I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 20

“I rely on… who the fuck is this?”
“Awesome, there are four rockets, and 40,000 yuan is gone? How many times is this enough for me to do major health care?”
“Haha, I remembered a certain anchor just now I also scolded people for being poor, and they just slapped their hands when they returned. The face hurts…”
Tingfeng brushed four rockets in one breath, and the entire platform was boiled. In almost every live broadcast room, They are all talking about this crazy.
Because this live broadcast platform is only within the scope of Chujiang University after all, students usually make a gift, which seems to be a few hundred or thousands of dollars.
But it was not only frantic, but also a bit sensational to wipe out tens of thousands of dollars.
Especially in Wang Jiani’s live studio, after the four rockets that had just listened to the wind, almost all screens were filled with barrage.
Especially those who didn’t dared to speak just now, at this time, they were extremely mocking.
At this time, Wang Jiani’s mood was uncomfortable, and she even bit her teeth with hatred.
Not only did she hate it, but she was also full of jealousy, because the Yu Ning who had just listened to the wind to reward her was unknown in the first two minutes. There were only a dozen people in the live broadcast room.
But after the bombardment of the four rockets, the popularity of the live broadcast room soared instantly, and once reached the top of the popularity list.
And this Yu Ning directly reached the top of the temporary gift list with 40,000 yuan.
Although Wang Jiani is second, the gift she has received now is less than 10,000.
“Damn, how come there are so many slut in this world?” Wang Jiani’s chest was ups and downs, her eyebrows furrowed, she looked furious.
After all, the listener just came to my live broadcast room first, and I thought that this person was a liar before drove him away.
But I didn’t want to. Not only did she fulfill Yu Ning, who was holding her guitar and singing folk songs, she also lost her championship.
As soon as her jealousy burst, Wang Jiani’s angry tears began to swirl in her eyes.
“Brother Dong Shao, are you just looking at me being humiliated like this? That listening to the wind is a bastard. You can’t look at your limelight and be snatched by him?”
Wang Jiani wiped her tears and looked like It’s so wronged.
But everyone could hear that she was clearly implying that Dong Shao would make gifts.
After all, the only one who can help Wang Jiani win the championship is this Dongshao.
Not long after Wang Jiani’s words were spoken, she heard her WeChat rang, and someone added her as a friend.
She opened it at one point, and the note above turned out to be Qiao Dong. This guy took the initiative to add his WeChat, it seems that he still has hope, otherwise Qiao Dong may ignore himself.
Wang Jiani hurriedly joined the other party. Who knows, Qiao Dong added Wang Jiani and the first sentence he said was: I will make you a champion, how about staying with me all night?
When Wang Jiani saw the message, she was taken aback for a moment, and then she blushed.
Is this blatantly going to sell it yourself? Wang Jiani felt very ashamed, and this sense of shame was stronger than just hearing the wind and letting herself call herself rubbish.
“Come back? As long as you agree, I will let you be the queen of Chujiang University today!”
Qiao Dong said this very aggressively. It is estimated that other girls will jump up with excitement when they hear this.
After all, the other party is Qiao Dong, handsome and rich. What’s more, if I can win the championship, I estimate that I will get tens of thousands of dollars.
Although Wang Jiani hated this way of winning the championship through trade, she still hesitated in her heart.
She looked at the ironic barrage in the live broadcast room, her teeth clenched.
She couldn’t help comforting herself: Qiao Dong is handsome, and there is money in the family, didn’t she want to hook him before? Taking advantage of this opportunity…
Wang Jiani trembled and sent the words “I promise you”, but she felt extremely ashamed in her heart.
In fact, what else is said is just for self-comfort. She knows in her heart, what is the difference between herself and selling?
But there is no other way. Now, if I don’t agree to Qiao Dong, I will be ashamed in front of thousands of people in Chujiang University.
“Deal!” Qiao Dongjian sent a simple note.
After a while, suddenly the whole live broadcast platform was boiling again.
Chu Jiang, a young man, gave Jani a rocket!
Chu Jiang, a young man, gave Jani a rocket!
Chu Jiang, a young man, gave Jani a rocket!

