I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 31

Jiang Hao didn’t know what the girl was called, but when he was rewarding her before, he knew that the name of her live broadcast room was Yu Ning.
Maybe this is her name? It’s pretty good, and the girl’s singing is even better.
When Jiang Hao was refreshing casually on the live broadcast platform, he showed the girl’s live broadcast room.
At that time, Jiang Hao directly rewarded so much money because she sang very well and because she was angry with Wang Jiani.
After the rewarding incident ended, Jiang Hao never logged on to the live broadcast platform at all, so there was no news of the girl again.
Jiang Hao stood aside and watched for a long time, listening to the girl’s singing, he was a little surprised.
Suddenly, a gust of wind blew by, and the dozen or so scores on the old music stand were blown to pieces, flying all over the sky.
Upon seeing this, Jiang Hao rushed to help pick up several scores, but in the end several scores were lost.
“Here you are.” Jiang Hao returned the paper he picked up to the girl, “but a few of them are far away.” The girl looked into the distance and looked a little unwilling, but she still smiled sweetly at Jiang Hao. Laughing: “Thank you so much.”
Jiang Hao smiled and said it was okay, so he subconsciously stretched out his hand: “My name is Jiang Hao, hello.”
“Xue Yuning.” The girl also smiled and stretched out her hand. Are you also a student of Chujiang University?”
Jiang Hao nodded, “Civil Engineering Department.” The girl smiled and was about to continue to say something, when suddenly she saw a figure running over not far away, and she was smiling. His face suddenly smiled brilliantly.
Jiang Hao also followed the girl’s sight. I saw a boy jogging all the way, still holding a few scores that had just been blown away by the wind.
“Yuning, here you are!” The boy smiled and handed the things to Xue Yuning, with a kind smile on his face.
“Thank you so much, Brother Feng!” Xue Yuning took the piano score, and the smile on her face grew stronger, “Why are you here, Brother Feng.”
As soon as this boy appeared, Xue Yuning’s enthusiasm for Jiang Hao halved.
Jiang Hao scratched his head awkwardly, but didn’t feel anything. Instead, he felt that the two of them might be in love, which is normal.
What’s more, this boy is also quite good. He couldn’t find the few piano scores just now, but in the end he chased them back, and he really worked hard.
But Jiang Hao had just established a good feeling for this boy, and his face changed suddenly.
Just listen to the boy said: “Hey, you little girl, why are you polite with me, I am not your Tingfeng brother!”
Jiang Hao was taken aback, isn’t this the name he used on the live broadcast platform before?
Could it be that this guy is impersonating himself?
But Jiang Hao thought about it, maybe it was a coincidence.
“Well, then thank you, Brother Feng.” Xue Yuning smiled, “Have you eaten yet? Or I will invite you to eat noodles!”
The boy heard this, but he had a smile on his face, so he disappeared. Somewhat disappointed: “Just eat noodles? Yu Ning, I gave you a reward of more than 100,000 yuan before, and you also won a bonus from the live broadcast platform. That’s more than 200,000 yuan. You want to buy me noodles. Huh?”
Xue Yuning’s face immediately blushed when she heard this, and she thought it was true. People have rewarded herself with so much money. She didn’t give back to them very much, but just wanted to invite them to eat noodles. Up.
“That…” Xue Yuning said tangledly, “Brother Feng, please tell me what you want to eat, I will ask you to eat today!”
The boy thought for a while and suddenly sighed, “Hey, forget it, I have no appetite. Yes. But Yu Ning, Brother Feng is a bit tight lately, isn’t it because he gave you a reward at the beginning, or else, you can get me five thousand?”
Xue Yuning hesitated, but still took out his mobile phone and prepared to use WeChat to transfer money to the boy: “Brother Feng, you have asked me to borrow more than 3,000 in the past few days. This…” The boy also took out his phone. Shi never lost the meekness when he first went to pick up piano scores, and turned very unhappy.
“Yuning, I gave you a reward of more than 100,000 yuan back and forth, and I helped you get a bonus of 50,000 yuan, which is more than 200,000 yuan. Did you say that I hesitated? But now I will take care of you. Asking for some money, did you chirp with me?”
Xue Yuning was said to be blushing. She felt that what people said was reasonable. Originally, the money belonged to others. Even if they want to return all the money, it is impossible not to give it. .
Thinking of this, Xue Yuning gritted his teeth and was about to transfer money to the other party.
