I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 251-260

Chapter: 251
“You…” The security captain pointed at Jiang Hao viciously, a little frustrated.
He knew that Jiang Hao was avenging himself maliciously.
But you know, in his opinion, he had been very kind to Jiang Hao just now, and had given him a lot of face, but Jiang Hao didn’t want it, and came to provoke him.
Don’t blame me then!
The security captain gave a cold snort and directly held the ticket, and said, “Do you want to go in? Haha, sorry, not for the time being, because we have to figure out the origin of your ticket. You want to go in unless we wait until we figure out yours. Tickets are good.” The security captain picked you up and said: “And the ticket style of your ticket is completely different from the tickets we sold. We now suspect that you are forging tickets. You have to come with us first. If this matter is After verifying, then you just wait for the lawsuit !” The security captain said harshly, not as gentle as before.
In his opinion, if Jiang Hao dared to provoke him, then he must teach him a lesson, otherwise, how would he get involved here in the future!
Moreover, the security captain also reacted at this time. It is estimated that people like Jiang Hao have some means, which may be used to make the barcode scanner scan the barcode on the ticket.
And this ticket, it is estimated that Jiang Hao deliberately made it like this, just to disgust himself.
The tickets are not the same, but they can be scanned. What does this mean? It only means that the work of their gang is very poor and there are big loopholes.
This is tantamount to mocking their entire undertaking party. If this matter is known to his boss Gao Shun, then he might be swearing at himself!
The security captain gritted his teeth at Jiang Hao, saying that you, a kid, really can. You can use this method to retaliate against me, so don’t blame me for being rude.
It’s just that he was about to let his security guard take Jiang Hao away, but Jiang Hao pushed him away.
Jiang Hao was a little angry, because the security captain was too indiscriminate.
“Why are you taking me away? My ticket is real. If you don’t know it, you just say you don’t know it. Why do you say it is fake?” Jiang Hao sneered and said, “Since you don’t know this ticket, then Call your manager Gao Shun, he must know him!”
Jiang Hao knew that Gao Shun might have already been nearby at this time, and he deliberately said loudly, just to let Gao Shun hear him.
Want to call your manager over? The security captain sneered when he heard the words, and said in his heart that you don’t think I can’t tell you how many things are. You just want to make things bigger so that you can get some public opinion.
What’s more, if this kind of thing has alarmed your manager, then you can wait until you get scolded, or even get fired.
After all, these little things can’t be handled well, so what do you need to do.
“Stop talking nonsense, take it away for me!” The security captain gave a sigh, waved and let the two nearby security guards take Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning away.
Take them away in a while, and fall into your own hands, let’s see how to take care of you! The security captain thought…
The two security guards rushed towards Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning like wolves. The two were strong and controlled Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, as if they were holding two chickens.
“It’s over, it’s over now, this kid probably will inevitably be read through…” Suddenly someone in the crowd talked.
“Oh, that’s for sure, but I think it deserves to fight, why did not he forged tickets, we are spending money go, but he wanted to go with the dishonest, do not hit him fight Who?”
Onlookers nearby The crowd of people started chattering again. At this time, everyone almost reached a consensus that Jiang Hao was dead.
The two security guards held Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, and were about to leave, but were suddenly stopped by a voice.
“What are you doing? Let me loose it quickly!”
The sound came from outside the crowd, and the crowd turned their heads to look over there, and even flashed out a wide passage for one person.
Then, Gao Shun hurriedly squeezed in from outside.
He had just reached the outskirts of the crowd, but there were too many crowds, no matter how hard he tried, he tried twice, but in the end he didn’t squeeze in, and he shouted a few times, and his voice disappeared into the noisy crowd.
It was not until he saw that the matter had reached an unmanageable situation, Gao Shun exhausted all his strength and let out a shout.
Gao Shun rushed into the crowd and hurried to Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, who were being held up by the strong man, and violently pushed away the security guard beside them, shouting angrily: “What are you going to do? Are you going to die? Quickly let me loose Go!” When the two security guards saw this, they suddenly looked dazed, and quickly let go of Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, and hid away.
At this time, seeing Gao Shun appear, the security captain rushed over and said with a worried expression: “Gao, why are you here? Please go in quickly. This is just a small matter. I will deal with it here. Okay, please come in…” While talking, the latter asked Gao Shun in, but Gao Shun gave him a stern look.
Then Gao Shun roared: “A little bit? You will handle it?”

Chapter: 252
“Yes, they forged the tickets. Don’t worry, Mr. Gao, I’ll finish it soon!” The security captain responded with a smile on his face.
But his words made Gao Shun’s face even more ugly.
Gao Shun exclaimed in surprise: “You repeat, what is it? Forged tickets?”
Gao Shun was shocked by his own words.
Especially the tickets were issued by others, you tell me now, people forged tickets?
It’s just like telling the bank’s money printing machine that you are ignorant and ridiculous like counterfeit money.
But seeing Gao Shun’s emotions so excited, the security captain thought that this incident had offended Gao Shun’s inverse scales, and the other party was about to attack, so Jiang Hao was dealt with severely.
And instead of doing this, it’s better to do it yourself, and then you can alleviate some sins in front of Gao Shun.
The security captain hurriedly said: “It’s Mr. Gao. I know this is unforgivable. Don’t worry, I must take care of them today. In the future, they dare not do such disgusting things on our site!”
While talking, the security captain turned around to take Jiang Hao away himself.
But before he met Jiang Hao, he saw Gao Shun suddenly raise his hand, and then waved his hand, thinking that he drew it.
“Oh…” The security captain couldn’t help screaming, astonished.
