I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 261-270

Chapter: 261
Gao Shun is so rich, in case he is happy, in addition to the 50,000 yuan, he might give himself more money.
Thinking of this, Feng Pingping became proud again, and Jiang Hao and the little head of the staff were blanked with contempt, and said, “Hmph, wait for me, I’ll see what else you can say!”
After speaking, Feng Pingping said Hastily greeted him in the direction of the security captain.
“Hey hey hey, do you want to make a contribution?” Feng Pingping stepped forward and said in the first sentence.
In fact, seeing Feng Pingping all the way, the security captain was already angry. After all, he was scolded before and was almost cleaned up by Gao Shun. A large part of the reason was Feng Pingping.
So this time, the security captain came with someone, and he was going to find Feng Pingping to settle the accounts, and by the way, he would pay Jiang Hao again.
It’s just that he didn’t arrive, and before he could find the door, Feng Pingping had found it by himself, and he had a hippy smile.
Why, haven’t you realized that you are dying?
The security captain sneered, wanting to see what moth Feng Pingping was about to brush out, he smiled and asked: “Oh? Do meritorious service? What merit? Of course I thought!”
Although the captain of security said so, but in his heart Feng Pingping’s thoughts were almost taken away by her head.
Still meritorious? Today I understand you, that’s a great achievement. You are still happily here. What a brain-dead!
Feng Pingping didn’t even realize that there was something in the other party’s words, and smiled stupidly, and turned to point at Jiang Hao and the little staff boss.
Feng Pingping said: “Did you see that person? Didn’t he just want to get through with you? But you exposed it later, but this idiot came in again. Do you know how he got in?”
The security captain jokingly laughed at his subordinates, and shook his head pretending to not know anything: “I don’t know, why, you know?”
Feng Pingping nodded triumphantly: “Of course I know, otherwise, why did I just ask you if you want to do meritorious service? Did you see the person next to that idiot? It’s the person from your company!” The security captain nodded, “What happened to him? ”
What’s wrong? Let me tell you, that guy and that stupid Jiang Hao are in the same group, and that stupid sneaked in through your rape!” Feng Pingping seemed to be very proud, and continued, “You I said, if your boss knows about this kind of food, what will he do with it?” The security captain couldn’t help but smile.
Of course he knew how Jiang Hao got in, but according to Feng Pingping’s statement, it was really ridiculous.
What did she think about it?
Huan Jiang Hao is in the same company with the little boss of that company? Jiang Hao came in through others.
This Feng Pingping’s brain hole is really big.
“Oh, so…haha…” The security captain dealt with Feng Pingping, but couldn’t help but laugh.
“Yes, yes, look, if you stab this matter to your boss, will it be a great achievement? Maybe your husband will give you a promotion and a salary increase!” Feng Pingping jumped.
The security captain nodded: “Yes, you are too right, then what should I do?”
“What else? How did you become the captain? Pig brain?” Feng Pingping contemptuously Looked at Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, and said, “You, you will go directly and hold down those two poor men, and then hold your inner ghost, and then directly call your boss over, then you will be promoted. It’s still a salary increase. Isn’t it a word from your boss?” The security captain thought a little, and suddenly laughed: “Yes, you said you, this little girl, is so smart. Yes, just follow you. Do what you say, go, you come with me, let’s hold them now, and go back to ask our Chief Gao for help!”
While talking, the security captain asked Feng Pingping to walk in front of her head, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.
He really thought this Feng Pingping was a bit ridiculous, what kind of head did she have, how could she think of this way?
However, the security captain did not say anything. He knew very well that since Jiang Hao hadn’t done anything to her before, he obviously wanted to see when she could jump as a clown?
That being the case, I simply played with her to see what a big joke Feng Pingping could make.
And for a while, I can just punish Feng Pingping in front of Jiang Hao, so that I can also restore some impressions in front of Jiang Hao.
After all, I had offended Jiang Hao so much before. If people didn’t hold me accountable, it didn’t mean I didn’t do anything.
If you really want to let others forgive yourself, you must first make some facts and show your sincerity with practical actions.
Thinking of this, the security captain smiled and hurriedly followed Feng Pingping’s footsteps.

Chapter: 262
This time, Feng Pingping finally had the confidence, and walked with pride.
She wanted to see what else you could say this time, and just wait for it to be cleaned up.
Feng Pingping walked up to Jiang Hao and pointed to Jiang Hao and said to the security captain, “Look, I was right, this guy was just driven away by you, and is he sneaking in now?” The security captain saw Jiang. Hao suddenly lowered his eyebrows and nodded to Jiang Hao with a smile on his face.
Jiang Hao also smiled and pointed to the security captain and said, “Why, this is the helper you got? Are you going to take me away now?”
Jiang Hao stretched out his hands and made the appearance of letting the other party torture him. But there is no serious meaning on his face.
Jiang Hao’s expression really made Feng Pingping’s angry teeth itch.
She pointed to Jiang Hao, and said angrily: “Don’t be so proud, wait for a while to see how people clean up you! You are still crazy here, really thinking that you have an accomplice, so no one can do anything to you? Funny, who do you think you are!”
Feng Pingping finished speaking, pointing at Jiang Hao, and then turned to the security captain and said: “You see, how arrogant this bastard is, I think you should interrupt him immediately. He’s doglegs, otherwise he will definitely not have a memory next time!”
After speaking, Feng Pingping pinched her waist, waiting to see how the security captain and the others would ravage Jiang Hao.
She even had a smug smile at the corner of her mouth, just waiting to see the joke.
But she waited for a long time, but the security captain behind herself did not move.
Feng Pingping couldn’t help feeling a little surprised, frowned, and then asked the security captain, “You…what are you doing? Hurry up? You don’t want to do meritorious service?”
