourself. As a cousin, I If I can help you, I can only come here.”
Zhou Yuanyuan was shocked when she heard Zhang Jie’s words. She never thought that Jiang Hao had given the money that time?
Zhou Yuanyuan raised her head and looked at Jiang Hao with a somewhat puzzled expression. She suddenly discovered this person, she already didn’t recognize him a little!
Why is it he who helped yourself? Why did the person who saved him this time, or him?
Zhou Yuanyuan had mixed feelings in her heart, and she didn’t know what to say, and her tears became more turbulent.
She glanced at Jiang Hao hard, and suddenly ran outside, covering her mouth.
“Yuanyuan…” Seeing Zhou Yuanyuan’s move, Su Junting couldn’t help being stunned and was about to catch up.
But when she was about to chase, she was stopped by someone.
“Jun Ting stop!” The person who called Su Junting was Su Zhenye. He said with a serious face, “This kind of person, what are you doing after her? Have you forgotten her attitude towards you before? You forgot again, how did he treat Jiang Hao? This kind of person, forgiving her is already regarded as kindness, why bother to chase her?” Su Zhenye finished speaking, and then smiled at Su Junting in a low voice: “Jun Ting , You can’t please Jiang Hao in front of you. People like Zhou Yuanyuan, what are you going to do with her?”
Su Zhenye smiled hypocritically, and moved to Jiang Hao’s side again: “Jiang Hao…oh no, Young Master Jiang, you are really embarrassed just now, I don’t know who you are at all? Hey, blame me, my dog ​​eyes…”
Su Zhenye slapped himself while raising his hand and slapped him. He also laughed with him: “Hey, blame me, blame me…”
Seeing Su Zhenye’s performance like this, Jiang Hao felt extremely disgusted in his heart.
Su Junting, who was on the side, was also uneasy at this time. It was her father who even apologized to her best friend while pursing his mouth. In any case, this scene made her feel ugly and unacceptable.
Su Junting hurriedly stepped forward and grabbed Su Zhenye, and shouted: “Oh, dad, what are you doing? What are you doing?”
Su Zhenye pushed Su Junting away, yelling: “What do you know? Go aside. , Don’t delay things, if you have nothing to do, hurry up and follow me to apologize!”
Su Junting looked at Su Zhenye with an incredible expression, she couldn’t believe that this turned out to be her father.
“Dad, what are you doing?” Su Junting was speechless, and in her opinion, her father was like this, and she would even have no face to meet Jiang Hao in the future!
Su Junting pulled Su Zhenye twice, but in the end she was helpless and could only sigh, then turned her head and ran away.
When Jiang Hao saw Su Junting leaving, he was about to chase him, but he was stopped by Su Zhenye. The latter said to him with a smile on his face: “Hey Young Master Jiang, don’t pay attention to her. I’m spoiled by me. I will go back soon. , I will teach her a lesson, please hurry up, the main table is reserved for you and these few people, please sit down.”
Su Zhenye made a please gesture with a smile on his face.
But Jiang Hao coldly looked at Su Zhenye dissatisfiedly, and said: “Forget it, go and eat by yourself!”
After speaking, Jiang Hao turned his head and left.

Chapter: 110
Seeing Jiang Hao was leaving, Su Zhenye hurried to catch up.
“No need!” Ye Yunjie slammed her hand and stopped Su Zhenye, saying indifferently, “Looking at the relationship between your daughter and Jiang Shao, let you go today and do it for yourself in the future! Stay away from Jiang Shao in the future, otherwise… I miss you You understand what I mean, right?”
Su Zhenye was taken aback when he heard the words, and nodded dumbly.
He naturally didn’t dare to say more, Ye Yunjie was already warning herself, if she didn’t want to face her.
It’s just that Su Zhenye really feels a bit pity, but even Zhao Jiuyuan must be respectful and respectful, so let him go?
Originally, Su Zhenye was still thinking that he must grasp this hard-won network in the future, but with Ye Yunjie’s words, he didn’t dare to contact Jiang Hao again with the courage of Su Zhenye.
After speaking, Ye Yunjie blanked Su Zhenye’s eyes and turned to chase Jiang Hao, and Ye Yunjie’s dozen bodyguards also followed out.
In the huge banquet hall, it was quiet at this time, and everyone was shocked by what had just happened, and was a little overwhelmed, even more at a loss.
After a long while, there were a few quiet discussions.