“General Manager Gao…” The security captain was shocked. He couldn’t figure it out at all. He clearly wanted to help Gao Shun with things, but what happened to this guy when he was crazy, even hitting himself?
But soon the security captain discovered that Gao Shun’s move just now was just the beginning.
Because Gao Shun immediately drew at himself, and the attack was extremely vicious.
“Oh… Mr. Gao, Mr. Gao, don’t fight… Please don’t fight, why are you hitting me…”
In a short while, even slapped fists, the security captain’s head was hit for dozens of times, and the whole head was buzzed.
Gao Shun seemed to be tired too. He took a few breaths and pointed to the security captain and shouted: “You bastard, do you know what you were talking about just now? Believe it or not, it’s your words. It’s all special enough to make you die ten times!” The security captain was taken aback when he heard the words, looked at Gao Shun blankly, and then at Jiang Hao.
Gao Shun continued: “Hurry up and apologize to me, do you know who this is? You dare to mess around, believe it or not, and don’t know how you died!”
Gao Shun’s words woke up instantly. The person in the dream.
The security captain was not stupid either, he immediately understood something, and there was no pain in his head at that moment. Then he hurried to Jiang Hao’s, and said with a little bewildered: “Gao… I don’t know, this is…”
Gao Shun didn’t fight, looked around, and said in a low voice: “This is Young Master Jiang, do you know who the organizer of this concert is? Shao, you dare to be so rude to Jiang Shao, don’t blame me for being impolite!”
Hearing Gao Shun’s words, the security captain’s whole body was agitated, and he was instantly dumbfounded.
He looked at Jiang Hao’s gaze no longer as sharp as before, but was a little confused and even scared.
With a “puff,” the security captain knelt down, trembling all over, and said: “Young Master Jiang, I…I, I, I was wrong, you adults don’t remember the villain’s past, please don’t be like me. I’ll put it as a fart, I’m begging you…”
This time the security captain was completely afraid to make a half-point. Of course, he had heard of the origin of the sponsor of this concert.
The height of others is a height that I can’t even look up to. The consequences of treating others like that just now are really hard to imagine.
It’s just like what Gao Shun said before, it’s not a pity that he died ten times.
“Young Master Jiang, how do you deal with this dog thing!” Gao Shun looked at the security guards next to a few people, and continued, “I have friends on my side, or just get them right away!”
I heard As for Gao Shun, the security captain and the few security guards who were present who had just embarrassed Jiang Hao collapsed instantly.
Of course they knew what Gao Shun’s words meant just now, and they all knelt down and began to plead bitterly.
“Mr. Gao… I was wrong, Shao Jiang, and we were all wrong. You have been working for you for so many years. Let us go. We will definitely change in the future. We must not dare to do this again. Please…”
“Yeah, I have parents at the top and my wife and children at the bottom. If something happens to me, they will…”
Several people pleaded, but Gao Shun didn’t even look at them. , His eyes were always on Jiang Hao’s body.
He knew very well that no matter how you deal with this matter today, you have to listen to Jiang Hao. People say that severe punishment will only admit their fate. After all, this is their own misfortune and they have to bear the consequences.
And if Jiang Hao let them go after speaking, it would be a matter of one sentence.

Chapter: 253
The decision-making power in this matter has never been in Gao Shun’s hands.
Moreover, Gao Shun didn’t even look at his subordinates at all. At this moment, he was still afraid that Jiang Hao would blame these people for their faults.
At this time, everyone’s eyes fell on Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao looked at the security guards and the security captain, and sighed.
“Forget it, I don’t need to hold you accountable for this matter, but I hope you’d better pay attention to your words and deeds in the future!” Jiang Hao said indifferently, “Don’t judge people by their appearance, and not everyone is as easy to talk as I am. ”
Hearing Jiang Hao’s words, these people were immediately amnesty, and hurriedly thanked Jiang Hao.
“Thank you, Shao Jiang, thank you Shao Jiang…”
“Shao Jiang, how could you just let them go!” Hearing Jiang Hao was going to let these people go, Gao Shun couldn’t help but said immediately. They just treated you like that, and expelling them is the lightest punishment, but you…”
Gao Shun was obviously a little surprised by Jiang Hao’s decision.
Naturally, Gao Shun has seen a lot of rich second generations, especially some of Chujiang’s local elder brothers, who are not domineering, and if anyone provokes them, they can’t wait to let you resist.
And this is why Gao Shun insists on letting Jiang Hao deal with these people.
He has been in contact with those second generation ancestors, knowing that if these people don’t release the anger in their hearts, it must be himself that suffers in the end.
So Gao Shun abandoned the security captain, in fact, trying to save himself.
But Jiang Hao said that he would not pursue it, but he was a little confused.
He even faintly doubted whether Jiang Hao had a bigger conspiracy.
“Why, there is something wrong with what I said, or you don’t understand Mr. Gao?” Jiang Hao turned his head and glanced at Gao Shun. Of course Jiang Hao could see that Gao Shun was abandoning his pawn and protecting his car, and wanted to take responsibility. Push them to these few people so that they can pick themselves up.
But Jiang Hao really doesn’t like this kind of people who fall into trouble and kill donkeys.
No matter what, these people have been with you for so many years. When you encounter something, you don’t want to keep them, but push them out. This shows that you have a problem with this person.
If you can push them today, you can betray us if you don’t know.
At this time, in the bottom of Jiang Hao’s heart, he already faintly wanted to discuss with Ye Yunjie, and stop cooperating with people like Gao Shun in the future.
Jiang Hao sighed, looked at the security captains, and said: “If I look at you people, I will never let you go today, but thinking that you still have your parents, wives and children, if you punished you today, it would be equivalent I punished them with your mistakes, so I decided to let you go.”