Feng Pingping finished speaking and found that the security captain was still a wooden stake. There was a joke on his face, but his face gradually showed a joking smirk.
Feng Pingping’s smile couldn’t help making Feng Pingping a little hairy, and she asked nervously, “You…what are you laughing at? Hurry up?”
But after she finished speaking, the security captain was still indifferent, and several of the security guards under her Ground.
Feng Pingping was even more blinded this time, she didn’t understand, so she thought to herself, didn’t this guy just promised her promise very well? Why is there no response when I get here?
She turned her head and looked at Jiang Hao again, she couldn’t help being a little surprised, because she unexpectedly discovered that Jiang Hao was also looking at herself with a smile.
Everyone was smiling at themselves, which really made Feng Pingping a little hairy.
“You…you all laugh so much, is it funny?” Feng Pingping said.
“Yeah, it’s ridiculous.” Jiang Hao laughed out loud and said, “It’s really ridiculous.”
Feng Pingping was so embarrassed when she heard that, she waved her hand and drew it at Jiang Hao, yelling, ” Risking . Your mother…”
But this time Feng Pingping hadn’t waited to finish her words, and before the slap she waved out hadn’t waited far, she felt an even greater force and took care of her directly.
“Papa…” There was a clear and loud sound.
Then Feng Pingping cried bitterly again.
“You have to give it a try, stinky bitch!”
The captain of the security who was talking, who seemed to be more civilized and polite, looked at Feng Pingping with a grim look.
It was also him who had just slapped Feng Pingping.
The security captain just saw Feng Pingping about to do his hands, with quick eyesight and quick hands, he slapped Feng Pingping directly, and his face was numb.
This slap was so heavy that Feng Pingping couldn’t get over it for a long time.
When she slowly gained a sense of consciousness, she was shocked to realize that she had been framed by two security guards.
The security captain was still staring at him savagely, and seemed to be cursing at the very bottom, but Feng Pingping’s ears buzzed and he couldn’t hear clearly.
“Jiang Shao, I’m really sorry, I was shocked.” The security captain bowed his head and respectfully said to
Jiang Hao . “What do you think about this person?” Jiang Hao looked at the security captain and smiled and asked jokingly: “What, Now you know whose ticket was stolen?” The captain of the security wiped a cold sweat awkwardly, and looked a little uncomfortable, and whispered: “Just…I just didn’t know Tarzan, so don’t go.
Go inside , don’t worry, I must change my past, I must…” “Forget it.” Jiang Hao waved his hand and glanced at Feng Pingping, who was still half-dreaming and half-awake. He still wanted to make a good deal of her, but Unexpectedly, this guy caused the security captain to slap in a slap, which is not fun.
“Throw it out.” Jiang Hao said lightly.
“Then do you want me to fix her severely? Or break her leg, or remove a tick…” Before the security captain finished speaking, Jiang Hao curled his lips and interrupted him directly.
“Come on, you have to be forgiving and forgiving, you miserable her, she will be over in her life, give her a chance.” Jiang Hao looked at Xue Yuning, and asked, “What do you think?”
Xue Yuning Hearing the words, nodded: “Yes, after all, everyone should go to bed together.
Just teach her something.

Chapter: 263
“Yes, yes, I didn’t think it well.” The captain of the security grinned and said, “It’s still Shao Jiang and you are kind, we really have nothing but admiration…” The captain of the security complimented him. After speaking, he waved his hand and motioned to his men to take Feng Pingping away.
This time it was completely quiet, and Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning were able to watch the entire concert with peace of mind.
What they don’t know is that the noise here just now has actually attracted everyone’s attention.
After all, the concert has not yet started, so the debate here is like a magnet, attracting the attention of many people.
And in a corner far away from Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning’s position, Wang Jiani also stood up, tilted her feet and looked over here, wondering what happened.
It’s just that the distance is too far, and she can only see the blurred figure, and she doesn’t even know what happened.
“What’s wrong over there?” Wang Jiani asked a girl next to her.
The girl said truthfully: “I don’t know, it seems that a big man has come. There seems to be a girl who has some conflicts with that big man, and was thrown out by the security guard
…” “Tsk tusk…” Wang Jiani repeatedly Staggering, I thought that big people are big people, and indeed rich people can do whatever they want.
When there was a conflict, the first people who were thrown out were ordinary people.
Wang Jiani tilted her feet to look at it again, but she could only shook her head sadly, and then asked the girl in her body: “Beauty, do you know who that boss is ?” Wang Jiani’s this is pure gossip. She knew that this matter would probably not be long before it would become a hot topic in the streets of Chujiang, and if she could grasp more information, she could become the focus at that time.
The girl shook her head: “I’m not sure, but I just heard someone say that this is a rich second-generation, and it seems that he is from Chujiang University. It is said that when he came just now, the boss of this company went out to greet him. What…”
“Chujiang University?” Wang Jiani couldn’t help looking surprised when she heard the words. In her heart, she checked all the guys who could be regarded as the rich second generation in Chujiang University, but she couldn’t find one. The master who matches today’s battle.
After all, even if those rich second generations are so powerful, it is impossible for the concert organizer to clear a venue for you, and the boss personally greeted it?
In Chujiang, if there are such rich second generations, there are indeed two, but they are definitely not in Chujiang University. If they are, they are also in the Chujiang branch of Jiangnan University of Commerce.
Although the school is not as well-known as Chujiang University, Jiangnan University of Commerce is a well-known “aristocratic school” in the province. None of the people who can study there are of ordinary family background, and it is almost abruptly rich.
So in Wang Jiani’s opinion, it may be that the girl got it wrong.