Su Zhenye also sighed, turned to look at Zhao Jiuyuan, and suddenly grinned: “Mr. Zhao, look, please come to your seat soon !” Su Zhenye felt that Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie had gone, but if he could win over one Zhao Jiuyuan, It’s also good.
However, Zhao Jiuyuan sneered at Su Zhenye, patted Su Zhenye on the shoulder again, and said with a smile: “Forget it, Lao Su, just now, Miss Ye has already said it, so be it yourself, you, this person, Too snobbery, look at your previous attitude towards Shao Jiang. Now that you know his identity, come and kneel and lick it again, not as embarrassed as he is?”
After speaking, Zhao Jiuyuan turned his eyes and walked out.
Su Zhenye was said to be blushing, now thinking about it, he really regrets it.
“Hey…” Su Zhenye couldn’t help sighing. If it were the past, he would definitely not do such a stupid thing, but since going through this storm, he has also felt that his temperament has changed drastically.
But it’s too late to regret it. It’s hard for Su Zhenye to please Jiang Hao now.
But Su Zhenye turned his head and thought for a while, and there was another secret joy in his heart, because he thought, isn’t his daughter and Jiang Hao very close?
And just now he can see that the relationship between these two people seems to be more than just a friend. If there can be further development, wouldn’t it be a great thing?
If one day, if one day, can become Jiang Hao’s kind of rich and young father-in-law, a lot older, no one in Chujiang would dare to provoke himself, right?
Hmph, if there is a day, look at him, Zhao Jiuyuan would dare to talk to himself like just now!
Thinking of this, Su Zhenye seemed to have some idea in his mind, grinned, and hurriedly greeted the many friends and relatives present: “Okay, okay, things are over, everyone should sit down, eat and drink today, don’t Save me Su Zhenye…”
On the other side, as soon as Jiang Hao got out of the hotel door, Ye Yunjie chased him up from behind.
“Where do you want to go? I’ll take you there.” Ye Yunjie said.
Jiang Hao shook his head: “I’m going back to school first, so go and do your own business.”
“I’ll take you off. Actually, I blame me for this matter. It’s because I didn’t do my job well, and…” Ye Yunjie slightly He hesitated and said, “I just have something to tell you.”
“What’s the matter?” Jiang Hao stopped and turned to look at Ye Yunjie.
Ye Yunjie smiled: “Let’s talk about it in the car.”
Jiang Hao shook his head helplessly, and could only follow in the car.
“What can I say now?” Jiang Hao asked, sitting in the co-pilot.
Ye Yunjie started the car, left the hotel parking lot, and said, “Actually, this is what Mr. Shen meant. He is going to invest in a company in Chujiang and let you try to manage it.”
“Me?” Jiang Hao was surprised when he heard this. Knowing his abilities, he hasn’t even set up a stall before, how could he manage a company?
“My dad…how much is going to inject?” Jiang Hao asked immediately.
Ye Yunjie smiled and said, “It’s probably a few hundred million. The money was taken from Mr. Shen from his personal account, and no one else would know. And it’s up to you to spend the money. This is Mr. Shen. Mean. ”
When Jiang Hao heard this, he was shocked again!
You know, he has 2 billion now, but he hasn’t spent much yet. Now my dad has bought so much again, and he still allows himself to do business and invest?
Jiang Hao felt a little unsure, and he felt that he was trying to catch a duck on the shelf.
After all, it’s not tens of dollars, billions. What if you lose? Jiang Hao scratched his head for a while.
Seeing his appearance, Ye Yunjie gave a wry smile and shook her head: “Don’t worry, you won’t just let you do it yourself. I will help you when the time comes. You only need to learn more and accumulate more.”
Ye Yunjie With a serious face, he said again: “Mr. Shen said, you don’t have to worry about losing money at all, even if you squander these billions of dollars, it doesn’t matter, because this money is for you to squander, which can make natural money. Very good, don’t have a psychological burden if you lose it.”
Jiang Hao felt that the pressure in his heart was even greater when he heard the words, billions of dollars, what to do? doing what? He didn’t know anything in his mind yet.
As Jiang Hao was thinking, the car stopped suddenly: “Young
Master Jiang , here.” As soon as Jiang Hao looked up, he saw that he had reached the school gate, and he quickly got out of the car.
“Young Master Jiang, please wait a moment.” Ye Yunjie suddenly thought of something and hurriedly put down the car window and shouted.