But at this moment, Jiang Hao, who had been surprised and speechless, suddenly stretched out his hand to stop her.
“You…” Xue Yuning was taken aback, looking at Jiang Hao, somewhat at a loss.
“Why do you want to transfer money to him?” Jiang Hao looked at the boy angrily.
“Because the money originally belonged to him?” Xue Yuning said to Jiang Hao with a serious expression, “This money was rewarded to me when I was broadcasting. Originally, my live broadcasting was only a hobby, and they were rewarding so much money. , How can I just ask for it.”
Xue Yuning finished speaking, the boy was even more proud, and said to Jiang Hao: “Yes, you know that Chujiang University rewarded hundreds of thousands of listeners before? The reason is me. Besides, this is a matter between the two of us. I am rewarding him with the money. I now ask her to spend some money, why is there a problem? Is it a hindrance to your eyes?” The boys seem to look at Jiang Hao very uncomfortable. , Glared at Jiang Hao angrily, and continued: “I tell you, there is nothing to do with you, leave me quickly!”
Nothing to do with me?
Jiang Hao almost laughed out loud, you fucking pretending to be me, and telling you nothing about me?
“Are you listening to the wind? Do you have any evidence?” Jiang Hao sullenly looked at each other indifferently, “Hehe, I also said I was listening to the wind.”
Jiang Hao finished speaking, the boy suddenly laughed. Pointing to Jiang Hao and said, “You are listening to the wind? Haha, this is the most interesting joke I have ever heard. Are you sick? I think you are crazy, right? You are listening to the wind, what do you have? Evidence?”
Jiang Hao was speechless, and sneered: “You want evidence, don’t you? Haha wait…”
Jiang Hao naturally has evidence, as long as he has registered with the backstage of the live broadcast platform to show Xue Yuning, then Naturally, the truth becomes clear.
Jiang Hao hurriedly touched his pocket, only then suddenly realized that his phone had broken before.
I even forgot about it.
The boy suddenly froze when he saw Jiang Hao, he couldn’t help laughing again, and said arrogantly: “Hahaha…what about your evidence? Show it out?” The evidence must be out, Jiang Hao was a little embarrassed, but he was very embarrassed. Clearly, this boy would definitely not be able to show evidence.
“I…” Jiang Hao said embarrassedly, “My phone broke and I can’t see it for the time being. But I don’t believe it, I don’t have one, you have it?”
In Jiang Hao’s opinion, as long as he said so, this boy is sure Will be nervous, after all, he is a fake, can not come up with evidence, will definitely be a guilty conscience.
Even if you can’t prove that you are true today, you still have to expose this fake, isn’t it?
In any case, the hundreds of thousands of money was rewarded to Xue Yuning by himself, and it didn’t matter if Xue Yuning was drunk or burned.
But if this kind of person is cheaper, Jiang Hao will not be reconciled!
Why? He is a liar!
But what surprised Jiang Hao was that instead of being nervous when the boy heard what he said, he smiled triumphantly, took out his cell phone and said, “Who told you that I can’t produce evidence?”
While talking, the boy had clicked into the interface of the live broadcast platform of his mobile phone, and then showed it to Jiang Hao.
At first Jiang Hao didn’t believe that the other party could have any so-called evidence. The moment he saw the interface, Jiang Hao was stunned!
Because the account on the other party’s mobile phone is basically the account he registered, regardless of his nickname, profile picture or other information, and even the rewards and expenses on it are clear.
Seeing this, Jiang Hao was completely confused.
“This… how is this possible? You are fake!” Jiang Hao said in amazement.
“Fuck you, you are fake!” The boy gave Jiang Hao a bitter, and laughed and cursed, “You are a fucking fake, and you are sophistry! I said, I will spend my own money with you Is there a hairy relationship? You damn your own business, get out of here!”
The young man gave Jiang Hao a violent push while he was talking. Jiang Hao staggered and almost fell.
He got angry when he got up, and was about to rush towards the boy.
But at this moment, Xue Yuning stepped forward in front of Jiang Hao and blocked his way: “What are you going to do? This matter has nothing to do with you, I ask you to go away!”

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The author in all these stories has a habit of making the strong look very weak to others. Does the author get a buzz from doing this. The storyline so far makes you feel like giving Jiang Hao a good kick up the backside. .

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