Wang Jiani hurriedly lifted her feet and looked at it again. This time she worked very hard and exhausted her milk-feeding energy. Finally, she could see the first row, but all she saw were only two figures.
But Wang Jiani was taken aback, because she was surprised to find that the two figures sitting on the sofa were so familiar…
“This…no, absolutely impossible, I must have read it wrong!” Wang Jiani said to herself Speaking… the concert soon began, and Feng Pingping, who was thrown out of the stadium gate, took more than ten minutes to fully regain consciousness, and then she felt the overwhelming pain in her head.
“Damn…” Feng Pingping made a fist and hammered the ground fiercely, feeling resentful in her heart.
It’s just that she still can’t figure it out now, did the security captain have a head puncture? He was obviously helping him, he was crazy or two hundred and five, why did he slap himself backhand?
And Feng Pingping still remembered that after he slapped himself in the face, the security captain seemed to have said something to Jiang Hao.
Feng Pingping couldn’t help but fell into confusion, and muttered to herself: “Damn, is it possible that they are also in the same group? That’s a big deal. It seems that I will really have to find their boss by then, and That guy promised to give me fifty thousand yuan, but he hasn’t given it to me yet!”
And he hasn’t watched the concert yet, Feng Pingping thought to herself, I must ask the other party to give me a statement later, and then add more energy and jealousy The relationship between Jiang Hao, the staff member, and the security captain was just talked about. Then it’s time to see how these people explain.
“Damn, even if I don’t need fifty thousand dollars today, I have to tell you all about it!”
After she muttered to herself, Feng Pingping patted the dust on her body and got up from the ground. Walked to the ticket gate at the gate of the stadium.
It’s just that the concert has already begun at this time, and the staff at the ticket gate has been evacuated, leaving only a few security guards on duty there.
Just as Feng Pingping was about to walk over, suddenly her cell phone rang…

Chapter: 264
Seeing the number of the call, Feng Pingping’s expression suddenly changed.
She seemed to be a little nervous, and even completely forgot that she just wanted to find two more things for revenge.
Feng Pingping hesitated for a while, then gritted his teeth and connected the phone.
“Hey, Brother Qiang.” Feng Pingping responded with a strong smile, “Hello, it’s been a long time since you called me, how are you doing?”
“Okay, your uncle!” Liu Qiang on the other end of the phone has a very bad attitude. Okay, directly into the microphone is a curse, “Why don’t I call you, don’t you have to count? You have not done what you promised Laozi this month, and you are silent. , Do you want to lean on this matter? Hehe, what do you think too much!”
Feng Pingping was scolded in dog blood, and she felt very uncomfortable in her heart, but she didn’t dare to show it. Even the expression is trembling.
She hurriedly said: “Brother Qiang, don’t be angry, don’t be angry, how could I not do anything for you, but you also know that recently the school saw me more closely, and the class is not so good… ”
Feng Pingping sighed and fell into bitterness, and said, “You know, I was already punished by the school for helping you find a girl. If I am not careful now, I will be directly Fired. At that time, don’t you say it’s even more impossible for me to find it for you? So, Brother Qiang, don’t worry, I…”
“I’ll go to your mother!” Liu Qiang on the other end of the phone was very angry and directly He cursed, “Do you really threaten me? Do you say it again, believe it or not, I will kill you, ah?”
Liu Qiang went on to curse, “Damn it, why didn’t I give you money? Seeing you have so many difficulties? Shao Te, give me nonsense, I will ask you whether you will do anything for me. If you don’t do anything, then don’t blame me for being rude!”
Feng Pingping knew that Liu Qiang was angry. And if he gets angry, he can really do anything.
Feng Pingping couldn’t help his heart tighten, and became uneasy.
She trembled and said: “I know Brother Qiang, don’t worry, I will definitely help you handle this, but don’t worry, if I can handle it easily, wouldn’t it be done for you long ago? I am really It’s not easy to handle, so please be considerate of me, Brother Qiang…”
“I’m considerate of your mother!” Liu Qiang said violently, “Lao Tzu with the surname Feng will tell you that I will be the last night if I can’t see anyone , Then Lao Tzu will shake all the scandals about you before in your Chujiang University, don’t forget, you have taken pictures before, ha ha, what will you do when I see it, surname Feng Yes, don’t be shameless!” After
Liu Qiang finished speaking, he hung up the phone decisively.
The moment the phone was hung up, tears welled up in Feng Pingping’s eyes.
At this moment, where did she still have the mind to find Jiang Hao for revenge, it was true that she could keep herself now.
Feng Pingping was anxious in her heart. She knew Liu Qiang’s methods and his character very well. If she really didn’t do things according to his will, then he would do what he said just now.
That is what Feng Pingping fears most.
Feng Pingping didn’t wipe her tears, but just raised her hand sharply and slapped herself.
She never thought that her own impulse would eventually lead to such a consequence.
Feng Pingping was short of money for a while, so she followed Liu Qiang’s Daoer Daoer, stayed with him all night, and took some money.
It’s just that Feng Pingping didn’t expect that it was her own impulse at the time, but in the end it became Liu Qiang’s handle.
At that time, Liu Qiang not only secretly recorded images, but also secretly took many photos of Feng Pingping.
After that, Liu Qiang asked Feng Pingping to find him a girl in Chujiang University. At first, Feng Pingping certainly disagreed.
But when she objected, Liu Qiang directly took out the bunch of handles that were shot, and threatened confidently: “If you don’t do what I ask, then I promise you that you are not honest second. God, let these videos and photos all appear in Chujiang University!” When
Feng Pingping saw the things in Liu Qiang’s hands for the first time, she was completely desperate.