Jiang Hao paused and continued: “But I hope you can correct your problems in the future, eat a bite and grow your wisdom, no one I will give you a chance every time!”
Jiang Hao finished speaking, glanced at Gao Shun, and asked directly: “General Manager Gao, can I go in now?”
Gao Shun was asked for a moment and nodded quickly: ” Yes, yes, of course, you can rest assured, you will never have anything to do…”
Before Gao Shun finished speaking, he saw Jiang Hao pulling Xue Yuning in.
Gao Shun long sigh of relief, security chief, pointing to the ground a few people, ferocious said: “see you doing a good thing, Mom, a little busy today, you wait for me, I looked back to see how you pack!”
Said After that, Gao Shun hurriedly followed Jiang Hao.
The security captain wiped the bean-sized beads of sweat on his forehead, his legs were soft, and he struggled for a long time before he stood firm.
He knew that he was really too unhappy today. What he met was a master like Jiang Hao. If he meets him today, it is not Jiang Hao, any rich second generation of you, for the time being, he may not be sure where he is now.
It seems that I really have to pay attention to words and deeds in the future. After all, no one can always encounter good luck.
The security captain also sighed in his heart. He never expected that a seemingly ordinary young man would have such a big background.
While lamenting Yu Jiang Hao’s identity, the security captain suddenly thought of something and couldn’t help frowning.
He remembers that Jiang Hao said before that Feng Pingping stole his tickets.
It’s just that he felt Jiang Hao was talking nonsense at the time, so he didn’t take it seriously.
But now he suddenly thought of this matter, and he couldn’t help but feel nervous, thinking that Jiang Hao’s words at the time were definitely true!
Feng Pingping’s ticket was probably stole Jiang Hao…
Thinking of this, the security captain suddenly slapped himself , and sighed inwardly, what was he doing!
But he sighed, thinking about it, suddenly thought of something, and showed a long-lost smile.
He knew very well that even though Jiang Hao said that he had let him go, he still hated him in his heart.
And it is estimated that as long as you commit a little bit of something that makes others uncomfortable, you will be found fault.
Instead of that, why didn’t you do something that could make up for it, so as to dispel some of Jiang Hao’s hatred of him?

Chapter: 254
Thinking of this, the security captain patted the shoulders of several of his men and ordered: “You guys come with me…”
Then the crowds walked directly into the stadium.
Although the concert has more than an hour to start, the stadium is already crowded by this time.
Gao Shun walked ahead, followed by Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning.
Soon, the three people came directly to the viewing platform on the top of the stadium.
This platform was originally a luxurious VIP box prepared for those Chujiang local bosses to watch the game. The facilities inside are extremely luxurious, and the various high-tech furnishings are refreshing.
In front of the huge French windows in front of the platform, you can have a panoramic view of the entire stadium.
This location is really great, and the sights I saw were the most shocking.
Watching Jiang Hao staring outside in a daze, Gao Shun was very proud, and smiled and asked, “Shao Jiang, are you satisfied with this preparation? If you have any requirements, say, I will proceed immediately.”
Jiang Hao nodded. He glanced at Xue Yuning and asked in a low voice: “Do you like it?”
Xue Yuning hesitated, but finally nodded: “Well, it’s good…”
Jiang Hao heard the reluctance in Xue Yuning’s tone and smiled slightly. , Turned his head to Gao Shun and said, “Mr. Gao, forget it, I don’t want to watch the concert here.”
Gao Shun couldn’t help being taken aback when he heard the words, and said to his heart that he had prepared such a carefully prepared place. Is Jiang Hao not satisfied?
“Young Master Jiang, just tell me if you have a problem, but…” Gao Shun said reluctantly, “but this is already the best place here!”
Jiang Hao smiled and shook his head: “No No, you’re misunderstanding, I’m not saying it’s not good, but I don’t like it very much, and my girlfriend doesn’t like it either.”
In Jiang Hao’s view, seeing the concert with Xue Yuning was just to see the atmosphere of the scene. If he and Xue Yuning were moved to a superior position like Gao Shun, there would be no atmosphere, but Jiang Hao would also Feel uncomfortable.
Jiang Hao could tell that Xue Yuning felt the same way.
Maybe Jiang Hao didn’t value this concert as much as Xue Yuning, or her enthusiasm for music, but at least they felt the same about the concert.
That is to integrate into the environment, rather than being above the top and isolating yourself from everyone.
In that way, no matter what high-end or moving concert, it will become extremely boring.
“Is there still a place in the front row? Let’s arrange two places over there.” Jiang Hao suddenly said, and then he glanced at Xue Yuning again and asked in a low voice, “Do you think we can go down there?”
Xue Yuning finally showed a hearty smile when he heard the words, and nodded heavily: “Okay, I like to watch it down too.”
Jiang Hao hummed, and said to Gao Shun: “Then Mr. Gao, that’s it, you can arrange it. ”
I don’t want to have such a spacious and luxurious place, but I have to go to the crowded people below. Jiang Hao’s request, anyway, Gao Shun is a bit incomprehensible.
He sighed in his heart, without saying anything, directly said: “That’s it, Jiang Shao, wait a moment, I will proceed to do it.”
After speaking, Gao walked out of the box.
This made him a little embarrassed. The two masters seemed to be really not good at serving them.
But Gao Shun naturally knew that even if Jiang Hao and the others went down, they couldn’t just vacate two seats.
The same seats in the front row must make people see that Jiang Hao is different, so as to highlight Jiang Hao’s uniqueness. Maybe this will make him happy.