Jiang Hao was taken aback : “What’s the matter?” Ye Yunjie smiled and handed Jiang Hao several advertising leaflets for real estate, and said with a smile: “I almost forgot. This is the information about a high-end real estate in Chujiang recently. I want to show it to you. ”
Why do you show this to me?” Jiang Hao frowned, his face a little confused.
Ye Yunjie smiled: “That’s it. Mr. Shen thinks that you are still living in the dormitory of the school, which is not good, so I will let you pay attention to Chujiang’s current good housing. The best, I looked at it, and it was all pretty good. Take a look at it yourself. If you are optimistic, tell me. I will do the rest. ”
Buy a house for yourself?
Jiang Hao looked at the advertising pages in his hand, and they turned out to be some high-end villa areas.
Seeing this, Jiang Hao couldn’t help feeling a little ups and downs.
In the past, he could only take a look at such things as villas, without even thinking about it.
Jiang Hao would not even think that one day, these Chujiang’s top villas could be bought by himself.
Jiang Hao smiled and nodded, said goodbye to Ye Yunjie, and finally walked towards the school while looking at the advertisement page in his hand.
But Jiang Hao had just walked for a while, and suddenly raised his head, he saw Liu Siya and a few girls walking towards him.
They should be leaving school, and they happened to be met by Jiang Hao.
When Jiang Hao saw Liu Siya, he subconsciously wanted to avoid it.
Jiang Hao knew Liu Siya this person. How many times before, he had trouble with her very unpleasantly. Now that he ran into him again, he might ridicule him.
But as soon as Jiang Hao turned his head, he heard Liu Siya yell: “Oh, what a coincidence, hehe, I haven’t seen it for a long time, why, did you find money?” Liu Siya saw Jiang Hao, that feeling, It was as if the hungry wolf saw the rabbit and ran over with bright eyes.
She looked at Jiang Hao’s brand-name clothes, she couldn’t help being a little curious, but she smiled contemptuously: “The clothes are good, which robe came out of the garbage dump? Haha, thinking is not bad!”
Jiang Hao didn’t want to talk to Liu Siya. , Just said indifferently: “I don’t want to make trouble with you, I have something to go now!”
Jiang Hao turned his head to go, but Liu Siya directly stopped the way, the other side looked at Jiang Hao with a joking expression and said: “Don’t leave in a hurry? Seeing me, what are you afraid of? Is there a ghost in your heart? How did I hear that you seemed to have committed a crime in the first two days at school? You almost got fired?”
“It has nothing to do with you. “Jiang Hao said indifferently.
Liu Siya snorted: “Hehe, do you really think I want to take care of you? It’s really interesting.” Liu Siya looked at Jiang Hao’s pile of color pages, and they were all information about those high-end real estates in Chujiang. With a sneer: “Oh, okay, are you all looking at this now? Why, want to buy a villa by picking up the tatters ? Haha…I was so laughing!” Liu Siya snatched all the flyers in Jiang Hao’s hand. In the past, I could not help but tore it to pieces, and finally threw it on Jiang Hao’s face. He sneered: “Hehe, idiot, it’s really interesting. I dare to think of any dreams, but you still deserve to see these things? See what she is!” After
Liu Siya finished speaking, she glanced at Jiang Hao contemptuously, and laughed together with her female companions.
Those few people didn’t avoid Jiang Hao at all, and they didn’t care about Jiang Hao’s feelings, so they grinned. While laughing, they were also discussing.
“Hehe, do you think this person is mentally ill? I really think I can afford a villa? I can’t even afford a doghouse for a special villa!” Liu Siya smiled, “Is it like Young Master, you know? Gao Jun’s family is about to buy a villa, he has made an appointment with me, and said that on the day of buying the villa, let me go with him, and follow him to visit the new home!” After hearing this, several girls suddenly looked at Liu Siya with envy: “Huh? Really? Buying a villa? Haha, as expected, Young Master Jun’s family is rich in wealth!”
“Yeah, yeah, it’s amazing, Siya, you’re really good this time, if you and Young Jun can succeed in the future, you can eat and drink in the next life!”
“It’s amazing, where did you buy it?” A girl asked curiously.
Liu Siya’s face suddenly got a little more proud, and she deliberately said loudly: “Of course it is Haisheng First Grade, I think you should know it too, it is the best villa area in Chujiang now!”

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This one of the worst novel I have read in my life how can the author have no insight on choosing character’s role properly making one angry since I started reading this novel I have never being satisfy

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