She naturally didn’t want to let everyone know about these things. In that case, how could she stay at Chujiang University? She even had a heart to die.
If you can’t resist, you can only agree.
From then on, Feng Pingping also developed more and more, she fell deeper and deeper, and in the end it became a problem even to extricate herself.
Even now Feng Pingping extremely wanted to withdraw from Liu Qiang’s filial piety, it was absolutely impossible.
Feng Pingping was desperate, she really didn’t know what to do.
If you can’t retreat by yourself, you can only continue to help Liu Qiang with this detrimental thing.
But the thing that makes Feng Pingping the most troublesome now is that even if she wants to do it, no one believes her anymore, she can’t deceive others!

Chapter: 265
Just when Feng Pingping felt confused and at a loss, she suddenly thought of Xue Yuning again.
In fact, she thought of Xue Yuning yesterday, but in the end she was stopped by Xu Qingqing.
And Feng Pingping also thinks. Xue Yuning is indeed a goal that suits him.
As soon as Xue Yuning was simple, it was estimated that she would be able to deceive her in a few words, and then he would find an excuse to get her done.
And she knew better that Xue Yuning needed money, and that was the most important thing.
Xue Yuning’s mother was hospitalized and needed a lot of money. This is something that many people who know Xue Yuning know.
And the more at this time, the more he can take advantage of the emptiness and get Xue Yuning down.
At that time, as long as he was bullying and temptation, he would not believe that Xue Yuning would not take the bait.
It’s just that the one thing that makes Feng Pingping feel a headache now is that Jiang Hao is always with Xue Yuning. If you want to get Xue Yuning down, you must first get this Jiang Hao done.
“Damn cock, always spoiling my good things!” Feng Pingping muttered, after thinking for a while, but still didn’t figure out, is there any way to make Jiang Hao stay away from Xue Yuning.
After all, you can’t take Xue Yuning to Liu Qiang’s place by yourself, and Jiang Hao will follow him?
This kind of thing that I did was not seen in the first place, if this matter was passed on by Jiang Hao, wouldn’t I have to eat it?
Feng Pingping couldn’t help but feel a headache when thinking of this, it seems that things have fallen into a deadlock here again.
“Oh…what can I do about this!” Feng Pingping was anxious, after all, Liu Qiang gave her a limited time, but tomorrow night, if he can’t send him a person tomorrow night, then maybe Liu Qiang can do anything that lunatic It’s coming.
Just when Feng Pingping was at a loss, her cell phone suddenly rang again.
Feng Pingping couldn’t help but hang up again in an instant, thinking that it was Liu Qiang 80% again.
This guy won’t change his mind, he won’t even give himself the time limit tomorrow night, right?
Then she is really going crazy.
However, Feng Pingping glanced at the phone number of the caller, and breathed a sigh of relief.
Because it was not Liu Qiang who was calling, and Feng Pingping was a little surprised by this person, because this person turned out to be Xu Qingqing.
“Why did she call me? What’s the matter?” Feng Pingping couldn’t help muttering to herself, full of questions but no answer.
She answered the phone with some anxiety, and said softly: “Hello?”
“Hey…Yes, is it Pingping? I’m Xiaoqing.” Xu Qingqing whispered, and this time she There was a bit of fatigue and hesitation in his tone.
Of course Feng Pingping is not very angry, and she directly replied coldly: “Hehe, what do you mean? You call me and you ask me if I am Feng Pingping, do you have a brain cramp?”
Feng Pingping could not forget that Xu Xu How did Qingqing ruin her good deeds and favor Xue Yuning.
Xu Qingqing was silent for a while after hearing this, and then slowly said: “Yes…I’m sorry, that…Pingping, where are you?”
Xu Qingqing is something wrong? Feng Pingping couldn’t help but become curious.
She also replied with angrily: “You care where I am, are you doing anything? Just let it go.” Xu Qingqing hesitated for a long time before humming: “I…I want to borrow something Money…”

Borrowing money?” Feng Pingping seemed to be shocked when she heard Xu Qingqing’s words. She yelled out of surprise, and she couldn’t believe it.
She absolutely could not imagine that Xu Qingqing would one day borrow money from her.
But Feng Pingping can be certain that Xu Qingqing 80% has encountered some major difficulties, otherwise, with her staunch temper, how could she offend herself yesterday and lick her face to care about borrowing money today?
Feng Pingping smiled from the bottom of her heart, saying that you are really shameless, okay, then look at how I humiliated you!
Feng Pingping said in a calm tone, “Yo-yo-yo, I heard you right? Miss Xu Qingqing would even care about borrowing money from me? Tsk tusk tusk, it’s such a big anecdote, huh…”
Then Feng Pingping turned around. , Said in a tricky tone, “What do you think? When you offended my old lady before, you were so arrogant, you didn’t put my old lady in your eyes at all, what’s the matter? Now that you have difficulties, do you think of your old lady again? What do you think of me? Do you think of a rag? Use it when you think of it, throw it aside if you don’t think of it?”
Feng Pingping said, Xu Qingqing’s face was red, and she gritted her teeth.
She felt uncomfortable, but she still endured it.
Because before she made this call to Feng Pingping, she had already thought that she would definitely not be able to avoid such humiliation.
But she still fought, and she was also mentally prepared, because she seemed to have no choice now.
If it weren’t because she was too short of money, Xu Qingqing would not open this to Feng Pingping anyway.
She also knew that she had offended someone yesterday, and she began to borrow money today. This is simply shameless, but what can she do?

Chapter: 266
Xu Qingqing really couldn’t help it, because early this morning, shortly after Xue Yuning left the dorm, Xu Qingqing received a call from home.