Soon, Gao Shun personally came to the first row under the stage of the concert. There were already a lot of spectators here. He wanted to add two people in. Although it was fine, it would obviously be crowded.
Gao Shun directly called a few staff members, pointed to a few positions in the front row, and said: “Take these six seats apart for me, and the audience is scattered to the second row behind. Here are some for me. A sofa, a coffee table, fruit plate, and drinks are all ready for me, and a special waiter will come…”
Gao Shun’s arrangement made the staff present a bit dumbfounded after all. The audience has already sat down, and the tickets are bought in the front row. Now you have to drive people away, which is so easy.
And this is bound to be an offensive job, and these workers don’t want to do it at all.
But seeing a few people delayed in responding, Gao Shun was a little displeased, and he scolded: “What do you think, give me a hand! You just said, if they agree to change positions, the ticket money will be refunded to them, if not If you are willing to move, if the tickets are invalid, please invite him out!”
Several people were taken aback. Seeing that there was no other way, they could only bite the bullet and walked in front of a few spectators to explain the situation.
At this time, a young male staff member walked up to Feng Pingping and said in a low voice: “Hello beauty, can you please go to the second row behind, because there will be a big person coming, so this area where you are , We will make some changes…”

Chapter: 255
Feng Pingping was taken aback when she heard the words, and quickly said: “Why? I bought the first-row tickets, why should you let me go to the back?”
Feng Pingping didn’t take the other party too seriously, so he said back to the other party and said to himself Played with a mobile phone.
“Beauty, I’m so sorry, we can’t help it. There will be a big person watching the concert here, but the space is not enough, so I can trouble you some of you to move back a row…” The male staff smiled and said, ” Of course, in order to make up for your loss, we will refund you the full amount later…”
Upon hearing of the refund, together with Feng Pingping, several viewers who were planned to be in the second row suddenly became interested and asked about it. The staff are genuine and fake.
The male staff hurriedly said it was true, and also said some other discounts.
After all, the difference between the first row and the second row is not too much.
And the most important person will refund you the ticket.
That means you just changed your position a bit, but watched a concert for free.
This was so affordable. Several other guests responded and walked obediently to the back row of seats.
In fact, Feng Pingping was very excited after hearing what the staff said.
After all, she originally didn’t spend money on the tickets, they were stolen, but now she simply moved them slightly back, which didn’t affect the viewing experience.
And you can get a refund, which is a great benefit.
Feng Pingping thought for a while, and her heart couldn’t help but feel greedy. She was about to get up, but in the end she sat down again, her face stern, as if she was unhappy.
“I won’t go there, why should I go there!” Feng Pingping said to the staff in an unreasonable manner, “I bought the front row tickets, so I have to sit here. No, I just If you don’t change, what can you do to me!”
Feng Pingping made the staff a little embarrassed with a slapped face.
After all, they are also discussing it. If they do come hard, it will eventually lead to a conflict, and then they will suffer from a public opinion incident.
But Gao Shun just gave a dead order.
Several people couldn’t help but made a difficult situation. After a stalemate for a long time, a talented person came to Feng Pingping’s ear and whispered: “Beauty, please help me, but a big man will come, whether it is you or us.
Sorry !” Feng Pingping couldn’t help feeling a little nervous when she heard what the staff said.
After all, I’m a fart, it’s really ants in front of the top big guys.
If you really don’t move and offend others, you will definitely suffer a big loss.
But Feng Pingping knew better in her heart that since it was going to be a big man, and in the end, they didn’t entertain them well, it was them who suffered a big loss in the end.
So if this is the case, they must be more nervous than themselves.
Feng Pingping looked at the tangled male staff member, suddenly smiled, and whispered : ” Okay , it’s okay to let me give up my seat. How about this number?” Feng Pingping suddenly stretched out five fingers and placed them in place. In front of the male staff member.
“Five… thousand?” In fact, this staff member was pretending to be confused. He knew Feng Pingping meant fifty thousand, but let alone fifty thousand. Even for five thousand yuan, he doesn’t have that right.
Feng Pingping’s face suddenly became gloomy when she heard the words, and she said with an impatient look: “Fifty thousand, a penny less will not be discussed. Don’t be jerky here with me. Hurry up and tell your supervisor, if I don’t agree, I’m sorry I won’t change it. If you want to do other tricks, my classmate is studying the media, and I will let you on TV every minute on the next day!”
This is especially the case of a hard nailer, that man The staff looked bad and wanted to discuss with Feng Pingping, but the other party turned their heads aside.
Obviously there was no more talk, he had no choice but to walk towards Gaoshun not far away.
The male staff member briefly talked to Gao Shun about the situation, and finally frowned and asked, “General Manager Gao, what can we do? The point is that she knows the media, and if something goes out, it will affect us. Very bad !” At first I heard Feng Pingping say that it costs 50,000 yuan, and Gao Shun is instantly on fire.
It’s just taking advantage of the fire, isn’t it, and Gao Shun’s reputation in Chujiang is considered small. Even those well-known bigwigs don’t dare to take advantage of the fire. Today he was given the right by a female student. It’s so strange.
But he quickly thought about what his subordinate said, and he couldn’t help but feel that it made sense.
If Feng Pingping really knows the media, then this incident will be stabbed out, and after a lot of tossing and vinegar, she may not know what the plot will be when it is finally broadcast.
It is estimated that when the time comes, he will not even recognize his old mother.
In the past, Gao Shun had suffered from the media’s losses, and it was still a big loss, so when he heard the media again, he naturally became a little jealous.
Gao Shun gritted his teeth and said, “Forget it, it’s better to do more than less, so give her 50,000, and let her quickly make room for me!”

