I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 2

“Yuanyuan!” Zhang Jie raised her tone and said, “Jiang Hao must be very uncomfortable now. Isn’t it a bit too much for you to say this?”
Zhou Yuanyuan disapproved, and sneered: “What am I talking about? Am I wrong? He is just a dick, so I don’t think about it. Fang Xiao looks good, so why do I like him? I really think it’s love? I’m a fool to believe in love!”
Zhou Yuanyuan didn’t hide her feelings for Jiang. Hao’s contempt. In fact, when Zhang Jie was about to call Jiang Hao when she was eating, she was already very unhappy.
Relying on the good conditions in her family, Zhou Yuanyuan never regarded Jiang Hao in her heart.
Zhou Yuanyuan paused and continued: “Huh, when someone called you, you just come over, you don’t even have a bit of backbone. Is it interesting to come out to eat and drink? What kind of man?”
Jiang Hao’s face flushed. Poor, but it’s not without dignity, the other party said that he can’t stand it even as a tree.
Zhang Jie felt even more troubled. After all, he called Jiang Hao, and his cousin said that, and his face disappeared.
Zhang Jie stood up angrily, thinking about arguing with his cousin, but he heard Jiang Hao say something in a low voice: “Or…I’ll be a guest today.”
Jiang Hao’s words caught everyone present, and Zhang Jie frowned. Naturally, he knew very well that Jiang Hao’s family background was very bad. Although he usually did some odd jobs, he spent nine out of ten dollars on Fang Xiao.
Usually he asks a few brothers to eat some noodles without money, let alone today in Jiulong Lane.
“Yo-yo-yo, didn’t I misheard it? Haha, some people don’t like backache when talking big!” Zhou Yuanyuan sneered, and said to Jiang Hao contemptuously, “Give you a treat, where do you think this is? This is Jiulong Lane, eat A meal is at least one or two thousand yuan, can you afford you? Poor, do you think your father is Shen Haoting?”
“Then if my father is really Shen Haoting!” Jiang Hao looked at Zhou Yuanyuan seriously.
His words first made the room quiet for a while, and then Zhou Yuanyuan chuckled together with the short-haired girl next to her.
“Haha… Lili, did you hear that? He said his father was Shen Haoting. I think he came out without waking up? Poor is really poor and crazy, dare to say anything…” Zhou Yuanyuan smiled .
The short-haired girl smiled and covered her belly: “Haha, if his dad is Shen Haoting, then my dad is the Jade Emperor… How come there are such people in this world?”
Jiang Hao was a little speechless, he was telling the truth, but The other party only regarded himself as a joke. He looked at Zhang Jie and Ji Xueming, who also shook their heads helplessly.
My dad is really Shen Haoting!
Jiang Hao really wanted to shout out this sentence, but he knew that no matter how he explained it, who could believe it?
“I… hey…”
Jiang Hao said to his lips, and swallowed back silently, because he suddenly remembered his father’s words, and temporarily couldn’t let others know his identity.
Forget it, believe it or not, how do you know what kind of character you laugh at.
Don’t talk about treats here for a meal, as long as you are willing, it is easy to buy this Jiulong Lane.
“Huh, what are you? You are not right to be poor, and it’s even more wrong to think about it.” Zhou Yuanyuan glanced at Jiang Hao and shouted, “The waiter orders! Xiaoli, Junting, what do you want to eat? Point, today my dad gave me five thousand.”
Jiang Hao glanced at Zhang Jie. He knew that his good brother was already in a dilemma. In fact, he wanted to leave now, but that would only make Zhang Jie face. Even more embarrassing.
The waiter took the menu and gave it a round. Everyone had gone through the things they had just done, and they didn’t want to order. Only Yao Lili, the short-haired girl next to Zhou Yuanyuan, seemed to have nothing happened, and ordered a lot: “I want to eat this, this, and this…”
The big guy didn’t care, but Zhou Yuanyuan’s expression changed slightly when the dishes were served, and she thought: Why are there so many dishes?
But it was only a moment, and she didn’t care anymore. Anyway, she brought more than 5,000 yuan today, no matter how much she eats, it is probably enough.
After eating for a while, Yao Lili looked at the menu again and ordered a few bottles of red wine of unknown brand.
Until the meal was over, everyone seemed to react from the embarrassing situation just now. However, Jiang Hao only took two bites symbolically from beginning to end.
“Lao Jiang, why don’t you take two more, I don’t think you have two.” Zhang Jie was a little unbearable, and said in Jiang Hao’s ear, “My sister is that person, you don’t care.”