Her father was seriously ill…
In fact, her mother had called Xu Qingqing before, saying that his father was hospitalized because of illness, but the two elders were afraid of delaying her study, so they always concealed the condition and did not truthfully explain the situation.
What they didn’t even explain was that their home had been hollowed out for this treatment.
This morning, my mother finally told the truth, which made Xu Qingqing struck by lightning, and the whole person did not get over it for a long time.
Immediately afterwards, her mother told her that there was really no money in the family, even the house that her parents depended on was now mortgaged to usury.
So Xu Qingqing’s father is ready to give up treatment.
But giving up treatment means that the father may not live for three months.
After learning of the accident, Xu Qingqing shut herself in the dormitory for a long time, only crying helplessly.
After crying for a long time, she seemed to realize that she should do something.
At the very least, one should not give up hope. Father is the only source of income for the family. If his father collapses, wouldn’t his family collapse too?
Xu Qingqing’s unwillingness to admit defeat broke out again.
She kept on the phone all morning, from relatives to friends, to elementary school, middle school, high school classmates, and finally college classmates. She borrowed them one by one.
It’s just that her classmates are either in bad conditions and can’t afford to pay.
Either it was just that she was so good on face, and when it was really useful, she would shirk in every possible way for various reasons.
Xu Qingqing was desperate, and she had only raised less than five thousand yuan all morning.
The money was almost in vain, Xu Qingqing sighed and started crying again.
In fact, she had also thought of Xue Yuning during the process, but Xu Qingqing thought about it, but still did not call her.
Xu Qingqing also knew about Xue Yuning’s condition. She was originally in poor condition, and her mother is still hospitalized in the hospital.
Financially stretched, if she asks her to borrow money at this time, Xu Qingqing can be sure that Xue Yuning will help her, because this is in line with her character.
But if you use Xue Yuning’s money, will your conscience be upset?
Use money from other people’s mothers to save your own father?
Even though she and Xue Yuning are very good friends, they can’t.
In the end, there was really no way out, and Xu Qingqing only thought of Feng Pingping.
She knew that Feng Pingping’s family was far away and she had no financial burden.
Moreover, she often engages in crooked ways to make some money, and she has plenty of money on hand.
At this time, I guess I only have a chance if I speak to her.
Although she is certain, she must be scolded.
But for the money and for his father’s life-saving money, Xu Qingqing gritted his teeth and made a call, because compared with his father’s life, this humiliation is not counted as a fart.
Xu Qingqing burst into tears, and choked to explain: “No, Pingping is not like this, it is really not like this, I…”
“What are you doing!” Feng Pingping yelled angrily, “What are you? Insane, do you know what you call it? It’s called shameless, shameless face!”
Feng Pingping scolded Xu Qingqing again: “What do you think? Yesterday, I was arrogant and pretending to be three. Like a grandson, borrowing money from my old lady? What do you think of me? Is it a relief station? Or a bank?
Listening to the verbal abuse, Xu Qingqing did not return a word, she was just waiting for Feng Pingping to let out all the grievances in her heart, so that she could lend herself money.
“Pingping, I know it’s my fault, and it’s all my fault. If you have any complaints or unpleasantness, you can tell them all. You can beat and scold me, as long as you can vent…” Xu Qing Qing said very humblely.
Feng Pingping can see that as long as he can borrow money from herself today, Xu Qingqing can be her grandson.
Then why are you polite to her? Of course, to vent all the unhappiness and unhappiness before?
But about borrowing money, hehe, Feng Pingping still thinks Xu Qingqing is too naive.
Don’t say that she has sinned against herself before, that is, she did not have a sin, and she has a good relationship with herself, and she will not lend Xu Qingqing a penny.
It’s one thing to borrow money or not, but it’s another thing to stretch out your face and let me fight.
You are so proactive. If I don’t fight, wouldn’t it be too shameful for you?
“It’s okay to hit you?” Feng Pingping asked with a sneer.
Xu Qingqing hesitated for a moment, and finally gritted her teeth and replied: “Okay, as long as… OK, as long as you like it, you can let your anger go !” Feng Pingping was so happy when she heard the words, she hurriedly asked with a smile: ” Okay, tell me, where are you now? I will go over!”

Chapter: 267
Xu Qingqing said that he was in the bedroom, and then Feng Pingping hung up the phone, left the stadium directly, took a taxi and returned to Chujiang University.
As soon as she returned to school, she went straight to the bedroom, Feng Pingping was so anxious, as if she ran away for fear that Xu Qingqing would regret it.
But what surprised Feng Pingping was that when she walked into the bedroom, she was shocked to find that Xu Qingqing hadn’t left. She was sitting on her bed with no expression on her face. In fact, she was determined to let herself have a fight.
“You…you are back.” Xu Qingqing said, seemingly holding back tears.
Feng Pingping couldn’t help feeling ridiculous. She looked at Xu Qingqing and asked jokingly: “Xu Qingqing, why are you in a convulsion? You…you really let me beat you?”
Xu Qingqing hesitated slightly. Looking up at Feng Pingping and smiling, she replied: “As long as you are happy…”
Xu Qingqing didn’t say the rest. She thought to herself, as long as you are happy, you can lend me money, whatever you like. .
Anyway, today Xu Qingqing is willing to go out, for the money, she does everything.
Feng Pingping only felt ridiculous for a while, she tentatively pushed Xu Qingqing, and when she saw that the other party did not respond, let alone fight back, she smiled happily: “Hahaha…This is really interesting. Fight back? What’s wrong with you Xu Qingqing, is your mind caught in the door?”
Feng Pingping became more courageous while she was talking, and she slapped Xu Qingqing’s face.
She is not too powerful, she is also tentative.