Chapter: 256
When the staff heard this, he hurried back to Feng Pingping and said in a low voice: “Miss, our manager Gao has agreed to your request. Can you move your position now?”
Feng Pingping was satisfied. Nodding, I was so excited.
She was simply agitated by her own ingenuity. Seeing that there were no requirements at all, she obediently moved to the next few people. She felt that she had a bit of IQ.
Fifty thousand yuan, it takes no effort to get it.
Feng Pingping got up triumphantly and walked to a seat in the back. She couldn’t help but looked at the people around her triumphantly. A proud look appeared on her face. It felt like saying: see, this is me and yours. gap.
Feng Pingping even triumphantly said to a girl next to her: “Hehe, you can see it, five yuan is in hand, do you regret it now?”
The girl frowned deeply, her expression a little surprised. .
Upon seeing this, Feng Pingping thought that the other party was really regretful, and became more proud, and turned her head to the side proudly, saying that it was too late to regret, who made you so brainless.
It’s just that Feng Pingping didn’t know how unbearable her performance was in the eyes of the people around her.
She didn’t even think about the people who could spend tens of thousands of dollars on a ticket to watch the concert.
Do people really care about the tens of thousands of dollars?
You are tantamount to blackmailing Gaoshun’s 50,000 yuan. This kind of thing is almost disgusting, but you are still embarrassed and forgetful?
When several people around Feng Pingping saw her look, they all showed contempt.
With such a dignified look, they are not ashamed to sit with her.
I saw the young girl who was questioned by Feng Pingping, suddenly beckoned to the female staff member and asked: “Hey, can you change our seats?”
The staff member hurried over: “Beauty, is there a problem with this seat?”
The girl sneered, “There is nothing wrong with the seat. I just don’t want to be next to some people. It’s a bit disgusting.”
After speaking, the girl stopped. Picking up his things, got up and left.
Feng Pingping heard that there was something in the other party’s words, and she was clearly concerned about herself. She was immediately unhappy. She leaped forward and pointed at the girl and yelled: “What do you mean, idiot, you just watched me take extra 50,000 You are jealous of the dollar. If you have the ability, you can also ask for it? You can only blame it for you…”
Seeing that the two were fighting each other, they seemed to be fighting each other. The staff hurriedly stopped the two parties and sent the girl. Give comfort and leave.
Feng Pingping still murmured over there reluctantly, causing the other people beside her to be unhappy.
At this moment, Gao Shun came over.
He heard Feng Pingping’s cursing all over the place, and he naturally knew that the next woman had blackmailed him 50,000 yuan, so his hatred of Feng Pingping became even stronger.
Gao Shun glanced at Feng Pingping, but ignored him, just turned around to leave, because this side would be ready soon, and he was going to call Jiang Hao.
But at this moment, Feng Pingping suddenly stopped him.
“Hey, are you the boss? When will the money be given to me?”
Feng Pingping spoke loudly, and many people nearby could clearly hear her.
Gao Shun stopped, his face suddenly blue, lowered his eyebrows and glanced at Feng Pingping, with a cold tone: “Are you talking to me?”
Feng Pingping smiled disdainfully: “Otherwise? Are you not their head? When will the fifty thousand yuan be given to me?” Gao Shun’s heart was so angry that Feng Pingping even dared to provoke herself like this without knowing it. Gao Shun was really angry.
But in the end, it’s the boss, Gao Shun knows that if he really puts a small role like Feng Pingping in his eyes, that would be a shame.
So he just replied coldly: “First, this matter is not in my control, you should go to them. Second, be careful when you talk to me. Don’t kill yourself. I will give you the 50,000 yuan. , But it’s best if you don’t kill yourself to get it!”
After speaking, Gao left angrily by the way.
The staff member who had been busy all the time also glanced at Feng Pingping with a smile, his eyes full of contempt.
He felt that Feng Pingping was ridiculous, even a little ignorant of life and death.
Who is Gao Shun? They are big bosses with assets of tens of millions, let alone that they don’t care about the 50,000 yuan.
It’s just that you Feng Pingping dared to say that to Gao Shun. If it weren’t for this occasion, if Gao Shun didn’t want to entertain a big person for a while, I guess you would have been thrown out a long time ago, and you can still do it here. ?
The staff member sneered at Feng Pingping, and said casually: “I advise you not to be too much, so you can do it for yourself. Mr. Gao, we never talk casually. You have to take it seriously. Don’t really lose money!”
This job The words of the personnel really made Feng Pingping’s heart tight.
She didn’t think anything before, but the words Gao Shun said to herself just now really made her feel cold.

Chapter: 257
After a while, Gao Shun knocked on the door of the platform box where Jiang Hao was.
“Shao Jiang, Miss Yu Ning, the following is almost ready, you two can go down.” Gao Shun said with a smile.
Jiang Hao nodded: “Then trouble Mr. Gao.”
“Hey, what you said, Shao Jiang, isn’t this all our obligation.” Gao Shun smiled and stretched out his hand, “You two and me Come, I’ll take you there.”
Soon, Gao Shun took Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning to the front row carefully prepared for them.
When Jiang Hao saw that position, he couldn’t help being stunned: “This… why is there a sofa?”
Jiang Hao saw that everyone else had fixed seats, only he and Xue Yuning were in a two-seater sofa. Somewhat surprised.
Gao Shun hurriedly laughed: “Hey, isn’t this all for you and Miss Yu Ning? Are you satisfied?”
To be honest, Jiang Hao felt a little uncomfortable.
He didn’t like publicity, and Xue Yuning didn’t like it either. He wanted Gao Shun to arrange two seats in the first row for them, but now he is so independent.
