I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 32

“Forget it, Brother Feng, let’s go.”
Xue Yuning looked back at the boy and went to pack his things.
“Okay, you can transfer the money to me first, I am in a hurry.” The boy said impatiently.
Xue Yuning uttered an ah, and directly transferred 5,000 yuan to the other party via WeChat. Although he was a little bit reluctant, he did not hesitate.
After getting the money, the boy suddenly smiled again: “Hey, thank you so much, Yu Ning. Actually, I don’t do anything bad with the money. Didn’t I meet two kids who can’t afford to go to school recently? Brother Feng intends to help them.”
Xue Yuning’s eyes stopped as soon as he heard this, as if he felt a little ashamed of his behavior just now.
It turns out that people want to use money to help people, so I still hesitate, which is really a bit shameful.
“Otherwise …… or I’ll give you turn the point of it.” Xue Yu Ning said, “In the past I can not afford school fees, if it had not been a good-hearted people to support me, I do not have today.”
Boys heard , Smiles bloomed on his face suddenly.
“Then the feelings are good, Yu Ning, Brother Feng did not read you wrong, you are really good-hearted!” It is the lack of a string in the brain!
This was what the boy said in his heart, and of course he couldn’t say it. He still faced Xue Yuning with a smiling face.
Xue Yuning turned for another two thousand, the boy smiled, and actually wanted to move his face directly to Xue Yuning…
Xue Yuning hurriedly avoided subconsciously: “Brother Feng…please don’t do this in the future, okay.”
Xue Yuning looked a little shy. , But more of a resistance.
The boy suddenly became displeased and snorted: “Xue Yuning, I have rewarded all the money for you. If it weren’t for me, it is estimated that your mother would have died in the hospital a long time ago. I will not kiss you?”
The boy’s words made Xue Yuning hurt like a needle, and tears burst into her eyes.
Upon seeing this, the boy murmured, turned and left.
“It’s really disappointing. You know crying all day long, but you don’t know how to be grateful?”
Xue Yu stared at the boy’s back, let out a long sigh, turned around and put away the music rest.
Jiang Hao on the side also sighed. To tell the truth, he really felt that this girl deserved it, she was deceived, and she said something nice to others.
He didn’t care about the money, but in the end the money was cheated like this, and he was more or less unwilling.
But Xue Yuning looked really pitiful.
It was already past eight o’clock in this meeting, and she was wearing thin clothes. After sitting here for a few hours, she finally made a few dozen yuan in change.
Moreover, she had already received more than one hundred thousand rewards from her before, and she chose to make money like this. Maybe she was really short of money. Didn’t the boy also say before that her mother almost died in the hospital.
Besides, she was also a deceived person. The contents of the boy’s phone were exactly the same as the real one.
Jiang Hao still couldn’t bear any hatred towards this girl, but felt that she was more and more pitiful.
Before the boy took the money and left, Xue Yuning had to pack his things.
“Let me help you.” Jiang Hao walked over, trying to help her fold the music rest.
As a result, as soon as Jiang Hao folded, one of the support rods of the old music rest broke directly.
Jiang Hao looked embarrassed: “This…I didn’t mean it, I’m really sorry.” The girl glanced at the completely scrapped music stand with a little regret on her face.
But she just shook her head slightly: “It’s okay. It was also given to me by someone else. It was broken when it was given to me.”
“I will pay you.” Jiang Hao said quickly, “It’s mine anyway. wrong.”
The girl smiled and shook her head, and took back the music stand from Jiang Hao’s hand: “It’s really not necessary, I’ll go back and see if I can fix it again.”
It’s all broken, how can I fix it? Jiang Hao was a little surprised.
“You just gave someone seven thousand so generous, so you can buy another one. This one can’t be repaired at all.” Jiang Hao really couldn’t figure it out.
Upon hearing this, the girl showed a bitter smile on her face.
“Brother Feng is going to help people. It’s okay to help people spend more money. Of course, it’s okay. As for me, if you can get it together, let’s get it together. My mother just finished surgery yesterday, and later rehabilitation still needs a lot of money. Of course I can save. Just save a little bit.” The girl looked at Jiang Hao and felt that this person was still kind, and just said a few more thoughts.