The slap fell on Xu Qingqing’s face and crackled, making it even more painful, but Xu Qingqing still did not respond and endured all this.
But when Feng Pingping was about to do it, Xu Qingqing stopped her abruptly.
“Wait a minute!”
“Hmph, what’s the matter, I regret it? I know, you have no sincerity at all!” Feng Pingping said contemptuously, “Don’t you say, how can I be happy?”
Xu Qingqing squeezed out a very stiff smile and asked, “No, it’s not Pingping, I just want to know, can you lend me money after you finish playing and your anger is finished later?”
Xu Qingqing is certainly not stupid, she now wants Feng Pingping to give herself an accurate answer.
Feng Pingping was taken aback by these words.
She originally came back after beating Xu Qingqing in vain, but she didn’t want to. This guy gave herself a bit of sweetness, and then she began to reveal her real purpose.
However, this is the end of the matter, and I just tasted a little bit of sweetness, how could Feng Pingping just let it go.
But she would never borrow money anyway.
Feng Pingping smiled, expressing Xu Qingqing’s innocence in her heart, but she said: “It’s okay, it’s okay. Anyhow, we are good sisters who have lived together for such a long time. You think I’m like that. A faithless person? ”
You are!
Xu Qingqing really wanted to say these two words.
But she couldn’t. Even if she knew that Feng Pingping might have actually beaten herself and didn’t admit it, she also admitted it. At least this would make herself feel that there was still a glimmer of hope.
And if there is no Feng Pingping, there is really nothing left of him.
Xu Qingqing finally smiled reluctantly, pondered for a long time, and then said: “Well, Pingping, I hope you can believe it!” The anger was a bit strange. The two seemed to be talking and laughing, but in fact both sides In his heart, anger was suppressed.
While the two sides seem to be happy, they are talking about one party beating the other.
Feng Pingping seemed to be a little impatient. Before Xu Qingqing could finish speaking, she suddenly slapped her over, but this time, her power was used extremely.
This slap overturned Xu Qingqing on the bed, and then Feng Pingping suppressed the anger in her heart for a long time. The anger of the mountains and seas all vented…
after a long time, Feng Pingping got off Xu Qingqing’s bed, I was a little collapsed when I was tired, and I was a little unstable.
She trembled and smiled: “Damn, it’s so special!”
At this time, Xu Qingqing had blood from the beaten nostrils, and the whole face and body were covered with blood on the sheets and bedding. .
Feng Pingping’s clothes all over her body are now torn into a pile of rags, and she is unkempt and embarrassed.
Xu Qingqing felt dizzy in her head, a sense of exhaustion that she wanted to fall asleep for a while.
But she still resisted, looked at Feng Pingping with a slightly embarrassing smile, and asked: “Pingping, are you getting angry now?” Feng Pingping slumped on the chair, as if she was weak “It’s so cool! Haha, Xu Qingqing, Xu Qingqing, do you know that, I actually wanted to clean you up so happily, you really hate you, do you know?”
Xu Qingqing touched her stinging cheek, changed her messy clothes, and simply tidyed her tousled hair, looked at Feng Pingping blankly again, and asked, “Pingping, Then can you lend me money?”

Chapter: 268
Feng Pingping couldn’t help being asked for a moment. She didn’t expect Xu Qingqing to be beaten to death by herself. She opened her mouth and was still asking herself to borrow money.
This can’t help but make her a little uncomfortable again, if not already exhausted, she would really like to go up and beat her hard.
Feng Pingping looked around angrily, suddenly grabbed the water glass on the side, and slammed Xu Qingqing over.
It’s just that she was already overstretched at this time, and the force of throwing the water glass out was very small and limp.
The cup was thrown on Xu Qingqing’s body, and Xu Qingqing screamed without pain.
“You really can talk nonsense, are you in the eyes of money?” Feng Pingping pointed at Xu Qingqing and shouted, “Just let me borrow money? Hehe, you are so funny, why should I lend you? Who are you? You! ”
Hearing Feng Pingping’s remarks, Xu Qingqing knew that the thing she worried most had happened.
Feng Pingping didn’t want to admit it at all.
“Haha, you said it just now!” Xu Qingqing didn’t even feel irritated, but sneered and said, “You said that as long as I call you, you will lend me money. Why, don’t you want to admit it? What is this, white prostitution? Haha…”
Feng Pingping actually felt a trace of hair in her heart after hearing Xu Qingqing’s sneer.
But she still relied on courage, and said: “I won’t admit it, what can you do to me? You are naive. If you think you really let me fight, I will lend you money? Ha ha, do you know yourself? How ridiculous is the logic?”
Xu Qingqing sneered again when he heard the words, but it was obviously a sneer on the edge of despair.
Now that he is desperate, then this person is sure to do everything.
Xu Qingqing walked slowly towards Feng Pingping, walking slowly, but with cold eyes.
Suddenly, Xu Qingqing pulled out a fruit knife sharply from behind her, looked at Feng Pingping with a cold look, and said coldly: “Feng Pingping, do you think I really can’t do anything with you?”
Xu Qingqing’s action really scared Feng Pingping. She leaned back in a hurry, but she couldn’t sit still. She thumped the chair and fell to the ground.
“You… what are you going to do?” Feng Pingping panicked, she didn’t expect that Xu Qingqing would have a back hand, and it was still such an extreme method.
It seems that she was prepared a long time ago. If she beat her, she would just give up borrowing money, but if she didn’t borrow money, is she going to have a deadlock with herself?
“You… don’t be impulsive, Xu Qingqing, everyone has something to say…” Feng Pingping was a little frightened. When she first beat Xu Qingqing, she was exhausted. She knew very well that she wanted to run now. Can’t run away.
