I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 14

When the young man heard Jiang Hao’s words at first, he laughed and laughed, pointing at Jiang Hao and taunting: “I, bah, don’t look at your impoverished appearance. You still have 2 billion in the card. You fucking don’t. Is it Shen Haoting’s son? Whoops, then I don’t dare to provoke you…” After the young man had finished speaking, he suddenly kicked Jiang Hao’s belly and cursed fiercely: “If you fucking have two billion, then I’m Shen Haoting. Why the hell don’t I remember that I gave you 2 billion?”
In fact, it’s not just the young man. After Jiang Hao finished saying that he had 2 billion in his card, almost everyone present there He cast a mocking look.
I have seen someone bragging, but no one has seen such a bragging.
It doesn’t matter if you wear a tattered suit, the pants are all ripped, and the result is still uttering that kind of words.
In the eyes of those onlookers, Jiang Hao was not mentally ill, but he was indeed ill-treated. He was branded as such, and he did not forget to brag about it.
The crowd of onlookers whispered suddenly, and some people pointed at Jiang Hao unabashedly and laughed.
Not only these people, even Wang Jiani, who had just been rescued by Jiang Hao, her face instantly became gloomy after hearing this.
She thought to herself that this guy is a poor dick, but he is still a guy who likes to blow.
At a certain moment, Wang Jiani felt that it was a shame to let Jiang Hao save her.
She had imagined countless times that she was in danger. As a result, a wealthy prince charming stepped forward to save herself from danger…
But undoubtedly, Jiang Hao destroyed her many years of reverie.
People who break their dreams are simply worse than those who bully themselves!
Wang Jiani looked at Jiang Hao’s gaze. From this moment on, she didn’t feel better.
However, Jiang Hao didn’t seem to care about this at all. He had suffered enough humiliation today, and he simply gave up.
I simply gave this card to this young man today, and see what he can do.
Jiang Hao naturally knew very well in his heart that even if this guy is arrogant now, it won’t take long for him to cry even though he can’t cry.
At this moment, the crowd yelled, “The police are here!”
The young man had cleaned up Jiang Hao, and was planning to go back and attack Qin Yun and Wang Jiani.
But upon hearing this shout, the young man and his companion shook all over, rushed out of the crowd and ran away.
The two ran a long way out in one breath and didn’t stop until they were near a bank.
The young man took out his bank card and couldn’t help but smile at his companion: “Hehe, that kid is really fucking bragging, saying there are 2 billion in this card, damn it, don’t fucking cost 20 yuan In that case, next time I meet this kid, I will not interrupt his dog legs!” The young companion also grinned: “Two billion…Haha, hilarious! Hey, but for those two today The pretty girl didn’t succeed, it was fucking disappointing, I blamed that poor, damn…” The two got into the bank’s self-service ATM, inserted the card, and directly entered the password.
The young man clicked on the balance and wanted to see what happened.
And his companion actually put his hands together and prayed.
The young man laughed and kicked him: “What the hell are you doing? How much money do you think you can have here?”
The companion also laughed and said, “Haha, what if there are really two billion in it? Mom, don’t buy a set first…”
Before the companion had finished speaking, he just glanced at the ATM screen, and the whole person was stunned.
“This… one, two, three, four, five…” The more the young companion counted, the wider his glasses became, and he murmured in astonishment. …Two billion?”
When the young companion saw the balance in the bank card, the whole person jumped up in shock and yelled like crazy, “Fuck, it’s damn two billion, really two billion!” ”
At this moment, the expression on his face is not knowing whether it is crying or laughing.
On the contrary, this shocked the young man. He didn’t believe it at first when he heard two billion. He quickly turned his head and glanced, and the whole person was dumbfounded.
At that moment, the young man felt his mind was blank!
At that moment, he felt as if he had lost consciousness all over!
At that moment, he didn’t know whether he was sad or happy!