Even sitting here in such a position, Jiang Hao felt uncomfortable.
Jiang Hao looked at Xue Yuning and found that he also curled his lips. Obviously the two had thought of going together.
But Jiang Hao doesn’t want to toss anymore. After all, people kindly arranged for you the top position above. If you don’t do it, you want to come to the bottom. Now they have given you such a position. If you still don’t Satisfied, then a little shameless.
Although Jiang Hao knew that Gao Shun was afraid to say anything, as long as he said he was not satisfied, he would definitely change it immediately, but Jiang Hao felt sorry for him.
To put it bluntly, no matter what they do, they are in the final analysis kind. You can dismiss others’ kindness once, and if you dismiss others’ kindness a second time, then it is really unreasonable.
Jiang Hao smiled, and whispered to Xue Yuning: “Or just sit here.”
Xue Yuning heard the words and nodded with a smile: “Okay, you can just say it.”
Jiang Hao said. Turning to Gao Shun said, “Okay, Mr. Gao, this is great, thank you.”
Gao Shun was relieved when he heard this, and hurriedly said: “Jiang Shao, you are too polite to say this. , You’re satisfied.”
At this moment, Gao Shun’s phone rang, he connected and said a few words, then quickly turned to Jiang Hao and said: “Oh, Jiang Shao is really sorry, I have to go to the backstage, something urgent I need to deal with it, you sit first, and I will go back.”
“No problem, Mr. Gao, you can go quickly if you have anything . We are here very well.” Jiang Hao smiled.
After speaking, Gao left by the way. Before leaving, he looked at the seat of Feng Pingping just now, frowned, and asked the people around him: “What about the woman? Why is it gone?” The staff also looked. Seeing Feng Pingping’s position, she said, “I should have gone to the bathroom. What’s the matter with Mr. Gao?”
Gao Shun exhaled and exhorted: “You must show me that woman later, she is just a thorn. Don’t let her interrupt Jiang Shao and Ms. Yu Ning’s concert for a while. If she dares to make trouble, let the security guard drive her out!”
The staff member nodded his head: “Good Mr. Gao, don’t worry, I
Let the arrangements go on…” After a while , Feng Pingping slowly walked back from the bathroom not far away, muttering something that seemed a little unhappy inside.
She looked up at her seat and was taken aback.
Because she suddenly saw that Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning were sitting in the position where she was cleared before.
“Wh…what’s the situation? How did they come in?” Feng Pingping frowned, with an incredible look.
Seeing Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, she was so angry that she walked over quickly.
“Hey, why did you come in, get me up quickly!”
Feng Pingping pointed at Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning indiscriminately.
Originally, Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning were still talking and laughing, when they suddenly saw Feng Pingping, both of them could not help being taken aback.
“Why are you here?” Jiang Hao frowned and asked.
Feng Pingping sneered and said triumphantly: “Why am I here? Did you forget how I got in before? Hey, after all, I still have to thank you. If it wasn’t for your tickets, I wouldn’t be able to get in. I can’t sit in such a good position!”
Feng Pingping turned around, looked at Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, and suddenly questioned: “But I’m curious, how did you get in? Wouldn’t it really be a sneak peek? Don’t you want to run in?”
Jiang Hao glanced at the other person. He originally planned to say that he had come in with a ticket, but since Feng Pingping said so, Jiang Hao simply smirked in his heart. What moth is coming.
“Yes, you are right, I just sneaked in!” Jiang Hao smiled and said, “Why, didn’t it feel surprised?”
Feng Pingping saw Jiang Hao’s smile on his hippie face, and the roots of her teeth were itchy.

Chapter: 258
“You really dare to admit it!” Feng Pingping said angrily, “You believe it or not, as long as I go there and call, someone will come and beat you right away? Damn, I have never seen such a brazen one. People, who sneaked in, dare to sway so much!” Feng Pingping paused, and continued: “And you are too presumptuous. Do you know where you are sitting? Open your dog’s eyes and take a good look. Didn’t you realize that this position is different from other positions?”
Jiang Hao sneered in his heart, saying that Feng Pingping really had no brains. She said it casually, she actually paid it back. I really believe it.
Jiang Hao smiled, thinking that if that’s the case, he would simply take care of it and have fun.
Anyway, I haven’t settled the accounts between myself and Feng Pingping before, so I simply took advantage of this opportunity to settle the new accounts and old accounts with her.
Jiang Hao laughed loudly, his face was indifferent, and said to Feng Pingping: “Okay, go call, don’t worry, we don’t move, just wait for you to call someone.”
Jiang Hao, you can help me He’s expression really made Feng Pingping angry. She gritted her teeth, pointed at Jiang Hao and yelled: “Okay, it’s okay to force you to be so poor, you can wait for me, I will make you proud for a while. I’ll see if you can make a laugh in a while! Don’t leave if there is a kind, wait for me!”
After speaking, Feng Pingping turned and walked towards a staff member not far away.
Seeing Feng Pingping left, Jiang Hao smiled and glanced at Xue Yuning, and couldn’t help shaking his head and laughing bitterly.
This Feng Pingping is so stupid. She has already entered and is already sitting here. She hasn’t even reacted yet?
She herself said that this position is for two big men. If she sits here without authorization, then the staff under Gao Shun’s might have exploded long ago, right? You Feng Pingping’s turn?
But since the other party is stupid, that page can’t blame himself.
Jiang Hao smiled in his heart. By now, of course Jiang Hao is not afraid that things will get worse, but the bigger the facts, the happier Jiang Hao will be, because in the end, there will be people who want to punish. Feng Pingping’s.