It seems that there are only two choices today, either to lend Xu Qingqing the money, or to really come to a dead fish and break the net.
Although Feng Pingping loves money, she is even more afraid of death.
Seeing Xu Qingqing approaching step by step, she was panicked to the extreme.
Suddenly, Xu Qingqing saw that he was about to reach Feng Pingping’s eyes, but suddenly stopped, and finally said coldly: “Feng Pingping, you have one last chance now. You can choose by yourself. Anyway, if I can’t raise money today, I It doesn’t make much sense to live, everyone…”
Hearing this, Feng Pingping only felt a deep chill from the soles of her feet to the sky spirit cover, she was terribly panicked.
She shivered for a while, then nodded fiercely, and said to Xu Qingqing: “Okay…you, you put the fruit knife down first, I will lend you the money, you go back first…”
“You think I am Can you still trust your mother?” Xu Qingqing didn’t step back, still poking in place, looking straight at Feng Pingping.
Feng Pingping knew that today she couldn’t be perfunctory, and she had to bleed.
She hurriedly rummaged in her pocket and bag for a while.
Before, she sold three of Jiang Hao’s front-row tickets and bought them in the early 80s.
The big head has already been deposited by Feng Pingping in Xiling’s bank. She still has four to five thousand in change. She originally planned to spend her own pocket at any time, but now it seems that she has no chance to spend it.
Feng Pingping quickly took out all the money and handed it to Xu Qingqing with both hands: “Qing…Xiaoqing, here is my last bit of money. I’ll give it to you. You…you can go back now. ”
Xu Qingqing saw the money, and she held back tears for a long time, and they burst out instantly.
She knew that she was not easy, and she was full of grievances, and it seemed that she was about to burst out at this moment.
Xu Qingqing wiped away tears, took the money, and walked back to her bed.
Seeing this scene, Feng Pingping, who had been hanging in her heart for a long time, finally breathed a sigh of relief. She knew that she had passed this time.
The whole person went limp again, and sat down casually, panting heavily.
Xu Qingqing’s battle just now really shocked her.
She even felt that Xu Qingqing really had a murderous intent on herself, but fortunately she had some change in hand, otherwise it would be really bad today.

Chapter: 269
Feng Pingping raised her head and glanced at Xu Qingqing.
At this time, Xu Qingqing was lying on the bed and burst into tears.
Feng Pingping couldn’t help being a little curious, what happened to Xu Qingqing? Will you be so unscrupulous for money?
It is estimated that something major has happened. If it is not a special need for money, who would do such a thing.
It’s just that Feng Pingping recalled what Xu Qingqing had done to herself just now, and she couldn’t bear any pity for Xu Qingqing in her heart.
Damn, if it wasn’t for the quick response, you might have stabbed you, so I can pity you?
It’s just that Feng Pingping thought about it again, looking at the banknotes pinched tightly in Xu Qingqing’s hands, she felt a little unwilling in her heart.
She thought that Xu Qingqing would not return it to herself, right? If that’s the case, I will lose a lot.
Slowly, Feng Pingping asked, “That… Xiaoqing, do you really need money? But…”
Feng Pingping smiled pretendingly: “But you also know that I am here. The money didn’t come from the wind, but I saved it a little bit by myself. You…you have to pay it back to me? Otherwise, I…”
Before Feng Pingping finished speaking, Xu Qingqing looked up. She was so scared that Feng Pingping closed her mouth hurriedly, and did not dare to go any further.
Xu Qingqing choking: “Do not worry, I said, this is the tube you borrow money, not want, I will pay you back sooner or later, if you want, I can even give you stand writings.”
Hear Feng Pingping finally got the bottom of Xu Qingqing’s words, hehe smiled: “Look, what is this talking about, our relationship…”
Feng Pingping thought for a while, and she punched Xu Qingqing with a slap in the face. , She had any relationship with the other party, so the rest of the story didn’t continue.
But at this moment, Feng Pingping suddenly had a flash of light in her mind, and she couldn’t help but get excited again.
She looked at Xu Qingqing and couldn’t help nodding her head again and again.
In the past, she hadn’t observed Xu Qingqing carefully at all, but felt that Xu Qingqing was a pretty good-looking girl and belonged to the kind of well-behaved girl.
But this time she took a closer look at her, only to find that Xu Qingqing was actually very beautiful, but she didn’t dress up very much and was not noticed too much.
Xu Qingqing is very similar to Xue Yuning in this aspect. She is very beautiful, but she doesn’t like to dress up, and she rarely uses cosmetics.
But even so, under that seemingly plain appearance, they have extremely enviable delicate features, as well as bumpy figures.
Not to mention Feng Pingping, even a girl would probably be jealous.
Many people put on heavy makeup, but in the end they can’t match a face without makeup. This is simply unreasonable.
And it was this subconscious observation that immediately gave Feng Pingping an idea.
Feng Pingping thought to herself: Anyway, Liu Qiang is also urging his life there, and he really can’t find the right person on hand. Why not ask Xu Qingqing if she can do it well. Isn’t she short of money anyway? That being the case, it is estimated that this thing can be accomplished by adding a little bit of temptation to profit.
Thinking of this, Feng Pingping was incredibly happy.
This seems to be a good way to kill two birds with one stone. First, I can work with Liu Qiang, and second, I can make a fortune from Xu Qingqing.
Thinking of this, Feng Pingping couldn’t help herself. She looked at Xu Qingqing and showed a smile, as if she cared more about each other, she quickly got up and leaned forward.
“Oh, okay, Xiaoqing, I blamed me just now. It’s all my fault. Don’t cry…” Feng Pingping said in a fake consolation, “Actually, I am the person who understands you best, although I don’t I know why you need so much money, but there must be something urgent. You seem to be crying, but you think, what’s the use of crying? Still can’t solve the problem.”