“In fact, I do not want to give him, but after all his money, my mother had no money before surgery, threatens to die, if he is not a reward for so much money, my mother may not survive here.”
“So I really thank him from the bottom of my heart. People have helped me so much. Of course I will be grateful for a lifetime…”
Jiang Hao couldn’t help sighing again when he heard Xue Yuning’s words, thinking: “This silly girl, Do you thank the wrong person? You should be thankful. It is the talent in front of you.”
But now I don’t have any evidence, that is to say that the money is rewarded by himself. Xue Yuning would not believe it, but would let her treat herself. The misunderstanding is deeper.
Jiang Hao sighed and said nothing more.
It’s just that he didn’t know at which moment, his favorability for this girl suddenly doubled.
Perhaps it is the pity of the same disease, or it is that there are too few girls who feel like her now, who are as simple as white paper.
Anyway, in Jiang Hao’s heart, he always felt that something was bumping into each other, for a while, it was really hard to say.
Jiang Hao helped Xue Yuning pack things up, and helped her carry the scrapped music stand and guitar. The two chatted all the way while walking towards the school.
By the time Jiang Hao returned to the bedroom, it was already past nine o’clock.
When Jiang Hao came in, Zhang Jie hurriedly greeted him: “Jiang Hao, where did you go? Why is the phone turned off?”
Jiang Hao shook his head and sat on the bed, “Don’t mention it, he broke it again.” ! ” ” ha ha, you are crashes spree it? “side of the season Xueming smile,” you’re a ho brother Tyrant ah, these days you have broken both mobile phone! ”
Jiang Hao had no choice ah, thought he wanted to do so ?
“Are you busy?” Jiang Hao asked Zhang Jie.
“Of course.” Jiang Hao said, “Liu Siya informed in the class group today that she will invite all of us to dinner tomorrow!”
“Eating? Why?”
“She said it seemed to be thank you for dinner. They weren’t at home before. Was it almost caught up? Their restaurant was sealed and his dad was taken away. It is said that now his dad has been released and the restaurant is about to be unblocked, so in order to thank others for their help, I prepared this ”
Jiang Hao said, “Are you going?”
Zhang Jie nodded and said with a chuckle: “Go, why not go, don’t eat white or not, last time she said about us, it’s not a good meal for her , My heart is not balanced at all!”
Ji Xueming on the side said with a smile: “That’s right Brother Hao, Liu Siya’s house is a restaurant, he is rich, and the place arranged is probably a very high-end place. Let’s follow. It’s so nice to see the world.”
Jiang Hao frowned, thinking of Liu Siya, he really didn’t want to go.
That woman is not friendly to herself, so what else is she doing? Waiting to be humiliated?
“Go, you guys, I’m not going anyway.”
Zhang Jie scratched his head, naturally knowing why Jiang Hao didn’t go, but he thought for a while and persuaded Jiang Hao to say: “Jiang Hao, I think you should go. After all, she said it in the class group and asked everyone present at the time. Go all, the enemy should be settled or not, and they didn’t say not to let you go. If you go there, they won’t say anything?”
Jiang Hao still shook his head. He could not go, so naturally he would not go.
At this moment, a person’s call suddenly came from the bedroom corridor.
“Fuck, isn’t this the senior colonel Hua Qin Yun?”
As soon as this voice came out, almost the entire boys’ bedroom was boiling, and the windows of many bedrooms were quickly pushed open, and then several heads squeezed out.
As soon as Ji Xueming heard this voice, his whole body sprang up: “Fuck, what are you doing here? Isn’t it because of which boy you want to confess?”
Before Ji Xueming finished his words, he just said. Has rushed to the window.
Zhang Jie and Jiang Hao also leaned forward with curiosity, and saw that a Qianli figure was standing there at the bottom of the boys’ bedroom, seeming to be waiting for something.
“It seems that I am really waiting for someone.” Zhang Jie murmured, “Who are you waiting for?” Jiang Hao shook his head and smiled, half-jokingly: “I’m waiting for me.”

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