The two of them seem to be crazy, and they have been scaring away three waves of people who came to withdraw money, and they have gradually calmed down a bit!
“I… Fuck, that kid really has 2 billion?” the young companion said excitedly, and then laughed with a grin, “Haha, this time we fucking sent it…”
Indeed, two billion. , Ordinary people suddenly have so much money, it’s not bad not to go crazy.
At first, this young man was full of enthusiasm, thinking that with so much money, who the hell would come out? Even squandering to death is enough to eat for a lifetime.
But soon, he realized some problems, which made him more and more afraid.
A fierce shot young fellow’s head, shouted: “It’s over, this time his mother was hurt this kid really has twenty million, that identity is certainly not simple ah estimated to be two of us gone and his mother!?!”
Thought , The young man hurriedly said: “Tung Tzu, don’t fucking laugh, hurry up and withdraw money, as much as you can withdraw, let’s run overnight…”
This young man naturally understood that one person took out a card, and there were two billion in it. What a role a person must be.
I hit him just now, and even if I go back and admit my mistake, he will die.
Instead of this, it’s better to take the opportunity to withdraw money and run away…
On the other side, the hot pot restaurant is in a mess.
In fact, the police were out, but they were stuck in the road at this time.
As soon as Zhang Jie saw the young man running away, he hurried to help Jiang Hao.
At this time Jiang Hao was beaten a little bit miserably, half of his face was blue, and the corners of his mouth were bleeding.
And Qin Yun also hurried over, took out a paper towel and wiped Jiang Hao.
“Really… I’m so sorry.” Qin Yun was full of apologetics, but even this expression on her beautiful face was so lovely.
“It’s all my fault, you are bothering you.” Qin Yun looked at Jiang Hao carefully again, and asked weakly, “Are you also classmates of Chujiang University?”
“Yes, we are studying civil engineering.” Ji Xueming hurriedly took the lead. , Said, “Qin Daxiaohua, what a coincidence, I met you here!” After being beaten like that and looking at Qin Yun like an idiot, Jiang Hao and Zhang Jie were speechless to Ji Xueming.
“Are you all right.” Jiang Hao glanced at Qin Yun, and when the two looked at each other, Jiang Hao’s face turned red unconsciously.
“I’m okay.” Qin Yun shook her head, “I’m really sorry, it hurts you all, let’s go, I’ll take you to the hospital…”
Jiang Hao shook his head quickly, and said, “It’s okay, I’m okay. , It’s all skin trauma, you are fine.”
Qin Yun’s face was also slightly ruddy when she heard this, and she was about to say something when she was suddenly interrupted by a voice behind her.
“Are you guys? You can’t beat one of the three?”
It was Wang Jiani who was talking. She walked over angrily and pulled Qin Yun away.
“Qin Yun, let’s go!” Wang Jiani glanced at Jiang Hao coldly, without gratitude in her eyes, but with contempt. “You are grateful for what they do? Who knows what purpose they came out with? I see them three No one is a good person!”
The three Jiang Hao were shocked when they heard this.
Sister, I saved you? Moreover, in order to save you, the whole body was beaten up, but you didn’t have a word of thanks, so you still said such words?
It was true that Jiang Hao’s good temper was a bit unbearable at this time.
And Zhang Jie exploded directly.
“How do you say that? You people in the end there is no conscience ah?” Zhang Jie angrily said, “to save you, you see my brother have been labeled as what kind? Bank card was taken away.”
Wang Jiani did not even He put Zhang Jie in his eyes, snorted, and said lightly: “What’s up with me, you can’t beat people, you deserve to be beaten! Haha, but it’s a pity that your bank card with 2 billion deposits was taken away Now.”
Wang Jiani’s tone was full of irony, which was obviously making fun of Jiang Hao.
She continued: “Huh, shouldn’t you, let me pay you two billion? Also, you people, it is estimated that you can do these things. Two billion…hehe, people are poor, what Dare to speak big words!”

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