Six consecutive brushes in one breath, a gift of 60,000 yuan, instantly ignited the entire live broadcast platform.
“Fuck, Dong Shao and that Tingfeng are going crazy? Haha, interesting!”
“Awesome, sixty thousand yuan, it is really big and young, sixty thousand yuan was thrown out casually, haha, that Tingfeng Do you dare to pick it up?”
“What’s the answer? I guess that guy just wanted to pretend to be coerced. Just Dong Shao’s battle, that guy ran away early.”
“Haha, the guy who just listened to the wind suit was so coerced , But what’s the result? In the end, it’s up to people Dong Shao to compare with Dong Shao, that listening to the wind is just rubbish…” After the six rockets, the whole Wang Jiani live broadcast room was boiling, and everyone started to chase Joe again. East.
And Wang Jiani, who returned to the position of the leader of the list, was also full of spring breeze at this time, and she repeatedly said: “Thank you, Dong Shao, Dong Shao is the best, listen to the wind, hehe, drink the northwest wind, I don’t know where it came from. Turtle, you really think you are so amazing? You can try again if you have one? Hehe, some people pretend to be forced and don’t weigh their own abilities!”
Wang Jiani was very happy, and she continued to talk for a long time, but the listening wind never appeared again, which made her even more proud.
Besides her, there is also Qiao Dong who is far away in his villa.
Although Mr. Qiao has money, he spends only tens of thousands of dollars a month. He has just finished paying 60,000 dollars and he is almost bankrupt.
Young Master Qiao heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the wind without responding for a long time.
I thought I was finally relieved now, if that guy really continues to add weight, I can’t help it.
At this time, there is only less than ten minutes left after one hour.
Seeing more than 20,000 more gifts than the second Yu Ning, Wang Jiani felt very proud.
“Haha, some people loaded to force it? Embarrassed face was beaten out? Really funny ah, such a person really should be a lot of fight against, or do not know they have a few kilograms two!”
Seeing victory Before her eyes, Wang Jiani was so excited that she couldn’t help but start to bury the wind.
It has been more than ten minutes, and that listening to the wind has never responded, and Wang Jiani is convinced that she will win.
But at this moment, another eye-catching barrage popped up in Wang Jiani’s live broadcast room, listening to the wind.
“Do you think this is a win?”
Although there are only a few words, Wang Jiani is all in a cold sweat. She looks like she sees the enemy, and said contemptuously: “Hehe, it turns out that no one died, I didn’t think I won. , But you have already won, okay? There is something that you can do again? I don’t believe it. You dare to compare with Dong Shao for something like your real name?”
Wang Jiani had just finished speaking, suddenly arrogant She curled her lips, but her expression hadn’t relaxed yet, and suddenly the entire live broadcast platform was blown up!
Listen to the wind and give Yu Ning a rocket!
Listen to the wind and give Yu Ning a rocket!

For more than a minute, the entire live broadcast platform seemed to be down. The windows of the entire platform were all system push notifications.
Almost everyone was dumbfounded, because this listened to the wind, a total of more than a dozen rockets had been brushed up and down, which is more than 100,000. How much is this person?
“Damn, I took it, really, the local tyrant!”
“Dad, please support! You are the local tyrant… Haha, I don’t know if Dong Shao has paid a lot of money now!”
“A certain anchor, you just mocked People, how do you feel at this time?”
“Haha, slap your face, hurry up and look in the mirror to see if your face is swollen?”
Wang Jiani’s live broadcast room, the barrage at this time is like a tide. same.
But Wang Jiani hadn’t paid attention to these long ago. She stared at the screen in a daze, biting her teeth with hatred.
Shame and shame, I was played again!
At this time, listening to the wind that has sent a barrage between Wang Jiani live in: “Chujiang a little, you just brush it I recharge a million, should be enough to play dawn?!”
See this With the barrage, Wang Jiani was completely mad, and she almost snarled: “Don’t you fucking pretend, you really think you are so amazing? Hehe, what are you? You can’t even show your true face!”
Wang Jiani also gave up, and quickly sent Qiao Dong to WeChat: “Young Master Dong, do you quickly swipe it? Didn’t you see that person’s arrogance?”
Qiao Dong glanced at the phone, feeling mixed, and threw the phone casually. When he got to the side, he ignored it.
If you brush another eight thousand, you still have the ability, but now if you push Wang Jiani to the first place, let alone one hundred thousand yuan, the premise is still the premise of listening to the wind.
Spend hundreds of thousands to sleep with her all night? Qiao Dong really felt a little worthless.
Seeing that the other party didn’t reply, Wang Jiani rushed to rush again, but the other party still didn’t reply to more than a dozen messages.
Seeing that the event time was about to end, Wang Jiani was desperate.
At this moment, Tingfeng sent a barrage again: “Where is your Dongshao? What am I talking about? Rubbish is rubbish, not worthy of winning the championship!”

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