Feng Pingping walked up to the staff over there, pulled the other side rudely, and said disdainfully: “Hey, are you blind? How do you do things?”
This staff member is not someone else, just before Gao Shun left. He looked at Feng Pingping’s little head.
The staff was already busy with other tasks, but was suddenly pulled by Feng Pingping, and was scolded again, and his heart suddenly became angry.
And when he saw that the person calling him blind turned out to be Feng Pingping, he became even more angry.
“What are you talking about?” The little head of the staff said with a stern face and a stern tone, “Dare you say another word?”
Feng Pingping suddenly restrained and felt embarrassed when she saw that the other party seemed to be angry.
“You…what are you fierce? I’m here to report to you, don’t you know what is good or bad!” Feng Pingping said.
The little head of the staff member smiled upon hearing the words: “You? Report to me? Don’t be funny, okay?” In this person’s opinion, Feng Pingping is such a thorny head, as long as it doesn’t cause any trouble, then She burned the incense and reported the situation. She didn’t seem to be such a kind person.
“What do you mean!” Feng Pingping’s face was unhappy, “What I said is true, do you really have a problem with your eyes? The position you prepared for the boss has been taken by someone, do you know? ”
When he heard this, the little head of the staff suddenly sank and became nervous.
He just had something urgent to deal with, and he really didn’t look at Jiang Hao for a while.
Isn’t it true that it’s just that inch, something happened in such a short time, right?
This guy’s heart hung up suddenly, because he knew very well that if something happened to Jiang Hao, Gao Shun would have to kill himself when he turned around.
Seeing the unnaturally nervous expression on the other party’s face, Feng Pingping immediately became proud.
“Hehe, how about it, are you scared? The dog sees people low, but the old lady came to tell you kindly, and she treated me that way…” Feng Pingping said proudly, but the little head of the staff did not even listen. , Hurriedly pushed everything he had at hand to others, and rushed towards Jiang Hao on his own.
When Feng Pingping saw this, she couldn’t help feeling happier. She even muttered to herself: “Hehe, a pair of poor guys, this time I think you guys are still screaming, pretending to be forced with me, this time you are dead. !”
After speaking, Feng Pingping also hurriedly followed the small boss of the staff and ran directly towards Jiang Hao.
Soon, the two of them arrived.
Feng Pingping didn’t care about being out of breath, and hurriedly pointed at Jiang Hao and said, “You can see it, the two of them have occupied this place. Let me tell you, I know both of them, these two are a pair of rascals.

Chapter: 259
Feng Pingping looked at the little head of the staff and continued: “I told you that they were at the door just now. The two of them didn’t have any tickets at all. In the end they got two fake ones. They wanted to get through the customs. Fortunately, the security guards here. Smart enough to dismantle them. But I don’t know if you still have loopholes here. The two of them were able to sneak in. Damn, these two people are annoying to death in our school. Hurry up. Drive them out, so as not to disturb the mood of others watching the concert!”
Feng Pingping immediately said: “Didn’t you say that this position is reserved for some big people? Haha, if someone finds out that the position has been affected by these two The stinky cock silk dove has occupied the magpie’s nest. When you turn back, you will wait to be punished!”
Feng Pingping finished speaking, folded her hands, looking at Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning with determination, and wondering what they can do next.
It is estimated that after this time of adding fuel and jealousy, the two of them will definitely be severely beaten and then thrown out.
What Feng Pingping didn’t expect was that she had said so much, and when she looked at Jiang Hao’s face, she still had a calm expression.
She even saw clearly that Jiang Hao was still smiling, as if she didn’t realize what kind of bad luck he would cause.
“What are you laughing at? Do you know that you will die in a while? It’s ugly!”
Feng Pingping was very angry when she saw that Jiang Hao didn’t care about it. She was a little confused. You are in trouble. Still so calm? Are you really afraid of death? Still don’t know how big a crime you have committed?
Hearing this, Jiang Hao smiled again, and asked softly, “Oh? Really. Then I really don’t know. Didn’t you go and ask someone to drive us out? Then please let him do it, or the concert will be fast. It’s time to start, there’s no time.”
“You…” Feng Pingping was furious, turned to look at the little head of the staff, and asked loudly, “Hey, are you deaf or blind? What does he say to you? Can’t you see if you can’t get up in this position? Don’t hurry up, are you really not afraid of death?”
Feng Pingping was a little puzzled at this time, thinking that the staff member saw Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning sitting in this position, why didn’t they react at all?
And she turned to look at the staff member, only to find that the other party didn’t even seem to have the courage to look up at Jiang Hao.
But the other party’s attitude towards Feng Pingping herself suddenly became very bad.
“Shut up for me, you, there’s nothing for you here, please walk away quickly!” The little head of the staff scolded.
Feng Pingping frowned, suffocating a lot of anger in her heart.
“Is your brain pierced? I’m helping you kindly, you scold me? Are you really a human?” Feng Pingping cursed, “I told you that these two people are You ran in sneakily, so you hurried to call the security guard to chase them out? Why are you stunned here, you are really annoying , you deserve to be expelled at that time!” Feng Pingping finished speaking and glanced contemptuously. The staff member, she just turned her gaze to the person, but saw a dark shadow flashing in front of her, and then a slap in the face that was not merciful at all and greeted her.
“Oh…” Feng Pingping was beaten and fell directly onto a seat aside.
“How can you talk nonsense, use you to be nosy? Just sit down for me!” The little head of the staff yelled angrily.
If it wasn’t really unbearable, he would not easily slap this slap. After all, this would not have a good impact on his company. After all, so many people were watching.