Pingping Ping Xu Qingqing sat down on the bed, gently put her into his arms, care, said: “?? You tell me about it, why do you need so much money at home is not an accident”
at this time Xu Qingqing felt unusually helpless and lonely, and at this moment, she had a shoulder to rely on, and she couldn’t control that much. She leaned directly on, nestled in Feng Pingping’s arms, crying even more miserably. Up.
“I…My dad is in the hospital…” Xu Qingqing choked up, “It’s a very serious illness. Now our family has no ability to continue treatment for me. I…I…” The words are not over yet, Xu Qingqing choked so hard to speak.
Feng Pingping frowned, her heart said so. She patted Xu Qingqing’s back lightly, and said in a low voice, “Ah, that’s the way it is, but… Hey, you don’t have enough money for anything? I know, the hospital is Where you can eat people without spitting out bones, your thousands of dollars will be gone if you can’t even see the splashes. You still have to find a way to raise money!”
“But I can’t do anything…” Xu Qingqing burst into tears.

Chapter: 270
Feng Pingping immediately smiled knowingly when she heard the words, thinking that this silly nizi really got on the hook.
However, Feng Pingping sighed pretentiously: “Yes, it takes a lot of money. You said that you are a student and you don’t have any financial resources yet. Where can you get so much money?”
Feng Pingping continued to sigh. Tone: “Hey, I am too. I am usually big and big, and now I don’t save any money in my hand, otherwise I will definitely lend you.”
Feng Pingping said that, but what she didn’t say clearly was, right now. In her bank card, there was still a deposit of more than 100,000 yuan lying quietly.
Feng Pingping continued to induce Xu Qingqing and said, “Hey, if you have any job, you can make a lot of money at once, that would be great.” After
Feng Pingping finished speaking, she looked down slightly at Xu Qingqing’s reaction. , But at this time Xu Qingqing had no reaction except crying.
“It’s useless… How can there be that kind of work? Even if it does, it might not be my turn…” Xu Qingqing said desperately.
Feng Pingping smiled: “Hey, Xiaoqing, don’t you be so pessimistic. We don’t lack arms and legs than others. Why can we do it? But…”
Feng Pingping pretended to hesitate and soon Xu Qingqing got the bait, looked at Feng Pingping unpreparedly, and asked: “But what?”
Feng Pingping smiled, “But Xiaoqing, actually there are jobs like the kind I just mentioned, but I don’t know what you want. Unwilling to do it, maybe… Maybe you will be so repulsive, but…”
Feng Pingping didn’t continue to say afterwards, he hehe smiled, and said, “You know what I mean?”
Xu Qingqing said first. He frowned, and then suddenly realized.
Of course she understood what Feng Pingping meant. After all, she knew exactly what Feng Pingping did in the past.
Xu Qingqing suddenly pushed Feng Pingping away when he heard the words, and his eyes became sharp.
“I won’t do that kind of thing, I advise you to die of that heart!” Xu Qingqing rebuffed coldly.
Xu Qingqing finally understood what Feng Pingping said just now. It turned out that she was trying to lead herself into a trap step by step, with the goal of telling herself.
Of course Xu Qingqing would not do these things. She has always cleaned herself up, even her boyfriend who had been connected to her for half a year, tried to touch herself several times, but she refused.
Xu Qingqing is an extremely conservative person, what she can’t do with her boyfriend, how can she mess with other men?
Seeing Xu Qingqing’s expression of rejection, Feng Pingping also frowned.
She said earnestly and earnestly: “Hey, Xiaoqing, don’t be angry, I’m kind, after all, I think you can’t raise money and I’m anxious, you think, is it important for us to sacrifice a little bit, or is it important for my father to save his life? What? Hey, think about it, I don’t really have any bad thoughts, I just want to help you.”
Feng Pingping smiled, and continued: “And I tell you, except for this, I really There is no other way that you can raise a lot of money at once, unless you go to grab the bank… I tell you, Xiaoqing, I know a son brother now, people like you, and you If you behave well, I guess I can get a lot of money. I will help you when I look back…”
“Shut up!” Feng Pingping hadn’t finished speaking, so Xu Qingqing was beaten severely. Broke off, “Don’t say it anymore. If you don’t want to stay here, just give me out immediately. I want to be alone!”
Feng Pingping shook her head helplessly and said, “Look at your bad temper, I It’s also kind, so let’s do it, Xiaoqing, think about it for yourself, if you change your mind, just tell me, I’ll talk to you…”
After speaking, Feng Pingping smiled sadly and walked out of the bedroom. .
But Feng Pingping was a little proud, because she felt that Xu Qingqing had no way to go now, and there were no more choices she could make.
Either she watched her dad alive and sick, or she obediently came to find herself.
Feng Pingping walked out of the bedroom, wandered in the hallway for a while, took out his mobile phone, and called Liu Qiang.
“Hey, hey Brother Qiang, it’s me.” Feng Pingping laughed.
“Why, I just finished scolding you, so why did I call me again? I found someone?” Liu Qiang said arrogantly.
Feng Pingping smiled: “Of course, Brother Qiang, if you are speaking, I will find someone for you as soon as possible, but…”
“But what?” Liu Qiang was a little impatient and cursed, “Don’t be special, you have something to say. To put it bluntly, if you dare to play with me, you’d better go to the crematorium to say hello, otherwise I am afraid that no one will collect your body!” Feng Pingping heard the words, covered the microphone and screamed, and then said kindly, “Hi, Brother Qiang, look at what you said, how can I dare to fool you? I called you because I found someone, but… but now I have a little problem. “

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