Zhou Yuanyuan pointed at Zhang Jie He curled his lips, looked at Jiang Hao with disdain, and sneered: “The waiter pays the bill, and the table is withdrawn! Give you a chance to not eat, thought you have a next meal?”
Zhang Jie immediately looked at Zhou Yuanyuan with dissatisfaction. At that time, it was an expression that you could do anything to me. My heart said that I just saw this dick not pleasing to my eyes, what can you do to me.
Jiang Hao talked about Zhang Jie. Of course, he didn’t want to make Zhang Jie and his relatives separate because of himself. Besides, he really didn’t want to eat this meal.
Soon, the beautiful waitress came in and said with a smile on her face: “Hello beauty, you have spent a total of 15840. Do you use credit card or cash?” The waitress said, not just Zhou Yuanyuan, almost everyone was stunned.
“Are you right? Why are there so many?” Zhou Yuanyuan asked incredulously.
The waiter frowned, and handed her the consumption list: “The dishes you just consumed are 5,240, and the rest is for drinks. The beauty next to you just ordered two bottles of France. Imported red wine, the price of a single bottle is five thousand three…”
Heh…After the waiter finished speaking, everyone took a breath of air-conditioning and looked sideways at Yao Lili with a complaining expression.
After all, she ordered the dishes just now, and she also ordered the red wine, so why didn’t you even ask about the price?
“I…I don’t know this red wine is so expensive.” Yao Lili apologized, “I thought it would cost just one or two hundred yuan a bottle… Yuanyuan, I’m sorry.” Zhou Yuanyuan sighed: “I’m sorry. For a fart, hey, I can only have five thousand dollars in my pocket!”
Zhou Yuanyuanyuan looked at everyone with a flushed face, and finally set her eyes on Jiang Hao, gritted her teeth, and said that today is really unlucky, she actually made a fool of herself in front of Diaosi. It’s too shameful.
But what Zhou Yuanyuanyuan is even more worried about is how to make up these tens of thousands of holes?
Zhou Yuanyuanyuan blushed and said: “Which of you has brought the money? Or else you can put it on for me first, and I will pay you back later, I… I really didn’t bring that much money today.”
“Except five thousand, but pay back There are more than ten thousand, I don’t have Yuanyuan, not a single point…” Yao Lili hurriedly cried, her face turned to one side.
Others paid for it, and another beautiful girl named Jun Ting spent a long time together: “Yuanyuan, I am more than 700, this is all my pocket money this month.”
Zhang Jie and Ji Xueming also gathered together. Zhang Jie borrowed a few hundred yuan from his friends. But even so, it is still a drop in the bucket.
In the end, everyone looked at Jiang Hao.
“Lao Jiang, you… have you brought money?” Zhang Jie asked with a blushing face. Although he knew that Jiang Hao’s possibility of paying out was almost zero, he still asked.
But before Jiang Hao spoke up, Zhou Yuanyuan took the lead and said: “Come on, does he look like his terrapin, like rich? Ask him, why don’t you ask for rice at the door!”
Jiang Hao looked at it. Zhou Yuanyuan, silently withdrew her hand from her schoolbag back.
The waiter of the restaurant looked at this, silently sighed, and his face sank: “Why, don’t you guys can’t afford the order? Beauty, don’t blame me for not reminding you, no one dares to be here yet.”
“No, no, it’s not a bad debt.” Zhou Yuanyuan explained hurriedly, “I just didn’t bring enough money.”
Of course Zhou Yuanyuan didn’t dare to go wrong. She had heard that the boss of Jiulong Lane was a ruthless person.
There used to be a bastard from a college town who came here to look for trouble. Not only was he interrupted, he was thrown into prison by his boss.
Zhou Yuanyuan didn’t want to end up like that, at this moment she was anxious like an ant on a hot pot.
At this moment, the waitress whispered something on the walkie-talkie, and soon three strong men blocked the door of the private room.
“Then call your parents, please hurry up and collect the remaining 10,000 yuan.” The waitress said solemnly.
“No, no, you can’t call my dad. If he knows that I ate more than 10,000 for a meal, he will have to kill me with my stepmother…” Zhou Yuanyuan couldn’t help but flash in her eyes as she spoke. Anxious tears were streaming out, “Why don’t I give you an IOU, please allow me a few days…”
“IOU? Hehe, you can figure it out.” The waitress sneered and looked. Of the three brawny men at the door, the three of them immediately understood that they would drag Zhou Yuanyuan away when they broke into the private room.
But at this moment, a voice came and stopped several brawny men directly: “Wait!”

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