Secondly, Jiang Hao is still here. If Jiang Hao feels uncomfortable, then he will not be dead as well.
But he still fought, if Feng Pingping only humiliated herself, whoever asked him to call Jiang Hao every bite and bite.
Not to mention him, it is estimated that Gao Shun is here, and he will suddenly be angry.
Such an important person has been insulted in front of him, and he hasn’t reacted to anything, so what is it?
So this guy shot Feng Pingping. Firstly, it was Feng Pingping’s vicious words that made him unable to bear it. Secondly, it was also made for Jiang Hao.
Feng Pingping felt hot on her face, as if she had been poured hot chili oil.
She broke out immediately, pointing at the man and cursing: “Are you fucking crazy? Why are you hitting me? Anyway, I don’t know how to beat a dog? Do you know your boss’s 50,000 yuan? Didn’t you give it to me?”
Feng Pingping yelled, reluctantly, “I’m telling you, I don’t want to do it for 50,000 yuan today. You have to give me 200,000 yuan today, otherwise, don’t worry about it! ”
The head of the staff member heard Feng Pingping’s words and couldn’t help but smiled disdainfully, and said: “200,000? Ha ha, believe it or not, if you don’t talk nonsense here, how can I let your parents go directly to get the pension.” It’s gold!”

Chapter: 260
Feng Pingping was really frightened when she saw the harsh eyes of the other party.
After all, there is a big company behind them, and here are all other people’s staff. Their boss Gao Shun also warned him before.
Feng Pingping knew very well that the opponent’s such a huge force wanted to clean up himself, it might really be a matter of moving his fingers.
But what she didn’t understand was that she had said that, how could this guy be indifferent, and he didn’t even dare to tell Jiang Hao to get out.
Is it possible…
Feng Pingping couldn’t help flashing a bold idea in her mind, and muttered to herself: “Could it be that such a poor man and Xue Yuning is really a big man?” It’s just that this idea just emerged in Feng Pingping’s mind. She was ruthlessly shot by herself.
She couldn’t help but look at Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, and she felt nauseous in her heart.
“Hmph, if they can be such big people, then I guess they must be the Jade Emperor!” Feng Pingping said to herself.
Feng Pingping really doesn’t believe that Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning are big people. After all, one of them is a well-known poor man in Chujiang University, and the other is a roommate who has lived with him for a long time. He still doesn’t know them?
If Chujiang University holds a competition that compares poorly, it is estimated that these two people will be the champions and runners-up, and the others will have nothing to do.
But it’s impossible to say that they are some big people and have a lot of money.
And even if these well-known objective factors are eliminated, in Feng Pingping’s heart, she is still unwilling to accept Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning’s other new identities besides Qiongqi.
In Feng Pingping’s view, these two people can only be worse and poorer than themselves. How could it be possible that they should never be richer and noble than themselves!
This is about Feng Pingping’s poor self-esteem.
Feng Pingping was messing around in her mind, because she really couldn’t think of any other reason to convince herself.
Suddenly Jiang Hao smiled, looked at Feng Pingping, and asked jokingly: “Why, didn’t you just want to kick me out? Keep kicking me out? Oh, by the way, didn’t you just ask for 200,000 yuan? Is that right? If you can drive me out and I will give you one million later , how about it?” Jiang Hao was just making fun of himself, and Feng Pingping also saw what he said, and slapped himself. The little boss of the staff also followed the hippie with a smile.
Suddenly, a thought flashed in Feng Pingping’s mind. She suddenly pointed to Jiang Hao and the little head of the staff, and said, “I see. You must be in the same group. You two know each other, so you use your own power. The job is convenient, and he is guarded everywhere and let him in, right?” Feng Pingping’s accusation really made the little staff leader speechless.
I have to say that this Feng Pingping is simply too big, and it is ridiculous.
And then, Feng Pingping said again: “What I said, this guy has been driven away just now, how could he have come in again, and dare to sit here, it turned out that it was because you were in a group with your permission Is he dare?”
Jiang Hao couldn’t help scratching his head, looked at Feng Pingping speechlessly, and smiled after hesitating for a while: “Yes, you are so smart, and you are right again.”
Feng Pingping smiled when he heard Jiang Hao’s words. He smiled and said, “Hmph, I knew it was like this. Just think about it carefully, do you really think you can escape my magic?”
Jiang Hao smiled and continued to ask: “Yeah, now you are I already know, what else do you want? What can you do to me?”
Now that Jiang Hao has admitted, what else can I say.
Feng Pingping smiled presumptuously, and said loudly: “What do you do with you? Huh, wait for me. I’ll go call someone. I don’t believe how long you can protect this stupid guy. I will call you later. As for your boss, when you saw him here, dare you still dare to be so presumptuous!”
Feng Pingping was about to set off to call for someone.
She knew that the guy in front of her might be the little boss in charge of this film, so it’s useless to find someone here to report someone.
I have to go to other places, just like his behavior, as long as they report to their boss, it is estimated that he will have to cry.
“Hehe, then you can go, the concert is about to begin!” The little head of the staff joked.
Feng Pingping glared at the other person, not knowing what she was thinking about, turning around and leaving.
It’s just that before she took two steps, she suddenly saw a few figures walking in the distance, and Feng Pingping was immediately happy.
Because these people who came by were not others, they were the security guards and the security captain she had met at the door before.
Feng Pingping couldn’t help feeling excited, saying that the security captain and them should not be in the same group, and the guy was irritated by Jiang Hao just now, and he was called by himself. It is estimated that it is not only Jiang Hao, but the little head of the staff. It will be cleaned up together.
And since I helped so much this time, it is estimated that Gao Shun can take a high look at himself when he looks back!

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